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Title: Coach Negan (Part 2.)


Character(s): Negan and Reader (pre-apocalypse/AU)
The day of tryouts, you and Negan become a bit more familiar with one another through texts.
Word Count: 4,341
Warning: SEXUAL TENSION, age difference, and obviously Negan’s language.
Author’s Note: This was fun to write. It has a different structure in the beginning, but regardless, I enjoyed it! Also, can y’all feel the attraction between these two? My god. I can’t wait for this story to develop even more ;-)

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Cameron Dallas: Chasing Cameron

((You aren’t dating Cameron in this, you’ll just be conversing with him a lot. This is where you were invited back to magcon and you tell Cameron that you don’t want to be a part of the Cameron Show, that you came to have fun and enjoy the fans but if they don’t get their shit together you’d be leaving 

1586 words


You were a part of Original Magcon and when they broke up you started focusing on acting, when it came to getting magcon back together you were one of them that Cameron asked to join, you were hesitant at first just like a lot of people but after talking to Nash and Matt about it and asking them their stance, you decided to join back up. Though they said be careful and to stand your ground, and not to take the shit they’ll give you this go around, they had faith that you could help keep magcon the same way it used to be. You had hoped that it would but a lot of things went down and it was like Nash and Matt were there telling you to do something because nobody else was going to.

Cameron had gotten a text about Taylor arguing with an assistant, at first you weren’t going to go with but you had a gut feeling that something would happen. You followed behind Cameron, he knew you were basically the sister/mother of Magcon though he was older and they had Aaron’s mom with them, so he didn’t argue with you. You let him talk with Taylor, you knew what he was saying was true, money didn’t mean much in most of their cases but you also understood Taylor’s stance on it.

“Camera away, now!” You heard a male voice call, you turned to see the tour manager come around the corner, it all happened so fast, him yelling at Taylor, “Spoiled little bitch!” He yelled it was as if they knew what would happen next.

“What did you just call him?” You spoke walking towards the tour manager, he went to open his mouth. “Don;t even fucking answer. Call him a spoiled little bitch again, I dare you.” You spoke, as you stood in front of him. The hall got quiet as you spoke again. “The only who calls Taylor a bitch, is me, I know he was wrong and we handed it but as tour management…you not only made yourself look bad but us look bad in this hotel. People are in these rooms and you come storming down the hall because you’re some big guy and you think you can intimidate everyone? If you’re done then goodbye because last time I checked this wasn’t the only Cameron show that is going on around here is the one he’s filming but you are MAGCON tour manager and if you have a problem you bring it up to magcon as if this was a meeting. That means me, Cameron, Taylor, Aaron, those of us who put money in to make Magcon a thing again.” You spoke in a more calming voice, you shook your head heading off towards your room, the yelling started once again with him saying they were done and going about disrespectful teenagers.


“Magcon, talent meeting, my room." Cameron sent into the magcon group chat, you had been in your room for almost two hours before the text came in. You got up slipping on some shoes before grabbing your room key, heading down to Cameron’s room.

"You okay?” Aaron asked as you were about to knock on Cameron’s door, you shrugged looking back at him. “I just don’t want to leave Magcon with everyone hating me.”

“Why would we all hate you?” He asked leaning against the wall.

“Because Matt and Nash told me to stand my ground and, I’m not going to be the same pushover I was when I was younger, I’m currently the only girl in magcon and I refuse to let this go downhill because of disagreements and poor communication and if that means someone hates me at the end of the day then that’s what’s going to happen.”

Through the next few places you observed, you were pissed that a show was cancelled because Bart didn’t step up but you let Cameron handle it, you were pissed that they wanted to cancel the show because of the things going on in Paris, you were upset that they tried to refuse you a shower, but you continued to sit back and watch how things went until Barcelona.

“Where’s Taylor?" You had been asking while on stage, nobody could give you an answer, you knew the fans would be fine with just the boys around. Setting your Mic down you rushed off trying to find Taylor knowing he should’ve been back by now. When you found him he was on the ground with two paramedic looking people. Bart’s joke is what really set it off for you, Cameron could tell something was wrong and pulled you aside which you asked to have Bart step in on.

"I just don’t think your comment was appropriate Bart, Taylor had two paramedics taking care of him and you laugh and say his show is fire….he could have passed out or what if he couldn’t breathe? You didn’t even stop to ask, you laughed and walked away. As someone who is supposed to want what’s best for Magcon, I feel like it’s more like YOU want to see Cameron succeed which we all do but that’s your only focus and nobody else matters.” You explained, Bart let out a laugh.

“I care about all of you, I want to make sure you’re all safe and I knew he was okay that’s why I wasn’t freaked out.” He explained his arms crossed. You shook your head as you saw Aaron walking up with a confused look on his face.

“Great talk, glad you care and want us all to succeed.” You said sarcastically before walking off, though later getting a text from Aaron.

“Bart made the comment about you and Taylor being a thing, said we better start knocking on your guy’s door or we might catch you sucking him off…are you two a thing?”

“Nope. He’s like a brother to me but thank you for bringing this to my attention.”


You went home earlier than scheduled, you told Aaron and Taylor that they didn’t have to worry about waking you up, they had tried to convince you to stay until they flew out but you said you couldn’t continue to be around the camera crew, Cameron or even Bart. 

Though you were invited to the dinner you were reluctant to go but with Aarons constant persisting you decided it couldn’t be that bad, but boy were you wrong.

Bart had started it by trying to make a joke when you first sat down, “You had us all worried when you weren’t there in the morning.” He spoke, you nodded not speaking, you turned to look at some of the other talent. I stood up to give Willie a hug once he walked in.

“You look irritated? You okay.” You asked him, he shrugged it off for a second. “I’m tired, the flight was stressful especially having to catch a late one.” He explained to you.

“What do you mean a late flight? You weren’t on the plane with the rest of them?”

“No, I overslept so they left me behind…weren’t you there?” He asked you, you shook your head. “I got an early flight because of some things that were said, but you being left behind shouldn’t have been a thing. That’s disgusting to just act like you don’t exist because you overslept." 

The night went on until Willie and his dad started talking about a wake-up call, you being sat next to Bart, you could hear everything. "How many times have you missed you missed flights and been late?” Bart asked making you scoff, he looked over at you. N/Y, what’s the problem? Do you have something to add?“ He asked.

"Yes, you’re pathetic…you left him in another country, yeah…he should have been more responsible about getting up but the moment you realise that he wasn’t up is the moment you need to go get him, if he misses his flight after that, that’s on him but until then he’s your responsibility, but before you say anything, the comment you made last night about a girl who isn’t seventeen yet and a guy who is about to be twenty-one is disgusting and as a human I have never felt more disgusted by looking at someone. I see Taylor as a brother and for you to make a sexual comment about me to, two people that not only do I look up to but see as brothers…that hurts. Yet everything is fun and games with you Bart….since Cameron is the face of Magcon, you can tell him of he wants to sue me, to go ahead because I will not be keeping my end of the contract, I ’m leaving Magcon, I never want to be associated with it again and I never want anything to do with you.” You spoke getting the tables attention. “Though I put money into magcon, though I’m supposed to be an owner, I don’t make nay rules because if I did, you would have been fired while we were still in Europe.” You finished standing up, “I hope you guys have a wonderful second leg of the tour.”

(This was really dramatic, I want you to know that I don’t hate anyone that was in this, I just wanted to show that not everyone had good reactions to how some people reacted during the tour. I want to do a part two of this so just let me know what you guys think.)

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I can't wait for the day we get pregnant Taytay 😭 like, can we imagine her having a little belly and joe being soooo cute about it? Rubbing her belly when she's falling asleep. Always kissing her belly first and then her when they've been apart for some days. Joe proudly showing Andrea photos of the ultrasound on his phone. Tickling her belly with his fingers quickly whenever he walks past her in the house. Talking about "my girls" wherever he is when they expect a girl... ❣️



Zara: why can’t i write anything. aAHahAHAH ah AHha AH aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

Zara: wait…is this a message from Taylor? this bitch literally just told me that he didn’t want to talk to me anymore

Taylor: hey zara…are you online?

zara: okay maybe i’m not that mad at him

Zara: yeah…why?

zara: oh yeah not too needy but not to nonchalant

Taylor: i think I’m ready to talk about everything

zara: r u kidding me i literally asked him 2 talk about this yesterday

Zara: I feel like I’ve already said everything i could…

Taylor: Please?? I really want to meet up with you

zara: im only saying yes because he begged…not for any other reason…nope nope nope 

Zara: okay. fine. I’ll see you soon

92 Truths Tag Game
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose people to be tagged.
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Last drink: Gatorade
Last phone call: My mom!
Last text message: @t-swizzle1234, talking about the journals I just found while cleaning my room
Last song you listened to: Mean by Taylor Swift
Last time i cried: Two-ish days ago?
Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: If getting back together with an ex for a grand total of 18 hours before he decided he didn’t want a relationship counts, then sure
Been cheated on: Yup. Asshat.
Kissed someone and regretted it: Unfortunately, yes.
Lost someone special: Yeah…
Been depressed: No, not really
Been drunk and thrown up: Nope! And hopefully never will! (I probably will tbh)
In the past year have you:
Made a new friend: Lots of them actually! 💖
Fallen out of love: I… wish I could say yes.
Laughed until you cried: Plenty of times :)
Met someone who changed you: “I’ll never change, but I’ll never stay the same, either.”
(This is just a fancy way for me to say that I have absolutely no idea how to answer this… but I guess I have? I’m constantly meeting new people and I’m constantly learning and changing, so…“)
Found out who your true friends are: Yeah… I’m not really the best judge of character .-.
Found out someone was talking about you: I don’t think so?
How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: @megurinelukamagnet-03 , @artizlifesoiswritinq , and my ex who I haven’t blocked for some godforsaken reason
Do you have any pets: Yup, a cocker spaniel named Kohl :P
Do you want to change your name: Sometimes? But tbh it’s more my last name bc everyone butchers it oops
What time did you wake up this morning: 4 AM BECAUSE I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL
What were you doing last night: Trying to sleep and wondering why I agreed to go into work at 6:30 in the morning
Name something you cannot wait for: YOU’RE WELCOME TOUR
Have you talked to a person named Tom: YUP. Co - host of this open mic that I should really try to go to more often.
Whats getting on your nerves rn: The fact that my mom hasn’t bothered to fix her computer so my family is constantly using mine .-.
Blood type: I would probably know this if I hadn’t chickened out of donating blood that one time.
Nickname: um… my mom calls me “chicken” sometimes…
Relationship status: single pringle who just wants to be loved!
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Pronouns: she/her
Favourite show: Big Bang Theory or The Golden Girls
College: I should really be in college but I’m a piece of shit so there’s that.
Hair colour: medium brown. Thinking of coloring it soon though!
Do you have a crush on someone: I’ve had some… confusing feelings about a friend of mine. Not sure whether I’d call it a crush or not just yet…
What do you like about yourself: Mah eyebrows!
First surgery: Haven’t had any, thank God
First piercing: Ears, when I was 4
First sport you joined: I played soccer after school for like… 6 weeks when I was in 4th grade or something like that? Not sure what posesssed me to do that. I hate sports XD
First vacation: Um probably camping somewhere bc i did a lot of that as a kid but the first “real” vacation was Florida/ Carribbean cruise when I was 7!
First pair of sneakers: I… what kind of question is this…?
Eating: lemon cookies
Drinking: water
I’m about to: fall asleep tbh
Listening to: some show my mom is watching, I don’t care enough to check what it is, oops
Want kids: Probably?
Get married: Yes, I’m in love with the idea of love
Career: Singer, but HAAHAHAHAHAHA

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Eyes, I love eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs (Although both guys I’ve kissed were… less than great at it, so that might have something to do with that!)
Shorter or taller: Tall people rock, making me feel all cute and smol and stuff
Older or younger: I was gonna say I don’t know, but all the people I’ve had crushes on in like… that past 2 years have been older than me. So yeah, older.
Romantic or spontaneous: hm. good question.
Sensitive or loud: I don’t FRIKKIN know!
Hook up or relationship: Relationship, I’M ALL ABOUT THAT CUTESY SHIT
Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant .-.
Kissed a stranger: Nope
Drank hard liquor: The hardest thing I’ve ever touched was wine once, on a vacation out of the country
Lost glasses/contacts: Yup… Also sat on them… and got the arms caught in things and ripped them off… I haven’t had the best luck with these things lmao
Sex on first date: No no no no no no no
Broken someones heart: I mean my ex cried when I left him but he cheated on me so like… if he was actually upset (which I doubt), he deserved it.
Been arrested: A good girl like me?
Turned someone down: Yup. It hurt.
Fallen for a friend: Yup. This hurt too.
Do you believe:
In yourself: Depends on the day, but I try to
Miracles: Sure?
Love at first sight: Maybe idk
Heaven: Yeah
Santa Claus: Well, duh!
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The part in the Variety chat where Tom talks about going home.

Interviewer: Last time I saw you you said you hadn’t been home in a year.

Tom: I hadn’t.

Interviewer: Really?

Tom: Yeah, I’ve since been home for a bit.

Interviewer: Yeah, I think I read something about that.

Tom: Yeah *laughs adorably and squirms* nope been home (or something like that?)

It’s cute because it’s obviously about his visit to his Mom’s with Taylor, and I’m pretty sure he blushes there! :)

you're bestfriends with Aaron and you like Jacob Pt.2

It had been a week since you had confessed to your best friend that you liked Jacob. It had also been three weeks since you had seen him. Aaron had been avoiding you. You could tell. Normally you two were inseparable, but for the past weeks, you hadn’t hung out and that honestly broke your heart. Whenever you called to ask if he was free, he would always make up some lame excuse.

“Why is Aaron being such a jerk.” You pouted, sitting on Taylor’s bed.
“What do you mean?”. He replied, putting on a shirt as he made his way over to you.
“Oh come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. He has literally been doing everything he can to avoid me.” You scoffed.
“I guess he has been a little on edge lately,” Taylor sat down beside you, “but don’t worry, he loves you, you’re his best friend." Best friend, the word echoed in your mind. Your phone buzzed in your pocket, disrupting your thoughts.

 'Wanna hang out? :)’ - Jacob.

Normally your heart would have sped up and you would’ve eagerly replied with a yes. But today, your mind was with Aaron. He was all you could think about. You had to go see him.

‘Can’t sorry, I need to go see Aaron. Maybe another time though x’
You simply replied.

"Tay, I’m gonna go now, I need to see Aaron.” Yo stood up.
“Do you want a lift?” Taylor asked, grabbing his keys off the side drawer.
“Sure.” You smirked.

“Don’t tell anyone, especially Aaron, but man, I know why he’s in such a pissy mood.” Taylor said.
“What? Tell me! Maybe I can help.” You eagerly sat up in your seat.
“I don’t know if you can help, but okay. So like two weeks ago, Aaron was talking to Shawn and he literally sounded so mad. Man, I never knew cute little Aaron could be so angry. But anyways, he was like complaining because like the chick that he’s in love with, told him she liked someone else. Man I wanted to tell him to grow a pair, but he didn’t know I was listening.”

Your heart began to race. Had Aaron been talking about you? Did he like you? A small smile spread across your face. “Did he say who it was?.. The girl I mean.” You asked.
“Nope. Well he could have but I didn’t hear that part.” Taylor replied.

“Does Aaron know we’re coming?” Taylor asked as you pulled up to Aaron’s house.
“No, but I texted Dustyn and he said Aaron would be home.”
“Well good luck talking to him.” Taylor said as you pushed the car door open.

“I will need it.” You muttered.

You knocked on the door. “Aaron.” You yelled. “There really is no point in not opening the door for me, I know where the spare key is.” You heard a groan from the other side of the door, and a couple of seconds later it opened.

“Y/N.” Aaron said. After ignoring you, that’s all he could say? “Can I come in?” You asked. He scratched the back of his neck, seemingly uncomfortable, You didn’t know why it was so awkward for you two, after all you were best friends.
“Um… I was actually about to go and hang out with Dustyn.”
“Really? 'Cause I just texted Dustyn and he’s not even in town!” You snapped, growing frustrated.

Aaron slowly opened the door wider, letting you in. You walked over to the couch and sat down, trying to relax. Aaron stood by the door frame, so you gestured for him to sit beside you. He hesitantly did so.
“Why are you avoiding me?” You softly asked, trying not to show how hurt you were. Aaron must have noticed though because he instantly relaxed, and his expression softened.
“I… I’m just a bit all over the place. I’m sorry.” He pulled you in for a hug. You slowly eased into it. “I miss you.” You muttered.
“I miss you two. I’m sorry.” He rubbed your back. You pulled away from the hug, but your faces were still inches apart. You looked into his eyes, and at that moment you realised, you really liked him, like more than a friend. He looked as though he was about to say something, but you pressed your lips against his. Immediately you pulled away. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” You began rambling.
“Hey, Y/N it’s okay… I kinda, really, sorta, maybe am in love with you?” He said. You smiled.
“I’m in love with you too.”
“What about Jacob?” Aaron looked annoyed at the thought of Jacob.
“He doesn’t make me feel the way you do. And these past weeks I realised that I needed you. Absence makes a heart grow fonder?" He laughed at you statement and kissed you.

A/N: Sorry that took so long :( I hope you liked it tho

*Taylor Swift performs*

(since today is the taylor swift day with “1989” and all that shit, I just wanted to remember this moment at the mtv vma 2013 lmao)

That awkward moment in which sequentially: 

  • Harry Styles claps his hands trying not to laugh at her because *cameras* and so he smirks unabashedly
  • Niall Horan just claps, smiles and shrugs off because he’s a ball of sunshine who doesn’t give a fuck, but he looks pointedly at Louis
  • Zayn Malik just sips his drink and minds his own business probably thinking at the good fuck he will have with his bandmate Liam Payne


Forgotten. -A Matthew Espinosa Imagine!

I’ve been with Matthew Espinosa for six months already. These months went by. I was close to all the boys. Nash, Cam, The Jacks, Taylor, Shawn, Aaron, Hayes, Sam, Jacob, and Carter. My birthday was coming up. Matthew and I didn’t really talk about that much.

“Are you excited for your birthday tomorrow?” Taylor asked, smiling.

“It’s like whatever.” I said, softly.

“I bet Matthew is going to get you the best present ever.” Nash said, smiling.

“I have him, that’s all I want.” I giggled.

“Oh, Come on, Y/N. You must want something else!” Aaron said, laughing lightly.

“Nope.” I giggled. “Well. I got to go home. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow?” I asked as I walked towards the door.

“Duh.” Gilinsky laughed as he went to go hug me. Everyone was there besides Matthew. He told me he had family stuff to take care of, which is why he isn’t here at the moment. I left after everyone attacked me with goodbye hugs.

The next morning I woke up with a whole bunch of good morning/ Happy birthday texts from the guys, and none from Matthew. It was 9:30am. Matthew was always awake at that time. I didn’t try to get too ahead of myself. I walked downstairs and my parents greeted me with cake. 

As the day progressed, there was still no sign of Matthew. He didn’t text me, nor call me. I felt awful. He forgot about me. I decided to call Matt. 

“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” Matthew answered moments later.

My heart sank to my feet. My boyfriend actually forgot about me and my birthday.

“I was just wondering if you were okay.” I said, softly.

“I’m fine. I was just hanging out with Stacie. I hope you don’t mind.” Matthew said.

Stacie was Matthew’s ex girlfriend, incase I didn’t say it earlier.

“O-Oh. Well I got to go.” I hung up. I just wanted to cry. I ran into my house.

“Surprise!” All of the boys came up and surprised me.

“Oh My!” I said, wiping the tears from my cheeks.

“Hey, Are you okay?” Johnson asked as he hugged me.

“Y-Yeah.” I said, trying to hold back tears.

“It’s Matthew, isn’t it?” Shawn sighed. I stared at Shawn then nodded quickly, letting more tears roll down my cheeks.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m sorry.” Cameron said, hugging me.

Matthew showed up a few moments later. “Fuck.” Matthew said, loud enough for all of us to hear.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry.. I forgot today was your birthday.” Matthew said, softly, walking towards me.

“Yeah, you forgot because you were with Staci!” I said, nearly shouting with tears in my eyes.

“Oh, God. I’m awful. I’m so sorry.” Matthew hugged me.

“Stop!” I pushed him away with tears in my eyes.

“Stop trying to push me away! I know I fucked up! I’m trying to apologize!” Matthew said, raising his voice.

“Whoa. Everyone calm down.” Nash said, holding Matt back.

Jacob walked next to me and hugged me. “You guys have to work this out. Matthew, you shouldn’t be hanging out with Staci in the first place.” Jacob said, softly.

“I’m sorry I wanted to hang out with FRIENDS.” Matthew said.

“Stop yelling, calm down.” Gilinsky said, softly.

“Y/N.. I’m sorry. Let me make this up to you. I love you, babe.” Matthew said, glancing at me.

I looked down.

All of the boys stared at me, waiting for my response.

“Fine. One more chance.” I said, softly.

Matthew walked over to me and hugged me tightly. “I love you, Y/N. I will make this up to you, I promise.” Matthew said, holding me tightly.

The boys aw’d, which got embarrassing after a while. I love Matthew, and I always will. I just hope he can make it up to me.

I’m sorry this sucked :( and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much! I promise I will post more imagines every day! So Keep Requests coming!! (: Love you guys ;*

Imagine: You ran into his ex-girlfriend (Harry)

I’m back with another imagine! Sorry this one took a while, as usual I got distracted with another imagine (so there’s one more on the way!) But just take note that in this one you’re famous as well, I thought I’d try something new and plus, who doesn’t want to fantasize about making millions of dollars a year IN ADDITION to dating Harry Styles, am I right? ;) Enjoy!

You were looking out the window, admiring the sunny town that you were zooming through, trying to control the nerves in your stomach. You felt a light squeeze on your right hand. “Babe,” you saw Harry grinning at you, “I’m so proud that my brilliant girlfriend is nominated for Best New Artist.” Ah, yes, you thought, and your stomach started to do the flips again. You were all in the back of a limo –you and One Direction –on your way to the Grammys. The boys were scheduled to perform and you were there to see if you could beat the other three artists in the category to your first Grammy.

Once you arrived on the red carpet, you felt a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on: other musicians, photographers, fans, and camera flashes. You let Harry take pictures with the boys, while you walked towards the reporters and fans to sign a few autographs. Screams and questions started coming at you all at once, but you let your adrenaline rush handle of the situation. “Nervous about the nomination?” you heard in the middle of ‘I love you, (Y/N)!’s from your fans. “Not at all, but do know that I’m lying to you right now,” you chuckled. “You and Harry look amazing tonight.” “Thank you! Our stylists are alright…” you winked for one of the cameras, already feeling more at ease than you were 15 minutes ago. “Did you see Taylor yet? She was just here a minute ago!” And you felt your heart drop again. You knew it was bound to get brought up at some point, the fact that all three of you were going to be in the same room for 5 hours. The press had been talking about it for weeks. “Nope, I haven’t! But I bet she looks amazing,” you answered quickly and moved on towards the building.

It wasn’t that you were dreading to see Taylor Swift, not at all. In fact, you were thrilled to see her, you just wished you weren’t going to meet her for the very first time as her ex’s new girlfriend. Truth was, you idolized her –you just didn’t know if you should show it in case you were the material for her next song. You looked over to Harry right before you entered the building; he and the boys were still taking pictures and talking with fans, so you decided to let an usher take you to your seat first. You were pleased to find that you weren’t seated too far from the stage –after all, you were sitting next to Harry Styles. All around you, people were talking to each other –famous people, and you watched in awe, this was everything you’d ever dreamed of. Your eyes drifted across the room and that was when you spotted her. She was hard to miss –tall, blonde, gorgeous. Right then, you decided that you had to talk to her. Maybe she’d ignore you and you’d completely embarrass yourself, but at least then you’d know she wasn’t worth your admiration. You started making your way towards her, and her eyes caught you, too. For a moment she looked frozen, but you started talking, “Hi, I’m (Y/N). I just wanted to come say hello and tell you that I’ve been such a big fan for years.” She looked at you, and for a second you were afraid that she really was going to ignore you, but a tiny smile formed on her lips, “Yeah, (Y/N)! Taylor,” she held out her hand, “not trying to make this awkward, but I know who you are, we’ve probably been in, like, 80 gossip articles together.” You both laughed awkwardly, neither of you attempting to mask how uncomfortable it was, so you decided to end the encounter. “Yeah, it sucks that I’m meeting you like this. I love your music!” you said, animated. “It’s just, whatever’s been going on, you know, in our personal lives, nothing’s changed the fact that I think you’re an amazing artist.”

“Babe?” you heard a low voice call from behind you. You turned around to see your boyfriend walking up to you, giving his ex-girlfriend a nod and a nervous smile. She did the same. “Well, anyway, that’s all. It’s been such an honor meeting you…” you concluded, ready to leave with Harry. You were surprised when she replied with an amiable smile, “You, too. And (Y/N), good luck with the award tonight. I listened to your whole album and between you and me,” she lowered her voice, “you should totally win.” You let out a laugh and thanked her, wishing her the same. As you and Harry walked back to your seats, he put his arms securely around you. “She didn’t say anything hurtful or harsh, did she?” he asked protectively. “No, she was actually kinda…nice. Can’t believe I met her, and I can’t believe she didn’t hate me!” you squealed giddily. He laughed and shook his head. “I love you,” he whispered, “just don’t get together in the studio and write about me, yeah?” You looked at him playfully, “Well, that’s going to depend on your behavior, mister,” you stuck your tongue out and he stole a quick kiss before joining the rest of the boys.

That was it! As usual, let me know if you love/hate it! Thanks for reading guys x

so fuckin as u all KNOW Zack got loft ‘89 last night and I freaked out and fell into my grave I’m still in there btw six feet deep tbh
so I’m living my damn life lmao and I’m watching Jersey Shore and eating macaroni and cheese and I come on twitter and it’s BLOWING…DAMN…UP…SO I THINK TO MYSELF OMFG ZACK IS BACK ZACK ATTACK SO I’M LOOKING AND I SEE THE TWEET “I TALKED TO TAYLOR ABOUT KYLEE AND MADELINE”
IT HAS BEEN 16 HOURS SINCE I FIRST GOT THE DAMN NEWS AND I’M STILL NOT 100% ALL MENTALLY THERE YOU GUYS SHOULDV'E SEEN ME LAST NIGHT like in person lmao you don’t understand what was goin on I thought I was gonna have to be taken away
anyway so finally I come back inside and I’m like shaking like a leaf and I cannot physically look at my TL I don’t even wanna damn know I’m soTERRIFIED for my life
memewhile I’m tlakin to my friend on aim and I’m literally having a mental breakdown like “I CAN’T DO THIS I CAN’T LOOK” AND SHE WAS LIKE “LOOK!!!!!!!!! U GOD DAMN URCHIN”
fuckin okay so he put it in video form and what I wouldn’t give for u guys to see the video but he’s f@ke and has his twit locked so I HAD A TRANSCRIPT LMAO
okay here we go
“I was like she’s the queen of the fandom everyone loves her. talyor was like "how long has she been a fan for?” and I was like seven years I think. she’s been a fan for a really long time since the beginning. I
was like she put she has this hilarious video of her screaming when you came out to perform SSN at the jonas brothers concert. she was like oh my god that is amazing. what’s her url again? I was like andthatlittleblackdress. and she was like…and…that…little…black…dress…I’m going to remember that.“
I WAS LIKE………………………………
I’M LIKE…………..

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i was listening to ryan seacrest on the radio and he was talking about how taylor denied getting married and said something like "so apparently none of the stories we've been reporting on for the past month have been true we've been getting them from sources but apparently nope no validity to them just want to put that as a disclaimer" idk if it's important but it made me think of babygate especially since he was talking abt fake pregnancies yesterday

hmm ok…i don’t quite get why he said that?? but interesting. posting in case others are interested.

Taylor/Shawn Imagine

Magical and Perfect

“Emma, are you ready?” Shawn asked you

“Yep” You replied as you looked yourself in the mirror

“You look beautiful” Shawn said

“Thanks” You said as you kissed his cheek

Then your boyfriend Taylor came in.

“Hey babe” He said as you and Shawn pulled away

“Hey Taylor” You said and went to hug him

“Ready to go?” He asked you

“Yeah” You said and broke the hug

“Okay let’s go” Taylor said and you, Shawn and Taylor walked out of the room

“Where are the other guys?” You asked Taylor

“Oh…umm they’re coming” He said texting someone on the his phone

“There they are” Shawn said

“Hey guys” Nash said

“Hey” Shawn and you replied while Taylor was still texting

“Let’s go” Cameron and Matt said in their girly voice

“So who invited us to this party?” Shawn asked

“A friend of Taylor.” Jacob replied

When you arrived at the party you could see that the house was really crowded. There were people dancing, talking and making out. You didn’t really knew anyone at the party so you planned to hang out with the boys. But once they entered the party, they all went separate ways except Shawn. Shawn was your best guy friend and your secret crush.

“Emma wanna go for something to drink?” Shawn asked you

“Sure” You said while you were trying to walk with a lot of people but then Shawn said

“Give me your hand”

“Thanks” You said and smiled

When you and Shawn arrived to the kitchen, there was alcohol, beer, coke and other weird drinks. Since you didn’t like alcohol neither you liked bee you decided to drink coke.

“Want some alcohol?” You asked Shawn

“No thanks. I don’t drink” He said as he grabbed a cup with coke

“Neither do I. The taste is just horrible” You said

“I agree” He said

You and Shawn talked about random stuff until he needed to go to the bathroom. So you decided to go and look for Taylor. But he was nowhere to be found.

“Matt have you seen Taylor” You asked him

“Nope but maybe Dillon knows” He said pointing to Dillon who was talking to Aaron

“Thanks” You said and walked over to Dillon and Aaron

“Hey guys, have you seen Taylor?” You asked them

“I saw him by the pool” Aaron said

“Yeah me too” Dillon said

“Okay. Thank you guys” You said and then went to the pool

On the way to the pool you tripped with Shawn.

“I’m sorry” He said

“It’s okay Shawn. I’m fine. Let’s go and find Taylor” You replied

“Okay” He said and grabbed your hand again

“According to Aaron and Dillon he must be here” You said

You then saw Taylor at the pool but he wasn’t alone. He was with a blonde girl. A tear rolled down your cheek when you saw him and the blonde girl kissing. You knew that you were strong so you decided to confront him.

“Taylor what do you think you are doing?” You yelled at him making everyone who was at the pool to look at you and Taylor

“Emma it’s not what it looks like” He said as he got out of the water

“Of course it is” You yelled back

“Emma please let’s talk about it” He said coming closer to you and grabbing your hand

“Don’t touch me” You said in tears

“Babe please” He begged

“Don’t call me babe. We’re over” You said

“Whatever” He said and walked away, leaving you in tears. Then Shawn came over and hugged you.

“Emma, I’m so sorry” He said

“I don’t really care. Can we just please go?” You asked him wiping away the tears

“Yeah let’s go” He said and grabbed your hand

As you and Shawn waited for the taxi to come you started to shiver because it was really cold.

“Emma, here” Shawn said as he took of his coat

“Thanks” You said

“Come on. Let’s go” He said as the taxi finally arrived

Shawn’s P.O.V

I couldn’t believe that Shawn cheated on her and he didn’t even care. Emma is a sweet girl that didn’t deserve any of this. She is beautiful, honest and kind. How can Taylor cheat on her with another girl. But now that she is single I may have a chance with her. I have liked Emma since middle school. She has been my best friend since then. When we got to the hotel room that she shared with Taylor and Dillon she started to destroy every single memory that reminded her of Taylor.

“I hate you so much” He said as she destroyed a picture of her and Taylor. But then she burst into tears so I went and comforted her.

“Emma it’s okay. You are now here with me, he isn’t going to hurt you anymore” I said and she looked at me

“He doesn’t deserves any of your tears” I said and wiped the tears away with my thumbs

“Look you can sleep with me, Cameron and Nash” I said and she hugged me

“Thank you so much” She said hugging me tighter

“You’re welcome” I said and broke the hug

“C’mon let’s gather your stuff” I said

“Okay” She said as she got her suitcase and put all her belongings in it.

After she finished I asked her:


“Yep” She replied

“Okay let’s go” I said as we walked out of her room and went into my hotel room

“You can have my bed” I said as I pointed to my bed

“Where are you going to sleep?” She asked me

“I’ll just sleep in the floor” I replied

“No, we can share a bed” She said

“Are you sure?” I asked her

“Yeah. It’s not a big deal” She said

“Okay” I said and smile

Your P.O.V

It has been two hours since me and Taylor broke up. I didn’t even care because we never really had anything in common not like me and Shawn. I was going to break up with him soon but I just couldn’t hurt him. But he hurt me so I knew that our relationship needed to come to an end.

“What should we do?” Shawn asked me

“I don’t know” I replied as I sat in his bed

“Wanna do a YouTube video with me?” He asked me

“Are you talking about a singing video?” I asked him

“Yep” He said as he got out his guitar

“NO!” I said

“C’mon Emma you sing really good.” Shawn said and sat down next to me

“How do you know that?” I asked him

“Because your mom showed me videos of you singing” He said

“Oh my god. I am so killing me mom” I said

“PLEASE?” Shawn begged

“NO!”I said

“PLEASE?” He begged again

“NO!” I said once again

“PLEASE?” He begged once again but then he started tickling you.

“Shawn stop” You said

“No until you say “SHAWN IS THE NEXT AUSTIN MAHONE” He said

“Okay. Okay” You said

“I can’t hear you” He said

“SHAWN IS THE NEXT AUSTIN MAHONE” I said in between laughs

“Now can you please stop?” I asked

“Yes” He said but then I started to tickle him for revenge

“Emma stop” He said

“No until you say “EMMA IS THE QUEEN” I said

“EMMA IS THE QUEEN” Shawn said

Then we couldn’t stop laughing. I had agreed to make a video with him. As I saw next to him my phone felled to the floor. I bend down to pick it up and so did Shawn, causing our heads to hit.

“Sorry” Shawn apologized

“It’s okay but thanks” He said handing you your phone as both of you were face to face. He leaned in and so did I. Then my lips and his lips crashed together. It was magical. Then he stopped and smiled.

“Shawn?” I said

“Yes Emma” He said

“I love you” I said

“I love you too” He said and then he kissed me again

It was magical. It was PERFECT!

Sibling fights and a break-up

“It’s so quiet.” Taylor spoke up as they laid on the couch watching TV.

“For now though. Once they walk into that door, it’ll be a mess.” He laughed referring to their kids. Scarlett, Caleb, Ellie and Isaac were the center of their world. It was complicated since Scarlett was now fifteen and Caleb was eleven. They were always fighting. Caleb loved to annoy his sister.

Scarlett was growing up to be an amazing young lady. Ever since she was little, she loved music and she played guitar and sang all the time. She was very kind and sweet, a lot like her mother, always worried about other people and making sure everyone was okay. She was funny and charming like her dad and also stubborn which wasn’t exactly a good thing for her parents.

Caleb was a charming young boy. His green eyes and dirty blonde hair had girls falling for him, even at the age of eleven. He was always telling jokes and his favorite thing was to annoy his sister. He loved sports, always running around, so much that his mother was always worried he would hurt himself.

Ellie and Isaac were twins. They were seven years old and very different from one another. Isaac was the sweetest kid, always trying to make everyone laugh, making sure everyone was having a good time. Ellie was very quiet and reserved, the only people she ever wanted to spent were Scarlett and occasionally her mom. Scarlett and Ellie’s relationship was the strongest bond Taylor had ever seen. Scarlett adored her little sister and Ellie went to her big sister for everything.

“Mom! Scar is being annoying again!” Caleb yelled as he walked through the front door. Calvin and Taylor looked at each other.

“Guess it’s over.” Taylor said to him as they got up and walked to the hall.

“I’m not being annoying, you are!” Scarlett retaliated. Caleb mocked which left her even more annoyed.

“Just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean I’ll obey you when you tell me to do something!” He spat back at her, fuming.

Scarlett was about to answer when her mother intervened. “Both of you, stop it!” She warned and they both went quiet. “Let’s go sit down and talk about this like civilized people.” She stepped aside so they could walk to the living room which they did.

Once they were sitting down, Calvin started talking. “Want to explain what’s happening?” He asked, looking between both of them.

“He was playing with my phone and I told him not to and then he started saying I was annoying because I was always telling him what to do and blah blah blah.” Scarlett rolled her eyes.

“Caleb, I thought we talked about this. It’s wrong to take your sister’s phone ,or anything for that matter, without permission.” Taylor told him off but kept her voice low as she spoke. She gave him a disapproving look and he sighed.

“I don’t want to hear more about this, your brother and sister will be here in ten minutes and they hate it when you two fight.” Calvin pointed out. They nodded. Caleb apologized and then walked upstairs to his room. Scarlett stayed in the living room.

“Scar, remember that your brother is younger than you, sometimes he doesn’t understand everything and you need to be patient and let him learn.” Taylor sat down next to her daughter and kissed her head. “You are right though, what he did was wrong.” She told her. Scarlett nodded and continued watching TV.

Later, when the night had fallen, Scarlett was laying in bed wide awake, because she couldn’t sleep. At around 1 am, Taylor was going to get a glass of water when she noticed the light was on in her daughter’s room.

“Scar? Baby?” She peaked through the door and her daughter smiled softly at her. “Can’t sleep?” She asked, making her way to Scarlett’s bed, laying down next to her.

“Nope. Too much on my mind I guess.” She shrugged and Taylor kissed her cheek.

“Want to talk about it, babe?” She shook her head. “Okay. What about a cuddle?” Taylor smiled and Scarlett moved closer to her, resting her head on her mother’s chest.

“He broke up with me.” Scarlett said, quietly, sighing after a few minutes. She had been dating this boy from school for a couple of months.

“You don’t seem too upset about it, babe.” Taylor pointed out, rubbing her arm.

“I should be right? I just don’t feel anything, I’m just…numb.” She told her mother. “He’s been acting weird for about a week now. I guess I was expecting it.” She explained. Taylor nodded her head, urging her to keep going. “I feel kind of guilty for not being upset about it. I mean, I am bit upset about it, he was my boyfriend for a few months but I think I jumped into being with him knowing it wouldn’t work out.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty about the way you feel, Scarlett. It doesn’t have to be that way. You liked him and he liked you but people change their minds sometimes and that’s okay. We’re just people, it happens. And even if you did jump into it, it’s fine. You learn, you took the risks needed to make mistakes and that makes you brave, sweetie.” Taylor spoke, always ready to give advice. Scarlett nodded and was quiet for awhile, taking in the words her mother had said to her.

“Thanks, mom.” She smiled, before holding her tight.

“You’re welcome, honey. I’m always here.” Brushing Scarlett’s blonde hair out of her face and kissing her cheek. “You should try to go to sleep. It’s late.” She stood up and started walking towards the door. “Good night, Scar. I love you.” She grinned at her.

“I love you too.” She replied before getting in bed.

Taylor started thinking about how fast her daughter was growing up. It seemed like yesterday that she was holding her in her arms, trying to get her to fall asleep. She was extremely proud of the person Scarlett was becoming.

Once she returned to her and Calvin’s bed, she snuggled to her husband’s side. “Everything okay? You were gone for long.” He whispered, kissing her head.

“Scar needed advice, that’s all.” She held him tighter, finding comfort in his warmth. “She’s growing up too fast, Adam.”

“I know, love. I don’t like it. I want to go back to when she was a baby.” He smiled, before closing his eyes again, remembering everything they had been through. “I love you.” He murmured against her hair.

“I love you too.” They fell asleep in each other’s arms to wake up to another busy day. As always, there was never a dull day in their house.


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Notice Me part 2 (Jack Gilinsky)

I don’t know how long I sit there leaning against the wall crying.
I’m pretty sure it’s not that long because someone starts calling my name.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?” It’s Carter, one of the last people that I want to see right now.
“What in the actual fuck do you want you asswipe?”
He winces but I could care less right now. Not after what he did to (Y/B/F/N).
“I didn’t mean-“
“Don’t say that shit. You don’t exactly slip and fall into a vagina on accident asshole. You could live a thousand lifetimes and she’d never forgive you.”
He looks down at the ground,”I know that already. But I want her to be happy with someone else that won’t do this to her.”
Sadly, I somewhat pity him,”Carter, she might forgive you. If you saw the way that she looked at you, like you were the only thing that mattered, like you were her sun, her everything. But just give her some time, and grovel at her feet when you feel as if you’ve given her enough time.”
He gets up from his position and looks at me,”You’re right. Let’s go they’re gonna open up in a few minutes.”
With a sigh I realize that I didn’t actually get time by myself,”I’ll be over there soon you go ahead.”
Carter nods his head and meets up with the guys in the room.
Grudgingly I decide to try my luck on the bathroom again.
When I enter I expect to see Jack and the redhead, but it’s just her, he’s nowhere to be seen.
The redhead whose name I’ve yet to learn has puffy eyes lined with a bit of moisture that she wipes off with a tissue.
Me being the nosy person I am, I ask,”Hey what’s wrong?”
She sniffles,”Guys are assholes.” And starts crying again.
“We all know that already. What’s your name?”
“I’m Molly.”
“Well I’m (Y/N).”
She literally stiffens like a surfboard and rushes out of the bathroom.
I do my business, wash my hands like the clean person I am and head out with my head held high.
Jack is not going to break me like that.
I was only nice to her because I felt bad and wondered why she was crying.
I sure as hell would not be crying if I just had sex with Jack Gilinsky.
Definitely would not be crying.
I’m just really disappointed and sad. Why the hell am I even feeling like this, we’re just friends.
Noting more.
I swallow back the tears that threaten to spill down my face and search for the guys.
“(Y/N) we were looking for you, where’d you go?” Shawn Mendez. Beautiful, talented, and caring is one of the few words that describes him.
“I had to take care of feminine problems in the bathroom.”
He blushes and rubs the back of his head awkwardly, Jesus he is the definition of perfect.
“Oh….um….ok yeah so let’s go, I’ll text the guys that I found you. You’re gonna watch us right.”
“Only if you sing drunk by Ed.”
His laugh echoes throughout the hallway,”Alright I’ll think about it.”
“You better.” I grumble and pout as he messes up my hair.
I run off before he can completely demolish my bun and as I make my escape I fall into the arms of the last person that I want to see right now.
Jack. Gilinsky.
“(Y/N) do you know how worried we were about you. We thought you left.”
“I didn’t leave at all, just went to the bathroom.” My voice sounds so different, almost robotic.
I notice him wince, but I don’t comment on it other than sigh and walk past him to the room filled with screaming girls.
One in particular catches my eye,”(Y/O/F/N)?” *your other friends name*
She turns my way and brightens when she sees me,”(Y/N)? Oh my god this is where you’ve been hiding? You never asked me to come with you I had to find out from (Y/B/F/N) and get a ticket from her.”
“I’m sorry, I could only bring one person.”
She shushes me and turns back to the stage when Matt appears along with the other boys.
Abruptly the song lip gloss comes on and they all start swiveling their hips to the beat while the girls scream so loud that I’m pretty sure the people in China could hear them.
I whistle and dance along to the song as well.
The song stops and Nash takes the mic,”Evening everyone we’re so grateful for all of you being here. For our next attraction we’ve all decided that we’re gonna a random blind folded kissing child. Four of the guys have volunteered and now all we need is four girls.”
They all scream as Nash passes the mic to Taylor,”Just tweet the hashtag secretkisses and the randomizer will choose four random people and who they are paired up with.”
The tapping of fingers on phones surround me and (Y/O/F/N) looks at me,”You should do it too.”
“Oh no I’m friends with all the guys and it’d be really awkward-“
“Just do it, there’s so many people here you might not even get picked.” She thrusts my phone at me that she grabbed out of my pocket.
Screw it.
“Sure why not?” Who knows I might get paired with Jack. Not.
A few minutes later Hayes puts blindfolds on the guys as they sit on stools waiting patiently.
The randomizer picks a pretty redhead with a small frame and gets paired with Cameron.
Next is (Y/O/F/N) and Shawn.
After that the next person’s twitter page that pops up shocks me.
My tweet shows up on the screen and my partner is Matt.
Matt. Beautiful, wonderful, funny, Matt. Who I’m not attracted to as much as his friend.
My luck.
Taylor waves me over and I pick my jaw off the floor as I steady myself up to the stage.
Jack’s partner is a blonde with a cake face and my nose crinkles up with distaste.
Shawn and (Y/O/F/N) go first and his cheeks are stained a bright red color that makes everyone fawn. I can tell that he’s hesitant and nervous as their kiss starts out a bit awkward and shy.
However it starts to escalate quickly and they’re literally swallowing each other’s faces.
Something I did not want to see.
Next is Cameron and the pair start steamy from beginning to end.
Afterwards is Jack and he seems disappointed since the girl looked like she didn’t know what she was doing.
Oh god this is it. I’m freaking out.
I look at Matt’s face and count the few moles the sprinkle his face.
Closing my eyes I lean forward and capture my lips with his.
Wow. The soft pink of his lips slide against mine like silk with each movement that we make. His mouth is hot and I make a pathetic little noise when his tongue traces my bottom lip.
Teasingly I bite his top lip when he smiles and pull away.
He wraps my hand into his before I walk away and whispers in my ear,”I know it’s you (Y/N) I can smell your perfume and it’s driving me crazier by the second.”
Hayes neck is spotted red with embarrassment of watching Matt and I while the other boys make fake puking noises and pretend to heave.
Carter coughs awkwardly,”Alright ladies step away and get mixed up in a different form.”
We switch spots until I’m standing in front of Jack.
“Now take off your blindfolds and guess which girl it was.”
They take off the blindfolds and all stare at me absolutely shocked. Except for Matt who just smirks slightly and winks at me.
Aw shit.
“We also forgot to tell you that if you guess your correct partner then the two of you are able to spend the whole day together.” Taylor glances at me and gives me a pointed look.
Which earns him a glare and a lovely view of my middle finger.
“Jack go first.”
Jack looks at me, questioningly and curious,”I’m gonna say that one.”
He’s talking about (Y/O/F/N), but his answer is wrong.
“Wrong. Now Shawn you go.”
He literally inspects all of us with an intense look on his face,”The redhead.”
“Nope. Cam your next.”
“The brunette.”
“Wrong as well. Now Matt it’s all on you now.”
Matt looks directly at me,”(Y/N).”
“Matt you just won a full day with-“
Jack kicks over his stool and grabs my forearm roughly dragging me with him to god knows where.
“Hey! Jack stop! Stop you’re hurting her let her go!” Matts face is an angry red.
Jack looks down at my wrist and his eyes soften, but harden again when he punches Matt in the jaw and picks me up.
I kick and scream trying to help Matt off the floor, but Jack lifts me up on his shoulder and walks off.
My legs flail viciously and my hands are punching into Jack’s back threatening him to let me go.
He walks into a supply closet and turns on the dim light setting me down.
My arms fold over my chest and I stare at him waiting for an explanation.
Jack’s eyes are dark with anger and his Adam’s apple bobs up and down annoyed,”You kissed Matt.”
“Why do you even care all of a sudden?”
He breathes through his nose irritated and punches the wall,”Why? Because I love you. I fucking adore you and you’re so oblivious to it that it pisses me off. I go and try to find someone to take my mind off you, but your always there. Do you know how hard it is to watch you fall for another person?”
“Well you know what? Maybe it’d be easier if you just actually told me how you feel. If you actually opened up to me and stopped being such a closed off person than maybe we wouldn’t even be in this situation. And I never ‘fell’ for anyone. It was you. It was always you and I hate how you think that this is just my fault.” Our noses are touching and I know that it’s petty, but I add,”Why couldn’t I fall for Matt instead?”
That breaks Jack and he closes the small distance and gives me a heated kiss. His hands grip my waist as my fingers fist in his thick brown hair.
I’ve never felt closer to heaven than in this moment.
That was corny, but absolutely true.
His soft lips move against mine teasingly, barely touching mine and I whine with impatience. Jack chuckles at my impatience and enters his hot tongue into my mouth.
The whimper that comes out of my mouth is pathetic, but he seems to like them because he pushes me against the door of the cramped supply closet.
He places his hands under my shirt and that’s when my nervousness starts to kick in.
My breathing starts to turn shaky and Jack begins to pull away.
“(Y/N). Be mine. I’ll have you, if you have me. Please?” He looks so lost and vulnerable that tears run down my face unknowingly. I wrap my hands around his waist and hold him tightly as we both cry because of the pent up unsaid feelings towards each other.
“Jack, we’ll get through this. Together.”
He strokes my hair lovingly and holds me as if he’s afraid I’ll disappear.
But I won’t. Not ever.

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