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\(^-^) hi! List your top 5 favorite anime/manga, then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash. :)

Top Anime


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2) Bungou straydogs

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3) Gintama

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5) Zankyou no terror

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1) Naruto

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2) Noragami

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3) Tokyo ghoul

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4) Hoturabi no mori e

5) Bokura ga ita

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You’re beautiful 💓

\(^-^) hi! List your top 5 favorite anime/manga, then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash. :)

This is really hard for me!! So i’m just going to list the ones that are currently my top 5.

1. Fairy Tail

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2. Nanatsu no Taizai

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3. Noragami

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4. Ao no exorcist

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5. Kamisama Hajimemashita ( kamisama kiss)

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Tsukuyomi theory foreshadowing

So, we just got this page on Chapter 73 which was released this month

and OH was it so heartwarming.

To think that Yukine really DOES see Yato as his father, and he’d consider a NIGHTMARE as a COMFORTABLE DREAM just because he thinks Yato was there. I just can’t help but break a tear of joy (and pain) for these cinnamon rolls. please give them a break.

But anywayssss, what I really wanted to point out was why does Yukine think that Yato was in that dream? A lot of readers think that Yukine meant to say that he sees this guy from his dreams as Yato.

Mainly because of the symbolism on this panel from Chapter 72

Okay, I believe that it was already confirmed that the shadow guy on the dream was Yukine’s Otou-san, and it is undeniable that he sees Yato as his father figure.

But what if what Yukine really meant when he said “But if I looked harder, you were there” was this other object present on the dream

I mean, it’s even on this panel

The Tsukuyomi theory was kinda “debunked” on the recent chapters, but seeing this gives me a lot of hope that it’ll be confirmed soon. It took me 2 weeks and rereading thrice just to notice this foreshadowing. It may either be a foreshadowing or I just have a wild imagination, but I just really want to share this info. Rejoice, my fellow Tsukuyomi theory believers!

Noragami Idol AU

Chapter 1: Beautiful Stranger

Shimmering blue eyes welcomed the gaze of sparkling pink-violet eyes for the very first time. The background noises faded for a few, glorious seconds, and their eyes were aglow. Little did they know they couldn’t be further apart. Soon enough, the noises quickly made themselves known once more, interrupting the beautiful silence among two very different strangers.

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The arrival of an unexpected visitor brings back old grudges and memories that were meant to be buried.

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Who We Are is an action/adventure parody of the anime/manga series Noragami, by Adachitoka. This is made purely for non-profit and entertainment purposes.

Caution: some foul language and violence might be triggering to some. Watch at your own discretion.

Tumblr: http://thenoragamivoices.tumblr.com
Cast and Crew: http://thenoragamivoices.tumblr.com/cast