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may the light forever shine upon us.

In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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I did a Carmilla version too, FIGHT ME

Also added Laura’s shirt detail I forgot yesterday, oops

Then again, tattoo AU credit goes to bigmammallama5


Finally, the curse is lifted!

The Evolution of a Delphine Fan

Someone starts talking shit about the fans of your favorite character in her tag. 

First you just want to keep the peace and not deal with all this bullshit. So you nope the fuck out of her tag for awhile:

Next time you just let them talk their shit but refuse to leave:

Finally, you’ve had enough and show up in the show’s general tag:

buckeebarnes requested a Hogwarts AU


Akatsuki no Yona - OP 2

anonymous asked:

hey i noticed you tagged your milky quartz fusion as 'stevidot' - you don't actually ship them romantically, right? i mean, seeing how peridot is an adult, and steven is 14, that's pretty, uh, not good, even in the slightest. i love your art, (you're so creative!) but i wanted to clear this up. thanks!

Nope I don’t ship them. Those tags are just very popular

My friends’ Snapchat stories: I’m being social and hanging out with my friends! I love my friends! I love hanging out with my friends!

My Snapchat story: It is 2 AM and I am trying to get my hermit crab off of the roof of her tank