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Happily (Narry)

“Sam!” Niall exclaims jumping on his boyfriend of three months.

Niall and Harry are the only openly gay boys in the media. Literally. Both boys had the opportunity to come out at an interview and they did. Niall confirmed his relationship whilst Harry stayed single but hurting.

Hurting because of Niall and his boyfriend. He knows things but keeps quiet.

Harry watches as Sam kisses Niall in a way that can only be described as nasty. You can hear the pants, tiny moans and lips slapping together.

They need to get a room. Harry thinks as he adverts his gaze somewhere else.

“Get a room!” Louis groans covering his head with a pillow.

“Okay.” Sam shrugs and pulls Niall in to the blondes shared bedroom with Harry.

“You okay?” Zayn asks Harry who nods nonchalanty. He’s already used to this. The other boys know Harry has been crushing on Niall for a while now but he is too oblivious.

“They better not be havig sex in there.” Liam mutters rubbing his temples. “I personally do not like Sam.”

“Agreed.” The other three boys chorus.

“He’s a real prick and all Niall does is cry when they’re together and get drunk to forget. I don’t understand why he keeps going back to him.” Zayn sighs defeated. “He’s using him for fucks sake!”

“Love blinds you.” Louis mutters. “And Harry, if you want you can sleep in my room. There’s a free bed.”

Harry nods and keeps quiet. Minutes later Sam and Niall walk out of the room with swollen lips, flushed cheeks, disheveled clothes and hair. Harry stands from the chair he’s sitting at and walks to his room slamming the door behind him. He changes in to work out clothes and prepares a bag.

He needs to let the anger go.

He walks out of the room to be met with curious glances. “Where you going?” Liam asks.

“Gym.” Harry answers shortly.

“Mind if I join?” Niall asks.

“I want to be alone, Niall.” Harry snaps and walks out of the hotel suite leaving a very confused blond boy. He takes the trip to the gym where he works out for long hours without stopping for a second to rest.

Harry makes his way back to the room and walks in. It’s empty. He sighs and pads to his room. He opens the door and drops the bag before walking to the bathroom, getting rid of his sweaty clothes.

Harry takes a long shower and wraps a towel around his waist before walking out. He’s tired and just wants to sleep. He jumps when he sees Sam lying on the bed half naked.

“Hi there Harry.” Sam smiles and Harry does not like it one bit.

“Fuck off.” He mutters and looks for clothes.

“Oh, come on, Harry. I’m just trying to be nice.”

“A little too nice.” Harry mumbles and takes his clothes to the bathroom. He gets dressed and walks out once again. He goes straight to the door and to the living area. He plops on the couch face down completely knackered.

Just as he’s about to fall asleep, a giggling Niall and Zayn walk in. Harry groans and covers his head with a couch pillow.

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Zayn snorts.

“Sam.” He mutters. “Can you have a giggle session somewhere else? I want to try and sleep.”

“Why aren’t you in the room?” Niall asks, curious as to why one of his best mates is on the couch and not in bed.

“I will not be in the same room as you and Sam. No offense, Niall, but I won’t.” Harry answers.

Niall frowns and sighs walking to his room where Sam is.

“What’s up, mate?” Zayn asks sitting next to Harry’s legs. “I know you.”

“Zayn, when I walked out of the shower Sam was there lying half naked on the damn bed. He said he’s trying to be ‘nice’ but he isn’t. He’ll hurt Niall and I don’t want that to happen to him. He’s been hurt too many times before.” Harry rambles. “I know Sam’s a liar. I can see it in his eyes and the way he says he has an ‘important call’ to make. That’s pure bullshit.”

Niall storms out of the room and Harry’s eyes widen when Niall fists the younger boys shirt in his hand. “What the fuck did you do?!” He bellows.

“What the fuck, Niall?!” He yells back unfisting Niall’s hand.

“You came on to Sam! What the hell, Harry?” Niall’s face is flushed in anger and his chest is going up and down in heave breaths.

“I didn’t do anything!” Harry says shocked. “I have not placed a hand on him.”

“Then explain why Sam is crying! Explain that Harry!”

The curly haired boy cannot believe his best mate doesn’t trust him. He trusts a man who he has known for only three months over his best friend of four years. It’s ridiculous!

Harry feels the tears well up in his eyes but blinks them back. This is too much for him. Too much.

Zayn feels completely torn between the two. He doesn’t know what to do nor whom to comfort. They’re both his mates. Where are Liam and Louis when you need them?

Harry turns on his heel and pads to Louis’ room the tears rolling down his cheeks. He feels betrayed for some reason. He shuts the door behind him and slides down against the door. Quiet sobs escape his parted lips as he tugs on his hair.

“Harry? Please open up.” Niall whispers knocking in the door lightly. “Haz, please. I’m sorry for getting so upset.”

What Niall doesn’t know is that the curly haired boy fell asleep on the floor, head in his hands with tear stained cheeks.

“Good night, Haz.” He mutters. Niall pads back to his room where Sam is still ‘crying’ over Harry ‘coming on to him’. Niall sits on the bed next to Sam.

“You all right?” Sam asks quietly placing a hand on Niall’s shoulder.

Niall flinches and nods. “I’m fine.” He mutters and gets clothes to change in the bathroom. When he comes back he hides behind the wall when he hears Sam talking on the phone.

“Oh, babe, please. I am so close to getting him in bed. We’ll have the tape by next week.”


“Of course. We’ll make thousands, hell, even millions!” Sam exclaims quietly. “No. He is so whipped. You know, Jack, love does blind a person… I’ll call you tomorrow when I have the chance. I love you.”

Niall’s chest tightens and he feels the tears run down his cheeks.

I’m being used?

Niall storms in to the room and slaps Sam right across the cheek. “You asshole!” He screams rather loudly. “You’re using me! For a sex tape?! I trusted you! I loved you! I fucking hate you!” Another slap.

Liam and Zayn run in to the room and pull Niall away from Sam. “Niall, relax!” Zayn yells as Niall thrashes in his arms.

“Get out of here or I will call security. I swear if you don’t I will kick your ass so badly.” Liam growls.

Sam scrambles to pack his things and runs out of the room. He closes the door so hard it wakes a sleeping Harry up. Harry rubs his eyes and lets his eyes adjust. He yawns stretching his sore limbs. He hears screaming.


Harry jumps up, with a bit off difficulty due to his numb limbs, and runs out.

When he gets to his room Zayn and Liam are trying to comfort a sobbing Niall. Sam is long gone. “What happened?” Harry asks with a raspy voice.

Niall’s head snaps up and makes grabby hands at Harry like a child. Harry can’t resist the puppy eyes so he pads over and takes Zayn and Liam’s spot. He craddles Niall close to his chest as they lie down where he lets the blond boy cry in to his chest.

“What happened?” He asks again.

“I’m so sorry, Harry. I should have known better. You wouldn’t do that. I know you wouldn’t. I’m sorry. Sam was using me.” Niall sobs out.

Harry tenses at Niall’s words. “He was what?” He grits out.

“He used me.” Niall whispers and wipes his cheeks. “I don’t even know why I’m like this.”

“He was your boyfriend, Ni. He used to. He’s a fucking prick.” Harry says running his slender fingers through Niall’s hair.

“Yeah, but I don’t even love him. I love someone else.”

“Really? Who?” Harry asks with his curiosity peaked. Who wouldn’t have their curiosity peaked when their best friend tells them they love someone else?

“I can’t say. I haven’t told anyone.” The blue eyed boy mutters, picking on a loose thread on Harry’s shirt.

“Okay. Then describe him.”

“Um, I’ve known him for years. He has nice eyes and hair. A beautiful personality. He’s nice, sometimes a little too nice. But that’s what makes me love him.” Niall mumbles.

“Niall, you suck at describing a person.” Harry chuckles. Niall slaps his chest with a scowl.

“You try and do better.”

“Okay. The guy I love, first, has an amazing personality. He’s carefree and happy-go-lucky. He can be very loud. A little too loud sometimes. His laugh is like music to my ears and is very contagious, trust me. He has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen and blonde locks, like yours. He’s not so tall but not so short either. Average height. He goes with the flow most of the time. I’ve known him for a while now, too. I met his family before. A lot of times actually. They’re as nice as him. He can sometimes be crazy and others be very quiet. There is no inbetween. Um, people didn’t like him but now they do. It hurt seeing him be hurt.

"He can be very demanding yet submissive at the same time, which makes no sense. At all. He can be confusing, too. He’s a bit of a nutter but I like him that way. He’s beautiful and I wish he could see that.” Harry finishes with a fond smile.

“Harry? Who’s the guy you described?” Niall asks.

“It’s you, Niall.” Harry takes a deep breath waiting for Niall to lash out or say something like he doesn’t love him back.

But Niall does the complete opposite. He looks up at Harry with complete adoration in his eyes as he cups Harry’s cheeks and presses their lips together.

Harry gasps quietly but wraps his arms around Niall’s waist pulling him as close as possible. The kiss is soft and sweet and gentle. Not like Sam’s and Niall likes that.

There aren’t any moans, no bum groping and no tongue. Just lips moving in sync and love.

When they pull away for breath they press they press their foreheads together with huge smiles on their faces.

“Why didn’t you tell me or one of the lads before?” Harry asks ghosting his fingertips over Niall’s flushed cheek.

“I dunno. I was scared.” Niall mutters adverting his gaze.

“Well, you should have. You would’ve never had to put up with that p-” Niall sends him a warning glare. “… Jerk.”

“Harry, he was actually my shoulder to cry on before we got together. He was there for me when I stayed up crying when you went out with girls and hadn’t come out.”

“Those were managements ideas, Ni. You know I like dicks and not chicks. God, they were awful. I thank the gods above I have never slept with one before.”

“I know, Harry, I know.” Niall murmurs before pressing their lips together once again. To say it was a simple kiss is wrong. To say it was snog, then it’s correct. But, Harry’s hands didn’t roam desperately like Sam’s. Harry just ran his hands softly up and down Niall’s sides. Niall pulls away first this time and snuggles in to Harry’s chest. “Night, Harry.”

“Night, baby.” Harry murmurs against his forehead.

When Zayn knocks lightly on the door to check on his mates he is pleasantly surprised when he notices Harry’s swollen kiss lips, disheveled hair on both boys and how snuggled they are.

“Are they awake?” Louis asks behind Zayn.

“No. They’re asleep and I think they’re finally together.”

A/N: This is my first attempt at a one shot and I literally wrote it in less than half an hour so. Request for one shots are open :)

Now that i think about it I’ve been undecisive to the core and I do everything half-heartedly like the fact that my hair is neither curly nor is it straight, nor am i fat or thin or my skin isn’t white or dark.I’m neither too tall and neither too short. Its like my genes were going to give me one thing but then they changed their mind halfway.
—  Me the one and only

charakacomplex  asked:

Your artist trademark is thick luscious curls on the head of at least one character per cent; thick outlines that somehow look amazing and appropriate; and animé eyes!

Aaaah, thank you! It’s true, I love drawing curly or fluffy hair. Sometimes I think I get a little carried away! But it’s a lot more fun than drawing bed curtains in every panel, or entire shelves of books in med school libraries. Someone tell my characters not to hang out in the library so much. What are they, nerds? Maybe it’s because I have only vaguely wavy hair myself, that’s neither nicely straight nor adorably curly. 

Aah the outlines are entirely cheating! They help differentiate characters from the background, and fix any small fudges. But I think I’ve become a little addicted to outlining my art, because I can’t remember the last time I didn’t gratuitously do it.

The anime eyes arent going anywhere. The one benefit to deciding to populate your comic with chibis is that you get to unapologetically give everyone massive shiny eyes. It’s quite funny that I didn’t even consider myself any good at drawing chibis before I started the comic, but I went ahead and drew nothing but chibis for years. And now every time I try to draw a serious grownup they look too darn cute!

Ashton Jealous of Your Frienship With Luke Imagine

Ashton watched as you and Luke were in the living room, watching some video on the television. He saw how comfortable you were around him to the point where you put your legs on his lap and he held them close to him, not even caring that Ashton was in the other room. You and Luke have been best friends since diaper days, and it was because of him that you met Ashton. And the moment that you two met, you two hit it off quite well that led to you do dating each other. And here you were living in the same flat, with your relationship still strong and full of love for each other. But despite having such a great relationship with you, it didn’t ease the small feeling of insecurity that he feels when he sees you and Luke together. He knew that Luke owned a part of your heart, loving him like a brother. And no matter how hard Ashton tries to ignore it, and how much you say that you are dating him and not Luke, it still doesn’t keep his feelings at bay, especially when you and Luke would randomly hang out like it was no big deal and go do things together. It wasn’t that he trusted you, because he did, it’s just that he feels that you deserved someone better than him, and he didn’t want to lose you because he loves you dearly.

He was staring to calm down, and realize that he really shouldn’t be jealous. But then he saw that you were moving again. You were once again sitting normally on the couch, with your legs resting on the footrest in front of you and Luke was moving as well. Luke shifted a bit to comfortably lie on his back as his head was resting on your lap and his feet dangling over the footrest of the couch. This sort of thing was common between you two, either him resting his head on your lap, or you resting your legs on his, but once again, it never helped his small jealousy at all. But what made his jealousy grow, was when he saw that you began to run your fingers through Luke’s hair, scratching his head affectionately, and playing with his golden hair, neither of you tearing your gaze from the screen.

You never ran your hands through Ashton’s hair, never, not once, you would lightly touch it to just put a hair back in place but that was it, you would never run your soft delicate hands through his hair like you were doing with Luke’s. How could you do that with Luke, play with his hair, but not to Ashton, your boyfriend? He saw how Luke enjoyed your touch, lightly moving his head a bit so your fingers would better scratch where he wanted to. Ashton wondered if what you were doing felt nice, but he wouldn’t know that.

He knew that you would have tickle fights with Luke, and he was fine with that too, since you two would have your own tickle fights as well, that sometimes progressed to more than just tickling. He knew that you would sometimes tell Luke personal things, and he was fine with that too, since there were a lot of personal things that was only between you and Ashton as well. You and Luke would go out at times, but he didn’t mind that either, since you and him went on plenty of dates, and you let him hang out with his friends, regardless of their gender. But you had never played with his hair, and especially not like the way you were doing with Luke’s. And that was where he drew the line; he couldn’t have Luke have this over him.

“Bye Luke”, you said at the door at Luke was leaving you and Ashton’s shared flat.

You walked into the living room that Luke had helped you cleaned and saw Ashton sitting there with his thinking face on, he was thinking something very deeply that you could almost see the gears turning in his mind.

“Are you alright Ashton?” you said taking a seat next to him.

“Why do you never play my hair?” he asked.

The question came out of the blue as you looked at him, not knowing what to say. How could you respond to that? You looked at Ashton and saw that he was staring at you with his hazel eyes a bit narrowed, which you knew that this was a serious question and not a joke.

“What do you mean?” you asked your confusion evident in both your voice and arched eyebrows.

“My hair” He lifted a finger to point at his curly sandy blond hair, and then tugging it a bit to put emphasis on it, “It’s just…” Ashton muttered slowly, “You never seem to play with it, nor touch it for that matter.”

“Well I thought that you wouldn’t like me touching your hair”, you honestly admitted, because some people didn’t like others touching their hair, and you thought that he may have been one of those people. “Honestly, Ashton, how do you even notice things like the lack of me touching your hair?” you said with a giggle.

“It’s hard not to notice (Y/N), especially when play with Luke’s hair all the time, and sometimes with the other guys too but never mine.”

You could detect the hint of jealously that accompanied Ashton’s words, and with a smirk on your face, you realized that your boyfriend was jealous, something that you never thought he would feel, since you showed him how much you adored and loved the curly haired Aussie, and quite often. You looked up at him so he could see the expression of amusement settling onto your face. “It’s just a habit for me to play with someone’s hair every now and then and Luke is always there, plus his hair is so soft.”

It was true; you would often play with people’s hair whenever the opportunity arose, whether it be braiding it, doing one or many ponytails, or just casually messing around with it. Every single person that you knew had gotten their hair mussed up by you at least once, but Luke’s hair was the one you often played with.

“Every now and then?” He said in a sarcastic tone. “You play with Luke’s hair all the time. When we were with Calum’s flat like a week ago, you sat next to Luke and began to message his head and lightly tug on his hair, and you always want to style his hair and the one time you did you ended up knotting his hair trying to do small braids in his hair”

“It’s not my fault he was fidgeting around so much!”

“How does fidgeting cause you to ‘accidentally’ tie multiple knots in someone’s hair?” Ashton asked, forming air quotations around the word with his hands. “Luke told us the next day that he couldn’t untie them and had to walk around with his hair full of knots.”

“Fine,” you pouted, “I’ll admit that my braiding skills aren’t the best.”

“Whether or not you have great braiding skills isn’t what I want to know, though,” Ashton said with a sigh before giving you a blank stare. “I want to know why you touch everyone else’s hair but not mine.”

“Ashton,” you began, unable to suppress the broad grin that dominated your face, “Please don’t tell me you’re jealous of me messing around with Luke’s hair but not yours.”

“Hn” His answer was nothing but a small sound, indicating that he’d heard you but would rather not reply, giving you the answer that you were looking for. He was jealous of Luke.

You let out a sigh as you let out a giggle and scooted closer to Ashton, to the point where you could easily reach for his hand in intertwine your fingertips with his, and bringing it on your lap giving it a gentle squeeze, like you always do, making him look over at you.

“Do you want me to play with your hair then?” you said leaning in close to him resting your forehead on his cheek, your nose gently brushing against his jaw.

No response, so you took it as a yes.

You leaned back and lifting your hand up to begin to play with Ashton’ hair,  was stopped when Ashton suddenly turned and grabbed your hand before it made contact with his head, scaring you a little bit. You pouted, facing him with a serious look on your face. “Ashton,” you said softly, “Please tell me what you want.”

The Australian looked away for a moment before sighing, looking back to you with a somewhat conflicted expression in his hazel eyes. “I do want you to play with my hair (Y/N),” he finally admitted, “But only mine (Y/N). I get… jealous when you do it with others, but I know that sounds weird but it’s what I feel”

“You say it as though playing with someone’s hair is the like saying that ‘I love you’” you laughed, eyes twinkling with amusement as Ashton opened his mouth to defend himself. He didn’t get far, as you ended up cutting him off mid-sentence with a soft kiss, “It’s fine though. I’ll just play with your hair, as long as you’re okay with it.”

“Of course I am.”

“Good. Glad we’ve sorted it out. Now move a bit, I’m going to need to reach your head with ease if I want to braid it.”

“No. Not if my hair’s going to end up in a bunch of knots like Luke’s hair.”

“But I just want to practice!”

Silence was shared between the two of you. You were giving him a pleading look mixed with your puppy dog eyes. He didn’t want to give in, trying his hardest to not fall for that face. His eyes were looking at anywhere but your face, but he quickly looked into your eyes and he cracked.

“Fine, but it’s only because I love you, (Y/N), and you know that I can’t resist that face”, he said as he let out a sigh.

“I love you too, Ashton. But I still can’t believe you got jealous over this”, you said as you began to play with his hair, and actually enjoyed it since it was a lot softer than you thought.

“Hey I have the right to be jealous, besides I can see why Luke likes this”, he said moving, so his head was resting on your lap, and tilting his head so you could better access his curls, “it feels amazing”, he said as he let out a small groan.

“I still don’t think you should feel jealous, because there are so many things that I do with you that I would never be able to do with anyone else”, you said with a smile.

“Like?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Like this”, you said leaning down and kissed Ashton’s lips sensually. It still amazed you how easily his lips molded against yours and how perfectly they fit against his and loved how the moment your lips touched his there was this small spark that warmed up your insides, a feeling that you hoped that you would never get used to. He continued to kiss you, feeling his lips move into a smile, because he realized that he was being silly, he knew that he shouldn’t have been jealous, because he knew you were with him and no one would be able to change that. You were his as much as he was yours, and he was thankful for that.

“I really do love you”, he said breaking the kiss.

“I know, and I really love you too” you said as you showed him many things that you would never dare to do with anyone else because you already had him.


This one has been in my request list for a long time, and I can’t believe that I barely finished this. So yea let me know what you guys think.



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Alright, RvB fans, it’s time for us to have a conversation about something nobody ever seems to want to talk about. Namely, Eurocentric Beauty Ideals in Fanart, AKA “Why do all the POC look similar to white people in one way or another?”

Alternate titles are: “How come so many characters look like Ambiguous Brown Person #1?” and “Where are all the smaller details that can be used to define a person’s race?” but I’ll speak more on that later.

For now, let’s speak of Eurocentric beauty ideals and what they are. Here are some examples:

- Light skin (with or without a slight tan)
- Light colored eyes
- Double eyelids
- Straight hair
- Straight nose
- Smaller lips

These are all beauty standards typically found in white people. Individual ones can be found in other races, yes, but on the whole, they are generally considered Eurocentric features.

Now, let’s look at minorities in rvb, both canon and fanon. In this post, I’ll largely be discussing the follow characters: Lavernius Tucker, Dexter and Kaikaina Grif, Locus, and Vanessa Kimball. For half of these characters, I’ll only be discussing headcanons where they are poc (obviously), so I will be ignoring the ones who headcanon them otherwise.

First, we’re going to take a look at Lavernius Tucker. In canon, we have no idea what he truly looks like, except that he’s black, which gives artists a lot of leeway when drawing him. However, a few details seem to pop up fairly often in fanart.

For instance, the fanon of Tucker having light colored eyes. It’s a very popular headcanon, and typically, he is given either eyes that match the color of his armor, or some other shade of blue. 

Another image (which is thankfully lessening due to the popularity of dreadlocked!Tucker) is that of Tucker with straight, flowing hair, almost as though he were requisitioning relaxers to the base whenever he could.
Combine that with the sporadic images of him with small lips and a straight nose and you start to see a certain pattern forming that really shouldn’t be.

Similar things happen when you look at pictures of Vanessa Kimball. She is frequently drawn as ambiguously brown, with straight brown hair and light blue eyes, as is Locus, though he gets to have green eyes instead – along with occasionally being drawn as a darker-skinned man, which has its own problems attached as a result of him being a villain.

Dexter Grif and Kaikaina Grif get the same issues. While they are often allowed darker eyes (though I am told that blue eyes are also popular), they still get the same details when it comes to facial figures. Straight noses. Small lips. Straight hair.

There’s no easy way of telling their race. They don’t have the fuller lips of some minorities, nor the curly or kinky hair of others. Their skin is brown, but not “too” brown. Their hair is often straight, the way an asian person’s might be, but they tend to lack epicanthic folds. In fact, if you strip them of their skin color, you would have a hard time setting them apart from characters who are headcanoned as white.

And that’s a problem. I shouldn’t even have to say that it’s a problem, but apparently I do.


Name: Life’s puzzle pieces. Revelation

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Fluff.

Warnings: Some news are about to be revealed.

This story is based on three requests i got. They just worked so well together. By lovely @eli-cya, @ohlookfanfiction and @abbiefangirls247

This story is gonna be a series of drabbles. There will be 5 parts <3

The next one will be the last one i believe.

I must say THANK yous to my loveliest @umbrellas-and-tallymarks and @elvirateaqueen13

There are three parts so far: part one called “Life’s puzzle pieces” , part two called “The News” and part three called Rescue us

Tags: @seninjakitey @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader  @rawrcoptergaming @seaweedredandbrown @ofnifflersandkings @hirainhisrain @waywardtimemachinejellyfish @this-is-a-unique-username @socktrollqueen  @casfaith777 @n-octicolor @fairylightsandfandoms @kazezakura @animeo2l @aeichajoanes @coffeeandmondays @misofine @sweetlittlequeer @officially-a-magizoologist @starkingdom @lilasiannerd @bitweird1 @timelessclassic86 @ithilnarmo @theslytherinblood @fandomsunitedtogetherforever @bovaria


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supercutiehanachan  asked:

I really like how you draw babies. Whenever I try to draw babies it doesn't turn out well. Can you give some tips or pointers?

Alrighty, so if anything that helped me when it comes to drawing babies was looking at some poses on deviantArt. It helped but to save you the mess of searching baby on dA and come across any baby fetish stuff, may I suggest this board on pintrest. It’s a board dedicated to old school illustrations of babies that could be found in story books, cards or baby announcements, it helps me out alot for inspirations. You can also find boards dedicated to drawing children and babies as well like here. It’s alot of looking around but it helps.  I also want to add this little tidbit from Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation book. It helped me out alot ( which as you read later on in this tutorial that I repeat alot of this)

 Now onward to the tutorial 

Circles are your friend when it comes to drawing babies since they are round and squishy. As you can see, babies are just a whole bunch of circles of different variations and sizes.

Then we start to draw the face. With most babies, you tend to exaggerate their large foreheads so you draw their faces small and lower. Eyes can be either big or small depending on what you want to do but mouths, ears, and noses are small. Plus babies have very little hair. 

Now with the body you just add chub. Chub everywhere. Their arms and legs are never skinny and long nor do their elbows and knees come to a point. Their fingers are tiny and their butts perk up ever so slightly.

Now for other pointers:

Like I said earlier, babies have little to no hair. Sometimes their hair is curly or it flips up. Just play around with whatever you like.

To add more of a chubby look to their faces, add a little chin. It helps with a pouty look.

Arms ( as well as legs) are much more rounder, shorter, and chubbier compared to an adult. 

With coloring, I tend to color babies much lighter/paler ( this could help you when want to draw your favorite character/ you oc as a baby) 

I do hope this tutorial helps out alot Hana, I tried my best to add to what I know and what could help you. 


anonymous asked:

How many gay men do you know? Have you been to a gay bar or club? Gay men nearly all have short hair and are well-muscled and well-dressed. Louis and Harry don't fit any of the gay looks. Louis is such a lad in the way he speaks and what he wears, with his slouchy soft clothes & you can tell he never works out. Harry harks back to glam rock stars like Marc Bolan and Jim Morrison. Gay men do not wear heeled boots and nor do they have shoulder length curly hair. Louis and Harry are not gay.

You’re not serious, are you? This is all I’m answering to that.

Anyway, I never personally met Louis, but I know very well two people who did more than once. I’m very new to this and I was insitenly presented with Louis’s laddy lad bro pal image and I was so positively surprised when I learned from both my friends that in his everyday life Louis is absolutely nothing like that. He’s incredibly nice, polite, very very flamboyant, affectionate and hyperactive! From what I heard he doesn’t hide who he is at all, both when with or without Harry. Lovely, lovely Louis, I can’t wait for the day we all get to see him like that!

queer-nofear  asked:

Are you expecting or allowing people to come to see you when you get your hair cut? I think you posted on twitter when and where it was happening so can some people be there to see it happen? (I hope that didn't sound rude or anything...) xxx


The hairdressers is just a normal hairdressers where other customers will also be having their hair cut and I don’t think they’ll appreciate having a group of people in the shop to watch…nor will the shop appreciate it being crowded!  The reason I posted the place it’s happening is because the shop have asked me to give them some promo for letting me do this cut in their shop for charity because it’s not your usual hair cut and special things need to be done e.g. washing the hair and then straightening the hair before cutting it then washing again to get it curly and then styling it! 

So I think I, the shop and other customers will prefer it if people didn’t turn up to watch if that’s okay? :S 


So, in honor of reaching over 100 followers, I decided to write another drabble/one-shot for you guys~  This idea came from something I heard one of the new members in my sorority talking about, and it basically demanded to be written.

Hope you enjoy it!  You can also find it on ao3!

Castiel Novak studied the table with slight trepidation before chancing a glance across the room at his red-haired friend, Charlie Bradbury.  She was already holding her choice of tie, something a mixture of dark red and gold, which wasn’t a surprise to him at all, since she really liked Gryffindor, one of the Houses in Harry Potter.  When she caught him looking at her, she smiled and gave him a thumbs up, silently encouraging him. 

Managing a weak smile back at her, the dark-haired male turned his attention back to the table before him, worrying his lower lip between his teeth.  There were simply far too many ties, which meant far too many options to pick the wrong one.  Granted, he supposed that was the purpose—it was a game of chance every time you went on a date, after all, so why should this be any different?

But even when he’d gone on dates, he’d at least known something about the person he was meeting, and he never felt the sharp curl of anxiety and anticipation twisting his stomach.

“Could you speed it up a little bit?  There are others waiting." 

Castiel lifted his head to see the brunette behind the table looking at him with an extremely bored expression on her face.  She looked like this was the last place she wanted to be, and he felt his ears burning.  "Oh.  My apologies,” he managed to breathe out around the spiking anxiety that made his throat feel as though it wanted to close.

“There’s no need for you to apologize.  I take it this is your first time here?” a different voice asked, and Castiel turned his attention to the warmer tone.  His gaze landed on a girl with curly blonde hair and an easy, soft smile.  She stuck out her hand.  “My name is Jo.”

Castiel took a step forward and grasped her hand, shaking it slowly.  “I am Castiel,” he replied, lips quirking into a slightly shy smile.  “And this is my first time doing anything like this.  I’ve never been on a blind date before, nor have I ever done a round of speed dating, so this is a little intimidating.”

Jo emitted a soft laugh.  “I can imagine it would be.  Do you want me to help you choose?”

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