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Revolution NBC - Just Swap the Heads!

I can’t sleep. So…I was thinking about my statement that most of Rachel’s storyline this year could have been for Nora. Except, is there anything Rachel did this year that couldn’t have just been swapped out for Nora and still worked as well or better?

1: Finding her long lost father in Texas - actually we knew Nora had a father that lived in Texas and disappeared. It would actually have worked better with her. The backstory was already established, and I am sure Clayton Snr wouldn’t have been a shitty MD.

2: Obsession with proving there was more to the Patriots than a last minute mutter. Would work, Nora was tenacious. Besides, that storyline lasted all of three episodes before the patriots actually rolled in and peed on everything.

3: Miles. Yeah. He is catnip to them all.

4: Hating Bass. Less personal reasons for it, but with Rachel dead I can see Nora being fiercely defensive of Charliea nod suspicious of Bass’ motives.

5: giving Bass the lethalish cocktail of drugs. Neither of them are doctors, so why not.

6: Fighting the patriots. Nora would have even more ideological reasons that Rachel. Rachel hates them - before they give her other reasons - because they used her to trigger a second genocide. Nora spent her life fighting, killing people innocent and not, to bring back the government that, having apparently turned up, are a shower of shites.

7: Trip to Mexico. That whole thing would have run just as well with Nora instead of Rachel. The flirt her way in and fight her way out is very Nora - much more so than Rachel. (Did Rachel actually flirt? In my head she just eyed the guard, was seen briefly in his arm and then he randomly let her wander off…in the little black dress he apparently had just lying around. I could be misremembering that. I was sure there were boots on the bed in Nora’s flashback episode and there weren’t)

8: Washing her hair when Charlie apparently can’t. I am sure Nora could manage that too.

I would do one for Charlie too, but so far her major accomplishment this season is she rode in a cart with Bass.

Tonight, admittedly, it looks like Rachel is going to add virology to her list of shit I can do. But Nora was randomly able to repair a helicopter engine, so I see no reason she couldn’t. Osmosis Jones up the info too.

It is a bit disappointing really. I have said before I always liked my idea of her better than what the reality turned out too be, but at least in season one the need for Rachel was obvious. There were storylines that couldn’t be done with her, that she was essential too. Now she is a bit of a plot Swiss Army knife, apparently so they could make Aaron King of the Nanites.