nora's hair

I’m in love with the Foxhole Court. I read the three books in two weeks, whereas I’m a slow reader usually. Amazing story. Amazing characters. All is amazing about this book. 

Renee is my favorite fox girl. The three of them are perfect but Renee… as it said, Renee is a sweetheart. I can’t explain why I love her so much.

It’s my first Foxhole Court fanart but I’ll probably make others in the following days. It’s quite a hard exercice to draw characters from books, without any visual reference to help. It’s the first time for me but it was interesting.

And : anyone know what is Renee’s eye color ? I didn’t find the information so i assumed they are brown. 

headcanon that jaune can braid hair and loves it

he helped his parents with his younger sister’s school run by doing their hair up before they left, and sometimes they’d sit on the floor in front of Jaune during a family movie night and have him plait their hair while they watched, so if they slept on it it would make their hair all wavy in the morning.

later at beacon once he and pyrrha were comfortable with each other he started asking if he could braid pyrrha’s hair up for her, and him playing with her hair became a regular thing and was nice when he was feeling homesick. it took a bit longer for ren to let jaune touch his hair but he may have been convinced by a nice updo jaune did for pyrrha before they went to dinner or something (jealous much)

and when weiss found out, one day she found herself in a good mood and decided to teach him how she did her bun-ponytail thing and jaune later sends pictures to ruby of his sisters all with weiss’ hairstyle captioned “who wore it better” (weiss pretended to be offended but she was so happy with herself and u know it)

What if there was a time when Ren was fighting Grimm and his hair got chopped off

And then he’s just a crying mess like “NORA IT TOOK MY HAIR, MAKE SURE IT SUFFERS.”


Jaune was barely holding back his sobs when he finally managed to find the landing point for all of the ships coming from Beacon.

“Jaune!” Nora exclaimed when she saw her leader. She seemed to forget about her injury and tried to get up. She quickly fell back down and Ren reached out to steady her. Jaune looked over, immediately noticing there wasn’t the familiar bright red head of hair. “Jaune!” Nora called again.

He ignored Nora’s second call and headed to one of the soldiers. He tried to board the ship, but the soldier threw out an arm, blocking his path.

“I need to get back up there! Please let me go back up there!” he begged. “There’s people still up there! Pyrrha… Pyrrha… She’s…” He tried to finish his sentence but a sob strangled his words.

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