Show and Tell
  • <p> <b>Teacher:</b> Okay class show me what precious things you have.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Here is my Brick. It loves me very much<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Ummmm, okay?<p/><b>Piper:</b> This is the feather of of a crazy chicken(woman) I killed.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Very... Beautiful?<p/><b>Frank:</b> Chinese Finger Traps. I'm mad because they're not even Chinese.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Very good Frank! Now ask you classmates to help you get it off.<p/><b>Hazel:</b> I brought a diamond fused with a ruby fused with a sapphire.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> It's, glorious! May I touch it?<p/><b>Hazel:</b> Touch this and I will slit your throat.<p/><b></b> [Teacher whimpers in fear]<p/><b>Nico:</b> This is my paper for my Doctor's Appointment. Gotta go<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Off you go.<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> This is my NY Yankees cap.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> YESSS YANKEES I'M A BIG FAAAN!!!<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> Okay...<p/><b>Percy:</b> Blue Cookies. No I will not share. ALL MINE. BACK OFF LEO THESE ARE MINE.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Okay jeez.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> What did you bring Leo?<p/><b></b> [Leo brings out CD and speakers]<p/><b>Teacher:</b> What is that?<p/><b>Leo:</b> You'll see.<p/><b>Jason:</b> WAIT NO<p/><b>Piper:</b> HE'S GONNA—<p/><b>Frazel:</b> STOOOP<p/><b>Leo:</b> THIS BOY IS ON FIYAAAAAHHHHHHH<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> Too late.<p/></p>