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In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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may the light forever shine upon us.


Finally, the curse is lifted!


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5 favourite footballers based on their character:

1.Jonas Hofmann

2. Kaká

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3. Paolo Maldini (forever my captain)

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4. Andrea Pirlo

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5. Patrick Herrmann

5 favourite footballers purely based on look:

1. Leon Goretzka

2. Fernando Llorente (I had such a huge crush on him when he was in Athletic BIlbao xD)

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3. Erik Durm

4. Roque Santa Cruz (the reason why my e-mail address is called what it’s called lol. He was my first football crush)

5. Claudio Marchisio

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5 favourite goalkeepers:

1. Gianluigi Buffon

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2. Bernd Leno

3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen

4. Oliver Kahn

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5. Yann Sommer

3 favourite bromances/friendships:

1. Durmann (Erik Durm/Jonas Hofmann)

2. Flaffi (Patrick Herrmann/Jonas Hofmann)

3. Hofhahn (André Hahn/Jonas Hofmann)

Honorary mention: Patrick Herrmann/Julian Korb, Jonas Hofmann/Julian Korb, Oscar Wendt/Håvard Nordtveit

3 favourite national teams:

1. Germany

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2. Italy

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3. Brazil

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3 favourite clubs:

1. Borussia Monchengladbach

2. Juventus (not really a favourite but I like the way they play)

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3. Borussia Dortmund

I hate cheating fanfics. Don’t make me hate a character I love. I don’t care what their excuse is, I will not forgive them. Put a warning up that there is cheating in your fic so I know not to read it.


I did a Carmilla version too, FIGHT ME

Also added Laura’s shirt detail I forgot yesterday, oops

Then again, tattoo AU credit goes to bigmammallama5

lunaswondrousworld replied to your post “let me just be salty for one sec, it’s been too long if you think…”

I hate that so much about the new Promos. Also, every time I have to read “battle couple m@lec”, an angel falls down from the sky and dies. Like, can we just leave SOME things out if all that shipping bs please? Ugh!

thisssssss like it’s one of the things that annoy me the most and that have driven me away from the ship, what causes me to cringe everytime i see it…..everything has to do with IT. alec smiles?? HE NEVER DID THAT BEFORE MAGNUS. alec loves? HE LEARNED HOW TO FROM MAGNUS. 

Okay… not to start discourse with the D*ctor Wh.o fandom (because I don’t want to get murdered), but some people are now saying that calling Bill a lesbian is biphobic, because she’s apparently canonically bi? Because she said something like, ‘I tend to go for girls’ and wore a t-shirt with the same colours as the bi flag?

But, well, I’m a lesbian, and I say that I 'tend to’ be attracted to girls all the time? It’s like… what you do when you’re cautiously or flippantly explaining yourself? I know another lesbian who says the same thing?

As for the t-shirt… I really do not believe anyone at the BBC knows enough about the LGBT community to know what the bi flag looks like, TBH. I mean maybe, maybe I’m totally wrong, but… yeah.

Like? Maybe she is bi? But it’s not biphobic to call her a lesbian at this point in time lmao.

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