nope youre wrong

Frazel Headcannons


~ Hazel decides to go to a school in New York, and it’s like one of those schools with middle school and highschool combined

~ Frank goes too because why not

~ It’s so weird for Hazel to be treated so fairly by teachers and students, and she’s just so happy

~ Frank decides to take her to a museum about black history( About people like MLK and Rosa Parks) and she’s just ecstatic

~ She finds out about Obama and how he’s the first black president and whenever someone says they don’t like him she gets all protective like “ nOPE YOUR WRONG SORRY”

~ The people in her grade are so confused when she fans herself when they swear or show a lot of skin

~ “ Uh, Hazel, why are you fanning yourself”


~ People are surprised by Franks and Hazels relationship because of the age difference but eventually everyone is like ‘Screw it’ and just everyone ships them


~ When Frank has to much homeowork he turns into a dog and eats most of it and turns in the shreds as evidence

~ *sigh* “ Again, Zhang?”

   " I dunno ma'am he was just really hungry I guess.“

~ Frank is done with americans and their stupid metric system and bonds severly with his fellow canadians

~ Hazel takes a french course and she becomes really fluent so her and piper just talk shit about people in french

~ Frank takes a special veternarian course and just somehow knows eVERYTHING

~ At the end of every school day the two go to a local cofee shop and talk and nibble on yummy things and just bE ADORABLE LITTLE MUFFINS OF FLUFF

so tumblr suggested another one of those stupid spam blogs where you can “watch gravity falls season 2 episode whatever”

and i usually ignore them with no second thought, as i would’ve for this one

except this was the picture they featured for the episode:

Folks say that you can’t be angry forever. 

But I absolutely can. I have an endless supply of justified anger. 

Just because sometimes my exhaustion grows to a point where my anger is eclipsed, doesn’t mean the anger is gone. It’s just not presently center stage. It’s still there. It’s still justified. It’s not going anywhere so long as there’s shit in the world setting it off. 

Anger is not a bad emotion, either. It is not poison. it is not toxic, or wrong. The “all-positive” message forced on us has given it that implication, but it is false. Anger is human. Anger is a reaction to injustice, to hurt, to pain. It is real and valid. 

It can fester, yes - but so can perpetual saccharine glee. it’s what you do with your emotions that determines how positive or negative, how healthy or destructive, it is for you in that moment. 

So I’m gonna sit here with my eternal fury bonfire and keep on being motivated to be better, to improve, to do less shitty things, and to help those who are hurt as much as possible. Fury fuels that for me.