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The Easy Way Out

Playing Tomb of Annihilation, we climbed a platau to find a ruined village.

DM: “Coming upon the gate, it seems that it has rotted away into nothing. Surrounding the gate are heaps and heaps of humanoid skulls. Going into the village will be incredibly difficult because you have to literally wade through mountains of skulls.“ 

Halfling Bard: "I have an idea: let’s not do that.”


Okay Lovelies I have hit my limit on spooky shit and let me explain why because if I don’t vocalize my emotions I will explode. 

I can handle Jack’s spooky cryptic shit. Because at his core Jack is nice and his cryptic stuff is more call and response. He scares us, we frantically panic and response, and he adapts his strategy to better fit what we are theorizing. We have some element of control. Or at least he lets us believe we are in control. 

I cannot handle Mark’s shit. Because Mark is a stubborn bastard. And if he has an idea he will carry it out however he wants. Everyone in the world could be screaming at him to do something and he’ll say “No, fuck you I do what I want.” It’s what he did with Darkiplier. It’s what he’s done in a lot of things. And as a spectator that’s fine. But this is interactive stuff. And we have absolutely no fucking clue what Mark is up too. And the knowledge that he could do anything at anytime and we will be absolutely powerless to do anything about it? That is so terrifying. And it’s reached a point that I am too anxious. Like, my chest has actually started hurting. And as fun as it is to get these asks and to be part of the resistance I have reached my limit. 

So I’m gonna get off tumblr for a bit. And I encourage any Lovelies who see this to do the same if they are feeling overwhelmed. If you want to join the resistance or freak out with people I believe @reverseblackholeofwords has organized a cuddle party. @secretlymarkipliersbarry is resisting. @stringbeananonymous or @pantheasblessing is too I think. And @amadeus-webcomic Go to them for protection. I’m done. I’m out. If any of you see me online in the next half hour it’s because I have a fear of missing out on things. Please scream at me to log off and assure me that you or someone will catch me up on everything later. 

Does the title of Friday’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mean we’re finally going to see how the world really ended? — Rekka
“The Last Day” will definitely provide some major clues, but we won’t actually see what transpired, which means the mystery of whether Daisy is to blame still remains. “It alludes to a few things about [the end of the world],” Clark Gregg says. “It more refers to time running out where we are. We do start to get hints. Definitely putting together that mystery [of how the world ended] becomes a big part of where we’re going.”
IF YOU’RE DRIVING YOU SHOULDN’T BE ON TUMBLR MARK.  I refuse to participate in this. You can’t make me change my icon. I’m one of the few left to save this dumpster fire of a fandom and I will damn it! Harumph.

I am disappointed in all of you for joining in on the demon party. If you are still ‘normal’ I suggest a tag where we can be safe. I’m tagging anyone who I know might still be okay

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electric-nope  asked:

There's been a lot more subtle hints at Joey and Henry's personalities in the new chapter(s), so I wanted to ask, do you still think Joey really cared about Henry? You mentioned a headcanon that he never really got over him leaving and left his desk exactly the way it was for a reason

I think he did - little hints like the “you left me in a heartbeat“ thing suggest that while Joey was upset over Henry leaving, it was more in a “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’D DO THIS TO ME GODDAMMIT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME“ way than a “I hate you and I always have“ way.

God, why can’t I ever tell the difference between a guy starting friendly conversation or just hitting on me. I just want to trust men for once in my life. ಥ‿ಥ