on the subject of nora i fucking hate ryan murphy for the way he ended her story

her entire arc was based on motherhood and the longing for a child and her painful still-existing love for thaddeus as monstrous as he had become (i mean it’s still apparent to me, upon rewatching, that she doesn’t hate him. she’s horrified by him but she still loves him and it’s so so so heartbreaking just oUCH)

we even got a glimpse of nora in mother-action when she protected tate from the infantata and taught him how to protect himself from all the ghosts and i was almost on the verge of tears during that scene

and then murphy just erased ALL OF THAT by painting nora as a “shitty mom” in the finale by showing her in the basement with vivian’s baby being like “ugh, the screaming, i don’t want kids after all lol bye” and walking away and I FUCKING HATED IT WHAT THE HELL

i mean there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman not wanting to deal with screaming babies (i know i don’t) but if you’re going to base an entire season of character development on a person’s desire to be a parent and their grief over losing a child you can’t just decide “lmao but she’s a rich and spoiled bitch so she won’t ACTUALLY want to take care of the kid she wanted so bad, HA twist” at the end

so in my headcanon nora was just pretending she didn’t want the baby so that vivian wouldn’t also have to experience the grief of losing a child ;_;