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Kishimoto’s injustice on Suigetsu

I always believed that Suigetsu was one of the most fun and cool characters in the story.

Shark water boy with magneto powers to manipulate water, which dreams on becoming the best swordsman in the world and rebuilding the seven swordsman on top of fulfilling a promise that he made to his dead older brother. On top of that he carriers a buster blade, I mean seriously what more could you ask?
Besides he is likeable as fuck, a total bro that never abandoned his friends, its the voice of the reader and was the only one to give straight answers, no bullshit.
Instead of fighting kisame which was foreshadowed! Kisame goes to fight Gai for a 3rd time. Seriously what was that obsession?

Suigetsu didnt even get to meet his brother and the seven swordsmen zombies which was an even bigger missed oportunity. Let alone the war arc was god awful since Kishi went re-using and recycling characters rather than making new ones.

I find it extremely unfair that he never got a proper one on one fight, we never got to see his backstory in illustration “nor none of taka’s for that matter” he doesnt even become the mizukage!!! Instead they put a smaller fry that no one cares as the one in charge.

And also we didnt even got a Suigetsu Jr! Seriously kishi why not just put him with dazzling christmas cake Mei Terumi Mizukage? I remember eagerly reading week after week hoping that Suigetsu would meet Mei Terumi to see what they would talk about or what would happen or their reactions. Perhaps we would see an insight of their past? Mei was the only Kage that we never got to see nor knew her background.

If they had a kid then that kid should be named Sherbet! And use water genjutsu powers similar to those of his ancestor Gengetsu! He would be an ideal prank partner for naruto’s brat as well. Not quite liking swords and blades as much as his dad does. And he should look like Sora Shiunin from ARC-V, with his cheery and carefree nature.

I mean he could even have had it with Ino, which wold even make the diplomat trio of her team complete. I like to think that they dated for a while but she was fixiated with Sai looking like sasuke which was the reason of why they broke up. To her dismay Sai ended up being a dead fish rather than the actual water that can shape into anything.

Suigetu’s new looks are pretty cool, but I wouldnt have minded if he had his sword scroll around. At this point all we can see is that he was still hanging around with Orochimaru without doing anything at all to fulfill his dream. I mean it would had made sense that his team and even Orochimaru would have helped him out wouldnt it?

Kishimoto just kept lingering on less interesting and newer heroes rather than flesh out those that had an active role and interesting and promising background with interesting powers. In one word Taka.
So this is why I hate the ending of Naruto and why I am upset with kishimoto. Not just because of some shitty pairing which is usually what people think when someone says the ending was crap.

All in all Suigetsu remains as one of those unappreciated heroes and shadowed by superficial and self projecting “only if you are popular” crap. Which is a shame since he is basically an ideal shounen hero with all the traits to even be a main character for his own spinoff.

Looks like we were a little off!

Looks like MS Factory is making pillow cases (63cm x 43 cm) at 3000 yen and duvet covers (150cm x 210 cm) at 9000 yen. No word on potential for dakimakura yet, nor if the illustrations will be the same on both the pillows and duvet cover. The Yuuri preview certainly seems like a duvet cover!

But the most important news! Victor and Yurio versions are also confirmed as in the works!

What skull is this?

As some of you already know I work as a museum curator. We get people donating all kinds of things, today a lady came in and donated this skull. She explained that a while ago she purchased this skull from someone in North America, she was adamant that it was a grey fox and the seller told her it was roadkill/found dead.

At first glance I presumed she was right, but on closer inspection I noticed a stark difference. The classic “U” shape is no where to be seen (and it does appear to be a mature animal). I did some searching online and the “Tanuki” or “Raccoon Dog” seemed to fit the profile. But references don’t seem to be all that clear, nor anything illustrating other differences between a tanuki skull and a grey fox skull. 

So I’m calling on the VC/Science/Bone expert community to lend a hand. What do you think the skull is from? and please back up your answer with sources/references, the ID must be accurate as it’s going to be staying in a museum collection. (and we will need to get together the right paperwork!)

> Sadly I cannot show the jaws in detail, even though the skull seems to be professionally prepared, some person has taken a hot glue gun and stuck the jaws together. 


Today Im writing about a different topic, is not movies or books nor illustration.  Im gonna tell you about a system that has change my work life in different ways and I wanted to share it.

In February I was just beginning a project  and I needed a system to get organized and productive, then I didn’t know I needed a system, but the universe works in curiuos ways.

I was watching Frannerd ( one of my favorite youtubers ever) about how she gets organized, and she talked a little bit about a journaling system that she uses, the bullet journal, she left a link to a video in which the creator of this system explained the basics. I was watching it and at the end a recommended video appeared: “ flip trough my bullet journal” from Boho berry, I was curious so I pressed click and my mind just got blown away.

Kara or Bohoberry inspired me so much. Why? Because she show me a way to be organized creative keep record of things, to be grateful and to appreciate the task you have to do each day. All that with the purpose of being  mindful of your time and the present day.  

Then my journey with the bullet journal began and now three months later. I am finishing my first notebook, I am so happy with this system and I want to keep improving it and moulding it for my personal use.

So this is it, thank you Kara, Fran and all the bullet journal community, I think is awesome that there are so many people trying to be creative and productive each day.