nope wasn't me


emison week day 1: favorite scene

I just thought you should know.


hey south park style fandom please consider Moulin Rouge AU???

Kyle as the fiery red-head prostitute who wants to become an actor, trying to impress the Duke so that he’ll fund Kyle’s career, but he falls for Stan the playwright instead……… 

Kyle’s mysterious illness can be his kidney failure? Maybe there’s a happy ending where Cartman pays for his medical expenses, and then Kyle survives but runs off with Stan anyway and no one dies. Or Cartman dies instead, so Kyle can stay at the Moulin Rouge. Something like that.

  • Gravity Falls Fandom: We should have a scene where Ford gets those anime glasses effects!
  • The Last Mabelcorn: -provides wish in a scary scene-
  • Gravity Falls Fandom: NOOO!! NOT LIKE THIS!

i’d also like cake chart to be a thing.