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Some Kazubisha comtemplation

I have been seeing a lot of debate regarding kazubisha and thought that I would put in my two cents as well.

1. Remember during the izanagi arc, it was told that she can project the image or rather be the person who is most loved by the person viewing her and that is how all those posts about yatori came to be.

Well everyone kinda overlooked a small detail- remember that izanagi abrupty took kazuma in his chouki form from bishamon’s ear, and even I admit that this scene puzzled me for awhile and I thought about its significance until it hit me, like ‘oh! I have been so dumb’.

Izanagi can obviously see or understand the person most important to the other and obviously she was able to catch on the fact that kazuma matters the most to bishamon and vice versa and that’s why she took him, because otherwise that damn scene has no other significance.
My little mind was so happy when it figured that out :-)
2. Another subtle moment was in the current shitty arc, when father confronts bishamon and tells her that she will never be able to see kazuma again. Her reply aside, it’s particularly interesting that father knows enough (as I would expect him to) about bishamon to figure out the person most important to her.

I kinda have full faith in adachitoka that they will not kill bishamon, she will surely be excommunicated but not killed because to fight father, yato needs all the help he can get and even though things don’t seem so good right now, I believe they will be.

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