I am opening these for a bit.
Please help me fund my trip back to Japan to see my friends from high school/middle school and also attend my friend’s wedding….she means a lot to me and I will like to be there to celebrate.

-One character per person (since I work slow…..)
-Please have references ready. Even for a google searchable characters please.
-I reserved the right to refuse commission.
-No furries, animals. (out of my comfort zone…)
-I would also appreciate if you don’t be too picky about things…but I will try to meet your expectations as much as possible.

Also, please understand I tend to get overwhelmed with things and might not get to things as fast as you like….I go off the grid a lot due to real life things like work as I am a slave at my workplace working full time with other things at home to take care of. This is the reason I never ask for the money upfront so please don’t try to pay me right away…because at the end I might not get to it at all. Thank you for understanding.

Shoot me a message and we can discuss details.

Again, it will help me out a great deal…! Thank you.

hello hello! I am a new anime blog here and I’d like to do a spree. please like/reblog this if your blog consists of any of the following:

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please also give my blog a chance. thank you!

The signs as Noragami characters

Aries: Daikoku

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Taurus: Yukine

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Gemini: Kazuma

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Cancer: Nora

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Leo: Yato

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Virgo: Kuhuga

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Libra: Tenjin

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Scorpio: Bishamon

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Sagittarius: Hiyori Iki

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Capricorn: Aiha

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Aquarius: Ebisu

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Pisces: Kofuku

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