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Listen people, you are gonna have mutuals, blogs you follow and/or followers who A) ship one of your NOTPS or B) Hate one of your OTPS. I have a couple of Mutuals I really like who ship Reylo just as others totally and utterly despise Kylux [my other TFA OTP] and that is okay.

But you have to draw the line somewhere when discourse or celebration towards NOTPS and OTPS come on your Dash. Because on a site so volitile fights can begin easily. Like when Captain Swan came out I see so many people celebrate which causes me to roll my eyes but I learned to just ignore and blacklist any comments. If I hate Captain Swan doesn’t mean my friends aren’t allowed to love it. And just because I love Kylux and my friends hate it doesn’t mean I go into their posts and say fuck you we’re not friends anymore.

So when you see stuff like that. Stay in your Lane, ignore it, because to me, no friendship is worth being lost over because I think Rey and Kylo should smash face with Finn and Hux respectively while they think Rey and Kylo should smash each other’s faces.

Ship and Let Ship, Discourse and Let Discourse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I recently watched gameplay for this amazing game
it pains me that I can’t actually play this game u_u
so I guess I’ll just have to draw shit ton of fan art for it :D


jasper jordan + not being very lucky when it comes to grounders

anonymous asked:

(from ask-dragon-quest-louis) louis:@chara: soo... are you a ghost or are you alive? its kinda heard for me to tell who's alive or not ...

*Also, I am corporeal.

*Therefore not a ghost.


samecollege squad: those who can cook vs those who hinder cooking.

Bergen County, New Jersey

Every once in a while, I discover an extraordinarily special place. And by special I mean hideous. Bergen County, New Jersey is that place. This will not be the first, nor the last time this county will show up on this blog, as its houses and I have a long working relationship ahead of us. 

So where to start? I used this house as an example in another post before (can’t remember which one) but I knew from the first time I saw it, that I needed to dive deeper. 

Man, where to start. First of all, the exterior of this house appears to be screaming in two different ways: either the two dormers, or the two “sidelight” windows are the eyes, with the door being the agape mouth. With the absurd windows on the front facade, the silly fake quoins, and the pseudo-Palladian elements scattered all over the place, I have a feeling this place is going to go down in McMansionHell history as a Certified Dank™ Legend.

This house (built in 1988 as we will all soon see) has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and is currently retailing for almost 3.5 million dollars.  

By far, my favorite McMansions are the ones that are like time capsules. You open the obnoxiously large front door and step into the obnoxiously large entryway and are instantly transported into another era. 

In this case, that era is 1988. 

Front Entryway

My favorite part about the 80s was how they axed all of the environmental reforms made in the 70s while simultaneously obsessing over having as many house plants as possible. 

Living Room (1 of 2)

At least piano makers are thankful that their art is being funded by those who buy large instruments as symbols of wealth. 


Fake book subjects commonly include: 
- Business
- Law
- Classic Literature

Dining Room (1 of 2)

Seriously I don’t think you guys are prepared for what you’re about to see. 

This has to be one of the best worst vintage 80s rooms I’ve ever seen. 

Dining Room (2 of 2)

Those poor plants, working like slaves for the man. 

The Kitchen! 

Who thought that orange was a remotely good idea?? Spoilers: it was probs HGTV.

Living Room (2 of 2)

Luckily for the homeowner, many elements from this room (the furniture and wall color) are coming back in style again, as dark green is all the rage this year apparently. 

Master Suite (Part 1)

Shocked that the drapes don’t have the same pattern as the wallpaper. 

Master Suite (Part 2)

P sure the hyper-femininity of the 80s and early 90s were what led to the creation of the ManCave during the dawn of the 21st century.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom almost looks like it came out of a Robert A.M. Stern coffee table book from the late 80s. Whoever did this interior was a licensed interior designer. I’m pretty sure those vanities are custom. 

On to the last room of our tour! (Somehow there weren’t pictures of the other 6 bedrooms or the other 5 baths…)

The Basement

Seriously the mirrored door is hella choice. 

Fortunately, our tour ends on a positive note this week, as the rear of this house actually makes some architectural sense:

Rear Exterior

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed that tour as much as I did. I love these time capsule houses - you can learn a lot from studying the design trends of the past; most notably, when they’re coming back. 

Stay tuned for this Sunday’s special post, McMansionHell from A to Z (Part Two) and, of course, next week’s dank McMansion!

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.


On January 27th, 1967 a fire on the pad during routine testing took the lives of Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, Americas first losses in the effort to conquer space.  They would not be the last.  Nor would their lives be lost in vain.  Changes to the Apollo program due to the accident allowed for future successful missions to safely land a man on the moon.

It’s not logical to believe that difficult things can ever be achieved without dedication and ultimate sacrifice.  Fifty years later we remember these brave souls.

I’ll keep this short and to the point:

So I was looking on wikipedia for some information on what happened before WW2 (because I’m starting to mentally prepare for an even worse case scenario than the one that fucking happened two days ago) and I found this sentence on the page about the nazi party:

“Germans voted for Hitler primarily because of his promises to revive the economy (by unspecified means), to restore German greatness and overturn the Treaty of Versailles, and to save Germany from communism.“

I know I’m not the first person, nor the last, to make this particular comparison but it’s impossible not to draw the parallels here with what currently just happened in the US. You can literally just replace the corresponding words and not change the structure of the sentence at all and you’d get an accurate description of the outcome of this election.

Moving on to the second thing I want everyone to keep in mind:

Remember this scene in CA:TFA?

Dr. Erskine says here:

“So many people forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own.”

It’s one of the best lines in the entire movie.

Because it states in one simple and elegant sentence one of the most important ideas that one should keep in mind when talking about these sort of historical events: fascists hurt the very people they claim to “protect”, their own people, and I am still coming to terms with the fact that history is repeating itself before my eyes.  

What frustrates me even more is the fact that WW2 is one of the most studied eras in our history (if not THE most studied - just look at how many programs dedicated to this there are on the documentary channels, they’re everywhere!) and humans are somehow able to have all that information and detailed analysis at their disposal about what, why and how it all went wrong and got to that place, and at the same time completely and willingly ignore all of it and, worst of all, do the exact same thing all over again only decades later. 

Work Troubles

Dan Smith Mini-Fic

You toyed with the necklace that hung from your neck, hoping by just touching the necklace it could activate some special powers or whatever, grant you some well needed luck.

“You look sick,” Your friend next to you chuckled. 

“This isn’t funny,” You grumbled, closing your eyes and letting out a deep sigh. “I feel sick.”

“Oh you’ll be fine.”

“What if I bomb this presentation badly? My promotion is on the line!” 

“Deep breaths, hon’, deep breaths. Freaking out won’t make anything better. Look, my stop is next, if you need anything, don’t hesitant to call. But calm down! You are successful because you fight, you fight hard. Don’t quit now because of the pressure,” You friend embraced you in a tight hug. “Chill, for me, please?”

You wanted to break down in the middle of the train car. Today, at the pristine place you worked, you had to give the most important presentation you’ve ever given yet in front of the top officials who basically ran the entire corporation. If you exceeded their expectations, which many of your friends, co-workers, and family knew you would, you would be promoted to a highly regarded position with a six figure bi-weekly check. The pressure was, indeed, on.

“Yeah, yes, yeah. You’re right.”

The train came to a halt, signaling to your friend it was time to jet. “Remember, call!”

Out went your friend and in went the new passengers. You fiddled with your fingers as you inspected the new faces.

“Mind if I sit?” A familiar voice asked, pulling you from your thoughts.

You looked up to a find a nerdy looking guy, someone you expected to run and get your coffee. In fact, the guy was intimidated by you. Had it not been for your fidgeting that signaled you were harmless, the bitch-face you wore along with the high-fashion business outfit you sported basically told him you were important and didn’t fuck around.

“I don’t mind, no.” 

He sat next you, pulled out a book from his bag, and began to read it. You looked at the title and recognized it almost instantly. “I love Stephen King.” 

The guy grew red as he looked up. “Yeah, I enjoy his reads for leisure.”

“Leisure? Dude, he’s probably one of the most sophisticated people I read, besides science and business journals,” You giggled.

He was taken aback by your use of slang and casualness. “Well I’m an ex English lit major. My tastes are picky.”

“Oh? Where did you go to school?”


That’s how you knew him! “Daniel Smith, correct? Holy shit it’s been ages! It’s me, (Y/F/N)!”

“Oh shit, it is! You’ve changed.”

“You have too! I heard about your band, Pompeii, right?”

That made him give a great laugh. “Close! I did write that song, but it’s Bastille. What do you do, weren’t you going into history?”

“I changed after you graduated. Business, in fact, I have an important presentation today, my career is basically on the line.”

“You always aimed for the best, I remember that.”

You blushed. “Nah, I jut do what I can.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fantastic; you out-shined everyone at Leeds,” Dan reassured you. He had always admired you, he thought it was just a blessing that you considered him a friend back then. Everyone either envied you, wanted to be you, or be with you, and for good reason.

“I just don’t know if I’ll be good enough, I don’t know if what I’ll say will be great.”

“You’ll be more than enough, you’ve always had those special words in that head of yours.”

You groaned. “No, no I never have.” Your eyes trailed to screen to see which stop would be next. It was yours.

“Looks like I get off in a minute or so,” You drew a shaky breath, scared for what was to come.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again, (Y/N). I hope this isn’t the last time,” He gave a warm smile.

“I’m sure it won’t. If you ride this train, you’ll be sure to spot me.”

The train gave a halt and you knew it was time to go.

“Well, good-luck and have a great Valentine’s Day,” Dan wished as you got up to go.

Great, a moody holiday on to top off the presentation day. “The only way to make this a good Valentine’s Day is if I get a huge tub of ice cream.”

“Well, I have nothing to do. If you let me, can I drop by your work to buy you some.”

Warmth spread through your body like a child. “Sure, I work at WWCOMMS, you know, main building. Just tell them you’re here with me.”

Dan’s face filled with dark dread. “W-WWCOMMS?”

“Yes! Bye!”

And with that you left to basically sprint to a taxi to take you to work. Dan was able to numb your worries, but not by much. You hope the presentation would be enough. If not, Dan, or anyone for that matter, would never see your body on a train, or anywhere else, ever again.

The time has come once again, for you to confound and confuse me, to subject me to fits of revulsion and make me make that face…you know the one.

This is a call for all your terrible family traditions- from the disgusting tuna casserole your auntie hauls to the reunion in a wheelbarrow, to the terrifying jello concoction your Nana protests is “vegan”, we want them all! No terrible recipe is too great nor small! If you submitted last time, you may submit again - who knows, it may turn out to be the most disgusting thing this time! Multiple submissions are also welcome, because if you have had to endure that much trauma, it ought to count for something.

Reblog this message with your worst, most baffling, nauseating family recipe, and you will be entered to win. Or tag a friend you know has endured the horrors of the family potluck one too many times, and deserves some recognition for their sacrifices. If they reblog with a recipe, they too are entered to win.

The victor shall receive an autographed physical copy of one of my books (they may choose), a $25 Kitchen Collection gift card, and - in an effort to alleviate your misery - I and my crack team of culinary experts (a drunken Chef and the staff at the Bistro) will attempt to repair the travesty visited upon you by “fixing” your recipe.

The deadline is January 31. Please get the word out to all your charming friends!

Hey Eddsworld Fandom

I’m guilty too, I ship the boys. HOWEVER, I have never shipped the real people behind the characters, nor have I used their last names. It’s just being an asshole if you harass someone into kiss/etc with their friend, so don’t fucking do it. DO NOT use the real ones’ last names. PLEASE. Edd wouldn’t want this, seriously. Maybe we could even clear up some of the ships from the main tag for Eddsworld? I’m not saying “Don’t ship them!!!” but how about when we write or draw one of the ships, we tag it instead as ‘Sinsworld’ like all of the nsfw artists? It would be doing a huge favor for Matt if he ever decides on looking through the main tag. Also, don’t tag the characters in their main tags when its nsfw or shipping, like ‘ew tom’ or ‘eddsworld tom’ instead you could tag it as ‘sw tom’ ‘sinsworld tom’ or even just tag the ship.

Please help straighten this fandom up!!! They’re simple, considerate things that can be easily done! It’s just Matt and Edd’s family, possibly Paul but I don’t know and don’t you dare bother him about it, so let’s make it as easy as we can for Matt.He doesn’t deserve this, nobody does.

Eddsworld is one of the greatest things i have ever found and has inspired me so much, even makes it a bit easier to be happy! I haven’t even been in this fandom for half a year, please don’t let Edd down. Keep Edd’s world spinning.


“These are the new days of our adventure, dazzling with emotion. It’s a wild rabbit’s march~!” ♪

Ensemble Stars graphic challenge → favourite set is Ra*bits in Tanabata Festival!

ok tho but visser three

visser three, on at least one occasion that we know of, saw a completely innocuous animal hanging around in a completely normal place for that animal to be hanging out, and proceeded to flip out, MORPH into some sort of alien creature, and CHASED IT.  Without having any actual proof or indication that said animal was, in fact, an Andalite bandit and not a completely normal animal.

Given that he had no actual reason to suspect the animals that actually WERE our intrepid heroes, we must assume that this was not the first nor the last time he did this.

Basically, I want you to keep in your mind the image of Visser Three flipping out, morphing, and chasing completely normal animals across California on the regular.

Because that’s fucking hilarious.

12x03 Coda - Home

Read on ao3

Fifty three minutes had passed since Castiel had heard pieces of the aborted prayer. Precisely twenty two minutes had gone by since the text message that had filled in the gaps. The elapsed time leading him to one sure decision, made behind the wheel of a stolen truck headed towards an uncertain destination.

“You need to go,” he growls gruffly towards his passenger, who has thus ignored the angel’s many requests to turn down the sound while playing that infuriating game.

The demand is met by an indignant finger (not that one) thrust in the general direction of the driver. They had collected hundreds of miles of road since putting Cleveland in their rearview mirror. They were following a vague intuition of Rowena’s that Lucifer had fled towards the Bible Belt to lick his wounds. The irony was lost on neither angel nor demon.  

When the last candy has been crushed, Crowley finally turns towards the driver.

“Let me guess. That text you risked our lives to read was from Loverboy?”

Cas furrows his brow towards the being he had begrudgingly accepted as partner. “Neither of us would be mortally wounded in the event of a vehicular incident, Crowley. Unless this truck was forged from demon and angel blades. Which I seriously doubt, given the ordinary nature of the man from whom I took it.”

The two were a hundred miles outside of Louisville. Cas drove with one arm out the driver’s side window. Like he would on a night like this. The darkness of the night sky was pierced by pinpoints of starlight. The air smelled of cedar and ozone. The scent was a comfort, contrasting with the gnawing feeling that had taken residence in Castiel’s gut since he had received the two word text two exits ago.

She left.

Keep reading