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Another Tsukuyomi related thought

Okay, so in the latest chapter we learnt that once a god releases a name, he cannot rename the shinki again (it was kind of obvious but they pretty much said it to our faces).

We also get the whole thing with father wanting to name Yukine and how Yato’s “threat” is the case where he “has” to release Yukine to save him.

What if the dramatic event of Noragami will be Yato actually having to release Yukine, but will be able to rename him later under the name Tsukuyomi?

When a god names a shinki, they name it under their name (”My name is Yato”). But if Yato is a god with more than one name (Nora-Gami/Kami, like a shinki with more than one name), perhaps he’ll be able to re-name Yukine under his second name, that he’s not aware about yet.

leftcollectivemoon  asked:

Hello! I was so glad to read your small post about Tsukiyuomi theory, thanks for it. It seems people have started to forget this theory. But I think, it has a big chance to be true ( exactly now, when Amaterasu appeared in last chapters). What about new name under other name...Could you read the thoughts, lol? I have thought about it too ( because it will be very cool, if it happend)), but we have a problem here: why Bishamon hadn'tdo it for Tsuguha? She has some names too. What do you think?

It’s kind of seperated to few parts, I’m going to treat “Tsukuyomi theory” as canon in my answer since I base pretty much all of my theories over the base where Yato is indeed Tsukuyomi.

While Bishamon has “few names” that all refer to the “same god”. Yato is literally “two gods”. It’s like you may call Yukine “Yuki, Seki, Yukine” but it refers to the same person, but Nora for example, is different in the names of other gods, if you remember how Yato used her as a sword, and Ebisu changed her in the middle to a gun. She has two different names and two different functions.

Yato, as Yaboku, is “minor god of war”, while he has another name he’s not aware of - Tsukuyomi, the god of moon. He’s literally two gods at the same time. I believe that the reason the name “Yato” doesn’t stay and everyone forgets him is that not only he’s a minor god, but his name is being over written and unstable since it’s not his original name. Even his instincts and natures fight between wanting to do well (as Tsukuyomi’s roots) and the role he was given as Yato. You might as well say his two names are fighting each other and he’s not even aware of it. 

Some also claim the name Tsukuyomi is bound, and father is in charge of bounding his name down so his secret won’t be discovered, and the name “Yaboku” is an “over-writing” name. 

Also, another point about your question - Yato names shinkis with his name Yato but he can also name as “Yaboku” (Hikki/Nora for example). It’s two different names for the same god. But Yato is “two” gods with two names Yaboku the god of war/fortune, and Tsukuyomi the moon god. He’s a Nora-gami.

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I'm pretty sure I'm up to date with it. Is the chapter with Bishamon and the Hafuri-mono, Nana the most recent one? Read this! I tried to make a hyperlink but tumblr is being a dick.

Okay yeah that’s where the manga is up to right now!

Tsukuyomi is a god that was born from Izanagi once he was washed out of his left eye– along with his siblings Amaterasu and Susanoo–once Izanagi escaped his from his wife Izanami in Yomi. Now, it is speculated that Father is really Izanagi since he has been to Yomi before and escaped–since someone called Father’s name. Father can not just be a human because he has the power’s of divine possession,liberation, and he has a shinki–so maybe he is a God who is hiding in some way. Then him having Yato being born from his wish could be true since Tsukuyomi was born from Izanagi. 

Now onto Yato just piggybacking off stuff other people has posted online. First of all in Chapter 37 we meet a hooded God that is not named–the backround shown with her is a sun and she seems to be an important God is Kofuku bows to her so we could make a guess that this God is Amatersau the goddess of the sun who was Tsukuyomi’s lover before he killed someone and she refused to look at him ever again. Now in 37 this girl says “ Call him by his real name. I’m sure it will be him happy.” How can this God know Yato when other gods seem to not even know about him? She also seems sad while saying this to Kofuku–why would she care at all if she did not have a tie to Yato? Now Hiyori calls out Yaboku–but anytime after we see the name being used it does not really make Yato happy. So what could she possibly mean by “it will make him happy”? It could be that if Yato knew his true name it would make him happy to know he really is not a god of calamity.

We know that once a God is reborn that they lose their memories of their past life so Father could have guided Yato away from his true nature and lured him to “cull the herd” for some reason to defy Heaven. Going off what someone posted recently too when Yato is born it’s a stary night and it seems fitting for the rebirth of the moon god. Also going back to true nature we do see Yato as this malicious and unfeeling person during the times he killed people but after Sakura tried to guide him you begin to the shift of Yato realizing this is not what he wants. Although Yato still sees himself as Yaboku a god of calamity his heart does not want it and he wants to reject this identity. I believe if he truly was a god of calamity that it would not be so easy for him to want to become a god of fortune and to help other’s. Someone whose nature is to kill and destroy would be much harder to suppress. 

Now even breaking down the name Nora-Stray and Gami-God. To be a stray that means Yato is lost and has no home. Did he ever once have a true home–it seems like Father is always moving so they likely never had a true home or one place. That means Yato once had to belong somewhere and has deviated off the path.

Yato’s theme song is also “Boat in the Moonlight” which just speaks for itself with that. Also he has a dark color scheme–like night time. 

Sorry if anything is unclear I tend to ramble haha!