nora montgomery

Lily’s characters with a crush on you

Nora Montgomery

~She’d be a majorrr flirt

~Her acting cocky around you

~Snarky comments

~Having a hard time coming to terms with her actually liking you

~One day she just gets you alone and kisses you

Non possessed Mary Eunice

~Getting very nervous around you

~Stumbling over all her words

~Being protective of you but not being able to do anything about it

~Feeling guilty about it

~Picturing you two living together and marrying each other

~Her smiling at you all the time

~Not looking you in the eyes

Possessed Mary Eunice

~It not really being a crush

~More of her just finding you v attractive and wanting to tap that tbh

~Acting extra nice to you around other patiences

~But when you two are alone she gets v flirty

~Her coming into your room late at night in lingerie and seducing you

Misty Day

~Being very shy around you

~Giggling a lot

~Wanting to do everything with you

~Being very clingy

~Her wanting to dance with you

~Asking you if she can braid your hair

~Wanting to cuddle and hug you a lot

~Listening to music together

~Her giving you nose kisses

Aileen Wuornos

~Again, I think she wouldn’t get a crush, it would just be lust

~Calling you pet names all the time

~Touching your body a lot

~Complimenting your looks

Shelby Miller

~HUGE flirt

~Like um

~Chill shelby

~Acting cocky

~Biting her lip a lot when you look at her

~Laughing at all of your jokes