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guys, kara was worried. she was utterly panicking that she was going to fail and lose alex forever. you can see it all over her face, the i can’t do it, i can’t stop it this time. and alex is just, yes you can. alex is calm, she is the unwavering faith that holds kara upright every single day, and the yes you can when she needs it most. alex was the one in danger, and yet there she was looking her sister in the eye and forcing her to believe in herself, because that’s what alex does. kara knows this, felt it in the moments when she thought she would lose her, and realized she couldn’t survive without it. alex’s you got this sis, is absolutely the voice in supergirl’s head when she thinks she’s down for the count, and she gets up every time.

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Tbh kinda want there to be some langst in the form of Matt suddenly showing up and seeming like a the team wanting him to pilot blue lion

Lance didn’t mean to spy on them, okay, nor did he mean overhearing what they were saying. It’s just, he was going for some leftover goo after a well needed shower, and as he was rounding the corner, Shiro’s voice, laced with amusement, reached him and made him stop in his tracks.

“We’re gonna train you like a true paladin of Voltron,” he was chuckling, followed by a oh so familiar ‘oof’, meaning he had just patted the shit out of someone’s shoulder. The someone replied back, a little wheezy “Sure, because that’s exactly what I need” and- of course it was Matt.

Matt Holt, Shiro’s long time friend and companion, Pidge’s brother, miraculously back safe from the failure of the Kerberos mission. Everyone was overjoyed with having him on the ship, rightfully so, and he was a cool guy, with an acquired knowledge of Galra machinery that even the Alteans lacked. Had a smile for everyone, a biting humor that made even Keith laugh, and was also great with technical stuff. Basically, the perfect paladin.

And Lance was happy to have him back, of course, because he had never seen Pidge look so joyful, and Shiro looked less like he was contemplating leaving again to fistfight enemies in the astral plane. It was awesome, even.

But- lately his chest had inexplicably started to feel hollow. He was so happy, except for the constant pressure in the back of his eyes, and an annoying knot in his stomach. And sure, he could feel his control slipping with Blue, like their bond was just an echo of what it had been, like the connection was disturbed by a shitty cable plan, but it was going great. Zarkon was no more, Shiro was back with Matt, and the Galra army was still reorganizing itself, scattered and weak. They would be able to get it over with, finally, and go back home, leave all this shitshow behind and save the universe, whatever.

It only made sense to use every resource they had. And while Lance thought he had hidden his shortcomings well, what if he hadn’t? It didn’t matter. Of course they wanted Matt to pilot Blue in his place, because he was a shitty paladin anyway and wouldn’t it be better for everyone? He just wanted to go home, and him backing down was the faster solution.

So why couldn’t he bring himself to say it? To say, hey, Matt, I’m leaving Blue to you, treat her well, she’s a mighty lady. And why couldn’t his heart stop rabbiting in his chest, growing fangs to bite into his lungs and steal his breath? Why the fuck did he feel so empty?

He was surprised too, when a thud ringed clearly in the silence, and it was him hitting the floor, his legs suddenly giving out.

Confused, he watched two figures approach and- Shiro and Matt were looking at him weirdly, as he scrambled upright again, using the wall as a prop.

“Lance,” Shiro called, and he was frowning “Everything okay? We heard a noise.”

Lance laughed, although humorlessly. “Just tripped!” he lied, and now Matt was smiling, and he couldn’t bear it any longer, could he?

“No case of human slipperies, I hope,” Matt joked, and Shiro gave him a tight lipped, amused stare.

Lance winced. “Naah, I just took my shower a little too hot, I guess.”

Shiro looked relieved at that, but still suspicious, his eyes narrowed. “Good job out there, by the way,” he praised, slowly, clearly trying to make him feel better, and it hurt. Why did it hurt so much?

“A-Ah, of course! You, too,” he tried to hide the grimace behind a bright grin and a wink. An uncomfortable silence fell upon them. Huh. “Well!” he trilled “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my beauty sleep is calling me!” They laughed.

“Sure it is! Get some rest, Lance,” Shiro said, raising his hand to give him what would probably have been a reassuring pat, but Lance practically sprinted away, missing the troubled look Shiro and Matt shared.

Only when the door of his room was firmly closed behind his shoulders he let his legs fail him again, sliding down into a crouched position.

“Fuck,” he managed, low and broken, staring at his feet, as hot tears started streaming down his cheeks, “Fuck.”


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

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Let’s play a game. It goes like this… Stop stalking and harassing Skam cast when they clearly gave notice they don’t wish to be bothered. Stop waiting for Tarjei and David in front of their school.

Just because Tarjei is smiling doesn’t mean he is comfortable doing it. Do not call him rude or ungrateful and guilt trip him for not wanting to take pictures or talk to you. Today he wanted to leave and he was basically forced into meeting fans??? Do you not see the problem? You actually think it’s not disturbing when you go after him two days in a row? Also I’m sorry but same people waiting for Henrik after he just came back? Not creepy at all?

I know you all get excited when you get new content but please consider the circumstances. And if you already get pictures with them don’t expose them on every fucking social media and encourage people to do the same. That’s chill?

Can I just say if the new Sleeping With Sirens album doesn’t contain either a) political themed songs and/or b) at least one song that sounds at least somewhat decent if played on a piano then I’m probably gonna go rip up my Kellin poster

Negan imagines - The Blame part 10

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A/N: I am so sorry I’ve been away for the past couple weeks but I’m all caught up on the episodes and now I’m ready to write again! I’m so excited to see your reactions to the next few parts that I have planned up :)

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Daryl is gone, Eugene is at the sanctuary, your testing Negan’s rules.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2,988

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, Obviously, I’ve had to change some things to fit my story line. Violence. Someone burning alive. 

“It’s simply protocol, sweetie. Now take the dress and put it on.” Negan threw the dress at you so that you were forced to take it. 

“Screw you.”

Negan licked his lips as his smile widened. 

“Babygirl, you already did.” 

You narrowed your eyes at the man and Negan held your stare.

“Where’s Dwight?” Negan asked the men behind him but keeping his eyes locked on you.

“In his room, I think.” One of the men told Negan. 

“Find him.” Negan demanded, sending the men away.

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imagine vampire!bts sitting around and they bring up Yoongi's past relationships from centuries ago and y/n is just sitting there and like how do you think y/n will react? I really don't know why I sit around thinking about this

i shall try to help you with how i think about this :>

sometimes namjoon likes to close the bar for a gathering that’s meant just them with a few good friends. what intended to be a circle of seven vampires, included a human bartender because apparently you coming into work was a mistake but to yoongi it was an invitation to pull you to his side and stay through it all (it was easier to walk you home and plus, seems like he’s staying over tonight, too).

the boys had decided to drink, and while you had offered to be the one to make the drinks, they completely disagreed and drank from whatever namjoon had from the cellar. it’s been a couple of hours and they’re not done while you had decided for a couple of glasses and you’re okay for the night. yoongi resists drinking because he’d want to talk to you but he can’t quite do so the whole way when in between, like… now between, they bring up something that may have been off boundaries but haven’t been on that line since the day yoongi had you.

it was about yoongi’s past relationship and without realizing of the one person that might take offense to this, it seems like it wasn’t yoongi. you had expected it to be yoongi that was going to blow up (with that tight grip he now has, clenched by your waist as he fists part of your sweater) but it all died down and suddenly pairs of eyes were on you. keeping silent, you blink at all of them, as well at the man beside you with his arm around your waist, now smoothening his palm over your hip as they wait for a - “what…?”


“nothing?” you scoff and lean forward to set the glass you had down, eyeing jungkook who decided to sit opposite you. “but all of you are looking at me like there’s something,”



“…we were talking about hyung’s ex so… don’t you feel anything?”

“do you want me to feel something?”

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Wanna try something new?

I’ve written this story for Gen’s “100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday”. @bucky-plums-barnes

Kink: Tantric sex.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: smut, kind of spiritual experience, and this should be all… I think.

Notes: the text in italics are the messages exchanged between the reader and Bucky.

Word count: 1578

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“And this is why I had to rewrite half of Friday’s code. Now moving on to the kitchen duties” Tony has gathered everybody in the meeting room for the usual monthly debrief, and it’s already a good half an hour that he is babbling about not very interesting things.

So you pull out your phone, and hiding it under the table decide to start planning your evening with your boyfriend.

“So, dear, have you got why Tony had to rewrite Friday?” You type and then press ‘send’.

To the other side of the table you see Bucky rummaging inside his pockets. A couple of seconds after your phone vibrates in your hands.

“Why? Have you, doll?”

“I wasn’t exactly paying attention.”

“And this because…”

“I was thinking about what we could do tonight… any good idea?”

“Don’t know”

“Wanna try something new?”

“Chinese takeaway instead of pizza?”

“I was more thinking about something like tantric”


You send him a couple of links to webpages explaining what tantric sex is. And then you spend the rest of the meeting enjoying the thousands of different expressions flashing on Bucky’s face as he scrolls through the material you have send him.

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Hasta provocar tus gritos, y que olvides tu apellido (Despacito Part 1)

Inspired by Despacito! There’s a part 2 coming soon, so stay tuned!

Warning: Smut ahead!

“I can’t believe you! Are you kidding me?” I exclaimed, frowning, looking at my boyfriend who would look adorable if it wasn’t about the fact that he has been overreacting the whole day.

Shawn pouted. “He flirted with you and was talking a lot and was saying all those sexy Spanish words and-“

I held my hand up. “Shawn Peter Raul, stop! First of all, he wasn’t flirting. Secondly, he basically said hola que tal and donde eres and this translates to ‘hi, how are you and where are you from?”

I sighed, shaking my head. “You need to calm down”

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“I’m definitely going to tear that ace number right off your back!”

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Okay you know what I want from Librarians Season 4.

What I really truly want.

Ezekiel and Eve being housemates.

I don’t care how, I don’t care why, just please consider Ezekiel and Eve being housemates:

  • They have a guest room dedicated to Ezekiel’s computer towers. He calls them his babies. Every one of them is named. Eve’s caught him crooning to them.
  • Eve is used to never having anything in her fridge and shelves whereas Ezekiel just. fills them up? They have extra shelves. They have extra fridges. Why does Ezekiel have so much food? It’s like they’re stocked for a probably apocalypse.
  • And more importantly, how does all that food still manage to get over in a week? Where does all that food even go? Who knows. Not Eve.
  • Flynn and Ezekiel still hilariously do not get along at all and Ezekiel makes sure Eve knows about it.
  • Eve has never seen this many cushions and blankets and sheets in her life. Who even needs these many. She should literally change hers every day and they’d still not run out for two months without having to wash anything.
  • On that note, despite Ezekiel’s love for blankets, Eve is the nester. She didn’t even know it but she’s a godamned nester. There’s a lot to say about that and by god, Ezekiel is going to say it. He has so many bird puns.
  • They probably don’t live in an apartment okay, nor a house. It never feels safe or right.
  • But you know what would feel right? Converting a goddamned warehouse/abandoned tiny factory into their home. It’s spacious, roomy, enough like a battlefield or a dim streets they’re actually used to and never grew out of.
  • Also amazing fucking vantage points.
  • Between the two of them their house is so incredibly secure it’s terrifying.
  • “Jones, did we end up DIYing a mini Library ourselves?”
    “You know Col Baird, I think we did.”
    “All right then. Chinese?”
    “Not from the place Stone likes. They’re terrible.”
  • Eve still hasn’t got the military lifestyle out of her completely and Ezekiel is a surprisingly obsessive neat freak. Keeping the house clean may have turned into a competitive sport, whoops.
  • They like fight for closet space all the time. Like the one thing Eve likes about her readjusting to pseudo civilian life is the clothes. She may be building a wardrobe. But Ezekiel already has one, and refuses to cut down on anything.
  • Also he has so many sweaters, why does he have so many sweaters?
  • Eve totally starts stealing them though, they are comfy sweaters.
  • “Flynn’s coming over for dinner.”
    “We don’t have food.”
    “Jones, you’re eating right now.”
  • Movie nights with bad action films and platonic cuddling on the couch where they criticize everything injury, military, and the thieving world.
  • Threats of horrible violence from Eve towards some of Ezekiel’s teasing start becoming extremely commonplace.
  • Ezekiel always replies with: I love you too Mama Baird.