norbertine bresslern roth

mrsadass  asked:

I love your art :OOO What inspired your style?

Thanks so much! 

A whole lot of different artists!
These are some of my most prominent influences:

Jin Kim
Milt Kahl
Jemma Salume (Oxboxer)
Chris Sanders
Matt Rhodes
Lin Visel
Tyrus Wong
Cory Loftis
Minkyu Lee
Rico LeBrun
Shiyoon Kim
Claire Hummel
Jean Giraud
Jordi Lafebre

Beth Cavener
John Singer Sargent
HR Giger
Rosa Bonheur
Nancy Glazier
Lucian Freud
Norbertine Bresslern-Roth
Heinrich Kley
Claire Wendling
Christine Bian
Roberto Ferri
Boris ‘n’ Julie
Frank Frazetta