In light of my recent lay-off from Gaia (my staff name was Norahlie, btw), I decided to go ahead and update this with pretty much ALL of the items I have done for Gaia. These are basically all in chronological order. There are still SOME missing. There was a 6 month period that I was really sick and I ended up taking sick leave. I felt some of the items coming from me at that time were not the best :( Also, up until recently, we stored PSDs differently. So, my final versions of my files for some items are in Gaia’s archives, which I don’t have access to. Plus, I am sure I am just forgetting some. 3 years a.k.a almost 36 months of items are hard to keep track of. Lastly, there are about 6 or so items that still haven’t even released, so those are missing on here also. 

Also, a lot of these items have a ton of color variations which I didn’t bother to add. Most items have atleast 3 color variations, others like the Elf robes and the Serafuku sets had like 10-12 and then salon hair has 24 color variations. So yeah, I didn’t bother adding all of it XD;;;

If you want to know the name to anything, feel free to ask me. Larger version on my DA