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may the light forever shine upon us.


Finally, the curse is lifted!

when you try to enjoy your m*lec content but you have

1) assholes fighting over who deserves to win a poll more, engaging in useless circle wank and oppression olympics, as if oppression is an olympic sport, and attacking each other based on minority brownie points as if their behavior is somehow justified the more of those they have;

2) people who call m*lec an easy choice when criticizing the show and it’s approach to certain elements, acting like writing a good, main same sex relationship for the TV audience in a genre show was done e million times before compared to good and complex bromances (hahaha what a laugh), as if having a same sex couple being so accepted by the wider public is not an accomplishment compared to said public accepting a bromance (again, still laughing), and people trying to sound overall neutral but ending up sounding condescending as all hell;

3) people who for one reason or another have a superiority complex because they are not like THAT group of people *insert insults/baseless generalizations*.


In short, I’m tired of this overall bs and I’m retreating in the wonderful world of Ao3 to recharge and have my eyes take a break from all the eye rolling I’ve done at the S*H fandom as a whole.

Okay I’m so happy we’re suddenly Fitzsimmons-centric but I am also terrified because I can’t shake the feeling we’re going to have the rug pulled out from under us “it was all a dream” style because Fitzsimmons are in the Framework and this is their version of Bahrain. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I was doubting Fitzsimmons were the real Fitzsimmons at first, but by the scene with the submarine I just got a horrible feeling that while they might be real, what we’re seeing is not. I dunno, I hope I’m wrong because I am not ready for that kind of pain like this fandom has seen enough haha


170219 Andante filming (deleted instagram post from set staff)

I hate cheating fanfics. Don’t make me hate a character I love. I don’t care what their excuse is, I will not forgive them. Put a warning up that there is cheating in your fic so I know not to read it.

It must be so boring to be one of those people who believes that there is only man and woman, and only gay and straight. What a dull life view. Expand your horizons. Go outside. Eat a cookie. 

you never forget the first time an inappropriate blog follows you, especially not when the entire bridge crew is there to witness it


Akatsuki no Yona - OP 2


Have a thing from….years ago…I don’t want to talk about it. But! I found this while cleaning my room and I thought “Let’s share!”

I see nothing’s changed.

Title: Realizacetions
Words: 1,389
Characters: Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Combeferre
Relationship: Combeferre/Courfeyrac
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Summary: In which Courfeyrac takes a look at his identity, and makes some decisions.

When he discovered the term, he had wrapped it around himself like a security blanket. He wore it like armor, he displayed it proudly.

“Oh, I’m aromantic and asexual,” he would proudly say. When people inquired, he would explain.

Courfeyrac had been nineteen, when Enjolras had told him what asexual and aromantic meant. Enjolras, who was also asexual and aromantic. Combeferre, the third in their trio, revealed that same night that he, too, was in the spectrums, identifying as grey-ace and grey-aro.

Courfeyrac was twenty-one when he was having an identity crisis.

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