fluffy vmin things
  • finger hearts and air kisses 
  • playground dates during the day, noraebang dates at night 
  • endless heartfelt compliments
  • taehyung straddling jimin while he’s sleeping and demanding he wake up and give him attention
  • using over the top aegyo to make each other smile
  • derpy couple selcas as their phone wallpapers
  • singing to each other instead of talking
  • taehyung buying snacks he thinks jimin will like
  • jimin resting his head in taehyung’s lap while they talk about their day
  • always hugging, kissing, or touching in some way
  • matching snapbacks, sunglasses, and hoodies
  • jimin murmuring “tae-tae…” while they’re cuddling and tae knowing it means he wants a kiss
  • constantly flirting, esp in public
  • ready to show any willing person pics of each other
  • taehyung blowing on a heap of noodles before feeding them to jimin
  • jimin pulling out his phone and recording tae whenever he starts acting silly, only to join him a few minutes later
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February 14 is a day for all lovers all across the globe. However, in Korea, the 14th of each month is very important for couples and lovers.

September 14th: Photo Day / Music Day As you can guess, it’s a day for selfies and going to photo studios. Couples, in particular, have fun doing memorable photo shoots. Most days in Korea are photo and music days, but the 14th of September is when it becomes “official” (or as official as an off-the-calendar holiday can get). Portrait studios and gimmick photo booths are popular, and it seems like everyone’s taking a reverse-facing camera shot. Noraebangs — singing (karaoke) rooms — are in high demand, as well.

Sober - Part Four

Characters: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) Big Bang, Song Mino - Winner 

Genre: Angst 

Words: 5,209

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Woo Taewoon’s cover of ‘Pick Me’ by I.O.I - Noraebang style! 🎤

Introduction to EXO Wolf

Xiumin: Xiumin is a dark grey color wolf who also goes by the name Minseok. XIumin was a homeless wolf before Kris took him into his pack where Xiumin became one of the strongest wolf in the pack. He is quiet, but when someone attacks his family he goes into killing mode. Xiumin loves playing soccer with Luhan. Feed him Baozi and he will love you forever. 

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noraebang legends


high school teacher!doyoung 🐰💖
  • doyoung teaches history! it’s perfect for him because he’s good at memorizing facts and dates and also as english teacher johnny likes to say, he’s a good teacher because he loves to hear himself talk
  • he often slips into chatterbox mode in class but his students like him and sometimes he likes to tell them weird historical facts he’s found and sometimes gets off topic and tells them about conspiracies
  • he likes to wear different color ties and socks, because the teachers have a dress code but he incorporates color into his outfits in a subtle way
  • whereas some of the other teachers look sloppy sometimes, doyoung always looks PERFECT like u see him and you’re like oh, he’s got his life together he sleeps 8 hours a night
  • his slacks are always neatly ironed his hair is always parted neatly down the middle basically he always looks neat
  • in reality he’s not actually that put together he just drinks enough coffee to kill a small child every morning when he wakes up at 6am and goes on autopilot from there
  • he loves teaching but a lot of the time he regrets not pursuing his passion……. singing ……  a lot of the time he and music teacher taeil spend lunch together listening to music
  • he still practices the flute and singing but he’s kind of shy about it and doesn’t sing in public
  • except for that one time a bunch of the teachers went to noraebang and got really drunk and doyoung sang snsd’s gee beautifully
  • taeyong still likes to bring it up
  • but anyways you have known doyoung since you’ve started at the school, you teach art and your classroom is across from taeil’s so you’re always bumping into doyoung
  • the two of you are friendly but you are admittedly a little awkward around him because he seems so professional and smart and you are basically intimidated by him
  • plus you find him very very cute and have a hard time making eye contact with him
  • which…. a couple of your older students picked up on when doyoung came into your classroom asking for some construction paper and you tripped over yourself and blushed when your hands brushed his
  • and since then you keep overhearing them gossiping about the two of you and even your other teacher friends sooyoung and joohyun like to tease you about it
  • doyoung doesn’t notice it since he’s dense, but he does notice how cute you are!!!!
  • at the end of the year the teachers go on a one night conference/retreat because the high school is a private school and they want the faculty to be open and friendly with each other
  • which would be fine if ten wasn’t the one to book the hotel rooms
  • because when you get there late at night you’re expecting to room with sooyoung or joohyun ….. and when they’re together you assume you’ll be with one of the older teachers but you open the door to your room and doyoung is unpacking and
  • there’s only one queen sized bed
  • immediately you turn around and bang on ten’s door across the hall but you just hear him giggling with johnny and then he’s like “we’re doing you a favor~~!!!!”
  • so you return and doyoung is like “ah….. i can sleep on the floor….. i’m sorry about the mixup…..”
  • and you’re like “no no no! i can sleep on the floor…. don’t worry about it” and the two of you go back and forth for a minute or so both being polite until finally doyoung is like
  • “well…. it’s just one night so im ok with sharing the bed…. i don’t want your back to get messed up by sleeping on the floor”
  • and you figure that you can handle one night, you aren’t a 12 year old after all
  • for ten minutes or so you go about your business in silence and then doyoung gets tired of the quiet and before you know it you’re talking about his big brother and you’re telling him about your childhood fish in your pajamas
  • and he’s just so easy to talk to…. you never would have thought it would be but telling him your embarrassing first meeting with the principal is nothing and when he laughs his big loud laugh you can’t help  but laugh along
  • even as you both get into bed (doyoung puts a pillow between you two because he can sense you’re a little bit nervous) it’s easy
  • and once the lights turn off the two of you still talk, doyoung quietly talks about chinese teacher sicheng’s birthday party and you reply until you fall asleep he can hear your breath even out
  • in the morning when he wakes up, the two of you are still separated mostly by the pillow, but your hand managed to tangle together with doyoung’s and you’ve pressed your feet to his legs
  • your hand is small in his and your hair is everywhere in your face, plus your feet are weirdly cold but doyoung feels the small crush he’s had on you for a while grow
  • and he knows he wants to be able to wake up to you again
  • but he also knows that if you wake up clutching his hand you’ll get nervous and uncomfortable, so he carefully pries your fingers off of his and then moves out of bed
  • you wake up right as he moves and when you see his normally neat hair standing up in tufts you laugh sleepily
  • when he scoffs a “what??” in an unfairly deep and attractive morning voice) you say “i’ve never seen you not look perfect before” without even fully realizing what you’re saying
  • doyoung just grins
  • at the end of the retreat he asks if you’d like to get dinner sometime soon, and one date turns to two turns to twenty
  • when the summer break is over and he stops by on the first day to bring you your lunch, your entire class bursts into whispers
  • the two of you always stay professional at work, but in all honesty doyoung thrives off of the attention and rumors
  • likes to buy you flowers with a tiny note and leave them in your classroom to fuel the gossip, but also because he thinks you look pretty when you scold him for being so obvious
  • all the teachers go to noraebang and doyoung gets drunk AGAIN and serenades you…… ten gets it all on video and threatens to send it in an all-school email whenever either you or doyoung sass him
  • the teacher life can be hard but it’s easier when you get to spend dinnertime with doyoung, sometimes grading together and complaining about students, sometimes talking about absolutely anything snuggled up on the couch
  • and now when doyoung wakes up at 6am, he has the person he loves AND coffee to get him to go to work
  • he says this to you once and you roll your eyes but kiss him anyways!!!!!👩‍🏫💛👨‍🏫
Monsta X reaction to their s/o being drunk

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i apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar. credits to the owners for these gifs


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  • It was just a small gathering among friends and Shownu and you were there
  • Alcoholic beverages are hard to avoid especially when it’s been like a couple of months or year that you’ve seen each other
  • Not really knowing how you can handle your alcohol, Shownu passed you a shot glass of soju
  • Chugging down the last drop of soju, you could feel your body reacting to the alcohol 
  • Feeling a little bit hot, you’d casually remove your jacket and would ask for another shot 
  • And it goes on and on until you’ve reached maybe 10 shot glasses of soju
  • Your cheeks would be so flushed and the way you spoke would be slower than the usual
  • Once Shownu notices this, he’d actually sigh and would excuse both of yourselves and everyone would actually understand 
  • Shownu would be assisting you out of the restaurant while you would just giggle and smile widely at Shownu, slurring out words that only you knew about
  • you…re….so adskljdsa…cuteajdsiaojsdjioasdn”
  • “what are you trying to say, jagi? sigh..”
  • As soon as you got in the car, he’d fasten your seatbelt and would bring the two of you to the nearest convenience store 
  • He’d leave you for a moment and would buy some hutgaesoo for you to drink the next day and maybe some bottled water to keep you hydrated
  • After all those things, he’d drive the two of you back to your house and he’d wash you up actually and change your clothes before he places you on your bed and pass out right beside you since he’s tired lelelelel

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  • The two of you decided to have some soju and beer while watching some show 
  • and at some point, the two of you had some heart to heart to while chugging down a glass of beer or soju or even mix 
  • until you’ve actually went pass your limits, aka… you got drunk lol
  • and Wonho would actually notice this since he’d seen you drunk before and you were practically bawling your eyes out
  • when you just talked about the time when you were still young and winnie the pooh’s great adventure was the movie that you’d always watch
  • and this would literally make Wonho burst out laughing at how cute you were
  • he’d pull you into his arms, rubbing your back 
  • while he’d constantly say ‘sshhh, it’s okay’
  • ‘i don’t even know why i’m crying *hick*”
  • ‘huuuuuuuuu….. huuhuhuhuhuhuhu’
  • and Wonho would tell you that the two of you should stop drinking now 
  • but then when you’d immediately rush to the bathroom and vomit 
  • he’d be there by your side, holding back your hair and caress your back
  • then Wonho would wash you up, like Shownu, and slowly guide you to your bed
  • he’d play with your hair while waiting for you to fall asleep 
  • and when you’d finally fall asleep, he’d go back to the living room and clean up all the mess that the two of you did 
  • and would turn off all the lights after before going back to your room and plopping his whole body beside you
  • thinking how to stop you from drinking too much and end up crying 
  • and he’d actually try to think of ways to decline drinks for you

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  • After a successful win, the boys had a after party with all the staff and other artists in some restaurant and you were there with him
  • Knowing how low your alcohol tolerance is, you’d actually try to decline the offers and such 
  • but when their President offered you a drink, you couldn’t help but accept it as a sign of respect
  • [y/n]-ah, here have some vodka.”
  • “a-ah… yeah, thank you.”
  • “you’re welcome. drink up, alright?”
  • “ne~”
  • And the offering of drinks would constantly pile up and you’d just drink all those drinks slowly until you’d feel lightheaded and not yourself
  • hey [y/n], have some more of these drinks!”
  • You’d excuse yourself and sit by the table of the boys but you’d be at the corner with your eyes drooping from all those drinks
  • and before you knew it, you’d actually pass out like legit passed out with your head resting on the table
  • Once Minhyuk and the boys saw this, they’d be confused at first 
  • but once they saw how red your ears and cheeks were, they’d know that your drunk
  • and I think Minhyuk would be amazed on how you’d be when you’re drunk
  • He’d actually leave the restaurant first with you on his back 
  • Once the two of you arrive home, just like the first two boys, he’d wash you up but then he wouldn’t be able to change your clothes
  • since it was hard….. and you were heavy…. 
  • So he’d tuck you in bed and would go out to buy some hangover drinks for you to take
  • and would probably join you after buying all the things he needed

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  • By the second that you’ve started to sing your heart out and maybe dance to some music
  • Kihyun would already know that you’re drunk af
  • And he’d actually let you enjoy for quite some time since he, himself, was also having fun
  • When you’d suddenly rush out of the room and head directly to the bathroom, he’d be trailing behind you with a pack of wipes on his hand
  • He’d hold your hair back for you while telling you to just let it all out
  • And by the second you’re done, he’d make you face him 
  • and he’d start wiping your face while you just stare at him like a kid
  • Once the two of you go back to the room, you’d just be staying beside him
  • while spacing out for a bit before Kihyun finally decides that the two of you should go home and all
  • babe, let’s go.”
  • “nooo… i don’t want to…”
  • “we need to go, you’re practically drunk and you look like you just went to the sauna for an hour straight, your face is practically red!”
  • “i don’t want toooooooo…”
  • Kihyun would have no choice but to carry you bridal-style while walking towards your apartment
  • let’s just say your place is near the noraebang 
  • and when Kihyun notices that you’ve fallen asleep in his arms, he’d chuckle and would lay you down on your bed once the two of you arrive
  • he’d go to the bathroom and get a wet cloth and would wipe your face, your arms
  • and he’d remove the stuff that were quite uncomfortable and would try to look up the recipe for hangover soup

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  • This boy knew how you’d turn out when you’d get drunk
  • and he’d constantly warned you to not drink a lot but nooo, you decided to not listen to him 
  • It was the New Year’s celebration and all of the boys and you gathered up in their dorm to have some drinks and some food
  • Jooheon, along with Minhyuk and Changkyun, actually bought tons of fancy drinks that could literally get you drunk in just one glass
  • Hyungwon would give you the look but then you’d flash him a smile before accepting the shot glass that Wonho offered you
  • You better not whine when you’d get a massive headache tomorrow”
  • ‘It’ll just be a little bit, babe~’
  • ‘A little bit means you getting your ass drunk, huh?’
  • ‘Noooooo….’
  • And Hyungwon would be freaking right to which he’d just sit on his chair, leaning back on the back rest with a goblet filled with wine on his right hand
  • After the fifth glass, you were already drunk and Hyungwon would just look at you with a ‘i-told-you-so’ look
  • before gulping down the wine and bring you to their room and let you lie down on his bed
  • but before that he’d let you drink up a glass of water and he’d leave the room while you’ve fallen asleep
  • he’d also get some wipes and go back to the room to clean you up 
  • and after that, he’d go back to the living room to enjoy more drinks with the boys
  • but it’d be interrupted when they’d hear you slam the bathroom door shut 
  • Hyungwon would practically get up, hold your hair back for you, wash you up and would sleep with you already 

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  • You were the type of drunk person who’d spit out raps 
  • and lemme tell you, the raps that you’d spit out were deep, so deep that you wouldn’t be able to get out from it
  • Jooheon and you were bored for quite some time that the two of you decided to go the nearest bar 
  • and this bar had like a small stage for those who wanted to perform
  • It first started out as a ‘a shot glass for you and a shot glass for me’ and ‘let’s take this whole thing slow while enjoying some performance’
  • Thinking that everything would be okay, the two of you continued to try new drinks that the bartender would offer
  • Until it reached to a point where in you’d look fine on the outside but dead-drunk on the inside
  • The only thing that can indicate that you were drunk af were your ears, it was beet-red 
  • Suddenly, you’ve got the sudden urge to go up to the stage and start rappin’
  • It’d surprise Jooheon when you’d start asking for a beat and rapping to your hearts content
  • By the second you’d finish, you’d walk towards Jooheon with a big smile on your face, to which he’d ask if you’re drunk and you’d actually tell him that you are lol
  • “babe, that was amazing!”
  • “i know i am amazing~”
  • It’d actually make him bring you back to your place but then he’d give you a beat out of the blue, making you rap once more
  • And all the rapping thing would be finished when you’d start vomiting but you’d be at the bathroom by that time
  • and Jooheon would be there for you and he’d wash you up and all and both of you would drift off to dreamland in your king-sized bed

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  • This boy, on the other hand, hates it when you’d get drunk
  • Because the two of you would have a random fact battle….. I ain’t lyin’ coz iz real
  • You were just with your family and friends, and so was Changkyun’s
  • The party was just to celebrate your birthday and of course, being responsible grown-ups everyone decided to have some alcoholic beverages
  • Since it was quite wild outside, you and Changkyun decided to go to your room and have a nice, quiet drink with each other
  • Having at least five choices of alcoholic beverages, the two of you had to taste each one of them and even made some experiments
  • Being the person that you are, you easily got drunk after a few shots of uhh tequila? 
  • And Changkyun was able to notice it right away 
  • Babe, are you drunk?’
  • ‘I am not hehehehe hey, did you know that scotland’s national animal is a unicorn?’
  • ‘I was the one who told you that. -___- And since I think I know where this is going, did you know that  the reason why night insects, such as moths, are attracted to lights is because they mistake them for the light of the moon, which they used to navigate the Earth before mankind made artificial lights?’
  • And this will continue until the two of you had to get up and rush towards the bathroom to vomit… He’d be holding back your hair tho.
  • But then even after vomiting, while he continues to wipe your face with a wet towel, you’d continue to mumble random facts
  • And even until he brings you to your bed, you’d still continue yapping about these facts
  • Oh my goodness babe. Alright, alright now how about we go to sleep?’
  • He’d pull you into his arms and try to lull you to sleep while randomly singing something with his deep, husky voice yaaas <3
Secret First Date

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You sighed in annoyance as you tied your hair up in a pony tail before pulling the hood of your hoodie up. You had applied minimal makeup knowing that if you put anything more it would make you stand out. The only thing that popped was the red lipstick you had applied, sadly it would be covered by a mask soon.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics where Soo bottoms first time? I mean he only topped in the past but he bottoms when he met Jongin and only for Jongin? :3 I couldn't find one so pls help me! Thank you so much <3

Hey, So this was pretty challenging! I mostly cheated. If you guys know any that aren’t here please send them in. I hope these are close enough though! Also thanks to wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list!

UPATE 4/5 with more stories y’all**

**The Loneliest Place to Be: Complete 2 chapters- So I’m totally a terrible blogger because  wtfuckaisoo TOLD me about this and I forgot. Yeah. They are friends with benefits 

**House of Cards: Ongoing- Also this, Kyungsoo has never been with a man before until prostitute Jongin who he keeps seeing

Shut Up: One shot. Jongin is a prostitute that Kyungsoo’s friends buy and they don’t really do anything and then he sees him later and helps him out (Kyungsoo has never bottomed before)

(before the night is over) come see me Complete 4 chapters and 2 extras. Kyungsoo is a vampire who has just woken up from being asleep for like a long time and  helps newly turned wolf Jongin figure out whats going on- I think Kyungsoo had only been with a woman before though but still says no one has been there before so Jongin is the first

EXTRA - The Noraebang: One shot. Not sure of Kyungsoo’s past, but he and Jongin have been dating for 8 months and Jongin is finally going to try and top for the first time (Kyungsoo has only topped in the relationship)

Come Home with Me: One shot, (Says completed even though the chapter count suggests different, but it does seem to end) also this is a cheat because Kyungsoo has been with with a guy on bottom one other time, other than that it is all ladies. They work together and hook up while they are away together for the weekend

What We Find: Ongoing. (I think it’s not first time but doesn’t like to do it but does it anyway for Jongin…and Chanyeol) They are soul mates but Kyungsoo rejects Jongin at first

Warm Coffee

Anonymous said to seokjinniefromtheblock: Could you write a scenario of Yoongi and a waitress or barista girl? It can be just fluff but anything you decide would be great as well! I love your playboy!Namjoon fic, btw! 

I never wrote something so small so i tried, also i understand nothing about coffee lol Tell me if you would like more or something. Hope you like it!

Originally posted by chimines

It wasn’t the first time Yoongi went to the small coffee shop down the street from his apartment. He went there quite a lot, actually. The coffee - his life fuel, by now he was most part coffee than water- was good, the atmosphere was decent, the place had a fast wifi connection and usually, it wasn’t too crowded.

But the best thing about the thing was that the staff had somehow always been a little bit intimidated by him and his sleep-deprived face, so nobody bothered him while he was trying to concentrate on composing something or writing an assignment, which was frankly all he asked for in his short life.

It was another normal night for him, sitting at the corner table, next to a big window so clean he could see all the color in the sky as the sun set, covering everything in an orange glow. He had a cup of coffee in front of him, his laptop opens on his stupid economy assignment, and everything was good. Everything was normal, like usual. Yoongi loved normal. Normal meant he didn’t have to spend more energy than necessary with every human interaction. Well. not completely normal, because he had gotten there earlier than usual, having a deadline for his assignment that he couldn’t do at home, at least not when Namjoon had his boyfriend Seokjin over there. Not that the two were doing the nasty, Seokjin was just extremely loud by nature.

Scrubbing the back of his hands over his bleary eyes, he looked up deciding to take a break from thinking about numbers in countries he didn’t care about. That’s when he saw you.

Leaning over the counter, you were talking to a kid from one of his classes - the same one who wouldn’t shut up all class and had a cute boxy smile, he noticed. The girl didn’t seem to notice how much he talked,  was just smiling fondly at him as he gesticulated in accord to the story he was telling, whereas if Yoongi had been the one to be talking to him he would already have told him to shut up for five seconds.

There was maybe another five patrons in the shop, all doing their thing quietly. It wasn’t that busy, not as much as he was expecting, but the shop wasn’t one of the most visited anyway. Not with being almost hidden, in a little street, at the end of it, just a little sign indicating that there was a business inside the place anyway. There was just another person working with you, the same one who worked the night shift, Park Jimin - who was, by the way, the only reason Yoongi was aware this place existed. Jimin was busy sitting down next to the loud kid, not yet in his apron so he could only think that his shift hadn’t actually started yet.

Like you felt the blond haired man staring at you, you lifted your gaze, dark eyes looking straight at him as you let a smile curve your pink lips.

Yoongi averted his gaze back to his computer screen, feeling a blush heat his cheeks and fuck, Min Yoongi didn’t blush just because of a chick. So he must have been coming down with something, right?

Sure. That was it. When he looked again, trying his best to pretend he had dropped something on the floor, she was already occupied with taking an order from a newcomer, smiling brightly at the strange person.

Park Jimin was not, and just like when Hoseok had introduced the both of them, Jimin smiled wide at the older man across the shop, mouthing a “Gotcha, hyung” like the little shit that he was. And shit, Yoongi was never gonna hear the end of it.

He focused again at the assignment, working faster so that he could leave soon because he did not need Park fucking Jimin telling the rest of their friends that he-


“-was blushing because a pretty girl smiled at him.” Jimin finished telling the table at the room at their usual Noraebang spot.

“You little shit,” Yoongi grunted, having to be held physically held back by a laughing Hoseok - which, by the way, fuck him too. The level of disrespect he had to suffer from all of his friends was insane, why did he even put up with then for christ sakes- “I had a fever, don’t go making up things you midget-”

“Yeah, a fever down your pants.” He snorted back, high-fiving Hoseok over the table.

“He’s hardly smaller than you, Yoongi.” Jin interrupted the curse ready to leave Yoongi mouth, hand dipping inside the bag of chips as he smiled down at a grumpy looking blonde. “Was she that pretty to make you blush?”

“I mean,” Jimin piped from across the table, eyes on the screen looking for a song to sing, “she’s okay, I guess? She’s really nice though, totally the opposite of our resident Grinch there.”

“You shut your dirty mouth, she’s beautiful,” Yoongi said before he could even stop himself, gaining more snickers from Namjoon and Hoseok. “ I’m not that bad. And I don’t hate Christmas.”

Namjoon looked at him with what could only be described as pity. “Yeah, but that’s just because there’s food, hyung.”

Yoongi couldn’t really argue with that.

“You should ask her out. It’s been awhile since you went on a date.” Hoseok beamed, looking more excited than he should. “We could dress you up! We could make you look like a real boy!”

“Nobody is dressing me up.” Yoongi was quick to say. “I’m not asking her out. I don’t ask people out. Shut up and sing, now. Stop discussing my lack of love life.”

Later when everybody is a little drunk - well, everybody save from him and Jin who was the designated driver- the older looks at him after the both of them had managed to drag Namjoon to bed, putting a hand over his shoulder to stop him from going into his room.

“You should talk to her, the coffee girl. Don’t overthink it, Yoongi. At least take a chance, maybe she’s a nice girl even if you don’t go out. Don’t stop yourself from being happy just because you’re afraid of it, okay?”

If with was anyone else, Yoongi would have barked a witty comeback, but this was Seokjin, the one who brought him food and made sure he was eating, still breathing. The one who together with Namjoon had made sure he was okay every day, was still managing, even to this day. So all Yoongi says after a low sigh is, “Okay, hyung. Good night.”

He had begun to go to the coffee shop earlier every day, after all but bribing the information from Jimin that you worked the shift before his. Sometimes he just went with a book, sometimes he ordered some pastry to eat too, but mostly he was just trying to make himself actually have a conversation with you. But every time you made him a conversational question, nothing came out, He could only nod, looking grumpy and completely like an asshole.

Today, he convinced himself, today I’ll get my head out of my ass and be a normal human being and I’m going to be pleasant.

You looked up from the coffee you were making, smiling widely at him. “Nice to see you again, are you going to order your usual?”

He nodded saying quietly after, “Please.”

This day someone had already come and took his usual table, so he just sat on the tall stool in front of the counter,  You place the black mug in front of him along with a cake slice. “That’s a little gift for coming here almost every day. I made it today, and I’m a great cake maker.” You winked good-naturedly at him, turning around to organize some cups.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re here again, hyung.”

Yoongi closed his eyes with more force than needed. Of course, that was just what he needed. “Park fucking Jimin.

“The one and only. My shift starts in an hour, don’t look at me like that, I deserve to be here more than you!” He seated himself on the stool next to him, looking at you over the counter. “Hi, noona, can you give me a cupcake?”

You obliged, placing a well-decorated cupcake in front of the younger boy, looking at the both of them next to each other, smiling softly. “Oh, are you two friends?”



Jimin shot him a dirty look. “We are, Yoongi hyung is just being mean.”

He was again a victim of her gaze on him. “That’s your name, then? It’s pretty. I’m Y/N”

He swallowed around nothing, feeling the sweat form at the palms of his hands. “I know.” then seeing the surprised look on your face, he quickly adds, “I mean, name tag.”

You laughed, smacking the palm of your hand against your forehead. “Of course.”

Jimin shook his head at the both of you. He might be younger than the both of you, but at least he wasn’t so socially awkward. “Noona, you can go home, I can take it from here. Eat my cupcake, I don’t feel hungry anymore.”

You looked at him a little confused, but nodded anyway, taking off the red apron and releasing your long hair from the ponytail, letting it fall free on her shoulder and Yoongi could die a happy man when she sat next to him, smiling up at him again.

“So, Yoongi, what is it that you’re always typing? Are you a writer?”

He almost choked on his coffee. “Uh, I mean, kinda? I’m a music major, so I compose songs. And stuff.”

You nodded again, chewing at the cupcake in your hands, looking at him intently again. “Is that why you like to be quiet? So you can concentrate?”

He averted his eyes, feeling awkward. “I- yeah, but I’m also just shy. I’m not really good at making small talk.”

“Oh, I’m like that too.” at his disbelieving gaze, you pushed a strand of hair behind your ear, pink dusting your cheeks as you looked self-conscious. “I mean, not in here because that’s sorta part of my job, but outside I’m really bad at it.”

God, she was so cute. Yoongi blinked a little, watching you as you fidgeted with the cupcake wrapper, looking over at Jimin who was engaged in a conversation about the last drama with some other regular.

“You seem to be doing okay with me, though.”

Your blush intensified. “Well, I have been trying to talk to you all week, so I guess I had practice?”

He resisted the urge of pinching himself. “Oh, that’s… yeah, I’ve been doing the same.”

Jimin snorted from across the counter, making the older shot him a warning glance. “Hyung, just do it.”

You seemed not to hear the younger boy, getting up and looking at your phone. “ Oh shit, I have to go catch my bus. I’ll see you both tomorrow, bye!”

And before Yoongi could even reply, you were already out of the shop, backpack hitting your hips as you walked away.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, just go out there and ask her out before you can chicken out hyung.”

For once, Yoongi listened. He got up, half running after you, not allowing himself to think this over because yes, he would chicken out, he would find a million reasons not to go through with it before he ever did.

That’s why he didn’t say hi again, just went. “Do you want to maybe go grab a coffee someday?” without barely breathing, hands on his knees as he breathed hard from the te exercise he just did.

You startled, almost dropping your phone as your turned around. When you saw who it was, the brightest smile he had ever seen had taken your lips.

“I would love to, but we can go have dinner instead. I’m kinda tired of coffee.And you can show me your songs, and stuff.”

And for once, as you passed your phone to him so he could save his number, he made a mental notice to thank Park fucking Jimin, that insufferable angel of a friend.


Genre: Fluff
Character: Mark
Plot: When the rest of Got7 bails on Scary Movie Night, Mark is left to watch alone with his crush.


a/n - This was just supposed to be a cute little drabble but it turned into full blown scenario ^^;;;;;;


“Uh,” Mark paused as he glanced at you and then back at his phone. “The guys said they can’t make it. They’re out eating meat right now.”

You gasped before crossing your arms in a pout. “Without us?”

Mark chuckled at your cute anger. “I’ll treat you to bbq meats next time. We won’t invite the guys.”

You smiled at him, patting his arm softly. “Why should you be the one treating? We should make Bambam treat us out, he’s the one that suggested a scary movie night in the first place!”

Mark nodded his head, though he really would prefer eating out with just the two of you. He rubbed at the back of his neck awkwardly. It’s not like you never hung out with him, but this was the first time the two of you were alone together and he couldn’t help being overly conscious.

“So, what should we do now?” he finally asked. Reluctantly, he added, “Should we just cancel our movie night?”

You pouted again, effortlessly putting another smile on Mark’s face.

“But I prepared so many snacks and went through so much trouble just to pick the perfect movie!” You linked your arm with Mark’s, pulling him towards the couch in the living room. He blushed as he felt you press up against his arm. He was seriously glad he worked out his arms yesterday.

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monsta x blurb reaction to when you bend over to get something and they (and the other members in the room yikes) get a nice view of your ass? pls and thanks! love you!

Shownnu: If you were looking for the best way to get Daddy Shownu to make an appearance, this is it. He is totally not having his fellow members be disrespectful toward a woman, especially his woman. This includes taking the open opportunity to exploit her innocent gesture into something sexual. He’ll quickly put them in their place and defend your honor.

While your apartment was being renovated, you were staying a couple days with the boys in their dorm.  It had taken a long discussion between you and Shownu before the arrangement was decided.  You had both been a bit apprehensive about it, but for different reasons.  You didn’t like feeling like a burden; that independent streak coming into play.  He, he wasn’t completely cool with your spending so much time in close proximity with the rest of his group.  Sure, he trusted them to not pull any funny business with you, they were respectful enough, but it still didn’t sit well with him to have to share his time with you.

Things had turned out to be a lot smoother than he had expected.  Though the other members did go a bit out of their way to make you comfortable with them, there hadn’t been an incident that raised alarm until the moment you had walked through the living area on your way to the bathroom and stopped in front of the group of boys that had been sitting and discussing something or other to pick up a small tack on the floor.  Immediately, seeing your shorts pull up a bit and your beautiful behind being set on display, his gaze shifted to the other members who clearly took in the view for all it was worth. Oh hell no.

Waiting until you were out of earshot, he threw the pillows beside him at the members further away from him before smacking those within arms length on the back of the head.  “Ya! Can you be any more disrespectful? I’m disappointed in you,” he hisses, causing each of the members to sheepishly slouch in their places feeling the full force of the guilt trip their leader laid on them.

Wonho: Pfffft. He’s totally going to give his fellow members hell, but in a completely different way.  Wearing a wide smirk, he’s going to tease them to an early death via embarassment for checking out his lady. Let’s be real, though. This boy is not really all that bothered over the gazes of his other members; it’s kind of a point of pride for him to have a girl that they find worthy of checking out, and he loves having that amo to rub in their faces.

Wonho totally saw it coming from a mile away.  As soon as you had ran after the ball that had sailed over your head, he knew all too well what would happen next, and seemingly so did the rest of the group.  All eyes were on you as you bent over to pick up the ball, sending your boyfriend sailing into a fit of teases aimed toward his fellow members.  A wide, smug smirk pulled across his lips as he nudged the member closest to him and make a cocky remark to the others about his own relationship.  He absolutely loved rubbing it in their faces that he had such a kind, caring -not to mention- sexy girlfriend.  Though, even with the smugness to his tauntings, there was an underlying bit of annoyance toward their unabashed gaping at his girlfriend.  It wasn’t so much that he was bothered by their ‘disloyalty’ to him; he was peeved by their lack of respect for his girl, knowing how embarrassed you would be to know that you had an audience to the innocent little show you had given.  That sliver of bitterness would result in his goal to annoy and embarrass his fellow members into thinking about their own actions so a similar situation in the future will not be repeated.

Minhyuk: Distraction. Very loud distraction. Squealing, screaming, yelling, jumping up and down… whatever it takes to get all eyes on him is what he’s willing to do.  Your honor is on the line!  And let’s be real, even if this tactic doesn’t work to distract his fellow members, it’ll probably startle you into an upright position and that works just as well.

There was hardly anything that brightened Minhyuk’s day more than when you surprised him and the rest of the group at the dance studio with your homemade cooking.  It was a huge point of pride for him to have such a warm, caring girlfriend that not only thought of him and his hungry stomach, but also the rest of the group.  Today had been a particularly tiring day, so when you walked in with two bags full of freshly cooked food, he was nearly vibrating with joy.  

The group all gathered in a somewhat-circle on the floor to enjoy the food as you unpacked it all and handed each member a bento box of their own.  Minhyuk’s giddy smile never left his face as he watched you smile kindly at each of them as they thanked you with unmatched sincerity.  Once everyone had their food and began digging in, you were about to seat yourself next to Minhyuk and enjoy part of the meal yourself before your boyfriend sweetly asked you to grab his phone from the floor across the room.  The food in his hand looked so perfectly presented in the little box with a cute note on top from his special lady, he just needed to take a picture of it for safe keeping before he could dig in himself.  Of course, you had absolutely no problem obliging in this small request.
The following moment seemed to happen in slow motion.  As he watched you cross the room, it dawned on Minhyuk that your skirt was a bit short.  Just as soon as he had come to that realization, his attention shifted to the members whom all seemed to be watching you as you bent over to pick up his phone.  Failing to come up with any other better plan to save your dignity and himself from having to kill his members for seeing things they shouldn’t, he let out a loud scream and quickly sat his box on the floor as he jumped in front of the rest of the group, holding out his arms to block their view.  His tactic had worked in not only preventing his members from seeing anything, but also scaring you half to death as you stood up and spun around to see why he had made such a loud, godawful sound.  Instead of answers, you just find him awkwardly twisted in front of the group with a cheesy, sheepish smile that nearly matched the others’ expressions as they all realized they had nearly been caught in a very compromising situation.

Kihyun: Not impressed. Not impressed in the slightest. The other members are in for scoldings and complaints galore, but he’ll save those for when you’re not within listening distance to preserve you from embarrassment. You go right on ahead and remain blissfully unaware of what’s taking place behind you.

It was one of the very rare occasions that you were allowed backstage to spend some time with the boys, more importantly, Kihyun. You sat out of the way on one of the couches, exchanging a silent conversation of odd facial expressions with Kihyun through the mirror as his stylist worked on his hair.  The other members sat around the room carrying on with their own conversations or getting their own hair and makeup done when Jooheon’s stylist dropped one of the makeup brushes she had been using. You gave absolutely no thought before quickly standing and bending over to pick up the brush for her. Your movement had caught the attention of several other members and through the mirror Kihyun not only got to witness the reflection of your bottom in the mirror behind the couch you had been seated on, but also the wide eyes of his fellow members taking in an eye full of your backside as you bent over. Silently he glares at each of them before quickly flashing you a smile as soon as you glanced his way.
“Would you mind rinsing that off for me?” the stylist asked you as you stood up straight. With a nod, you walked out of the room to do just that. As soon as the door closed behind you, Kihyun returned his attention to the others.
“Can you not?” he growled before setting into a short rant over their unabashed staring at his girlfriend while she was in a vulnerable state.

Hyungwon: This one would see the situation coming from a mile away.  As soon as he sees your intent to pick up the item, he speed-lightnings it across the room and picks it up for you. To you this will just seem like a sweet gesture on your part as he smiles at you and hands you the item, but as he accepts your quick hug, he’s sending death glares to the other members over your shoulder.

Music filled the air as you and the group took turns goofing around and having a good time at a noraebang. You were excited to spend some time with your boyfriend and his group members as they got to unwind for a bit. The song ended and Jooheon decided to end his little performance with a dramatic mic drop, earning himself a mix of eye rolls and laughs. Shaking your head, you stood from the little couch and paced across the small room to pick up the mic for your duet with your boyfriend.  Realizing what was about to happen, Hyungwon quickly swept across the room and grabbed the mic for you.  With a sweet smile, he handed it to you.  You cooed at his sweet gesture, wrapping your arms around his neck in a hug while he glared at the other members over your shoulder for daring to look at what was his.

Jooheon: Whiney complaints galore. Unlike Kihyun who is polite enough to save you the embarrassment of knowing what was going on behind you, Heonnie is all about exposing his fellow members for the disrespectful traitors that they are. Really, he just does a good job at making the situation extremely awkward for all those involved, including yourself, but the other members will definitely not forget their place in the future.

You felt so spoiled as you sat in the recording studio and watched the group work their magic. Currently, your boyfriend was separated from you by a large window as he stood behind the mic in the vocal booth.  They were taking a short break as the producer fixed the click track to accommodate from the tempo change in Jooheon’s verse.  
While he waited, Heonnie sweetly asked you to bring him a bottle of water from the mini fridge that sat in the corner of the studio room you were in with the rest of the group.  Without a second thought, you nodded and crossed the room, bending over to retrieve the beverage for him.  Immediately, you could hear you boyfriend’s complaints through the speakers at the other members for looking at your bottom when you bent over.  A deep blush flooded your cheeks as you turned to the others whom all wore similar blushes and held their heads low in shame while Jooheon continued to whine and complain at them. Biting your lips together, you excused yourself from the room to bring the drink to your boyfriend and scold him for being so vocal about the situation, making everyone uncomfortable.

I.M.: Not even a big deal.  This kid right here will simply appreciate the view right along side his hyungs.  He’s not even phased by the fact that they are also looking; he sure couldn’t blame them for doing so.

Loud cheers and yells could be heard down the hall as you and the group sat before the television in their dorm, enjoying an all out video game competition amongst yourselves. Junk food was scattered over the floor amongst pillows, cell phones and other odds and ends that had been forgotten as all attention was directed to the screen. 
“Nooooo!” Wonho dramatically cried out as Changkyun destroyed his character. You couldn’t help but to laugh at how melodramatic he was as you stood up to retrieve the controller. The other members ‘oo’ed’ at the fact that the ‘lovebirds’ would be battling against each other, but all quickly silenced as you bent over in front of the TV to pick up Wonho’s controller.

Surprised by the sudden silence, you glanced up to find them all looking at you with various expressions of wide eyes and agape mouths. Your boyfriend, on the other hand, leaned back on his arms with a proud, content grin. Biting back your embarrassment you gave the others a snarky remark before plopping next to I.M. You gave him a little glare before the game begun in which you took out your revenge on his character, finishing him quickly and earning yourself the top spot of the competition, which also meant you got to be queen for the night and put all the boys in place for their ‘rude’ behavior.

Bangtan in 20 Years
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Yoongi:</b> Still feels like he hasn't reached his mental age, got a statue of him flipping everyone off in Daegu cause he made that city famous with just one finger bihhh, accomplished producer<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Owns a gym in the states, was featured in the playboy magazine twice, won Mister Universe, married to G-Dragon's rich ass BOOM YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING<p/><b>Rapmon:</b> Received the Nobel Peace Price, never stopped posting #KimDaily, finally replies to Jackson Wang's texts, works as a poet, dyes his hair in pastel colors<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Opened a modern dance academy in Busan with Kai and Taemin aw yeahh, Chanyeol is currently his fiancee, didn't get rid of his mochi image so far<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Moved in with Minho, won SMTM Season 34 performing Cypher pt. 760, founded a fancy noraebang in Seoul that plays BIGBANG songs only<p/><b>Jin:</b> Took over Jungkook's failed lamb skewers restaurant and became a millionaire, no wrinkles in sight cuz he immortal, the sole member in a traditional marriage<p/><b>J-Hope:</b> Became a comedian and MC on literally every variety show, permanent host of Weekly Idol with BamBam, actually the only one still involved in the K-Pop industry<p/></p><p/></p>