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“Oh my goodness!” Princess Celestia gawked at the newly hatched grub, fresh from the remains of her dripping egg. The baby babbled quietly and dribbled a little, and the drool hissed and burned as it pooled on the carpet.

“She’s so cute!”

“Indeed.” Chrysalis lifted her chin proudly. “You are lucky, Celestia-our union has produced a very handsome heir. For a moment I worried about producing a cross-breed, but she is healthy, and her acid glands are already salivating, as is typical of a changeling infant. Although Princess Iridescence is but a grub, I know that one day she’ll be a fine Queen, and rule the kingdom with a iron hoof-”

“I’m gonna call you ‘Bugaboo!” Celestia cooed, ignoring Chrysalis’s monologue entirely to nuzzle her snout against her baby’s tummy. The little grub squealed with laughter, kicking with her not-yet-developed hind legs. “Who’s the cutest little princess in the world? You are, yes you are!” Under the affection, the newborn giggled and happily spat a gob of poisonous green acid at her mother, which Celestia nonchalantly dodged. “…Nice try, Junior, but you’d better work on your aim.” The Sun Princess teased. “My little princess bugaboo.” She snuggled her baby close.

“Iridescence” Chrysalis corrected.

“Bug-a-boo.” Celestia corrected back with a pleasant smile, emphasizing each syllable.

“Princess Iridescence.” Chrysalis repeated, frowning.

“Irie-dearie.” Celestia lilted back.

“…You’re going to ruin our daughter with your horrible coddling.” Chrysalis groused.

“Yes. Yes I am. I’m going to spoil her rotten and snuggle her all day and night. And there isn’t a thing you can do to stop me.”

“And…and then she’ll become your little accomplice of…of awful pony love.” Chrysalis said, with growing horror. “And someday you and her will both serve to annoy me.”

“That’s the plan, dear.” Celestia kissed her wife’s cheek. “Starting right now. By royal decree, I command you to curl up with me and Bugaboo for double mommy snuggle time. Look at this little face, Chryssy.” Celestia held up their baby in her hooves, imploring Chrysalis to look at their daughter’s pleading eyes and chubby cheeks. “I know you can’t resist it.” Celestia fluttered her own eyelashes, to maximize the charm.

“…I can’t.” Chrysalis admitted quietly. Glancing around to make sure nopony else was in the room, she heaved a weary sigh, and bravely resigned herself to her fate, snuggling under Celestia’s wing, close to her daughter.

“Hehee.” Celestia smiled. “I love you.”

“Hnng.” Chrysalis shut her eyes, powerless against the Sun Princess’ never ending assault of ruthless warmth, love, and tolerance. “I…ahem. I…love you too. I suppose.” Chrysalis mumbled back, hoping Celestia wouldn’t hear, but of course the Princess’ sharp ears caught it, and Chrysalis found herself (and tiny Princess Iridescence) suddenly under attack by a barrage of alicorn kisses.


super quickie doodle before i go home

their daughter Iridescence is in her larval stage, she doesn’t really resemble her adult form yet, still just a grub babbu

anony-moss  asked:

Who invented the sandwich?

Well, long ago, a unicorn lived in the San Palomino desert. Her special talent was magic relating to water, so she managed to turn the dry land there arable, growing things and living a shack on the plot of land she maintained by keeping it watered and keeping the sand at bay.

It might seem like an odd place to live, but nopony else wanted to live there as they didn’t have the skills to make use of the land, and she liked being left alone. She was quite the hermit, really.

She grew many things on her fields such as grains, and she would often make her own bread. But bread alone is dry, so she began to place fresh vegetables between the slices.

One day, a silhouette appeared, barely visible in the sandstorms. It looked like it was a pony, shambling forward, so the unicorn used her magic to disperse the sand around the silhouette. Sure enough, it was a pony, a pegasus in fact, who looked haggard and injured.

The pegasus struggled on, reaching the fields beyond the sands. The unicorn awaited him there, and with a hoarse voice he begged for water. The unicorn obliged, and with a spell drew forth a shapeless mass of water which she hovered over to him, and he drank it out of the air.

Next, he asked for food, and the unicorn grabbed one of her pieces of bread with lettuce and tomato, and levitated to the pegasus. He ate the food quite happily.

For a while the pegasus stayed and recovered, and explained he had crashed in the desert when attacked by a dragon, injuring his wing in the process. He had planned to walk to Los Pegasus but was running very low on strength, and was quite grateful for the assistance.

Eventually the pegasus moved on, after having eaten much bread with vegetables, at last reaching the city of Los Pegasus. There he told the tale of his survival, and how he had been saved by a sand witch offering vegetables between bread. And the rest is, as one says, history.

“I told you to stop callin’ me that. It’s Bruce.”
“Right, right, dude. Look, I made you a present!”
“…Aerostorm, no. I am not wearing that.”
“But…but I made it special, with Mare'aui blossoms. Y'know, the kind for special somepon-”
“Stop. Stormy, I…I like you and all, mate, but I draw the line at wearin’ a necklace of girly pink flowers. No.”
“…ALRIGHT, FINE. Nopony else hears about this. Nopony!”
“Of course, Brucie.”
“…They’re, ah, nice, by the way. Really pretty.”
“You’re prettier.”
“Aww, your face is the same color as the blossoms!”
crackship time
i know a lot of you ship Bruce with Pandora, but Bruce/Stormy is kinda my OTP
for those of you new to the party, Aerostorm (the blue pegasus) is my NextGen son of Rainbow Dash. Bruce is an OC, Pandora’s rival.

I blame one of my DA watchers for this. Bruce/Stormy, as described by her:
“And now I’m really gonna throw you a weird, random ship….Bruce and Stormy. Can you imagine a mellow surfer hippie and a tough hardworking fisherman together? Cause I can. And its epic. I can just see Stormy making him shell necklaces and singing "You are the heart of my ocean” to a very flustered Bruce who acts all “dude whatever” but is secretly swooning inside
And I bet Stormy even makes a little shell necklace for Pearlie, and his little sisters meet Bruce one day and he tolerates them putting little braids in his hair with this long suffering look"

well how could i not ship them now
Bruce cares too much about looking cool and Aerostorm doesn’t care about that at all, it’s perfect
ps. i want their ship name to be “sharknado”, as their special talents respectively involve air currents and sharks

{{ Open:: On the Open Road }}

    {{♫ ♪}} Leaving her comfort zone was hard.

Unlike most other ponies, Pinkie Pie had a different view of a comfort zone. Most meant they found it hard to try new things that they weren’t used to, but for Pinkie Pie, it literally meant it was hard for her to leave a place where she was comfortable, especially when she didn’t know when she’d be back.

The first time she’d left home, it had been easier. There was little to do back on the rock farm, and though she loved her family, she was never truly happy there, not really. She wanted to find somewhere with a lot of ponies around, somewhere where she could spread more laughter and joy.

She’d actually intended to travel at first, to become a pony who traveled all over Equestria in order to bring laughter and happiness everywhere! But then, of course, she’d found Ponyville. She’d fallen in love with the little town immediately, and the first thing she did was throw a party, a party which (unbeknowst to her at the time) had inspired another young pony to follow his own dream.

Pinkie smiled to herself as she wriggled, adjusting her saddle-bags slightly, as they were feeling a little tight. After she had met Mr and Mrs Cake, and they had let her live with them, her travelling dreams had been put on the back-bench. Not that she minded - she loved Ponyville and all of her friends. She loved parties and laughter, and living in Sugar-Cube corner..

But she wanted to at least try before it was too late. She’d always come back to Ponyville; how could she not? It was her home! There were so many ponies to meet however, and just so little time to do it all in, that Pinkie had made a split decision to just… go for it.

She was glad, however, that she wouldn’t be alone. She didn’t think she’d be able to stand it; it would drive her coco-loco! Turning her head, she looked down at the baby alligator who was clinging onto her mane, and she giggled, rolling her eyes slightly.

“You better hold on tight, Gummy, you’re gonna be in for one heck of a ride!”

The alligator didn’t seem to respond, save for blinking, but Pinkie took that as an entire sentence, and nodded her head seriously. She understood Gummy on a deep intellectual level that nopony else could.

“I know, I know; but if we start running at some point, then you might wanna get settled on my back instead! I don’t want you falling off on me! That’d be awful!”

She smiled down at the alligator, who seemed to take heed, and slowly climbed up onto her back, and she smiled a little wider, before she turned to look at Ponyville. Currently, she stood waiting at the train-station, though she knew the train she needed wouldn’t be arriving just yet.

Her smile turned a little sad, but she shook herself off slightly. She’d say goodbye to everypony, she’d promised to send lots of letters and write - but it still felt sad. Comfort Zones really were hard to get out of.

But she could do this. She was Pinkie Pie!