Pun of the day: Jaune's JUMPer

*Ruby is still laughing about Jaune’s… Attire…*

Ruby: Wow Jaune! To get that jumper you must have been really… CEREAL about Pumpkin Petes!

Jaune: It’s comfy!

Ruby: Do you not… CARROT all about the way you look!

Jaune: It’s just a bunny!

Ruby: Whoa there! Don’t get so HOPPING mad about it!


Random half of a new theory I am working on

So my new theory is that since there are seven chairs in Salem’s lair, each chair will represent a deadly sin. Pride, Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth. Now atm, with two people missing (though I am very much thinking adding Adam to this list, not sure yet) and only really knowing Cinder, I cannot make an accurate list for the sins.

But that is not what this post will be about. There is always a yin to a yang. On the other side of this coin are the seven virtues. Humility, Kindness, Chastity, Liberality, Patience, and Diligence. Now that Pyrrha is, sadly, no longer around, we have seven main heroes. So being me, I started to wonder what they could be. So under the cut are my thoughts on who is what. Only two I am really dead set on so others might change and feel free to add in your two cents with this (especially since im still learning a bit about the virtues and fuck it seems like in CCD they taught us about the sins and not the virtues nice going guys….that are i was not paying attention so sorry if i get shit wrong) 

 Anywho here we go

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Baddies and heroes all together! Overall I really liked this little mini series, looking forward to Season 2 of this. If there will be. But’ll be all Volume 4 of RWBY hype.


Selfies from the RWBY Volume 3 screening last week in Calgary!!! Yes I’m still on the RWBY hype train. No, it won’t stop anytime soon. I want more RWBY but I gotta wait until Saturday and it’s KILLING ME. GUH.

Shout-out to the cosplayers who dressed up in full costume to the screening btw! I’m so glad I decided to do the same this time around because it made it WAY more fun. Thank you @tugginc and @roosterteeth for organizing these screenings over the last 6-7 months. Each of them has been special and a great experience. Met some really rad people at these screenings!

Ruby Rose – @myscelestedreamer-blogTennyo Celeste Cosplay
Blake Belladonna@path-or-walkerYousei Cosplay
Lei Ren –  Fighter cosplay

If you know who the other cosplayers are please let me know!


❖ ✧ Yousei Cosplay ✧ ❖