After nearly 5 years.. I present to you, NOPUNINTENDO 3! Give it a lil peak! I got more coming in the future! 

If you could share it around that’d really help me out! :D


Marchando una de chistes malos nintenderos xDD


#NoPUNintendo 4! Suffer through this #punday with me.

A decent amount of my viewership from Youtube comes from Japan :D Some of my older stuff didn’t have much (or any) dialogue, so everyone could enjoy it. But lately I’ve been using voices and I think this person asked me to add subtitles (I don’t speak Japanese but I tried using Google Translate to communicate the best way I could!)

Now I’ve added Japanese subtitles to my Splatoon and Zelda stuff (: I figured it really wouldn’t work out with NoPUNintendo though..