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1:Favourite british actor?

Either Daniel Radcliff or Sir Patrick Stewart. Or Helen Mirren. 


*le sigh* uuuugh I have so many. I’m gonna have to go with 10 (or Ten2, tbh) and Rose

3:Favourite Doctor?

9 will always be my doctor

4:Favourite Tv-show vampire?


5:Favourite book?

When We Were Gods by Colin Falconer

6:Favourite season of supernatural?


7:Favourite archangel?


8:Favourite villain?


9:coffee or hot chocolate?

Coffee. Good coffee. Not the crap we have at work…but good actual coffee

10:Favourite companion of the doctor?

Tie between all of them and Donna

11:Favourite movie?

Crap. Depends on my mood. However…I can watch Blazing Saddles, any of the Harry Potter movies, and one called The Gymnast over and over again. 

My questions!

1. If you could travel anywhere on Earth for a week, where would it be?

2. Favorite food?

3. It’s raining outside, you’re living in your dream home, you don’t have anything that needs to be done or anywhere that you need to go. What do you do?

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? (regardless of how old you are now)

5. Favorite TV baddy

6. Favorite TV hero/heroine 

7. If you have one, what word makes you cringe?

8. What’s a total relationship killer? Like, what’s the one thing that a person can do that would make you never want to see them again, either as a friend or a partner? (could be a quirk, a habit, political view, ect)

9. If you could live in any fictional ‘verse, which would it be?

10. If I showed up at your door and said “hey let’s go get coffee!” what would you do? (I’m not stalking you. Nope O.O)

11. You’ve had the worst day ever. You lost your shoe, you got rear-ended, you were late for school/work/really important thing, all around craptastic day. What do you do to make it better?