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THIS video taken from a nanny cam shows what appears to be a baby being lifted by an unseen entity. It appears as if the baby is asking someone to pick him up, but no one else is in the room with him. In the last GIF it looks as if someone/something is pulling his arm up right before letting it go after which the baby falls back down into the crib. The movement of the baby’s hands seem controlled and unnatural.

Some people are saying that baby just has really good balance and is simply crying out for his parents. Some speculate that it is supernatural in nature. Below is the link to the video so you can decide for yourself.


Might I just point out that this is one of the only times in the movie when Peter is visibly angry. He cares so, so much about May. The slightest idea of anyone, even Ned, his best friend and the person he probably trusts the most, giving May more grief, and he immediately drew the line. And he still was able to be respectful about it afterward. He thanked Ned for holding his secret. He thanked him. He realized the burden. WHAT A KID. SERIOUSLY.