nope still gay

Fluffy Pharmercy Headcanons

because I released angsty ones and it was mean

  • Pharah coming back to overwatch under the assumption that her love for Mercy was just a childhood crush. As soon as she walks in the door she sees that absolutely adorable woman with hair that’s pulled into a messy bun because of pulling multiple all-nighters without having the chance to brush it and she realizes: “nope. still gay.”
  • Alternatively: Pharah doesn’t experience her crush right away upon returning to overwatch. It’s after multiple evenings of slowly getting to know the doctor that this happens. For instance, when she and the doctor are the only ones awake at some pretty ridiculous hours and she gets one of Angela’s half-asleep but still god-awful puns before the woman tells her to get some rest on “doctor’s orders.” For Angela it’s when the woman comes into her medbay after hours and tries to coerce her into getting some sleep. No one else has really cared that much before, and not to mention, having visitors who aren’t on the verge of death or some contagious disease is kinda nice. The woman even brings her coffee if she’s unsuccessful in convincing her, and Angela begins to feel happy and warm whenever she’s around.
  • One day, Fareeha convinces her to take a twenty minute break and they sit talking on the couch. Angela falls asleep on her shoulder and it is, at that moment, that Fareeha feels her heart speed up. Too adorable! She has the urge to run her hands through the woman’s hair and smooth it over for her -it just looks so soft and it smells like her when she’s really sleepy- but she does resist because that would be crossing a line.
  • From here they both stumble around their feelings like nervous gay babies. They’re in the kitchen one day, and they’re both flirting aggressively with one another while being oblivious to each other’s flirts in response, when Hana comments “Jesus Christ, get a room!” and they both get extremely flustered and embarrassed.
  • Not my idea originally, I’ve seen it in many fics, but everyone else in Overwatch is betting on when they’ll get together. Some assume that they’re already dating.
  • It’s shitty and raining and gross and there’s no coffee left. A grouchy Angela is resigned to her fate and returns to her studies. About an hour later, she can’t deny that she needs either coffee or sleep. Returning to the kitchen, she is surprised to find a new bag of her favorite brand sitting in a cupboard, along with a cute little note. A few, soggy footsteps are on the floor, which are all that really alert her to what happened. She thanks the stranger and keeps working.
  • Fareeha comes in the next day with a really bad cold and Angela puts two and two together, scolding her but also thanking her profusely. They wind up agreeing to maybe possibly go on a date perhaps when Fareeha is better.

If you need more fluff here’s a thing I wrote

I feel like a lot of the public has this mentality that like, any celebrity who hasn’t come out publicly and supports or positively references LGBT issues and things can’t possibly be gay themselves because wouldn’t that be too obvious????

And it’s like, nope. They could still be gay.

And it’s okay to maybe think those kind of gestures mean something…

sometimes i see a really pretty girl and my brain is like “holy shit that’s a rly pretty girl, i see the appeal of girls, maybe i’m a lesbian” and then i take a second and i’m like, okay but do i want to date the girl? kiss the girl? any?thing? and i’m like, uhhhh no, not really that i’m aware of? girls are just. pretty

Homosexuality in India isn’t just jaywalking or pirating Game of Thrones illegal: It’s a 10-year prison sentence.

5 Realities of Being Gay in a Country Where It’s Illegal

#5. Progress Doesn’t Always Stay That Way

[An 1861 law from the British Raj era called] Section 377 made it a criminal act to have sex with a matching set of genitals. In 2009, one of India’s highest courts repealed the law. The gay community cheered “Progress!” and for a while things looked to be on an upswing. Then, in 2014, our Supreme Court revisited the issue and concluded, “Wait, nope, being gay is still illegal.”

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