Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: Crybabies are so annoying
  • Person B: *crying*
  • Person A: Okay, whose the ass I need to beat the shit out of?!

Look at him go! | I love this so much

fic: not finished! hasn’t updated in 3 years!

me: ok well maybe if i read it it’ll update

fic: *doesn’t update*


Imagine your Otp
  • Person A: I need some advice...
  • Person B: Love advice? Trust me, I'm the expert. I'm experienced with everything
  • Person C: Says the virgin

me: I can’t remember this math stuff. too hard.

also me: *can remember all the names of my favorite characters from countless anime and their personalities and quotes they’ve said and their height and their favorite type of drink and*……

  • me: okay,i've got 4 essays,three projects,and an exam to study for. i'm going to sleep early,and waste no absolute time on Tumblr!
  • anime: *exists*
  • me: oh well that can wait whatever