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Request:  can you do a platonic avengers fic where the reader is 15 and she gets put into care but she doesn’t let the other avengers find out (she’s never lived w the avengers) but when peter visits the orphanage (with his school for like work experience/charity work or something like that) he finds her and then idk what could happen next u decide lmao thank you!!

Pairing: Tony x Dad!reader, Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2,596

Genre: fluff

Notes: the reader has powers very similar to kitty pride! This morphed into a Tony fic without me actually realizing it? Anyways I hope you like it:)

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for dinner kid?” Tony asks as you both stand next to the front doors of the stark towers.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Thanks for the offer though!” You say feigning cheerfulness. Tony ruffles your hair one more time and says goodbye, before leaving you in the lobby by yourself.

You exit the building and get fully around the block before letting you happy facade drop. Suddenly the weight of the world was back onto your shoulders and you sluggishly made your way to the place you have called home for the last two months. Your parents were never the greatest people, your father was addicted to gambling and your mother found her happy ending at the bottom of a bottle, leaving you in an unhealthy and unstable environment. You found your silver lining in the Avengers Initiative, you had been dropped on their radar when you saved a little girl from getting hit by a bus almost a year ago now. The buses brakes went out and it had no way of stopping. Without thinking you ran to her and pulled her to you tightly as to lessen the blow on her but you somehow phase through the blow and the bus runs through the both of you without causing any injuries. Obviously there was people who recorded it without actually helping and the video went viral.

Within a week of the video being released, you came home to a Mr. Tony Stark sitting on your ragged couch. Thankfully your mother wasn’t home yet from her latest bender and and Stark were making polite conversation. That night he offered you a spot in the program and you accepted quickly before your father had time to ask any questions and you were soon swooped into the world of the avengers. You had the best team you could ever dream of, you thought joining the team would be an intimidating and scary thing but they were so accepting of you. You spent most of your time in the labs with Tony and Bruce as they studied your mutation but you spent your free time in the gym with Steve and Nat, sometime Sam and Bucky would stop by and you’d hang with them as well. You would go to school and go directly to the tower afterwards and stay as long as you possibly could before heading home, but that was before the accident.

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Title: I Love You, I Do.

(gif belongs to of-badges-of-guns <3)

A/N: Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “ “I don’t like you…. I love you.” with Pride.”

Word Count: 744
Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

69. “I don’t like you…. I love you.”

When you took the job with Pride he was off limits. He was married to Linda but that didn’t last long after you joined. Both you and LaSalle tried to help King but he always insisted he was doing fine. Before long you started noticing feelings for a certain King, every time he entered a room you got this warm fuzzy feeling in your belly you found yourself wanting to leave the room because it was overwhelming.

It probably wasn’t the best idea but you had to distance yourself from him, professionally he was still your boss and your mentor but personally? No. You had to leave it. You were getting too involved and too close and you weren’t sure if Pride felt the same.

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My fav thing at work is when really little kids refer to me as a boy and their parents 'correct' them cos internally I'm like "lol nope you are wrong, your kids are right," and it's good vibes cos like, it's almost like the kids know

Yes I completely get you with the whole “kids know” thing because I get that too sometimes!
I’m glad you’re happy! -Matt

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What does it mean if one moment your parents act super accepting of all things LGBT+ and the next moment they say slightly homophobic comments, or suggesting that I should only like the gender opposite to me? It makes me confused about when I should come out. I'm only in high school, but I want to be able to date whoever I want with their support. And if I come out, my dad says that you can't know your sexuality until age 20, because that's when your brain is fully developed. Is that true?

nope, your dad is wrong. sexuality is something you can be aware of at a young age. your parents can try to be supportive of you, but they probably want you to be straight and will try to get you to just date guys. that’s still shitty and bigoted, and you shouldn’t have to put up with it

Game Changer - Part 1

Void Stiles/Stiles x Reader x Pack

A/N: I’m working on a Void Stiles piece that just came to me when I heard the song Titanium by David Guetta on the radio. This is just the beginning. I was looking through my masterlist, and realized most of my Void Stiles fics lined up with this, kinda on their own, so I’ve put them together, making a backstory for the reader. It jumps around a bit, but I’ve marked the times. I’m sorry if it’s confusing.

Words: 4,695

Warnings: Some language. Maybe a little bit angsty. Some Fluff. Some Humor. Not much at this point.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Or Apple/Siri. Or the fox song. Just covering my bases.


Stiles woke up screaming yet again, the third time tonight. You rushed over to him from the chair you had been sleeping in a few feet away, his father not far behind, running in from the hall and grabbing his flailing son, trying to contain him, whispering calming things in his ear.

“It’s not real, Stiles,” you offered supportively, firmly gripping the hand you held, causing him to look at you.

“Which part? Before I started screaming or this?” Your heart broke at those words. Your friend couldn’t even tell if you were still the nightmare or actually there comforting him.

“Before. Want me to prove this is real?” He nodded slowly, sniffing softly as he swiped at his tears, eyeing his father briefly with caution, as if preparing to find himself still in a dream.

“How many fingers do I have?” You held up your hands, all your fingers extended and had him count, his voice slightly relieved when he made it to ten. You smiled, then handed him a small whiteboard you wrote on. “Read this.”

He looked at the board and squinted like a person with bad vision trying to read an eye chart. You flicked on the bedside lamp and he let out a small cry, reaching up and rubbing his eyes. “Oh. That helped.”

You laughed softly as he read the board with no problem, his voice trailing off at the end, his eyebrows narrowing. “Hi. My name is Stiles, and I like to eat oranges.” He looked at you. “You are very strange.”

“Had to think of something obscure so I knew you’d believe me.”

“You okay, son?” His father spoke for the first time, his voice quiet, almost broken.

Stiles patted his father’s arm still wrapped around him protectively, smiling weakly. “Yeah, pops. I’m fine.”

His father retreated from the room, but not before you saw him swipe at a tear as he rounded the corner into the hall.

“You wanna talk about it?” You asked Stiles softly, once again taking his hand and rubbing his knuckles softly with your thumb.

He nodded a short, decisive nod, staring at his comforter. “Will you come lay with me while I do? I promise, no funny business. I just need to feel you next to me since I know you’re real.”

Climbing into the bed, you each lay on your side, face to face, your foreheads nearly touching, his hot breath fanning across your face. He stared down and away, not looking you in the eye. Hooking a finger under his chin, you raised his face so now your noses almost touched. “Stiles. It’s okay. Just tell me.”

“It’s…. It’s like I’m stuck. Stuck in this…. Hole, this canyon like hole, and everything just echoes. It’s dark, and I can’t even see my hand in front of my face. I feel like I’m drowning in the darkness. Who knew emptiness could be so claustrophobic?”

“I know what you mean,” you said softly. “It’s like when I used to go camping with my dad. Being out in such wide open spaces makes you feel so small, it’s almost suffocating sometimes.”

He nodded almost imperceptibly, looking away as his lip began to tremble. He bit it, trying to hold in the sob, his face screwing up more and more the harder he tried. Closing his eyes tight, a few tears slipped free and you pulled him into you as he began to sob, rocking him and gently rubbing his back until he quieted.

“I just feel so alone. And helpless. Like everyone needs my help, needs me for something, I don’t know what, but I’m trapped in this place and can’t get out. I’m afraid to move in case something is on the ground, or I’m on the edge of a cliff or something. And all I keep thinking is, ‘I gotta get out of here’. And then I wake up screaming. I feel like there is something I’m missing. Some important part of the dream just before I wake up, making me scream, but I can’t remember it. Or maybe I just don’t want to.”

“Dreams are tricky things. Don’t think too much of it. I used to have a dream that ice cream is made of feathers and corn.”

Stiles pulled away from you slowly, his face making you laugh as he looked at you skeptically. “What? The point is it wasn’t true.”

“You are a very odd person.”

“And that is why you are my best friend. Two peas in a pod, both of us quite odd.”

Stiles groaned, his head falling back into your chest as you laughed. “Please stop trying to write poetry. We established years ago you suck.”

“You know what rhymes with that? ‘I don’t give a duck’.”

He groaned again. “Autocorrect changes your text once and no one lets you forget it.”

“Nope,” you smiled.

Two Weeks Later

You had only been gone for two minutes.

All you had done was peed.

But when you climbed back into your bed at evil-o'clock in the morning - also known as hours you should be sleeping, and class should not be in just five hours - rubbing your eyes, you immediately leapt out and reached for the bat Stiles had given you.

What you had felt in the bed was most likely human, and it felt like soft, lovely skin.

But you didn’t share your room with anyone.

A soft snore came from the lump under your covers, your eyes adjusting to the dark after the ray of sun that was the bathroom light.

“Stiles?” You whispered, the features of your friend slowly coming into view. You gripped the bat hesitantly, rolling your finger in a procession of decision.

Stiles was the Nogitsune, you knew that, but you also knew he had hardly slept at all these last few weeks, and the thought of waking him hurt you too deep in your heart.

You let the boy sleep, until his eyes began to race behind his eyelids, muttered cries of anguish and defiance tumbling from his lips. His brow creased, and you knew the Nogitsune was knocking.

“Stiles?” You whispered a little louder, shaking his shoulder slightly, his muttering increasing in volume. “Stiles! It’s me!”

“Y/N?” The line in his forehead deepened even further. His voice was soft and disbelieving, shaking and fearful, and you hated it. He sat up slowly, looking very confused.

“Yes, Stiles. It’s me. Come back. I need to talk to you.”

“Back? Where did I go?” He spoke with his eyes closed, his features starting to melt into the sarcastic, softer Stiles you knew. “You are right here with me.” He even smiled a little bit, gesturing to you. Exactly to you. Even though his eyes were closed. Maybe Stiles wasn’t there after all.

Gripping the bat tighter in one hand, you took his gently in your other. “I’m not exactly sure where you went, but you’re dreaming right now, and I need you to wake up. I need you to explain something to me.”

“Explain what?”

“Well, for starters,” you spoke hesitantly, and couldn’t hide your smile. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

“What? That’s ridiculous. I’m not…” He trailed off, taking his free hand and sticking it under the covers pooled around his stomach, patting his way down until he made a ridiculous face, tilting his head to the side slightly, and taking in a sharp breath as his hand stilled. “Yep. I am most definitely naked. And I most definitely do not have an answer for that.” His raised eyebrows and smirk, along with the coloring of his cheeks was Stiles, and you began to laugh, his eyes fluttering open at the sound.

He looked at you blankly for a moment, then wide eyed. “What the hell?! This was real? Aw, hell!” He gathered the covers up around his chest frantically, and you laughed.

“Hang on. Let me go and grab you some clothes, then we can talk.”

He nodded frantically, and you smiled, glad that Stiles was back. Turning to walk over to your dresser, your smile faded when you caught a glance of Stiles in your peripheral as you passed by your mirror.

He stared at the back of your head with a smirk that was definitely not his own, his head tilted just a little too much, and his eyes a hollow that somehow glinted with mischief, his eyebrows raised in too sinister a way.

The Nogitsune had played you. And won. But the real question was, what was this new game, and how could you beat him?

Later That Week

Backing up slowly as the shell of your best friend stalked toward you, you got an idea. Sticking your chin up in the air in defiance, you stopped, making the Void stop, narrowing his eyes at you. “Okay, trickster. Riddle me this. What does the fox say?”

He cocked his head to the side in that creepy way that sent chills down your spine. “What do you me-”

Not even bothering to let him speak further, you let out a small cry of triumph, allowing yourself a smug smile. “Nope! Wrong.” Holding your phone up to your lips, you held down the button, waiting for the little vibration. “Siri, what does the fox say?”

Your phone dinged in recognition before Siri gave her answer. “Ring-a-ding-ding-ding-dinga-dingy-ding!”

A look of shock quickly fading to anger passed over the Void’s face, his eyes narrowing further. “I do no-”

You held the button down again, the vibrations cutting off his rebuttal. “What does the fox say?”

Ding. “Whapa-pa-pow!”

“Stop that!” his voice was angry, but you saw a glimmer in his eyes of amusement, and you knew deep down that it was Stiles, laughing on the inside.

You made your phone vibrate one more time, saying each word with emphasis, the grin on your face a growing, permanent fixture. “What. Does. The. Fox. Say.?”

Your phone dinged, and the Void stared at it angrily while your stare never wavered. “Hmmmm…. Let me think about that….. I’m not sure I can process that request at this moment.”

Your growing feeling of triumph was quickly diminished to nothing but fear once again rising in your chest as the Void simply grinned at your phone, slowly raising his eyes to meet yours.

Later That Night

You sat on the floor in front of the couch, the form of your best friend with his arms bound behind him and silenced with duct tape over his mouth slumped, his head hanging in what looked an extremely uncomfortable position down and to the side, sleeping fitfully.

You had been told, no matter what, to not remove the tape, but the thrashing of you friend got more violent, he began screaming with his eyes shut, scrunching them tighter and tighter with every second. It faded to a pitiful sound as you heard him mutter pleas, bargains with someone or something. “Let me out!” You thought he said one of the times, and your breath caught in your throat.

You had been Stiles’ friend since kindergarten. You had been there through it all, and you knew he had a recurring dream of being shoved in a locker, unable to escape.

Despite the order, you removed the tape, unable to take the whimpering anymore.

His eyes snapped open, and you immediately sensed it was not Stiles staring back at you. But you weren’t afraid. You schooled your breath and heart beat to stay steady, and even had slight satisfaction from ripping the tape painfully off the Void’s face.

“You’re not human,” he said with a smirk, raising his head, leaning it slightly the other way to stretch, resting his ear against his shoulder as he stared at you. Leaning a little further, he glanced behind your ear, seeing the sign that meant you were yourself. He grinned. “But then again, I see you’re not supposed to be.”

“Let me speak to Stiles,” you said calmly, keeping your rage canned inside. You would never let this monster feed off of you. That was the biggest sucker punch you could currently give.

He chuckled, making a clicking sound with his cheek. “Nope. No can do. Sorry. Just you and me, sweetheart.”

“Stiles, I know you can hear me,” you began, never looking away from the eyes so eerily like your friend’s, yet….. Void of that spark. The way they narrowed at you made you feel both triumphant and a little wary. “Come back to me,” you began quietly. “Come back to us. Make your move.”

His eyes widened, hope sparking back into them, but you didn’t let yourself believe it for a second. “Oh, I’ve already made my move, and it’s lovely in here. So spacious and quiet, well, most of the time. I do have this one neighbor who won’t stop yacking unless I threaten to make him watch as I kill someone he loves. But other than that…. It’s just dandy in here.”

You took a deep breath. “I wish I could hate you.”

He smirked. “Oh, come on, don’t you already? I mean look at me. I live in the body of your best friend. I’m evil, and I’m killing people. What more do want of me?” He ended with a dark chuckle.

“Honestly? I want my friend back. But I’ll wait. I have a move planned, and it’s going to screw up the rest of your game.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, his response somewhat grumpy. “There’s a reason why foxes and wolves don’t get along.”

Rising to your feet, you smashed the tape against his mouth again. “Yup. Because you should never trust a fox. They are tricksters, right? How am I doing so far?” He nodded, his shoulders shaking in laughter. “Wolves on the other hand, we’re loyal, and we mean what we say. Our pack is our family, and we will die protecting what we love. So don’t for one more second think that you are going to move even one more step in your little game, bozo.” You smiled, knowing Stiles would approve of your nickname. You were nose to nose with the Nogitsune now, and you felt your smile fade to a satisfied smirk. “Because I know Stiles, and as soon as I get him back, out of your screwed up little mind, we are going to kick your ass.”

Three Weeks Later

“Hello?” You heard Stiles’ voice through the phone, and you smiled faintly.

“Hey, Stiles,” you said weakly.

“Y/N?” His voice had grown sullen and quiet, taking on a very serious tone. “You okay? You sound….. Off.”

“No, no, I’m fine.” You weren’t. You hadn’t slept in days, or maybe you had slept for days, you couldn’t tell. The nightmares were all too vivid and lifelike, that they all bled together now.

“You missed the game,” he said with a sniff - he always did that weird sniff thing, or clearing his throat when he changed the subject - his voice flat. “You said you’d be there.”

“I know,” was all you could say, tracing patterns on your desk lazily. Slowly you counted your fingers, closing your eyes in relief when you only counted five, letting out a soft sigh.

“Then why weren’t you?” Stiles’ voice trembling slightly, whether in anger or sadness, you couldn’t tell, brought you back to the conversation at hand. A very real conversation. You strummed your fingers on the desk, counting to five repeatedly. Whether it was to keep you awake, or remind you you were awake, you couldn’t remember.

A knocking on your door made you jump, and you rose to your feet, taking a step back from the door.

Building up the courage, you finally walked over, twisting the knob and taking a step back as you let the door swing open, revealing a very pissed looking Stiles.

And for once, you’re stunned into silence, words failing you once again as you stand under angry eyes. Usually you had a sarcastic remark ready and waiting to fire at your friend should you bump into him, but not now. It was all you could do to remember you were awake. Touching your fingers to your thumb, counting to five repeatedly helps you stay upright.

His eyes searched you, trying to find an answer you do not carry. A puzzle piece jumbled in with the rest. The needle in the haystack. They narrow, and look you up and down, from head to toe, and he can tell something is off.

You want to scream, you want to just shout at him that you are not okay, that something is wrong, that you need help, but something is standing in the way, not allowing you to speak. Keeping you at the line where you questioned which side you were on, reality or a waking nightmare.

Anger flares in his eyes, but quickly turns to sadness as they reach your face finally again.

“Where were you?” The voice a broken whisper, pain dripping from its very essence.

You don’t answer. You just stare at the calendar next to your peg board, all the numbers and words starting to blend together. You glance to your board, a smaller version of his with red string connecting various photos, and then at the gaping hole that held the photo you now had in your hand.

Tight lips and a quick nod are the last thing you see before he turns away, leaving, walking out of your life forever. Or so it feels like. Usually he puts up such a fight.

You try to cry. You really do. But you can only force yourself to whisper once he is out of sight, staring down at the picture you’d tried so hard to find. So hard to memorize. You crumple it and let it fall to the ground, what was once your smiling faces now creases in the paper, in a ball at your feet.

“I was trying to remember you.”

You barely register what happens next.

Looking down, you count too many fingers, too many toes, all your posters have turned to gibberish.

You wake up screaming, in a mass on the floor, your bedroom door still wide open, and Stiles kneeling in front of you, whispering reassuring words as he lifts you into his arms. He mumbles something about how you just passed out and then suddenly started screaming.

On the way out of the room, you notice the picture in it’s rightful place on the pegboard, not a crease in it.

“I was trying to memorize….” You mumble, but Stiles shushes you soothingly. He’s shaking, you can tell he is terrified, but he’s putting on a brave face for you. You lean into his shoulder and whisper, “I was dreaming about you,” before the world went black.

One Week Earlier

“It has to be you, Y/N,” Scott said quietly.

You looked over to Lydia where she stood next to him. “But you’re his tether. You pulled him back last time.”

She shrugged, smiling somewhat sadly. “That was last time. This is this time. I pulled Stiles back. I didn’t have to deal with the Nogitsune, and I don’t particularly want to, to be honest.”

“They’re right,” Derek said, walking over slowly, arms crossed tightly as always, and you turned to look at him, dreading the sincerity you saw in his eyes. “The Void side of Stiles has taken quite an interest in you. Maybe you can talk it into leaving, or changing hosts or something. I mean, send it over to Peter and I will gladly take care of the rest for you.”

Lydia huffed as Scott slammed his palm to his forehead, letting his hand scrape down his face in exasperation.

You smirked. “Derek, as much as I like that plan, it’s obvious Peter wouldn’t stay that way for long.”

Derek looked over to where his Uncle sat in a chair on the other side of Scott’s living room, both glowering at each other. “We can keep trying and hope it sticks.”

Deaton walked over, placing a hand gently on your shoulder. “Back on subject,” he looked at Derek pointedly before turning back to you, “they are right. What you would have to do is very dangerous. Very risky. You’re trying to out trick the trickster, who has had hundreds of years to perfect his moves. You have to be careful and play your pieces just right, not too aggressive, before you make your divine move.”

“I have to change the tide,” you said softly, looking over to where the shell of your friend was sobbing in front of Melissa, and you started to move towards them without thought, stopping at Deaton’s hand on your arm. Looking back, he met your eyes as he held a finger to his lips before flicking his gaze back to the couch.

Melissa removed the tape, and almost instantly, the tears streaming down his face melted into that sarcastic grin the Nogitsune continuously twisted onto Stiles’ features. Slamming the tape back onto his mouth, Melissa came over to join you all where you stood in the kitchen.

Looking back at Deaton as he gave your elbow one reassuring squeeze before letting go, he gave you a single nod, his face almost apologetic.

“Whatever you guys are going to do, do it soon,” Melissa said as she joined the rest of you. Her arms were crossed much like Derek’s, wound tightly around herself like a shield. “That thing is taking over the body of a boy I consider a second son, and that is not okay.” Letting her arms fall, she pointed across the room at the Nogitsune, and you all turned to look at him. You could tell he was smiling under the tape across his mouth as he tilted his head to the side somewhat disconcertingly. His eyes narrowed as he stared at you, sending chills down your spine. Looking between you and the fox she was still pointing to, Melissa leaned in slightly closer to you, looking you right in the eyes, speaking quietly in a voice that left no room for argument. “Go kick that smug little son of a bitch’s ass. And bring back Stiles. You’re our only chance, Y/N.”

Glancing at Melissa once more, then back to the Void, whose shoulders shrugged in a small laugh, you stood up straight, letting your eyes flash their brilliant golden yellow briefly before turning back to Scott. “What do I have to do?”


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Can I get a scenario where Viktor's s.o avoids his attempts at kissing just to tease him a bit? How would he react and what would he do? *^* sorry for my bad english ><

// Oof, I can’t wait to see if you like my pouty Viktor! Enjoy! -Mod Ani//

This was so much fun. Too much fun to be honest, you confess to yourself. You knew very well that Viktor often wanted your attention, hours on end, nights filled with hugs, kisses, and steamy passion. But, let’s be honest, not everybody has as much libido as he does, so you decided you needed a break. Badly. Instead of ignoring and declining his smooching offers, you made this a little game for yourself. Fun for you, but a cruel game in his eyes.

“S/O!” Viktor yelps as you duck to avoid a kiss, “Why are you being so mean to me? Did I do something?” His brows furrowed, head cocked to the side just like Makkachin when he was baffled. You chuckled and flipped your hair, “Nope. Nothing wrong, trust me.” A smirk graced your lips as a little voice in your head laughed evilly. Viktor was now pouting. Boy, he looked adorable. With glazed eyes and a childish frown, the grown man was longing for your attention and embrace. “Right, if that’s so…” Viktor stated, a hint of offence voicing as he spoke, “I’ll just go away then, leave you alone.” He crossed his arms and stood up, now facing his back at you. He wasn’t moving though, simply standing there like a statue, in defiance of the whole situation.

He couldn’t believe it! His lover was avoiding his kisses, sick of his loving gestures? How hurtful.

“Oh, Viktor..!” You laugh as you stand up from the couch to walk up to him and hug him from behind, “I’m just teasing you. I do enjoy your kisses, but..sometimes they can be a bit much.”

Viktor gasped, “What do you mean, too much?” He turned in your grip, now facing you directly, “That basically means you don’t like them!” He was still wearing a frown, but his eyes now showed concern. This is what you loved so dearly about him, his care and compassion to you- neverending. “No, no, no.” You emphasised how wrong he was by shaking your head along with your disagreement, “I need my space, you know? Remember when we went out to eat ice-cream by the river?”

 Viktor nodded slowly, trying to think about what he might have done wrong.

“Well, I was eating my ice cream when you flung yourself onto me, nearly making me dropping it!” Okay, this was a petty example- but hey, that would have been a waste of an amazing scoop! “Or,” you continued to strengthen your argument, “You know when we are in bed?”

Viktor grins and nods. He certainly loves bed time.

“Yeah well…to cut it short, I can really only manage three to four times a week, tops. Sorry about that.” You chuckled as you watched his grin drop to an embarrassed smile.

“Alright. Well then, S/O, I’m glad you told me that.” Viktor’s embarrassed smile turned into a gentle one, his gaze into your eyes soft. He wouldn’t ever dream of wanting to be a burden to her or make her feel uncomfortable. “I’m guessing you teasing me was a way for me to learn my lesson?”

“Yeah, a little one.” You return a smile, “But it wouldn’t have ever lasted longer than a day…I can’t function without your kisses really.” You give him a tender kiss, to which he gives a grin.

“I’m happy to hear that.” He kisses you deeply, “Because I’ll give you however many you want.”

Okg I was trying to explain to my mom that some women choose to be Muslim and that Muslim men don’t always force their women to cover up their entire bodies and such and she was like “nope youre wrong, all Muslim men are bad, Muslim women are oppressed beyond belief and they never choose their own fate” so I walked away cause I didn’t wanna continue talking to an idiot and she looked at the clock and said “omg 9/11 hahahahahahahaha”

Why TF am I stuck living with a fucking racist I hate this sm I want to leave so bad and take my brothers with me and teach them fucking RIGHT

Frazel Headcannons


~ Hazel decides to go to a school in New York, and it’s like one of those schools with middle school and highschool combined

~ Frank goes too because why not

~ It’s so weird for Hazel to be treated so fairly by teachers and students, and she’s just so happy

~ Frank decides to take her to a museum about black history( About people like MLK and Rosa Parks) and she’s just ecstatic

~ She finds out about Obama and how he’s the first black president and whenever someone says they don’t like him she gets all protective like “ nOPE YOUR WRONG SORRY”

~ The people in her grade are so confused when she fans herself when they swear or show a lot of skin

~ “ Uh, Hazel, why are you fanning yourself”


~ People are surprised by Franks and Hazels relationship because of the age difference but eventually everyone is like ‘Screw it’ and just everyone ships them


~ When Frank has to much homeowork he turns into a dog and eats most of it and turns in the shreds as evidence

~ *sigh* “ Again, Zhang?”

   " I dunno ma'am he was just really hungry I guess.“

~ Frank is done with americans and their stupid metric system and bonds severly with his fellow canadians

~ Hazel takes a french course and she becomes really fluent so her and piper just talk shit about people in french

~ Frank takes a special veternarian course and just somehow knows eVERYTHING

~ At the end of every school day the two go to a local cofee shop and talk and nibble on yummy things and just bE ADORABLE LITTLE MUFFINS OF FLUFF

An Angel’s Grace [Part Three]

Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1557

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Description:  Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Note: ah… uh… hm.. if you have any requests for what’s to come next in the series, send me a request in my inbox!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *trying to work*
  • John: *incredulous* Molly and Greg?
  • Mary: *nods* Oh, yeah. That was definitely her lipstick all over his face.
  • Sherlock: *mutters; annoyed* Oh, for God's sake.
  • John: *nods* Good for them.
  • Sherlock: *bitter* Won't last.
  • Mary: *dreamily* I know they're really cute.
  • Sherlock: Mmm, not really.
  • John: *smiling* I married quite the matchmaker.
  • Sherlock: *sarcastic* Ooh, one disastrous, completely incompatible couple. Better start a business.
  • Mary: *places a hand on his shoulder* Are you aware you're talking out loud, hun?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *amused; leaning on the bench* You don't...have a problem with Greg dating Molly, do you?
  • Sherlock: *scowling* Me? Why would I have a problem? She's a free- person. She can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. It shouldn't bother me.
  • Mary: *leaning next to him* Nope, you can't do anything about it. You can't stop him going to her flat-
  • John: -making her dinner-
  • Mary: *nods* You can't tell him not to laugh at her jokes, or admire her dress, hold her hand.
  • Sherlock: *glancing back and forth at them*
  • John: *thinking* You can't tell him not to reach out and play with that little strand of hair that she always misses. You know the one, just above her neck.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes, fists clenched* Shut up.
  • Mary: *to John* He'll probably want to kiss her, too.
  • John: *nods enthusiastically* Oh, yeah.
  • Sherlock: *stands up suddenly and storms out of the lab, kicking a stool on his way*
  • Mary: *smug* And it's as easy as that *winks at John*
a one time thing (and other untruths) (18/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: An update! Finally! Apparently it’s been 4 weeks? So, a month? I didn’t realize it’d been that long. Apologies. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Next chapter hopefully won’t take too long. Thanks for reading, and messaging me (sorry I suck at responding, I just tend to get overwhelmed but know that I read and sincerely appreciate every message and comment, I just lack the words to express that well). So, yeah. Enjoy. 

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“So, Killian. I have a question.”

            “What is it, lad?”

            He can feel Henry’s eyes on him so he turns to face him. 

            “Will you help me plan a surprise for my mom’s birthday?”

            (And he feels like her birthday is probably something he should’ve known about.)

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Folks say that you can’t be angry forever. 

But I absolutely can. I have an endless supply of justified anger. 

Just because sometimes my exhaustion grows to a point where my anger is eclipsed, doesn’t mean the anger is gone. It’s just not presently center stage. It’s still there. It’s still justified. It’s not going anywhere so long as there’s shit in the world setting it off. 

Anger is not a bad emotion, either. It is not poison. it is not toxic, or wrong. The “all-positive” message forced on us has given it that implication, but it is false. Anger is human. Anger is a reaction to injustice, to hurt, to pain. It is real and valid. 

It can fester, yes - but so can perpetual saccharine glee. it’s what you do with your emotions that determines how positive or negative, how healthy or destructive, it is for you in that moment. 

So I’m gonna sit here with my eternal fury bonfire and keep on being motivated to be better, to improve, to do less shitty things, and to help those who are hurt as much as possible. Fury fuels that for me. 

The Lion and The Grammar Nazi

Dan and Phil have a conversation through writing notes on a desk.

Words: 2,000

Tags: highschool, teenagers, prompt fill

Prompt: @all-kings-will-fall I have a promp and idk where to send it to so: dan and Phil sit at the same desk but different periods of some class& and they talk to eachother by writing in the desk& it’s fluffy and cute.

(I’m not sure how fluffy and cute it is but I did the thing.)



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