nopityfitness reblogged your post: May I ask what is your stance on hardcore militant veganism? I have become a vegan about 5-6 months ago, and I keep hearing all of these arguments concerning human privilege and speciesism and it’s really hard for me to consider veganism anything more than a personal choice. The problem is, when I do say it’s a personal thing I get pegged as a phony vegan and a rape apologist(because of the milk industry). I am just getting tired of this bullshit.

WRONG. SO FUCKING WRONG. If everyone on…planet didn’t eat

If everyone on the planet didn’t eat meat there would be no demand for it, and farms would stop breeding and inhumanely killing animals. And the WHOLE PROBLEM WOULD STOP. ”

That’s true, but seeing as not eating meat isn’t an option for the majority of the planet, it’s only ever going to be hypothetically true. Veganism isn’t even an option for everyone in the richest countries. Until that situation changes, your goal is unachievable. 

“Don’t even try to compare the suffering of animals to the suffering of humans. Are they both fucked up? Yes. But what America does to animals is absolutely by choice, they are not a product of circumstance.”

Animal suffering is not a ‘choice’ made by ordinary people, it is an inevitable consequence of the economic situation in which the industry operates. What do you mean when you say that human suffering is a “product of circumstance”? Working humans suffer from exactly the same economic system as the animals do: namely they are forced to produce maximum profit for minimum remuneration. 

So when I chose to NOT eat meat don’t fucking tell me it wont stop the problem.”

But it won’t. There is only one criteria by which to judge the effectiveness of any political tactic. Results. Veganism has been around a long time, expanded across the globe, and what has been the effect on the meat industry? Has it even slowed down marginally? Does it show any signs of doing so? In the absence of any positive results, where does your confidence in this tactic come from? 

“Thats like telling people not to VOTE

hehe. You’re right, voting has as much chance of changing society as veganism does.

“EVERYONE has a voice and can use it to protest what they chose. ”

That’s true. But I’d always advise people to protest in ways that might actually change things, and not in ways that have consistently failed. The tactic of trying to persuade everyone in the world to stop eating animal products can’t work, it hasn’t worked and it shows no sign of working in the future. Time to reevaluate. 

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HAHAHAHA, actually the fact that we’ve been in contentious places on this issue has been enormously helpful for me in terms of refining my thinking on the issue.  I share with you a disdain for pity (as in “ohhhh you poor baby, you are hereby excused from any responsibility for your situation”) I just define empathy and compassion as separate from that and as a necessary part of being a healthy human being, so in that respect our positions may not be that far off from each other.

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Awesome and interesting answer. You make an excellent point with the term ‘emotional burnout’. I was hovering near there about a week ago.

Thank you!  I certainly understand that one.  There was a time a couple years back when my mom had first been hospitalized where I went to this emotional space where I literally had no room for empathic interaction with anyone, because I was in such constant crisis mode for months, and all life and death decisions about her care were being made by me.  It really did hamper my ability to relate to people in a healthy way and I had to consciously develop the strength to re-establish myself in a such a way as to be able to be there for her, deal with others appropriately, and maintain and care for my own emotional health and integrity (which meant setting proper boundaries but not shutting people down completely).   I’ve since read how “over” empathizing can lead to antisocial behavior and narcissism, and I can see from personal experience how that could happen.

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Tiny bit in love after you mentioned Stanford Prison Experiment.

HAHAHA, I’m glad you appreciate sociology social psychology geekery LOL

squat check!!

can you experienced lifters out there give me some advice on my form? squats feel so unnatural to me, it’s frustrating haha. my heels are on the weights because my trainer advised I do that until my calves are loose enough. right now they’re too tight to get all the way down. i know it’s a little hard to see my butt because of the squat rack.. sorry :(

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Bro, behind the neck strict press, trust me.

But, isn’t that a bad exercise that makes your shoulders disintegrate and also makes you unable to have children?

Joking aside, I’m not averse to that exercise, and was toying with the idea of including it.  You’ve given me further food for thought.

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I HIGHLY recommend john meadows’ stuff for delts. A lot of guys with decently large shoulders seem to swear by it.

Your recommendation is the second in approximately 5 minutes I’ve run across.  Just read his “mountain dog” shoulders article.  The logic seems very solid.  Thank you for the tip, this will also be helpful!