children of atom: go drink this fuckin.  ghoul piss and we’ll let you in

valentine: please don’t.  this is a bad idea

me, chugging radioactive waste: this is for you, valentine

valentine: i did not….ask….for this

me as i run after a fuckin ghost: you deserve a chance to bond with DiMA

valentine: nORA

me as i tackle at least ten feral ghouls, which are now my cousins: i think the grand zealot guy is pretty hot

Coffee Shop Bodhicassian AU based on a headcanon sent to rookandor, but I don’t feel like sifting through her blog to find it and link it because i’m lazy.

Anyway, I took a break from the angst and suffering that I noramally write and present you with *drum roll* FLUFF.

“Hi, my name’s Bodhi, would you like to get coffee sometime?” Bodhi paused in his pacing and shook his head. “No. Bodhi, no. He works in a coffee shop, he probably hates coffee by now.”

Bodhi took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his loose hair. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and peered into the screen, trying to see if his hair looked okay. “Okay. Okay. You got this, Bodhi. Just go in there… and ask him to a movie. It’s not hard.”

Bodhi nodded his head and rocked on the ball of his feet a little bit to hype himself before walking into the café. He could do this. He could do this. He was feeling confident. He would finally ask that cute barista out on a date. Easy.

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issac asimov and you ||| a mixtape for robots, androids, cyborgs, ai and other synthetic kids

fresh, never frozen - coda ♦ automate your soul - the derevolutions ♦ bizarre love triangle - computer club ♦ midnight harvest - unicorn kid ♦ the holograms - fol chen ♦ video girl - slime girls ♦ scary monsters and nice sprites (8-bit remix) - skrillex ♦ connect me - christopher norman ♦ digital love (sabrepulse chiptune remix) - daft punk ♦ brain in a jar - azureflux ♦ you will not fix me - daniel michael ♦ the disappearance of hatsune miku - vocaloid ♦ remote amber - squarepusher x z machines ♦ hidden track


braonain  asked:

that's a stup and the undertale series for the ask thing!!

15. That’s a stup: Do you get bored easily?

Oh my god! I get bored so super fast! Even if I am watching movei or so, I just watch It witch split parts… Really rare I am doing something from start to finish because I just loose interest and get bored… BUT! I am never bored, I can always find something to do. Because I noramally do 3 things at the same time… I just get use to it and I have system :D

Imagine how hard for me was sitting in work for 8 hours makeing adds…. OMG! I was working at the computer and I had sketchbook in front of me… I was makeing short stops… like going for water, makeing tea, water plants, just go up an down stairs. I have worst job for someone who can’t sit in one place for too long… so stupid!

19. The Undertale series: Do you have a favorite game? What is it?

Funny, but it’s Undertale! haha!

Because this game I am here in this community! :D 

Jacksepticeye themed asks


Otaku vs Noramal People Part 5

*Created by AnimeFrayBear - Please do not repost or edit

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Seven: Formal

There came a time that Ludric’s group was sent an invitation to join the Pancake Guild for a meal, and upon receiving it, refusing this meeting was out of question. It happened while the boy and his companion ventured into one of the towns, trading the uncertainty and discomfort of the wild for a cozy bed and warm food. After a good night’s rest, dreamless for once, the two of them had clambered downstairs, into the kitchen, and found their breakfast served without even asking for it.

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