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2, 3, 12, and 15 for Nora please!

2. Did you design them with any other OCs/characters in mind?

Nora was always Olivia’s and Garrus’ daughter. I went through several iterations of how that happened before I landed on her canon, but she was created as their daughter.

3. How did you choose their name?

I’m not actually sure. I recently found some fic babble about her that dates back to late 2014, so she’s been around longer than I thought, but I don’t know where I came up with her name.

12. What have you found to be most difficult about creating (any form of) art for your OC? 

Remembering that she has another brother, for one thing. She and Quentus have a very well-developed relationship, but I have, like, ten words of her interacting with Nico.

Without giving too much away about her fic, I have a lot of trouble managing a certain aspect of her anxiety. Most of her anxiety I can write just fine (because, hi), but there’s one part of it that is extremely specific and it’s hard to balance “her anxiety is a legitimate and real thing, let her feel it” with “she’s also 26 and been in therapy a good chunk of her life, and she’s an N3 soldier and team leader who’s literally on a mission right now; she has all the skills to shut it down.”

15. What’s one thing about your OC that can make you laugh?

“I’m sorry. Are you unclear about the concept of ducking?”

[questions about creating your OCs]

thornhands  asked:

Questions about creating your OCs. For Victoria Ryder - 1, 17 and Nora - 1,16, 18.


1. What was the first aspect of your OC that you remember considering?

That she was a redhead. And she would’ve stayed a redhead, had the red options in Andromeda been anything other than one-dimensional variations on a fire engine.

The second thing - and the first thing I thought about that stuck - was her name. Even though I wasn’t writing a lot of Ariadne at the time, I was thinking a lot about Ariadne at the time, and one of those things was what her Divine name would be; I really wanted her to be Divine Victoria, but having two of them back to back felt weird. So Victoria got transferred onto Ryder.

17. Is there some element you regret adding to your OC or their story?

I like that she ran off to Omega. But I regret that the sole impetus for her running off to Omega was Ellen’s death. I buy her being sad about Ellen dying, but she wasn’t close with her mother at all, so I don’t buy that she was so totally grief-stricken she ran away from her life. I wish that I’d put more into it about her father - that Alec shut down, and because Tori was never close to her brother, she was suddenly alone. Ellen could still be the catalyst for it, but she wouldn’t be the reason.

(I also wish I’d put a little more thought into why and when she left Omega; she’s a doctor, and leaving because she’d be “useless” during the plague seems pretty bullshit to me. I wish I’d just backed that up by about a month, so the plague hadn’t started yet.)


1. What was the first aspect of your OC that you remember creating?

Her relationship with Olivia. Early Nora didn’t really have a “how,” she just was, but I knew early on that she and Liv were going to continue the Liv and Hannah tradition of “the Shepard family has good and healthy mother-daughter relationships.”

16. What is something about your OC that can make you cry?

Ahhhhh I can’t tell you because spoilers! But there’s a scene! There’s a scene no one (not even my cheerleaders) has seen yet and it is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever written. And that includes Anthem.

18. What is the most recent thing you’ve discovered about your OC?

That she spends about 5-10 years (my timeline in this universe is fucked and I have stopped trying to unfuck it) as the human ambassador to Tuchanka.

[questions about creating your OCs]

rock-paperback-scissors  asked:

Thermal scope for Liv, Prothean relic for Nora? :)

Thermal scope - How does the character go about reading people? Do they take people’s words and actions at face value, or do they tend to dig for other motives?

Olivia tends to take things at face value. She knows that there are manipulative, lying people in the galaxy, but she’d much rather take people at their word than constantly be digging for their ~real~ motivations. Part of it’s because it’s genuinely easier to not question all the time, but most of it’s because she does have that bit of naïveté (thanks autocorrect) in her: she wants to believe that everyone’s being straight and honest with her.

But she isn’t super innocent and clueless. She has a decent Bullshit-O-Meter that gets more refined as the series goes on, especially as she has to do a little of her own shady manipulation.

Prothean relic - How does the character feel towards other species? Do they believe that their own species is exceptional in some way?

Nora grew up with a turian father and two turian brothers. And an asari aunt, a krogan uncle, a krogan cousin, a quarian aunt, etc etc etc. She’s completely comfortable around other species, knows how to act with and around them, and doesn’t have any Humans Are Superior attitudes.

Except when it comes to batshit crazy plans or bullheaded relentless determination. Humans kind of have that market covered in the galaxy, and she has moments of “well, sometimes you need a human” in that context.

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