First of all, Hi, welcome to my first tutorial :)

I know that there are a lot of tutorials out there, but I just wanted to share mine with you guys ^^

Let’s get started!

Now first of all, here is what you need

1 long wig. (60 inches, beige blonde from ebay)

3 packs of extensions (mine was xpression braid in color 613)

Some brown ribbon.

A hot glue gun and lots of glue.

A whole bunch of artificial flowers.

A detangled brush.

A foam head, and needles to hold it in place.

Needle and thick tread.

Some bobby pins.

Loads of patience.


  1. Detangle your wig as much as possible. This will come in handy later on.
  2. Put your wig on a foam head and pin it down till it stays on the head.
  3. Now that that’s done with, take your extensions and the ribbon. Lay out the extension and spread it out so it I s big as possible without taking the hairs to far from each other. Cut one piece of the ribbon so it overs the hair on the short side (the long side is how long the hair is) and a little more, and cut it. Repeat till you have two ribbons.
  4. Take the glue gun and glue on of the ribbons on the short side of the hair, right at the end of the hair. When that is dry, flip the whole thing over and do it on the other side too, so that the ribbons are glued together.
  5. Repeat on the other extensions.
  6.  Now take the wig and the bobby pins and find a weft in the bottom of the wig, but not too far down. Put hair in front of the weft out of the way y pinning it up using the bobby pins.
  7. Sewing time! Sew in one of the extensions in the middle of the weft, by sewing on the ribbon, and make sure to secure the knot.
  8. Take a weft higher up in the wig and repeat. Do this until all the extensions are sewn in.
  9. Now it’s time to brush! Brush until the wig is as detangled as possible, and until the extensions are mixed into the wig. Trust me, this step is important.
  10. Take the side of the wig and braid it in a small braid, until it reaches the middle, repeat on the other side, secure with a rubber band. This will be covered by a flower.
  11. Braiding time! Now I didn’t do the small braids, but that’s completely up to you. Anyway, you part the hair in three parts and start braiding.
  12. When the wig is braided, secure with a beige rubber band, and cut the remaining of the extensions off.
  13. Now it’s flower time! Take your flowers and cut off the heads. Glue them into the wig in any way you’d like. Remember to cover the rubber band :)

And you’re done! Hope this helped you!

The final result: