nor am i disappointed to the end either

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I've been following you for sometime now, and I'm soooo disappointed there was never a Book 4 for ATLA, I just wasn't satisfied with how it ended in Book 3 nor was I happy, I wanted more and comics and LOK didn't really help much either, reading Ehasz's plans for Book 4 and how that could've impacted the not so good writing in Book 3 would've been great, I'm sad Book 4 never happened and that stupid movie did, probably the dumbest decision Bryke made I hope they're regretting it now

Me too! I am sad not only for the lack of Book 4, but how the story would have been so much better in Book 3 if Ehasz was allowed to continue with his vision in mind. Instead the story got all chopped up and felt rushed. And the characters got messed up. And it was all traded for that horrible movie, which tarnished the franchise’s good name and made it into a joke. The comics are a horrible continuation of the show, and TLOK does the GAang no justice. :(