nor do i know if it's a good idea

Ignis/Aranea (ignea) featuring some grade A+ wine. Ending references this fic

With the younger men finally asleep in the tent, Ignis stood up from his chair to pour some wine for him and his party’s unexpected guest. He had several different wines he relegated only for cooking, but he brought several bottles straight from the Citadel’s wine rack that he sometimes enjoyed with Gladiolus when Nocis and Prompto had fallen asleep. He supposed she could do as the man’s substitute for today.

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dog-secretary  asked:

Do you know if it's alright to keep owls as pets? I keep seeing vids of pet owls and I'm not sure how safe/smart it is to be keeping a bird of prey in your home LOL

Flat out, it’s a horrible idea. Most of those videos seem to come from Japan, where it’s the current new pet craze. It’s not safe, nor a good quality of life for the birds.