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Popular book you dislike:
The Maze Runner was a total letdown. I’m also in the middle of reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber and although I don’t necessarily dislike it, it’s definitely a case of a good idea executed poorly for me. 

Book that everyone dislikes that you love:
Lots of people reacted with a big NOPE to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but I thought it was actually a pretty good book, n faaaar superior to the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in my opinion. 

Central ship you dislike:
I’m a Romione shipper so shipping either of them with anyone else (except maybe a little bit of Dramione if I’m feeling the angst) then I can’t see it.

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Popular genre you don’t usually read:
I’m not into romance.

Beloved character you hate:

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Popular author you can’t get into:
Eeeeeee there are quite a few, I don’t like anything by Sarah Dessen, Melissa Marr, or Lauren Kate.

Popular trope you are tired of:
I’m bored of the Chosen One. Also can we have a book or two where there just is no love interest? 

Popular book or series you have no interest in:
I’ve outgrown and left unfinished a lot of different series in my time for various reasons. TMI off the top of my head, also just could not get into The Infernal Devices

Movie/TV show is better than the book:
The actual play production of Cursed Child blows the book out of the water. Jackson’s LOTR, particularly The Two Towers is so wonderful and I would rewatch the film before rereading the book any day.

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I tag you all because it’s exam season n if I’m not studying no one should

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a scenario with the rfa having their first fight with their mc, and she starts crying? With them making up at the end please!! 😙😙

an // i don’t know if you guys like my lil crossed out comments so lmk if i should continue or not with those? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • pps idk if saeyoung is like lowkey spoilerish? it doesn’t reveal anything about the plot though


  • honestly I don’t think Yoosung would be capable of saying something that would make you cry?
  • he’s literally too precious if he saw you cry wtf he’d cry?
  • so I think your first fight would be to do with him neglecting you emotionally??
  • you’d just be coming home from work/classes & instead of receiving lots of affection from Yoosung you’d receive a ‘hey’ and you’d be facing his back in no time
  • after a really shitty day you hear Yoosung’s simple ‘hey’ and the swivel of his gaming chair back to the screen and you just break down crying but like angry crying
  • and you end up just ranting at him because he wouldn’t say anything
  • DAMN it Yoosung if you want to just play LOLOL too much then just go 
  • do you like LOLOL more than me?
  • and when he tries to interject you cut him off
  • NO - you make me feel like shit okay
  • I just - like do you even want to be with me? Cause right now I even don’t know if i have a boyfriend?
  • you hear a small hiccup (I feel like a bitch writing this)
  • and when you look up you just see teary eyed Yoosung looking at you but he looks down really quickly
  • immediately you feel guilty and open your mouth to apologise before you feel Yoosung’s arms wrap around you
  • he repeatedly mumbles sorry in your hair and you can hear sniffling and shit you feel SO guilty
  • he pulls away before looking you in the eye 
  • I swear I won’t ever play that game with you around ever again 
  • and you try say no and you had no have no right but nope he literally shuts you up by crushing you into a hug
  • doesn’t leave your side that night
  • over time he comes to dislike LOLOL as he’s always reminded at the thought of you crying 
  • ends up playing DS games with you 


  • you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t expecting Zen to get lots of female attention
  • he’s a good looking actor who can sing who tf i mean come on
  • but you weren’t expecting him to respond back by being flirtatious especially when you were right next to him???
  • the screaming started as soon as you walked through the door
  • oh what the FUCK Zen? You can’t just say that the interviewer was one of the prettiest people you’d ever seen when I was literally on set - everyone looked at me?
  • she was pretty though? what am I supposed to say? she was ugly?
  • no - you don’t bring respond like THAT you insensitive prick!?
  • (intense)
  • jesus it’s for publicity just ignore it and anyway why are you taking this so seriously whats wrong with you? 
  • that struck a nerve with you as you’ve always had body image issues so your eyes started to prick with tears
  • remembering this his eyes soften and he crosses his arms at the thought of him making you cry and looks up to the ceiling unable to look at you for a while
  • I’m so-
  • you walk out the room before but before you can leave he grabs your arm before pulling you in and cradling you in his chest and now he starts rambling
  • Oh my - I’m so stupid, I’m a fucking idiot, I -  you’re the most beautiful person in my life, no one compares to you, oh god have I fucked up already
  • reassuring him that you overreacted you place your finger on his lips before walking away from the hallway into the bedroom
  • just.. come here and lets forget about this
  • he repeatedly apologises the whole evening and the next day even has a bouquet of roses for you as he still feels guilty 
  • i’m sorry-
  • it’s okay Zen - I’ve moved on
  • whenever you’re with him now on set he smiles at the compliments ladies give him and thanks them but never utters another word


  • your first fight?
  • probably over how much time she spends at work with Jumin
  • at one point you thought they were together before he spilt coffee all over himself; caught off by your ‘outrageous and ridiculous’ remark wow sorry guys jeez
  • can’t you see that he’s just using you to do extra work, come on Jaehee don’t get pushed over?
  • sorry MC it’s just work.
  • not when you’re finishing at 1am a-
  • You’re distracting me. I said I have to work. 
  • you’d never seen Jaehee like this why was she so… cold and emotionless?
  • being super worked up over the situation your eyes start to water and a (extremely dramatic) thought passes through your brain
  • ..or maybe you just don’t want to come home to see me
  • but you know what - it’s fine stay here I don’t need you anyway. (i told u this shit was intense but anyway)
  • she stops typing immediately to see your eyes brimming with tears and although you tried to look super tough you just looked like a broken mess
  • she slowly gets up from her seat and approaches you slowly before putting both your hands in between her palms
  • she can’t look you in the eye so she quietly whispers
  • I - please don’t leave me
  • you hear her voice crack and you think you’ve gone too far (you think? really?)
  • you being slightly taller than her - you cradle her wiping your own tears with the hem of your shirt
  • and you swear you can feel some tears on your neck 
  • when Jaehee pulls away she looks at her feet avoiding eye contact with you before grabbing her bag and saying she’ll be in the car scuttling away 
  • Bonus: you go to Jumin’s office the next day and pretty much scream at him for overloading jaehee with work till the early morning - but then by next week every day at 7pm you guys snuggle up to just talk about the day ( ゚ヮ゚) (thanks juju)


  • your first fight is probably because of a mix of Yoosung’s and Jaehee’s reasons
  • as well as working at work he also works from home which really fucking s u c k s
  • he’s also never really had a proper girlfriend before that he genuinely cared about (trust me) & didn’t know how to act around you so he eventually became sorta distant?
  • you’d tried everything to get his attention or to so some affection but he never did
  • and that lead to the thought - does he even find me attractive?
  • leaning on his office door with your arms folded he doesn’t even glance up at you before raising an eyebrow at you from his desk
  • can I assist you?
  • assist? I’m your fucking girlfriend?
  • I understand..  - your point..?
  • my point is when you’re ready to treat me like your girlfriend and not a damn client I’ll consider returning
  • returning? where are you going?
  • home
  • this is your home?
  • whatever
  • (cue hsm gotta go my own way )
  • (my sincerest apologies)
  • he stays frozen at his desk as you briskly walk away and doesn’t have a clue on what to do
  • he ends up slowly closing his laptop and leaning on the desk with his head in his hands thinking about how the fuck to get things back on track wtf wtf wt f 
  • your phone has been switched off and he’s just completely ???
  • tries to push his emotions ‘away’ thinking you’d be back in the morning
  • but at 5am he’s at your door with a piece of of paper in his hand as he nervously recites what’s he’s going to say
  • when he sees your red puffy eyes he completely forgets everything and nervously scans the paper s hit shit shit no this isn’t going to plan
  • stumbles on his words
  • um yes, i just um just wanted to say that - that I’m new to this and I yes um I apologise for - treating you badly and I give you my sincer- no I apologise because I have well - I’ve been distant but I’m worried I might get possessive and yes well I -
  • shut up you idiotic kid
  • and you crush him into a hug because he’s really trying and you feel him instantly relax as he breathes your scent in again before grabbing your hand quickly
  • come on we need to get to your real home, with me/
  • nah i’ll get the bus if the one driving no thanks


  • where is this relationship going?
  • you’ve thought this to yourself so many times since being with Saeyoung because he really was the love of your life
  • and although you had a rocky start to your relationship as he tried to push you away 
  • he showed affection after realising he couldn’t hide his feelings for you anymore
  • but after a few years those cold feelings were returning..
  • while he worked at his desk you looked at him typing on to his keyboard looking extremely stressed and all traces of the ‘707′ you’d fallen in love with had disappeared
  • you remembered the days where he said he wanted to get married in a space station with you and tear up 
  • you slap yourself thinking no no no don’t cry
  • hey, babe - do you want to get married someday?
  • um, who knows, I mean maybe.. i don’t know?
  • what do you mean you.. ‘don’t know’?
  • I don’t know if i want to get married jesus.. all right?
  • the tears in your eyes spilt over almost immediately as it felt like your heart had been crushed
  • excusing yourself from the room he swivelled around to find you running out of the room
  • frustrated he throws his head phones on the desk before running after you - hey wait no MC
  • you try pull away from his grasp on your wrist but he doesn’t let go
  • pulling you closer he grabs your wrists and makes you look him in the eye and his red sincere eyes tell you to listen to what he’s saying
  • listen - love-  I’m sorry that this isn’t what you wanted to hear but I promise you.. I wouldn’t want to get married to anyone else BUT you.. in a space station.. I’m stressed right now but I promise you one day it will happen - I don’t know when but please just give me some time..
  • hearing his heartfelt speech you nod before sighing and tightly hugging him - burying your face in his chest 
  • he hugs you back resting his chin on the top of your head 
  • …….
  • before the lil bitch smirks and thinks to himself damn I’m good..
  • huh??!! (du n dun DUN)
  • because guess what
  • the engagement ring is in his back pocket and those stress lines on his face were SO worth it because he had a space station booked and ready
  • for next week
  • ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞
  • Bonus: Zen texts Saeyoung ‘u owe me for those acting lessons’ & Saeyoung responds with ‘see you next week… my best man
  • :’’’’)
Unpopular Book Opinions Tag

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  1. Popular book you disliked: The Perks of Being A Wallflower - it was not at all what I expected it to be, and I just didn’t like it. 
  2. Book that everyone dislikes that you love: The Stranger by Albert Camus. I can see why a lot of people don’t like it - I mean, let’s be real, Meursault is a little jerk - but I personally really enjoyed it. 
  3. Central ship you dislike: Harry and Ginny. Just no. 
  4. Popular genre you don’t usually read: I barely touch YA contemporary. It just isn’t my thing.
  5. Beloved character you hate: The Darkling. He is not enigmatic or attractive or alluring. He is royally messed up and… just nope. 
  6. Popular author you can’t get into: Cassandra Clare. I’ve read a grand total of one of her books, and that was enough for me. 
  7. Popular trope you are tired of: The “you’re not like other girls” trope. That trope needs to die. No more special snowflakes. 
  8. Popular book or series you have no interest in: The Millenium series. I picked up the first book and couldn’t get past the first page. Plus, it just really doesn’t sound like something I’m that interested in. 
  9. Movie/TV show is better than the book: Oliver Twist. The book was a drag, while the movie cut straight to the interesting parts. 

I’m sort of too lazy to tag anyone, and I don’t even know who’s done this or not since I was tagged so long ago, so if anyone wants to do this, just tag me in your response so I can see all your unpopular opinions. 


replied to your



How can a show like Black Sails start so terribly…

Black Sails is a show I have such issues with. I haven’t seen S4 yet (although I know everything that happens), but through S3 it’s half show I love passionately, and half this is barely good enough to have on while I fold laundry.

That doesn’t surprise me, but it also doesn’t give me a lot of hope (except you say you also really enjoy it half ot the time)? The first time I tried to watch this show a couple of years back I ended up loathing every minute (I watched like the first three episodes or something like that and noped right out of there).

I wanted to get into it, because SAIL SHIPS!!!!, but I took an immediately dislike to everyone except Max because 1) ‘fuck’ seemed to be the only swear word any of these people had ever had heard of and they put it to good use every couple of seconds, probably to make up for the fact that they didn’t know any other words?

2) also, ppl kept rambling on about freedom and justice, aka the top two subjects I can’t take seriously coming from pirates (i. e. highwaymen on boats) particularly when all they have to say about these topics (in the first couple of episodes at least) sounds so generic, they might have ripped it from Elizabeth’s speech in the third Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie (which was an atrocious speech btw). They all seemed so lifeless (again, except for Max). The only reason I wanna give the show a chance again is because I now know that some of these characters have actual motivations for saying these things, hidden somewhere under the grime.

3) They also had so many gratuitous shots of tits and asses that would have been out of place even on game of thrones, used in such a fashion to actively work against the script? (Pirates who five minutes ago complained about how they haven’t made any money recently aren’t gonna pay for an orgy for a guy they’ve just met, who most of them explicitly don’t trust, and who hasn’t done anything at that point to earn their goodwill. Like, please, there’s suspension of disbelief and then there’s writing a scene that makes you wonder whether any of the writers involved have ever met a human).

3a) The puns connected to the brothel were really bad as well. Like, blackbeard. That’s the only one I remember, but really??? REALLY?????

4) so much sexual violence???

5) And this was the worst offense. THE WORST. Whoever was responsible for the ship models should meet the gunner’s daughter. Like??? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT WIND IS? DO?? YOU?? EVEN???

I have a lot of feelings about the ethical treatment of tall ships in films and television. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now I wanna watch it for Max/Anne and Flint/Hamilton, because I live for happy endings, and if I ignore everything else I hope I’ll be fine. :DD

(plus, I was promised that the sexual violence and random titty shots would disappear, much like they did on Versailles after a bit. I mean … if I can recover from Monsieur raping his wife, or laughing myself sick at the King’s sex dream and cringy dialogue in the early episdoes of that show, I should be able to make it through most of the bad parts of Black Sails, right?).

39 Question Tag

I was tagged by @anassarhenisch, so thank you! 

1. Are you named after someone? Unless you count my family last name, nope. Not even a little.
2. When was the last time you cried? When I watched Moana on the plane earlier this month. Twice. 
3. Do you like your handwriting? Eh, it’s handwriting. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not running around showing it off.
4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Prosciutto or salami, but I generally like to eat them on their own, not in a sandwich.
5. Do you have kids? Not even the goat kind.
6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? For someone who needs a lot of me time, I sure have a lot of people who like me and want to spend time with me, so yes, probably. I seem pretty likeable.
7. Do you use sarcasm? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, never. (You will have to imagine that in a sarcastic voice. It’s a little lost in textlation.)

8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.
9. Would you bungee jump? Never say never. But probably never.
10. What is your favorite kind of cereal? I don’t eat a lot of cereal, but when I do, I gravitate to that healthy grown up kind with the grains and slivered almonds and stuff that I would have scoffed at as disgusting as a kid. 
11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No.
12. Do you think you’re a strong person? Depends on the context.
13. What is your favorite ice cream? Vanilla. Really good vanilla. It’s a classic and it tastes really good with all kinds of things, whether you are pouring orange juice on it, blending it with peanut butter, or melting a bunch of chocolate chips in the microwave to put on top.
14. What is the first thing you notice about people? I’ve never really thought about it, but probably whether they are loud or not.
15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? I have gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years, and though I’m trying not to do the self-hatred thing… there’s the self-hatred thing over that.
16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Black and white pj pants and no shoes. 
17. What are you listening to right now? Zootopia.
18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  Cerulean. Like my favourite colour of ocean.
19. Favorite smell? The clean smell after the rain.
20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? A documentary television host from France.  I kid you not.  My job is not usually this international, but occasionally people in other places are interested in my file.

21. Favorite sport to watch? Gymnastics. Holy crap, people can fly.
22. Hair color? Brown. Even when I don’t dye it. But less dark when so. Also a few greys. 
23. Eye color?  Green.
24. Do you wear contacts? Yes.  I’m blind as a bat without some sort of corrective eyewear.
25. Favorite food to eat? Cheese.
26. Scary movies or comedy? Comedy. I’ve watched scary movies with groups now and again because sometimes I’m okay with a big adrenalin rush, but I actually wouldn’t say I liked them at all.
27. Last movie you watched? Zootopia.
28. What color of shirt are you wearing? Aqua.
29. Summer or winter? Summer.
30. Hugs or kisses? Hugs.
31. What book are you currently reading? Legend by Marie Lu. Though I might pick up something new before I finish. I’ve been mood shifting lately and don’t know what I want to read.
32. Who do you miss right now? I miss my friend Jenny, who moved last summer.
33. What is on your mouse pad? I have a laptop with a touchpad at home, and my mouse at work just squiggles on my desk.
34. What is the last TV program you watched? Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Watching some eps before it leaves Netflix.
35. What is the best sound? Waves on the shore.
36. Rolling stones or The Beatles? Beatles.
37. What is the furthest you have ever traveled? The 12 Apostles in Australia is furthest as the crow flies, according to Google distance calculation, and that seems about right.
38. Do you have a special talent? I have a talent for being in the right place at the right time.
39. Where were you born? Whitehorse General Hospital.

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Imao you say bonenzo is toxic but you ship bamon? i mean you probably don't watch the show like most bamon shippers, but until enzo almost kills bonnie, literally kills her family, verbally abuses her, chokes her and deliberately triggers her ptsd (all things damon has done in cases you forgot! :)) bonenzo will NEVER be toxic. also don't call yourself a bonnie bennett stan if you support the racist, misogynist, ABUSIVE relationship that is bamon.

Dude, please settle down and let me ship what I want. But let me go through this anon of yours a state the facts, because as someone who watches the show and is a reasonable shipper, I should do that.

1. Damon almost kills Bonnie? Now this show is a fucking mess with these characters so bare with me on this. If you are talking about all the way back in season 1 when Damon bit Bonnie, let me remind you that Damon attacked Emily, he was pissed at Emily. That does not excuse the fact that he bit Bonnie but he sure as hell wasn’t trying to hurt/go after Bon herself.

2. Literally kills her family? If you are talking about when Damon turned Bonnie’s ‘mother’ into a vampire well let me just remind you that he had the choice between turning Bonnie or her mother. Either turn a 17 year old innocent girl into an immortal being and have her probably end up not transitioning anyway oooor hurt her feelings by turning her mother into a vampire who is 100% going to deal with it better.

If you are talking about Grams, you could blame that on Damon.. but Bonnie doesn’t, so why should you?

3. Verbally abuses her? Where? What show are you watching? If you take teasing and bickering as verbal abuse then please get your facts straight!

4. Chokes her? Now the only situation I can recall about him ‘choking her’ is when he returned from his endless cycle of hell and still believed to be in so called ‘hell’. The only way in the past that he awoke from that scene in his hell was by killing everyone. Damon thought that he had to do that again. Please re watch that scene and see the heartbreak in Damon’s eyes when he is hurting Bonnie. Also let me remind you that he saved Bonnie from that and was literally crying at the thought of her being dead. 

5. Deliberately triggers her ptsd? I think you are talking about when he brought Kai to see her and yeah that was a dick move and I can’t excuse that. That was fucking terrible of him to do. But he didn’t do that because he wanted to hurt her, he just did it because Damon is a selfish asshole.

6. “Don’t call yourself a Bonnie Bennett stan if you support the racist, misogynist, ABUSIVE relationship that is bamon.” WOW. That sentence made me laugh. Lets debunk what you said there because it was a lot!!

Racist:  a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
Misogynist:  a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
Abusive:  extremely offensive and insulting.

Are Bonnie and Damon any of the above? Nope!
Thanks for reevaluating everything I already know about my otp :)

Scandal: Thoughts on Jake Ballard

Before I start, I want to point out that these are my personal opinions. Anyone reading this is at liberty to agree or disagree with any or all of this.

The ‘grasp’ I have of Jake as a character comes from the overall impression he has had on me. As such, my discussion of him will not feature specific quotes or scenes, but take a more holistic approach.
I also want to make it clear that the reason I will speak at length about characterisation is so you—the reader—understand my thought process and approach to character analysis, and therefore have an easier time following my explanations. I apologise if I come across as condescending.

So without further ado:

I dislike Jake Ballard. A lot. I want him gone. I hate that he’s in the show. Do I hate him, though? Nope. Because hating him would require a) that I care about him and b) effort, which I cannot be bothered expending because he’s not worth the energy. In order to actively hate someone, I would first need to place value on them as a person—’love’ and ‘hate’ are two sides of the same coin. And Jake has no value to me, because unlike every other character in the show, he is not an actual person. He is a thing.

The main aspect of a story that draws me in are the characters; the more three-dimensional, realistic and intriguing they are, the more I’m hooked. Hence my fascination with Scandal.

When I watch or read anything that tells a story, I look to the characters to find my enjoyment. The pleasure comes from analysing them; breaking them down so I can understand them as people, and then linking them to the show’s themes. I do this unconsciously every single time I read or watch something. If the characters in a story have complex, meaningful relationships with one another (romantic, platonic, familial etc.) I swear I get so excited I have palpitations. And guess what? I thrive on dissecting and analysing character interactions as well.

So here’s the thing with Jake; try as I may, I have no darn clue who or what he is. From when he first appeared in episode 214, up till the season 4 winter finale, I have studied all his scenes and grown increasingly frustrated. What makes it worse is that I arrived late to the Scandal party, so had to marathon the show. But despite watching all the episodes back to back, I still couldn’t figure him out.

When a character is first introduced in a story, the viewer/reader doesn’t know who they are. Their early appearances are paramount to laying the foundation of their characterisation. Once the basics have been established (and hopefully the viewers enjoy their presence), you can start adding the layers and deepening them as people; this is achieved by exploring more of who they are and why they are that way, as well as having synergistic relationships between them and other characters.
Essentially, everything that a character ‘gives’ to the show builds upon itself, forming an elaborate web that ultimately makes them into a person. 
This process takes time and skill to achieve, and is never stagnant. As the plot moves forward, characters (usually) grow or change in some way, and the relationships they have evolve as a consequence. Personally, this is a joy to watch.

Scandal has achieved the above with all of its characters except for Jake. I don’t know if this is due to the writing or Scott Foley’s acting—probably both. This may even be intentional on the creator’s part. Either way, it frustrates me because he’s a waste of time and space that would be better spent exploring everyone else.

So here’s the deal with Jake and I; to me, he is not a person. 
A person is an individual human being with thoughts and a personality. A person has character traits that are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or neutral, depending on the views of the person doing the judging. A person has feelings, desires, motivations; things that they enjoy and things that they dislike. A person is complex and three-dimensional.
A person is someone you can look at and see. See who they are, what they are, what makes them tick. Depending on your ability to assess someone and how much they reveal to you, one can also anticipate how a person will react in different situations, under different conditions. By seeing them, you discover their opinions, struggles and vulnerabilities.
A person has substance. Jake has none.

I have treated Jake the same as any other character on Scandal. I’ve assessed his actions, words and emotions to try to decipher who he is. I have observed the way he interacts with other characters to deepen my understanding of him. I have kept an eye out for any changes in his character. I have compared the way he behaves in different situations, with different people, to aid my mental model of him. And I have come away empty-handed.

Jake has not managed to become any semblance of a real person; he remains a thing. Which is very strange, considering how much airtime he has had.
Here’s the gist of it: Jake meanders through the story, saying a lot and doing a lot; taken individually, the pieces he ‘gives’ to the show are okay, but nothing special. But when you try to put everything together, his actions, words and displayed emotions do not add up in a rational, constructive way to form a three-dimensional model of a person. So I can only conclude that Jake functions, intentionally or not, as whatever the plot needs him to be. He is a tool in the most basic sense not only for B613, but also for the show.

I have questioned my opinion of Jake for a long time; how could a show that gave us Olivia, Fitz, Cyrus, Mellie and Rowan, turn around and sprout Jake Ballard? How could the mother of Grey’s Anatomy give birth to this farce of a character?
At first I thought I had grossly misread Jake; that he was supposed to be a mystery and make you question him at every turn. But then I laughed and tossed out that notion because Rowan is also mysterious—as well as sinister, manipulative and ruthless. Rowan is a twisted, vengeful egomaniac. He embodies Machiavellianism. But despite having a good understanding of who he is, it’s still obvious that there is so much more to this complex man that hasn’t yet been shown. 
In short, Rowan is brilliant.

See, Rowan has been written and portrayed in such a way that I see who he is, and what I see makes me feel compelled to question what a man like him has done and will do next. Jake is the opposite; I see nothing, and therefore have no choice but to question everything that he has done and will do, just to find something—anything. But because he hasn’t ‘given’ me enough to grasp who he is at the most basic level, I have no idea what I’m looking for and frankly, can’t be bothered looking any more. Instead I’m standing here with my arms spread, begging the show to give me something from him.

To give the show some credit, there have been times when I’ve caught a glimpse of potential. Like when he was violating the hell out of Olivia’s privacy in a creepy way, and he stroked her face on the screen in a possessive manner. Then there’s that time when he was so angry, he ended up choking Olivia and later slut-shamed her for sexually exploiting him—despite the fact that he had previously sexually exploited her. Then there are all the times when he has complained about Fitz not being there for him, or tried to play on Olivia’s emotions and vulnerabilities to get something from her, rather than letting her be so she can make her own damn decisions about him. 
To be honest, all the things I have listed above are disturbing at the very least. If any person in the Scandalverse had done them, I would hate them with the fury of a thousand suns. But even when he did all of the above, Jake didn’t make himself available to be seen; his actions and emotions at the time, when combined with those before and after, did not amalgamate in a way that deepened the story or revealed any personality in him. He just does stuff and moves on, without his actions adding to him as a character. So despite doing horrifying things, he still lacks any notable substance.

When a person on the show does disgusting things, I hate them. But because Jake is a thing rather than a person, I can’t maintain hate for him when he does something I abhor. If a person deliberately smashed my foot with a hammer, I would despise them; every time I saw or thought of that person, I would remember what they did and rekindle my anger. But if a hammer just happened to fall on my foot, I would hate the hammer for an instant before moving on; afterwards, I would forget what that hammer had done to me unless and until it did it again.
Objects with no sentimental value do not inspire profound emotion from me, nor do they remain in my thoughts for any length of time.

If Jake was a person, I could tolerate his presence in the show. If Jake was a person—good or evil—he would’ve had the potential to add to the show. Instead, he’s a waste of resources.
Every other character in Scandal has a degree of depth to them; some are marvellously complicated and real, others merely mediocre. The things they say, the way they act, the emotions they express, their relationships and how they build on one another… This is what makes Scandal for me. But of everyone, Jake stands out as the only character who remains consistently flat.

I understand that my take on Jake speaks in very broad terms, so it may be difficult to make out what I’m saying. I wish I could point to a quote or a scene and say, “hey, this here is why I feel the way I do.”
But I can’t do that, because my thoughts on Jake are the sum of everything he has given to the show. My opinion of him means that I would need to find proof of a lack of something, rather than prove there is something there. The task of finding a lack of substance is too daunting for me to attempt, plus my apathy towards him—I save my feelz for people, not tools—means that I cannot muster the energy to even try.

tl;dr Jake has got to go. 

About Onew and his vocal chords...

I was really fucking angry at Sm when he was suddenly withdrawn from Singing In The Rain, and I was really worried when he was missing in Brazil, and angry at the members for not even doing so much as mentioning him.

But now it all makes sense. Why they removed him from the musical, why he wasn’t in Brazil, why the members didn’t say anything. Well, the first two should be obvious for everyone, let me elaborate on the third.

It was better to just spill things once they’re over and they’re sure he will recover and be back to his old self. He had the surgery on June 3rd, but it takes a while to really know. Most of the time, people are not allowed to speak for about a week, and only when the docs make them speak again for the first time they will know for sure how well the surgery went. So it’s likely they did that today and fortunately, it seems the surgery went well.

So I think that’s why the members didn’t say anything. Saying something before the actual surgery would have caused panic in the fandom that would most likely have been - and, as it has now turned out after surgery was successful, would definitely have been - unnecessary. It also is to protect his own privacy, what with stalkers who might bother him and the whole hospital. So yeah.

I’m also incredibly touched cause turns out the night Minho went on Jonghyun’s Blue Night to “offer support” and Jonghyun played Onew’s Moonlight was the night after his surgery. You cannot tell me that out of all the nights they could have chosen to do this, they did it that night and it was coincidence. Nope. Literally cutest. ;; ♥

Also, people it is now time to stop hating on SM. I repeat, now is the time to stop hating on them.

There’s no reason to. You already made yourself look ridiculous when you said “they treated him so bad I bet he filed a lawsuit too”. Turns out that didn’t happen. Don’t make a fool out of yourself unknowingly again.

What? You have arguments? Lemme guess “But he had this since February and he’s only getting surgery now SM IS THE WORST!!!!11!!!”

Nu-uh. If you actually think that, learn to read. READING COMPREHENSION. 

They said he has been having symptoms since February, not that he was diagnosed  in February. How do you even think this works? 

Onew walks into doctor’s office.
Onew: My throat hurts.
Doctor: Oh yeah you have vocal chord polyps OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!

Like really, people, really? That’s not how it works. 

Throat pain is a very unspecific symptomas are all other symptoms of vocal chord polyps. They could all be attributed to a common cold or influenza, or a lot of other diseases with the same symptoms that are far more common. And that’s what doctor’s will do: If they can’t tell, they will go with the most likely option first.

What I’m trying to say is: Him having symptoms since February doesn’t mean he was diagnosed then. Most likely he wasn’t diagnosed until much, much later.

Most likely around the time between mid-April and end of April. Aka between the time they confirmed him for the musical and the time they released pictures without him. “BUT THE MUSICAL REPRESENTATIVE SAID HE DECIDED TO DROP OUT AFTER HIS SYMPTOMS GOT WORSE IN FEBRUARY!”

Uh no? That’s a mistranslation. Now I can’t be 100% sure about this cause this is based on my own Korean skills, but as far as I understood it, it said “he canceled because of the pain which started in February”. Did anyone say he canceled in Februarythough? No. He just did it because of the pain that started in February. Based on what I understand at least. 

Last but not least: Why would SM dig their own grave? They aren’t stupid. If he was diagnosed in February and only got surgery now they know they would get backlash, so if that was the case they’d just release a statement saying he only showed first symptoms in April. There’s literally no evidence against that, so they could’ve just made that a statement. Ya know, if that was the case. And if they were as evil as some make them out to be. But they didn’t. Why? Cause they saw no reason to. Cause they don’t think they did anything to upset fans. Cause the diagnosis probably happened much later. And then after that

… you know how it takes a while to get an appointment for surgery if it’s not a life-threatening case? Now you might say: “But he’s a celebrity, priority treatment anyone?” Yes, and no. I’m pretty sure they chose the most renowned surgeon of the field that Korea has to offer, and that surgeon probably only treats patients that would receive priority treatment from other surgeons. How to decide which VIP is more important than the other? That’s right, don’t decide. Just make it fair and square after the logic of first come first served.

That last part about it being a particularly good surgeon is speculation of course, but everything else still stands. You don’t just get a surgery appointment in two days anyways. Plus I’ve read as for this surgery, you need to receive speech technique training before the surgery, too.

In other news: Kara’s Gyuir had the same thing? She still performed in her musical and only got surgery 3 months after diagnosis.Not after the first symptoms, but after diagnosis. And in the meantime between the two she did a musical. BEAST’s Yoseob had a similar problem (vocal nodules), and he was back to singing full force 1-2 months after the surgery. (of course the latter might also happen to Jinki but that’s not the point I’m trying to make, the point I’m trying to make is that SM is not “the worst”)

Is anyone shitting on DSP or Cube? Nope. But SM is “the worst”? You know you’re not making any sense here so just stop. It’s the industry, not SM. 

EDIT: I’ve stumbled across a new argument so let’s just destroy that as well. “Most vocal chord issues can get treated without surgery if Onew just had GOTTEn the treatment.”

First off, a lot of Western artists have vocal polyps surgically removed as well, but I’m sure they have more say in this than Kpop-Artists and they still get them surgically removed. And that is why? I’m going to let the

Harvard Health Publications

speak for me:

  • Vocal cord polyps – With rest, some vocal cord polyps will go away on their own within a few weeks. Most, however, have to be removed surgically.

MOST. DESPITE the rest, MOST have to be removed surgically.Aka, your argument is invalid.

(Source: )

Bottomline: The world is not black and white, people. It’s shades of grey. It’s okay to dislike SM cause they’ve done a lot of shit, and are most likely still doing a lot of shit, but you have to know when it’s time to take a step back and and admit you were wrong and they did nothing bad this time around. I’m not going to defend SM no matter what, as shown by my reaction after I heard about him not doing the musical etc… but it seems that a lot of you people want to BLAME SM no matter what, even if factual evidence like the medical information from HARVARD above speaks against your statements.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say on the matter. As disappointed as I am cause I was hoping to see him this summer when I’m in Korea, the thing that matters most is his recovery. If that means comeback postponement and such, well then I’ll have to deal with it. I’d be happy if he recovers fast and I can see him, but if I can’t then that’s okay as well.

Get Well Soon Jinki. ♥

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I definitely feel you with the playboy Natsu fics. A lot of them are a bit too OOC for me. An experienced Natsu? Alright, I can kinda see it (depending on how they portray his personality). A Natsu that just goes around from girl to girl doing whatever he wants to them? Nope. Sorry, can't ever see that happening. One of the traits I admire about him is loyalty, and girl-hopping Natsu doesn't seem very loyal to me XD What are your reasons for disliking playboy Natsu fics? =O

I don’t like playboy Natsu because of many reasons. One, is for the loyalty. Natsu isn’t the one to play with someones feelings intentionally for his own gain. Two, Natsu barely looked at girls before Lucy came along. Hes only physical with her meaning hugs and forehead touches. Third, Natsu just doesn’t seem like hes interested in any girls besides Lucy for reasons I already listed. I’m all for Natsu being experienced because of things hes heard from the guild, but to me Natsu and Lucy have to be their first everything like girlfriend, kiss, first time, etc. 


Originally posted by lovesi-uck

Does he look like a playboy who uses girls for sex? I don’t think so. 

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I really had no idea that this level of racism existed still until the whole Scott/Posey thing. It drives me nuts. I thought it surely came from something else, all this hate, but nope, pretty sure most of it really is deeply rooted racism. And I find that very sad.

Dude, I feel you. And you have a lot of people getting pissed off when you call out that racism, but it’s like no. If you can feel more sympathy for the asshole that said nothing when Isaac was getting the shit beat out of him than you can for the kid that has struggled to do nothing but right, compassionate things for the last three season, then yeah, it’s a lot deeper than disliking a character. Because only one of those two characters are white, and more people feel sympathy for that white character. The same white character that outted Scott to a hunter, the same white character that wanted no part in actually helping people - i honestly believe jackson mixed up the chemicals in night school on purpose, not gonna lie. And fandom feels more sympathy for him than scott. Which is what internalized racism is; you are conditioned to feel less sympathy for people of color, and it is much easier for you to feel that sympathy for a white man, even if he’s a shittier person. Teen wolf fandom could be a case study for internalized racism.

Colethewolf finds this scott love to be ridiculous and irrelevant in fandom, and the knowledge that people actually have the audacity to say loving the main character is ridiculous and irrelevant is painfully sad. In my opinion, scott is the best thing jeff davis has done. And the sterek shippers kinda prove that - since their favorite part of the show is a ship that doesn’t exist and hasn’t shared a single scene together this season.

(I’m going to publish this one, because your comment is on point. I thought it was bigger than racism in the beginning too)