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Is SKAM big in like UK/US/other parts of the world that arent the north of europe? bc I live in Sweden and all my friends talk about is SKAM, and omg it's kinda annyoing. and alsooo do you know what SKAM means?

I’d never actually heard of it until that firs message tbh. Never heard it mentioned or on TV or anything. Nope, I dont x


“Are you okay?” Barry asked you, putting you back on the ground on your two feet.

You looked at him and nodded. “T-thank you… for saving me. But uhm, who are you, exactly?” you asked, scratched up from the falling rubble from the accident Barry saved you from.

Barry looked at you, a bit confused. “I’m The Flash.” he said, looking at you.

You looked at him with a confused face. “The Flash?” you said. “That’s a strange name.” you said lightly.

Barry raised an eyebrow at you. “The Flash? The fastest man alive? Ring any bells?” he said, running around.

You looked at him. “Nope. Never heard of you.” you said, looking at him. “Should I have?” you then said.

“Well, I’m The Fl–Wait, are you serious, you don’t know who I am?” Barry asked, shocked.

You shook your head and chuckled lightly. “Believe it or not, “Flash”, but not everybody in the world knows you.” you said, lightly smiling at him.

He looked at you and chuckled lightly, shaking his head. “Well, then. This calls for some sort of introduction.” he said, putting his hand out. “I’m The Flash. Nice to meet you.” he said.

You looked at him and smiled lightly, taking his hand. “Y/N.” you said, shaking it. You smiled as you watched him back up after shaking your hand.

“I hope I see you again… just not under the same circumstances.” Barry said, smiling and running off, leaving you curiously intrigued and out of harm’s way, a smile plastered on your face.

  • Person: Oh so you know that Harry Styles gu-
  • Me: Harry Styles? Like my son Harry Styles? The Harry Styles that grew up in Holmes Chapel and worked in a bakery? The Harry Styles who at just 16 auditioned for the X Factor and joined one of the most successful boy bands of all time? The Harry Styles who's in Christopher Nolan's wartime movie "Dunkirk"? The Harry Styles who, despite all his successes and accomplishments has continued to have a heart of gold, while pushing what it means to be a male through his fashion, personality and style, in the most artistic way that one has ever seen????
  • Person: ...
  • Me: Nope. Never heard of him why?

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           ( ) – It really was no surprise that he’d already had a bit of alcohol in his system even before now; really, when was the last time he’d been fully sober? He didn’t care to remember at the moment. What was a surprise was that he was this far gone. Alcohol didn’t effect him the same way it effected other, more complete and certainly more existential beings. There wasn’t enough physically in him for that. Yet here he was, highly humored just by hearing the other’s name and without any aforementioned sobriety to keep him in check– as if it ever did. 

         “Ya mean modernized Gandalf with his walkin’ stick shoved up his ass? Well, I wouldn’t say I know ‘im too well, but when’s that ever stopped anyone from ‘aving an opinion?

           He finished off the rest of his glass and set it off to the side with a general enough lack of interest as he delved in further to said unnecessary opinion. Ain’t gonna lie to ya, I’d consider the guy a real looker if it weren’t for how obvious it is he probably pulls all-nighters, like, every other day– ‘n trust me, I know when that’s happenin’. I live with a guy who probably gets about 5 hours of sleep a week. Actually… maybe it adds into a weird mystic grunge look, if you’re into that. Other than that, I don’t know what t’ think of him… other than he’s a fuckin’ cheater. Anyone who summons up shit ‘n mixes things t’ do their work for ‘em is a cheat– ‘n not in the kind of way I am. ‘Least I’m dishonest ‘bout it. Wizards ‘n all ‘em do it right in front’a ya and then take credit for it. Reminds me too much’a my dear acclaimed mother. Maybe, just maybe, with a lil bt’a pesterin’ and a whole lot’a gettin’ on his nerves, I’ll forgive him. Not that he’s askin’ me for it; ha! As if! I just like gettin’ on his nerves.

           A contemplative look corssed his face as he flickered and dissipated around the edges, a glitch taking to running up and down his right arm and repositioning the tattoos there. Hmm… kinda hurts m’ ego to admit it, but I think he’s got me good ‘n hooked for a while. Ain’t every damn day I can find somethin’ that both disgusts me and interests me. I just gotta get the upperhand on that before he figures that out– ‘cause I don’t know shit about him or how he’d react to that. Aha! I got it! A fist now covered in sticky Shade matter brought out from his rapid glitching thumped down. “I’ll go ‘n annoy the shit outta him right now! Then–

         He was cut off midsentence by his own vanishing trick. Whether or not it was intentional nd lead him to said victim or completely unforeseen and induced by the alcohol now intruding on a static system would remain unknown for quite some time.

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Have you ever read Killer Pizza? It is a book about a pizza shop, working group of teens fighting monsters. I thought you might wanna know about it because book and pizza also for at least one chapter they fight over music.

Nope, I’ve never heard of it. It sounds cool though, who’s the author? :)

Ryden wedding prompts/headcannons:

1. Before the wedding, Ryan takes the rings and has them engraved on the inside with tiny pictures of the moon and the sun. He will get the sun and vice versa.

2. They talked surnames with Brendon and have come to the decision to have a united Urie-Ross surname, so after they’ve said their emotional vows, after they’ve said their yes, they earn ovations from the guests and the best men and one of them leans in, says, “So, Brendon. Do you know a certain Ryan Ross?” Brendon grins, “Nope, never heard of him.”

3. At the party after the wedding, when most guests have gone home and it’s so late it’s early, Spencer starts strumming a song on an acoustic, grinning, and no one really knows what it is. Even Brendon asks Ryan if he knows the tune and Ry laughs lightly against Brendon’s cheek as they’re dancing slowly and sings the entirety of ‘Vampires will never hurt you’ quietly into Bren’s ear. Brendon grins, says, “A tribute to your teenage years, huh, old man?”

4. Brendon designs their suits and Ryan does the decorating

5. “Ry, we need balloons, we’ll do the balloon dance”

6. Brendon grabs Ryan’s hands after the first dance and leads him on a walk through the garden they’re having the wedding in.

7. Pete gives a speech, including spicy details about the couple, making them blush.

8. They keep holding hands, even under the table while eating. Just as a reassurance that they’re there, living it together.

9. Actually, right before the ceremony, the mood hits them and they have a quickie somewhere. Everyone notices, but no one calls them out. Only Gabe giggles a lot.

10. Someone plays Northern Downpour and Brendon starts crying. Ryan hugs him tight and strokes his hair.
“Oh hey, I’ll feed you cake if you stop crying.”

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a - age: 30
b - biggest fear: cats
c - current time: 6:46 pm
d - drink you last had: water
f - favorite song: I can’t just choose one!
g - ghosts, are they real: nope
h - hometown: You probably never heard of it. It’s in a 3rd world country :)
i - in love with: platonic relationships
j - jealous of: people who have the courage to quit their jobs and pursue their passions
k - killed someone: does D&D count? 
l - last time you cried: a year and half ago
m - middle name: I don’t have one
n - number of siblings: 3
o - one wish: standing up for my beliefs
p - person you last called/texted: my parents
q - question(s) you’re always asked: why are you like that? :p
r - reasons to smile: Reading enlightened opinions from people on the internet, having internet access, my parents and siblings understanding/tolerating me, good fiction in any form…
s - song last sang: I like to move it :p
t - time you woke up: 10:00 am
u - underwear color: tan
v - vacation destination: amusement park
w - worst habit: erratic sleep patterns
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth
y - your favorite food: sweets and gateau cake, basically anything with sugar
z - zodiac sign: Taurus

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If you girls know her, what are you three's thoughts on Squigly and Leviathan?

“Never met her. Although I have heard of rumors goin’ ‘round that there’s a zombie with a big worm stickin’ outta their head walkin’ about, which fits Marie’s description of them. Maybe I’ll check it out!” 

“Nope, never heard of them!”

“I’m…responsible for why Sienna is awake again. Unfortunately my existence is what’s inadvertely keeping her alive.”

“But let’s not focus on that. I can relate to what’s happened to her with the Medicis. I’m also glad Leviathan keeps her from becoming a mindless undead soldier as well. “

you    know     how     everyone    talks    about         how    much    they     their muse ?            this  does    not    apply    to     me     and     aaron.             aaron grey ?      don’t know him.              the walking icicle that’s a mess of a person ?    nope never heard of him.