nor cal fires

ATLAS Fire Update Part 2

School? Cancelled for the rest of this week due to the smoke from fires.
Marching band? Our first competition of the season was cancelled.
Smoke/Fire? Eerily sneaking its way closer to my town. My school got turned into an evacuation center. Those of you who are in the Bay Area, are effected by the ATLAS fire or competing in the Franklin Band Review stay safe.

Nor Cal Fire Update: Jess Edition

Hey kids! 

As of this moment my home, place of business and family are all safe. I live in the 94585 area code (Suisun City) which is right outside of the city of Fairfield CA. Parts of unincorporated Fairfield are being evacuated, but the likelihood of the fire passing 8-10 lanes of highway 80 to threaten the incorporated parts as well as the small city that I live in is low.

Now the map I’m posting below is the most updated map and although you see my little city right over there next to Fairfield, we’re actually less likely to see fire than Vallejo which is 25 minutes from me. Vallejo is however where I work. If anything changes there I’ll let you know.

Now I know a lot of people who have been personally affected and have family and friends in the Napa area, they have yet to be evacuated but are under advisory. 

Please be safe for my friends in Fairfield and Vacaville as well as anyone in the Santa Rosa and Napa areas.