nope this is it this is the end for me

Nope. Let him figure it out. I’m trying a new approach. I’ve been working with Walter for 2.5 years. I’m done being his water-wings. We built a foundation together. The best way to help him is to… throw him into the deep end.
—  The future Paige “WE BUILT A FOUNDATION TOGETHER” O’Brien

Jumin: If that’s fine with you, what I’ve been wanting to do is… I wanted to hug you…

MC: Well I… I wanted to kiss you…

(when will Cheritz give me more kissed with Jumin…)

what he says: im fine

what he means: well here’s- here’s my surprise. im not doin it. le- listen, i’m done. taako- that’s me, hi- i’m done with elevators. never again. last time i was in an elevator, vines tried to eat my dick, i’m never getting in an elevator again, suck it. nope. not in a million bajillion my- my dudes- you’ll have to knock me out like b.a. baracus gettin on a plane. i- no way, absolutely not, noOOO elevators for taako. go for it thugs. taako’s here. terra firma, baby. ….why can’t- why- i don’t even think im needed to do this, this is unimportant- and - the- dont do it i swear to god, you will not like how this ends. i will burn a spell slot on you i give no shits

Cut my resources then put pressure on me to complete a project a month ahead of schedule?

Hi, so firstly a bit of background. I work as part of an evil empire (multinational corporate) and am the lead continuous development and change analyst in charge of a medium sized project.

So at the beginning of December I completed my initial review for a major part of what is to be delivered and advised that it would take until end of January with my current operational resource to complete some of the required actions from the back of it. I also highlighted that I should be given additional 2 full time people to get it completed before January.

Did I get people? Nope.

Did they take a person away from me because “they didn’t seem to be doing that much”? Yep.

Bear in mind this was being done by two people not in my reporting chain and above me on the food chain, so I couldn’t scream blue murder about it.

Last Monday (19th) they pulled me into a meeting and basically gave me a bollocking because “you are putting blockers in place which affect our year end figures” (they actually mean their incentives by this and realised it would affect them when trying to work out how much they would get) and I needed to get things done by the end of the month.

Right. Fuck you guys, you want to see what that guy was doing? You think you are my boss? (my boss was fucking livid and she is cold decking each of their enhancement requests as soon as she is back in office.)

By the end of day Tuesday I advised that I would have a full plan for acceleration of the project ready for review and sign off. But they would need to be available to for a meeting on Friday 23 (today, last working day before Christmas when they were both planning to slope off early for a few drinks)

They didn’t really like it, but they could hardly refuse as I was giving them what they wanted.

Do you think it’s all over?

I book the meeting time for 12. Aren’t I nice, going to let them work through lunch and still get to the pub.

If you have heard the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” then you might think you know what is about to happen.

46 slides with example investigations into issues found in minute and boring detail.

A line by line review of a twelve page document.

At 16:30 with only a fifteen minute break, they had had no lunch. They had glazed eyes. They agreed to the process outline.

Do you think it’s over now?

I then offered to go through the addendums, or if they wished they could take them home and review them, but if I could get an answer before 10 pm today, as I wanted to turn my phone off for the Christmas period and I’d need to get the ball rolling first thing Wednesday. (this was the riskiest part of my plan)

They gratefully said they would study the addendums at home as they knew it was getting late.

I got the messages from both of them within a few minutes of 9:50, all approved.

Lets take a vote? Do you think they read them?

I know they didn’t, the addendums promise me 18 full time operation staff over the next week and given the holiday period the department will fail to meet other BAU targets which has a direct impact on their incentive.

I’ve forwarded the sign offs with the documents attached to my boss who is going to “raise a concern” that this level of manpower was agreed without referring to their boss, with their boss, on Wednesday. She is also going to raise a concern about the tone of meetings they have had with me and the behaviour they have displayed.

Now it’s over.

First Sentence Writing Prompts

Send me characters/pairings (and setting or anything else you want to see) and the number to one of the following first lines:

  1. “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”
  2. “Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.”
  3. “How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?”
  4. “Why is it suddenly purple?”
  5. “Pass me the sledgehammer.”
  6. “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”
  7. “In my defense, I thought this would go a lot more smoothly.”
  8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations.”
  9. “Careful, don’t drop – “
  10. “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”
  11. “It’s sticky.”
  12. “You need to stop.”
  13. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen someone do.”
  14. “What’s with the pigtails?”
  15. “How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”
  16. “Ow, what was that for?”
  17. “Ugh, why did I eat that?”
  18. “In my defense, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.”
  19. “Run!”
  20. “Come on, give me one good reason not to jump in the lake.”
  21. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.”
  22. “What do you mean by leaving?”
  23. “I’m trying very hard not to see all this as a metaphor for my life.”
  24. “Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.”
  25. “Where have you been, I was ready to call the police!”
  26. “No, the house is definitely not haunted, why do you ask?”
  27. “Get over here now and bring a tarp.”
  28. “I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.”
  29. “I’ve got everything under control.”
  30. “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?”

Word to the wise. If you’re about to watch something, like an episode of your favorite show, and you KNOW you will most likely have some kind of physical outburst of happiness, (i.e. flailing of arms, rolling on the ground, yelling or crying like the dramatic overjoyed geek you are), I recommend NOT eating in that moment.

I almost died looking at Yuri and Victor’s gorgeous faces by choking on a sandwich….

Tbh Jason only ever goes over to the manor to steal shit probably

Like.  He’s out of toilet paper?? Better run over to Bruce’s to grab some.  Or he has a bunch of bagels and no creamcheese? Well Bruce probably has some so.  

And it’s always really stupid stuff like that and it would probably be easier to just go buy it himself but nope. 

Jason’s excuse basically boils down to “He’s rich so it doesn’t matter” Which is true?? but?? Jason what are you doing with your life

Bruce doesn’t mind at all, mostly because he’s glad he and Jason are on good enough terms for him to come to the manor at all so. 

Usually no one even sees him while he’s there, but every once in awhile he’ll bump into Duke or Damian and it’s awkward but mostly on their end if you get me 

( “…Jason why are you here it’s. 2 AM.” “Yeah well i got stabbed a little bit and I”m out of bandaids soo” “….. .… . ….”) 

And then ofc if he runs into Alfred he ends up dragged into staying for dinner, no matter what time it is :)


I was down on my luck
At the end of my rope
About to give up
But my friend said nope

YOOOOOOOOO the season finale of Buddy System was so amazing!! I’m so glad to be able to join the ride through the entire season, I wish there’ll be another season? Hmm? How about that? Thank you so much, Rhett and Link, for the enjoyable ride! :D:D The new rap part of BFF caught me off guard btw lmao- also no I definitely did not reuse an old set uh day/song 8 of Buddy System!! <3

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


Context: I’m playing a fighter with an intelligence of 6 with some friends, and through some wacky magical hijinks the party ended up shrunk really small, and then I got big again, for reasons.

DM: so you enter the courtyard where you shrunk, but don’t see anyone. You do see a faintly glowing ball sitting in a niche on the wall.

Me: I go up to the ball, and uh…. can I tell what it is?

DM: nope. It just looks like a glass bauble.

Me: ….. How high up is it?

DM: oh, 8 feet or so.

Everybody Else: NO! DON’T TOUCH IT!! DON’T DO IT!!!!

Me: I grab the bauble firmly!

The Jimin Effect #20

Yoongi: what.on going on here?
Hoseok: we’re having an argument
Yoongi: how about you answer my question while leaving out the obvious?
Hoseok: we’re arguing about who gets to sit next to Jimin in the car
Yoongi: …why?
Hoseok: because the maknaes have been monopolizing him and I want in
Yoongi: what if I want to sit next to him?
Taehyung: you- you want to sit next to him, hyung?
Yoongi: sure, and it’ll end the argument
Jungkook: who gets to sit on the other side?
Yoongi: Namjoon or Seokjin
Hoseok: but that means I still don’t get to sit next to him!
Yoongi: you can sit next to him on the ride home
Hoseok: fine
Taehyung: and me too?
Yoongi: nope, still me
Taehyung: why?
Yoongi: Hopi’s right, you do monopolize him
Jungkook: we do not!
Yoongi: yes, you do
Jungkook: yes, we do
Taehyung: but you understand why
Yoongi: I understand, and it’s going to stop
Taehyung: aw hyung, you’re no fun
Yoongi: I’m lots of fun, now get out of here and do something productive, I need to sleep
Jimin: are they gonna stop being noisy?
Yoongi: yeah. You don’t mind sitting next to me in the car, do you?
Jimin: no, why?
Yoongi: no reason, sleepy time

Seokjin: what.on going on here?
Yoongi: they’re arguing over something Jimin-related, right?
Jungkook: it’s none of your business
Taehyung: I told you to not be so loud!
Hoseok: they’re arguing over who gets to feed Jimin
Jimin: I can feed myself, actually, have been for several years now
Taehyung: but Jiminnie, it’s cute when we feed you!
Jungkook: you said we! That means I get to feed him too!
Taehyung: no it doesn’t!
Hoseok: here, Jiminnie, try this
Jimin: it’s good
Taehyung: hey!
Jungkook: why does Hopi-hyung get to feed you?
Jimin: he’s being normal about it
Namjoon: I wanna try it too
Hoseok: here
Namjoon: no, I want Jimin to do it
Jungkook: that’s just weird
Jimin: here, hyung
Namjoon: it is good, thanks
Jungkook: you wouldn’t feed me any
Jimin: sure I would, open up!
Taehyung: me too! Me too!
Jimin: I’m keep some for myself!
Seokjin: I am going to move away

Jimin: what.on going on here?
Taehyung: Jiminnie, I was thinking, how about we just make a schedule?
Jimin: a schedule for what?
Taehyung: for the days of sleeping with you
Jimin: what?
Taehyung: I get Mondays, Jungkookie gets Tuesdays, Hopi-hyung gets Wednesdays, I get Thursdays and so on
Jimin: when do I get to sleep by myself?
Jungkook: but you like sleeping with people, it’s not just me climbing into your bed anymore, you come into mine
Jimin: sometimes
Jungkook: on the nights that I or Taetae aren’t in yours
Jimin: we’re not making a schedule, that defeats the purpose
Taehyung: what’s the purpose?
Jimin: one of us needs a little something and goes to the person who can give it. A little warmth, a little comfort, a little safety. It’s supposed to be spontaneous
Taehyung: Jungkookie needs warmth, safety and comfort a lot. What about when I need it?
Jimin: don’t try and deny that you sneak into Hopi-hyung’s bed all the time
Taehyung: I’m not, but it’s mostly because you’re unavailable
Jungkook: Jimin’s been my safety blanket since the beginning, it’s a known fact in the group!
Jimin: what are you, a baby? Where’s my big, grown up Jungkook?
Jungkook: he’s not here right now. Right now, I just want to know if I can still sleep with you whenever I want
Jimin: you know I can’t turn you away
Jungkook: Tae-hyung, you can have him whenever I’m feeling grown up
Taehyung: oh joy, I get the leftovers
Jimin: are you calling me a leftover?
Taehyung: ah, no?
Jimin: and what about Hopi-hyung, don’t you think he likes sleeping with you?
Hoseok: yeah, don’t you think he likes sleeping with you?
Taehyung: where did you come from?
Hoseok: the moon
Jungkook: yeah, okay, anyway, see you tonight, hyung
Taehyung: not fair
Hoseok: I can see how much I’m loved, or not loved, rather
Jimin: I love you, hyung!
Hoseok: well, that’s something
Jimin: Tae
Taehyung: I love you too, hyung
Hoseok: oh, I can feel the sincerity
Jimin: I never thought I get to a point where I wish I was loved less
Taehyung: don’t be ridiculous, Jiminnie, you love that we fight over you
Jimin: no, I don’t
Yoongi: yeah, he kinda doesn’t
Hoseok: where did-
Yoongi: so, if you ever wanted to escape these guys, my bed’s open…
Jimin: oh my god

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“I can’t believe the team just left us here. And we can’t even order pizza cause we’re snowed in!” Peter complained, Slouching onto the living room couch.

“There’s plenty of things we can do, It’s not the end of the world.” You said, rolling your eyes at him.

“Nope. Just wake me up when winter’s over.” Peter whined. God He could be so over dramatic.

“At least tell me you’re up to roasting marshmallows.” You smirked, Knowing that’d get him out of his slump. He opened his eyes, Giving your a dirty look, Which really made him look like an angry puppy.

“You know me too well.” He said, Slowly sitting up from the comfy place. You smiled at your victory, Grabbing his hand and leading him over to the kitchen.

“Then let’s get to it!”

112. “Wake me up when Winter’s over.” 116. “We’re snowed in!”  44. “Up to roasting marshmallows?” From my {Winter Prompt List}

The Camren battle continues.

So Lauren and Lucy post photo’s of their time away all like ‘BELIEVE IN LAUCY!’ Then Camila posts some damn firey bikini pics. 😍 Lauren listens to some feels songs about stripping and such like an hour later. Lauren cuts down some Camrenator saying they seen her in Cancun (which so happens to be where Camila is) cause she was “Here to see someone else” (Camila) by saying “Can you atleast not tag me in this stupid shit please” pretty much mashing anything Camren. Camila: HELL NOPE! “I wrote songs when i was 15 about my first kiss, freindship ending etc etc” in a Podcast. Girls, either get your shit together or tell everyone. 😂

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Steve isn’t the only one to have lost the love of his life, either.

Charles Aznavour - She ♫

  • Lucifer: We both know how this ends.
  • Sam: Yes.
  • Lucifer: So why don't you make things easier and just give me your consent.
  • Sam: I just did.
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer: ...what?
  • Sam: I just said yes.
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer: I wasn't ready
  • Lucifer: Do it again
  • Sam: Nope, you missed your chance.
  • Lucifer: Chuck Damn it
Draco and Harry sleep banter.
  • Draco being used as a pillow: Potter. Potter go get me some tea.
  • Harry: gnn... Go get it yourself, Malfoy
  • Draco: Well I clearly can't since you're sleeping on me.
  • Harry: Too bad, I'm comfortable
  • Draco tries to roll over to leave: Fine, I'll go sleep elsewhere
  • Harry locks in iron grip: Nope.
  • Draco: Potter--
  • Harry: Nope.
  • Draco: Fine.

when you know she’s the one