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hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with


Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


all the dylan girls drinking something that contains .01% alcohol as a tribute to him

~THIS IS A JOKE OMG NO ONE COME FOR ME LMAOO ,, also hope this hasn’t been done~

People lately has been telling me that Yuugi doesn’t top in puzzleshipping. 

I tell them how long it’s been and old that starts to sound like. 

They keep telling me Yuugi doesn’t top. 

And I’m just “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Newsies React to Your Period (Heavy Flow) Headcanons

I WILL BE MAKING TWO OF THESE, one for those with heavy flow, and one for those with a light flow. This is HEAVY, expect LIGHT either later tonight, or tomorrow!

Newsies React to Your Period (Heavy flow) Headcanon:

- You’re a newsie (obviously)

- So, you horrid at determining when you’re going to start

- Like some girls are just ‘Oh, I feel like I’m gonna start soon, let me grab a rag’

- Nope

- No

- Not you

- There are, of course, the signs

- The aches and pains

- The cramps

- But you are clueless

- You think it’s all hunger pains and exhaustion




- You wake up just drowning in a pool of your own blood

- Okay

- Not really

- But that’s what it feels like.

- You’ve had to wash your sheets a number of times for this very reason

- And the boys know

- They just KNOW

- Romeo always seems to be the first to notice

- Followed by Race, and Jack, and Mush and Blink, and Davey, ext.

- But you know who always notices last?

- Buttons, your best friend and selling partner

- The poor kid

- He greets you every morning with a grin and a loud “Morning!”

- And you usually reply back with equal enthusiasm

- But when you’re on your period?

- Silence

- A glare

- Poor kid was terrified

- Anyway

- All the boys are such sweethearts to you

-  Romeo lets you wear his shirts, since you love how soft and warm they are

- Blink will brush and braid your hair to help you calm down

- Mush always makes sure, when you guys go out to lunch, that Jacobi puts extra ice in your water

- Crutchie will do silly stuff to make you laugh

- Buttons (after figuring it out) will come up with the most obscene headlines that usually sell 4-7 papes at a time (people like up for ‘em, he’s so creative!) so you can sell quickly and go back home

- If it’s a good selling week Race, Davey, and Crutchie all chip in to get you a candy bar

- With your heavy flow comes HORRIBLE cramps

- You’ve had to take the day off more than once before due to how bad they get

- And if you’re comfortable with it, one of the boys will cuddle with you

- Usually it’s either Specs, Race, or Albert

- Specs is there for when you want to be held loosely

- Race is there for when you want to be spooned (whether you’re the big or the small spoon)

- Albert is there for when you want to be held tightly, flush against someone else

- And if it gets super bad, Jack will take you up to his penthouse

- And he’ll have you lay down on your stomach

- He lifts up the back of your shirt (not in a dirty way, don’t worry)

- And he’ll paint any number of things on your back

- You find that it helps you sleep

- The feeling of the paint on your back helps to distract you from the pains in your stomach

- It doesn’t make them go away

- But it makes them tolerable

- (side note, I have a headcanon that Jack has a rocking chair in his ‘pent house’)

- But if you’re in so much pain that you can’t stretch out

- Jack will sit in his rocking chair with you in his lap

- And he’ll hum a tune that you’ve only ever heard him hum

- And he rocks you till you can fall asleep

- Along with cramps you also have horrible back pains

- And when it comes to this, Crutchie is an absolute sweetie

- He’ll have you lay on your stomach on his bunk

- And he will massage your back

- His fingers work wonders as they dig into your aching muscles

- And after words he just gives you the best hug in the world

- These boys are a god-sent to you.

anonymous asked:

DOCTOR ANON- ooo boi o boi that was awesome i smiled SO HARD DUDE , you did so well! :D much love vuv now i am curious what TFP Cons would react to it ;)

Yayyy!!!!  Thank you!  Glad you enjoyed it!  ^__^  Get ready for even more awkward shenanigans!! XD

Megatron:  When you accidentally blurt out “Sure thing, Dad,” after he gives you an assignment, he simply turns and raises an optic ridge at you while you splutter flustered apologies.  He merely scoffs and rolls his optics, leaving you to wallow in your own crushing shame.  If he’s honest with himself though, it’s sort of… nice having someone look up to him like that.  He’s not planning on changing his will or anything, but it’s nice to know where your loyalties lie.  From then on though, you notice he’ll occasionally shoot you a subtle, approving smile whenever you’ve done a particularly good job with something.  They’re pretty rare, but you live for those smiles.  (It makes Starscream so fraggin’ mad.)

Starscream:  He is absolutely mortified when you call him ‘dad’ on accident.  (He dedicates his whole life to their lord and leader, Megatron, and THIS is the thanks he gets?)  He’s so over the top about it, that you forget your initial embarrassment and start laughing at him, which makes him furious.  He storms off to his room, thinking about how insufferable humans are. Why would they even think about him like that?  It’s not as if he cares about them.  He doesn’t need their approval, not at all.  Why should he care if one, puny, insignificant human looks up to him?  It’s not satisfying at all, nope!  Don’t be surprised though, if he comes looking for you later, asking for your support in his upcoming coup against Megatron.

Soundwave:  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, although it’d be hard to tell from his body language at first.  When you first say it, he stops and turns toward you with an inscrutable gaze.  For a moment, you shift uncomfortably, thinking you’ve offended him or something.  But then he plays the quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine over his visor.  “Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?”  (Shut up, Soundwave.)  From then on, he take any opportunity he can to make a dad joke.  “Man that last mission really wore me out.  I’m exhausted!”  Cue various audio mashes:  “Hi, exhausted.  I’m dad.”  (Soundwave, please.)

Knock Out:  He’s low-key kind of offended at first.  “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”  Breakdown’s the one that really gives him a hard time about it.  He thinks it’s hilarious and teases Knock Out at every given opportunity.  “Be nice to our sparkling, KO!  You want to be one of those dead-beat sires?”  (Knock Out low key hates you both.)  The jokes on all of you though, because after awhile the whole fake family dynamic somehow evolves into a real one.  None of you are quite sure when it happened, but your new robot dads will be damned if they let anything happen to you now.

Breakdown:  He’s a bit embarrassed at first, and tries to brush it off.  “Do I look like your dad, kid?”  It’d be hard for him to admit (especially after giving Bulkhead such a hard time about his “pet”) but he does come to realize that he cares about you a great deal.  His dynamic with you slowly begins to shift from friendly acquaintance to protective dad.  You are now essentially his kid, and he practically has a spark attack whenever he losses track of you.  “Where were you?  You know you’re supposed to com after a mission!”  (It’s only because he worries.)  

Dreadwing:  He… doesn’t actually know what a dad is.  He thinks you just mispronounced his name.  “Um, no.  ‘Dread’.  Dreadwing.”  It’s only much later, long after you’ve forgotten about the incident, that he learns the truth.  The realization hits him like a brick wall.  (Oh my god!  They see me as a parental figure!  What do I do?!?!)  He becomes very awkwardly protective of you after that, shadowing you on missions and offering you stilted praise on a job well done.  You have no idea why he’s acting so strangely, but hey.  There are worse mechs to hang out with, you suppose.  

Airachnid:  When you accidentally call her ‘mom’ one day, she predictably smirks and begins teasing you for it.  You scowl and roll your eyes, thinking that’s the end of it, but in reality, the gears in her twisted mind have already begun turning.  Accidental or not, you clearly feel some sort of affection for her, and Airachnid’s going to milk that for all it’s worth.  She subtly begins manipulating you, luring you in slowly with praise and affirmations.  You could prove very useful to her down the line.  All she has to do to keep you in her web is to offer a gentle head pet now and again.  “That’s a good little human…”

Shockwave:  He’s very… confused?? as to why you would call him ‘dad’.  He’s not your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter.  The two of you aren’t even the same species??  That would be biologically impossible???  You’d be happy to let it drop, if not for resident troll, Soundwave, who finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.  Whenever he sends reports to the chief science officer, he now replaces Shockwave’s name with “Dad” via a search and replace function.  Shockwave thinks he might have set his emotional capacity for ‘annoyance’ too damn high.

Experimenting With A Demon

Dipper never really considered he’d be in this position, flustered and cornered by the infamous dream demon that had caused him endless trouble and mayhem. Bill Cipher seemed to know no personal space boundaries, and if he did, he didn’t care. At first, it was annoying and irritated Dipper to no end, but after he had hung out with him it made his heart flutter and would cause him to freeze and tense up, whenever Bill would move away he found himself disappoint. Which is why he was so conflicted in this moment, he had been enjoying himself since Mabel had went over to one of her friends’ houses for the night and that meant Dipper could read any book he wanted or speak out loud about his theories and leads about the author, when Bill decided to drop in. Dipper was so entranced by his book that, at first, he didn’t seem to notice the floating blonde in front of him. It was when the book once held so close to his face was replaced by a face that got him to realize he wasn’t alone anymore, he yelped and tried to put distance between him and the too-close-triangle but found that the headboard wasn’t allowing him any wiggle room.
“Pinetree, its rude to ignore your guests like that!” Came the high-pitched voice of Bill, a grin blossoming on his features as Dipper’s face began to light up in embarrassment at how close they were. Bill wasn’t floating anymore, instead he was on hands and knees, stationed between his legs while those lanky arms were on either side of his torso. He was utterly pinned and bothered, and at Bill’s mercy.
“You aren’t my guest, you invited yourself here!” Dipper retorted, his eye trained on the one eye that seemed to pierce him like a knife. At this angle, he could feel the tickle of breath from the blonde dust his face as he pushed his head as far back as it would allow. He hated to admit it but he had grown close with Bill and found himself coxing more secrets from the demon, maybe he could get some more knowledge from the demon today. “But since you are here, why don’t you help me out?” This seemed to get Bill’s attention as he perked up and moved back only an inch, his grin never faulting as he looked into, what felt like, the boy’s soul.
“What kind of help do you need, Pinetree?” He cocked his head to the side, gaze never leaving Dipper’s as he awaited a response, he seemed more playful today then he usually was. That couldn’t mean anything good for Dipper so he braced himself to whatever was to come, maybe asking Bill for help wasn’t the best idea.
“I was hoping you would help me figure out some of these codes I found in the journal,” he grabbed the sheets of crinkled paper beside him, he wouldn’t let Bill actually get a hold of the journal and knew Bill wouldn’t blatantly tell him what he wanted to know. Bill always answered him in riddles or code, sometimes even answered his question with more questions, never just flat out telling him what he wanted to know. He’d only do that if he made a deal and he knew better then to do that. He handed the papers over to said demon and breathed a sigh in relief as the demon backed off to look at the papers.
The blonde’s grin turned into a knowing smile, a chuckle forming low in his throat and voiced itself as he read what contents was tattooed into the paper, he knew these codes because he wrote them himself in the journals, but his little Pinetree didn’t know that. The chuckle gave Dipper hope but also startled him a bit, whatever those codes were, Bill seemed to be getting a real kick out of them and that couldn’t mean anything good.
“Tell ya what, kid! Since I’m in a rather playful mood, I’ll tell you what these codes say but in exchange I would like something in return. Nothing big, just a small little thing.” He put the papers down, staring at Dipper like he was his prey, his smile looking a tiny bit sinister. Dipper gulped, mind swirling to all the things Bill could want, his soul? His organs, his brain, his family, maybe he wanted to rearrange his limbs, or maybe he wants a chance to steal the journal.
“What would that be, exactly?” He almost squeaked when Bill was in his face again, his pupil twinkling in mischief as his eyes travelled down from those bright doe eyes to the brunette’s lips before they returned to where they once were.
“These are an awful lot of codes, so for each once, I’d like a simple kiss for my knowledge.” He almost laughed seeing Dipper’s face flare up as the boy turned red, messing with him was by far his favorite activity and he knew that Dipper did have an infatuation with him just as Ford had once had. But Dipper’s was far more on the crushing side then the obsession Ford had, it was so adorable to see how Bill could twist this and make it bloom to something more, and he had every intention to do so. Dipper was just too easy to trick and manipulate, once you got around his trust barrier he seemed to always have up, he was an easy target.
“Wai- a kiss!?! Why-why would you want a kiss? Wouldn’t you prefer my soul or something!?” He exclaimed frantically, eyes wide as he looked at the blonde in pure shock at what he just heard, heart pounding in his ears he was surprised Bill hadn’t heard it himself.
“Nope! All I ask for is a kiss for each code, and I want a kiss for my own personal reasons!” Bill smoothly replied, his hand taking ahold of Dipper’s chin by his thumb and pointer finger, bringing their faces even closer. “Or, you can refuse and just remain in the dark.” He lingered there for only a moment longer before he moved away and sat completely opposite to where he once was, it looked as if Bill had never even been that close in the first place.
Dipper felt his breath stop, that feeling of disappointment coming over him again as he watched Bill, he wanted something else to happen, something more. But at the same time he wasn’t so sure what it is that he wanted from Bill or what he wanted Bill to do. Maybe he could use this as an experiment to see what it was that Dipper craved from the demon so much, so he nodded his approval and with a snap of Bill’s fingers the papers were back in his hand, his eye scanning over one of them once before reciting what the message had read. Once he was done, he looked at Dipper expectantly and waited, it fully dawned on him that Bill wouldn’t be igniting any of the moves this time and Dipper would have to do it himself, which only made him more flustered.
He scooted over to where Bill waited, timid and shy, he rubbed his arm before leaning over and planting a small, quick, smooch to the other’s cheek and backed off. Bill thought that the shy attempt was cute but not what he wanted, he knew better then to push his luck so he settled for what he could get and moved onto the next code, stopped before continuing on for his ‘payment’ and then repeated. On the last paper, when he spoke the hidden message and watched as Dipper leaned back towards him to press a chaste kiss to his cheek, he turned his head the last minute to capture the boy’s lips in his own. Dipper, who had managed to calm down over the repeating action, moved back as quick as lightening with a hand clamped over his mouth and his cheeks tinting bright pink. The blonde, had a smirk on his face and was looking as smug as ever as he ate up the brunette’s reactions.
“Wh-What was that!?” Dipper squeaked, his words a little muffled by his own hand around his mouth. Bill simply chuckled, waving his hand as if dismissing what had just happened.
“A kiss, kid. Got any other codes for me or are we done here?” Bill crossed his arms and stared, drinking up how squeamish the boy was under his powerful gaze, it made him feel like he had Dipper completely under his will and influence. Though, Dipper was too flustered to speak a reply, he shook his head as a no and hoped that was enough for the dream demon as an answer. Which, appeared that it was and Bill stood up, ready to announce his departure when Dipper stopped him by grabbing and tugging on Bill’s tailcoat.
“W-Wait!” Bill stopped and turned to look at the small boy, eyebrow raised in question but there wasn’t mistaking the devilish grin appearing on his features as he cocked his head to the side in confusion, prompting Dipper to explain his actions. “I-um, I thought that maybe you could uh, stay? And teach me how to read the c-codes or something.” His voice trailed off as he continued talking, releasing the fabric he held in his grasp.
“Sure, I’ll stay a little bit longer but I can’t promise I’ll teach you the codes, can’t have you getting too smart now can I? What need would you have for me then?” The blonde snickered at the thought of Dipper out-doing his extensive knowledge, no one was smarter then Bill he, himself, knew that for a fact. A human such as his Pinetree was very far from even coming close, but he sat back down on the bed and crossed his legs, his gaze now a bit softer as he peered at the nervous twin.
“What? I’ll always need you Bill,” He found himself admitting the words before he even processed the sentence that had come past his lips and he started to regret what he had just said. “I-I mean, you’re good company is all I’m saying! I’m not saying that I don’t like you because I do- wait no thats not what I meant! I like you of course! Just not-uh-“ Dipper stopped talking and burrowed his face in his hands, he was sure the yellow demon was laughing at him or had an insult or some snarky remark on the tip of his tongue just waiting to use it, and he wasn’t sure he could’ve handled that much embarrassment in one sitting. But when a gloved hand pushed his hands away and angled his face, he didn’t see an amused or snarky expression plastered on the demon’s face, instead he saw genuine care. A soft, small smile with eyes that seemed to understand him instead of paralyze him with fear or uncertainty like he was used to.
“I like you too, Pinetree.” Dipper could feel something pull at his heart at the words, they just sounded so comforting and genuine that he couldn’t stop himself from admiring the demon. His face was soft and well structured, usually all he saw was malice and ill intent when he looked at Bill but now he saw much more. He saw soft blonde hair that seemed to be untamable but eager to be styled, his eye was the most expressive because he found emotions hidden in their depths, Bill also had very long and delicate looking lashes that fit him so well and his lips were very pleasing. Before he registered what was happening, he was leaning closer and closer to Bill, his eyes closing on impulse. When their lips met for the second time, it wasn’t quick and timid but sweet and full of love, Dipper felt the hand on his jaw turn from a hold to more of a cupping action. Bill was an experienced kisser and that did shine through in their kiss as he led and took dominance once Dipper didn’t pull away after a moment of getting a feel for the situation.
The blonde’s hands guided the boy’s face as he angled their faces, Bill nipping at the brunette’s bottom lip and swiping his tongue along it in a silent plea for entrance, the demon couldn’t just rush this. The male twin was more shy and too easily scared away from intimate actions, so Bill had to play it slow and steady, keeping his movements gentle and sweet despite his inner hunger for roughness and complete dominance over the boy. But he held himself together, keeping himself in check as their kiss dove into something more heated. It was when he felt the other’s hand fumble with his tailcoat lapels that he knew the current actions might hinder what he’s been working for, so he ended their little session and pulled back. Dipper was flushed full red when he opened his eyes to see the demon drinking up his reactions and he felt a new wave of embarrassment fill his veins, but Bill only gave a knowing smile and fixed his bowtie.
“Next time, ask me out to dinner first!” He spoke with a sing-song tone, breaking some of the tension Dipper had felt when he was met with the eye contact. The demon lingered close for another moment before he pulled away, giving the boy a wink as he stood once more. “I hate to cut this short but I have business to attend to. But I’ll be visiting soon. In the meantime, have sweet dreams!~” And just like that the blonde was nowhere to be seen at the snap of his fingers, Dipper sure had a lot to think about now that he had experimented. One thing was for sure though, he was left wanting more.

Tickets ~ Jack Avery

Request: Nope!

Word Count: 2,894

A/N: Now, Jack doesn’t make much of an appearance in this part, but I have plans for a part two or maybe more depending on how much you guys like this. Let me know! Part two won’t be posted unless anyone wants it. 

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 62

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63

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Chapter Sixty-Two: Loke’s Pool Party

Lucy pulled at her shirt, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get the material to go down. In an attempt to be more responsible, Lucy did her own laundry last night. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t ask Virgo for help -or even tell the maid what she was up to, resulting in a few of her shirts shrinking.

She didn’t mind some of her clothes shrinking since they were baggy before, but one shirt in particular was her favorite, and now it was bordering being a crop top. Two inches of her pale skin showed between the hem of her shirt and her jean shorts. If she wasn’t currently on her way to a pool party, there was no way she would have left the house like that.

Giving up on fixing her shirt, Lucy switched her focus to her phone. She didn’t know if she would have any time to play Pokémon GO today, so she wanted to play before the party. Loke lived about two blocks away from her house. Instead of having Virgo drop her off, she decided to walk.

On her way there, she managed to catch a Meowth before logging out of her account and onto Natsu’s. She knew he didn’t have one, so she wanted to surprise him. Luckily, they were still in the same city, so the game wouldn’t freak out if she switched between accounts. She still didn’t know the limits of how far they could travel before the game would suspend their accounts, and for now, she didn’t want to test it.

By the time Lucy arrived in front of Loke’s house, she was feeling a little nervous. She saw only a few cars parked in the street, so she figured she wasn’t the last one at the party. She knocked, her free hand holding the present against her waist. She hoped he would like it, but she didn’t know his interests -besides girls, apparently.

The door opened a moment later, revealing a very confused Loke staring back at her. “Lucy? What are you doing here?”

Her eyes widened, wondering what he meant. “The invitation said your party started at noon…”

The corner of Loke’s lip twitched up until he smiled, laughing as he shook his head. “No one shows up for a party on time!”

Lucy’s face flushed as she took a step back. She was embarrassed, not knowing every social norm out there. She was raised to show up on time, if not early. She knew Loke probably learned the same things growing up, but he clearly had more freedom than she ever did. “I didn’t know that.” She waited until he calmed down before asking, “Should I come back later?”

“Nah, come on in.” Loke widened the door for her. “I’ll give you a tour.”

Lucy nodded, the blush remaining on her cheeks as she stepped into the cool house. It was barely noon and the air outside was already warming up. She had no doubts she would be sweating today.

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Sticky Sweet (Part 6 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy.

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, and Rough Around the Edges.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, use of dessert toppings during sex

Word Count: 3000ish

Pulling one of Dean’s t-shirts over your head and sliding on your softest flannel sleep pants, you flopped onto the couch and started a movie. It didn’t take very long for your eyes to droop. All the sex you’d had over the last twenty-four hours- had you really only been here that long?- had worn you out, despite the good night’s sleep you had gotten. It seemed like the movie had barely started before the sound of Dean carrying in groceries woke you up, and a different movie had begun.

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"I Speak for all women when I say..."

No, you don’t. I appreciate the gesture, but most likely when you say this, what follows does not apply to all women.
“…when I say we’re tired of being oppressed by men!”

Nope, not all women feel that they’re oppressed.

“…when I say we’re tired of making 75 cents for every dollar a man makes!”

Nope, only feminists still believe in the wage gap. And, surprise, surprise: not all women are feminists.

“…when I say we’re tired of the harassment that is mansplaining, man spreading, and catcalling!”

Nope, believe it or not, not all women think that any of those things is a threat to them or other women.

Don’t try to speak for a large, intellectually diverse group of people thinking we all think the same way, because we don’t. You speak for yourself, and others like you. You’d even have trouble saying “I speak for all feminists” because even feminism itself is comprised of different ways of thinking. I can’t and will not speak for all women either, just as I can not, and will not speak even for my followers, because we’re individuals, with individual thoughts, individual opinions and individual experiences. I can say without a doubt that not all my followers agree with every single thing I have to say. So I won’t assume that they will. So don’t assume all women agree with you either.

Women have voices now, you don’t need to speak for us. Because more often than not, what we have to say may not line up with what you think.

First Date

Requested by anon:  For the drabbles, youngjae & 37?    And:  Can I request a cute, first date with Youngjae? There’s seriously not enough of him and he’s my ultimate. It’s so sad.

Hiya darlings!! Thank you for requesting! I decided to combine these requests, as they were just perfect. Thank you again for requesting, and I hope you like it!!

-Admin Katie

Youngjae x Reader


Originally posted by choiyoungjae

You nearly jumped off the couch and ran to the door when you heard him knocking. As you opened the door, you were greeted with the sight of Youngjae, looking handsome as ever.

“Hey, you look great.” You were grinning so widely, that you were sure your cheeks would hurt if you kept it up. He looked so cute, even just wearing casual clothes and with his fluffy brown hair.

“You look beautiful.” If possible, he was grinning even wider than you, as he made you blush from his words. “Well, shall we?” He offered out his arm, and you giggled, taking it as he walked you to the car.

“Such a gentleman.” You tease as he even opens your door for you, making his cheeks turn light pink. As he shut the door, you grinned to yourself at the effect you had on each other.

“So, where are we going?” You stared at him as you asked what had been bugging you all day.

“Nope. It’s a surprise.” You saw the grin on his face, making you grin and shake your head.

“Fine. Be that way.” Your sassiness unintentionally making a show, causing the both of you to laugh. Things settled into a comfortable silence, until the car stopped outside of one of your favorite little coffee shops.

“Oh my gosh, really?! This is one of my favorite coffee shops!! You remembered?” You were shocked. You had mentioned it to him maybe once or twice before, and that was a long time ago, back when you two were just best friends.

“Of course I remembered. It’s not something I’d ever forget.” As he was smiling softly at you, there was a faint redness on his cheeks, as you leaned in and hugged him close.

“You’re so sweet.” You mumbled into is shoulder, before pulling away and he lead you into the shop. Walking in, you breathed in deeply, smelling the freshly brewed coffee, and the sweet little desserts they made midday. Youngjae sat you down after getting the coffee you wanted, to go up and order for the both of you.

“You’ve got a real keeper there sweetheart. He’s a cutie and a gentleman.” There was an older woman who was sat near you who spoke, making you look down and blush.

“Thank you. It’s our first date together, but he’s been my best friend for what seems like forever.” She nodded once, before she stood up, and patted your shoulder once before leaving you alone once more.

“Hey.” You jump when you hear his voice, not realizing you had been spacing out with your thoughts til he came back. “You alright?” He looked concerned for a minute, until you nodded your head, smiling over at him.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” You grabbed the coffee cup, putting both hands on it, warming them, as they were normally cold. “You know I could have paid for mine, right?”

“Yeah, but its the nice thing to do. Ya know, trying to be a gentleman and all.” You both giggle at the dorkiness, before you start to talk about any and everything. Making time fly by, until you both were nearly forced out of the shop, as you stayed so late.

As the night came to an end, he had driven you back home, and walked you to the door, when he made a request.

“Can I kiss you?” He almost seemed shy about it, but you grinned and nodded. He looked relieved, before his hand was cupping the side of your face, thumb brushing over your cheek, as you both leaned forward, capturing each others lips in a soft, sweet kiss. What felt like hours, was only minutes, until he pulled away, staring into your eyes, both of your faces starting to turn red.

“Well, uh, goodnight Jagi.” He blushed even harder if that was possible, why was he so cute?!

“Goodnight.” He gave you one last kiss on the cheek before he was at his car and you watched as he drove away before walking into your home. As you set your keys and purse on the table, you let out a little squeal. And when you went to bed, you had the biggest, and dumbest grin on your face, that not even sleep could wipe away.

A book recommendation from the SSS team: Wings Of Fire

As you may or may not know, recently a few of the SSS members met up for a holiday. During this time we had many trips to Barnes & Nobles and one lot of books we all bought was the first and second books for the series Wings Of Fire. We all read both books and we love it so we highly recommend it. Here’s a review so you know whether it’s for you or not.

Firstly, if you love Warriors then we’re almost 100% sure you’ll enjoy Wings Of Fire. It’s pretty much Warrior Cats but with dragons instead. The writing we also found was a lot better in WoF too, personally. The writer for the series, Tui T. Sutherland has worked with the Erins before on the Seekers series and on the Code Of The Clans series so it’s another good reason we think you’ll like it.

The book focuses on five dragonets (young dragons) who are part of a prophecy that is meant to bring an end to the war that is taking place all over the kingdom. Each of these dragonets have nicely fleshed out characters and all are different from one-another so you are bound to find one you can relate to in someway and also makes for a diverse cast. The first five books are written in a point of view of each dragonet so you get see each one grow and develop more character from a more personal viewpoint rather than a singular character throughout the series. There are currently seven books available with an eighth on it’s way due for early 2016. Each book is about $6.99 but you can buy a boxset of the first five in hardback for around $20 from August 25th. The targeted audience is the same as Warriors but can be enjoyed by any ages.

Despite the ‘Scholastic’ logo being plastered on the cover, the book contains violence and gore more intense than what we read in the Warriors series. We’re talking eyeballs disintegrating, throwing eggs off cliffs, torture, ripping apart dragons right to their organs…then pulling them out; you name it, it’s all there and described in detail too. Does this ruin the books? Nope. Not at all. There are many little twists and surprises that keep you hooked til the end and gore is only suitable, we’re talking dragons after all. The only thing that makes us roll our eyes is sometimes the dialogue and character actions can be cheesy but it’s nothing overwhelming, just every so often, 

So we at the SSS team recommend you these books as a last read before you return to school. 

And before you ask, our favourite dragon is Glory. What a sassy biatch. <3

ML Fluff Month: We’ll Have to Rectify That

@miraculousfluffmonth​ Day 6: Blanket Fort

When it’s supposed to be Day 12… 

Oooohhh I’m halfway therrreee 

Oooohhh I’ll make it to the right day I sweeearrrr 

Marinette sank into the bed, chucking off her tall heels. She was amazed she had managed to walk straight in those six-inch monsters. 

Flopping back into the luxurious sheets and expensive blankets of the huge hotel bed, she smiled sadly. The best day of her life was officially over. 

It was sort of anti-climatic. 

Her poofy white wedding dress fanned underneath her, gold specks sprinkled throughout. She smiled at how perfectly her design had turned out.

The bathroom door of their suite clicked open, and her new husband walked through, a smile on his face. She sat back up and leaned into him when he sat down next to her. 

“Tired, M’Lady?”

She hummed a bit. “I can’t believe its over.”

Adrien kissed her carefully done curls. “It passed by quickly didn’t it.”

“Uh-huh.” She tilted her head up to kiss him and he eagerly responded. It was their wedding night after all. 

He gently lifted her, moving them to the center of the huge bed. She sank down with a sigh. It was quite a comfortable bed. He continued kissing down her neck, and her sigh turned into a gasp. 

Suddenly, he stopped, and Marinette frowned at him. “What’s wrong?”

Adrien didn’t respond. Turning, he lay down next to her. After a while, he spoke up. “It feels weird. Like we’re officially adults now.”

“Chaton, we’ve been adults for six years.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s like we’re moving on into the next phase of our lives, and while I’m so, so, so very happy that I get to do that with you, I can’t help but think that I didn’t live my childhood correctly.”

Marinette scooped herself up onto her elbows, leaning over her husband. “There isn’t just one way to have a childhood, silly.”

“Yeah, but I never ate so many sweets until my stomach ached, I never skipped class just cause I felt like it, I’ve never played ‘the floor is lava’. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever made a blanket fort.”

Marinette froze. Oh no, that wouldn’t do. That wouldn’t do at all. “You’ve never made a blanket fort?”

Her incredulous voice must have surprised him. “Nope, never.”

Suddenly, all the exhaustion from the day left her. “Well, we’ll have to rectify that.”

He blinked. She stood up and tried to tug him off the bed. 

“What, now?” It was his turn to be incredulous. “Aren’t we supposed to consummate our relationship and all that?”

Marinette succeeded in dragging the confused ex-superhero off the blanket. “Pff, we’ve done that enough times. You’re right though, this marks the beginning of a new phase of our lives. And we absolutely cannot start being adults without you having made a blanket fort. So we’re doing it. Now.”

He grinned at her. “I can’t believe we’re making a blanket fort on our wedding night.”

Marinette dragged two chairs over. “Who ever said we were normal? Help me with that sofa over there, we’re going to need it.”

And with that, the newly weds went to work, giggling and joking into the night. The fluffy blankets of the five-star hotel certainly did the trick, and by daybreak, they had completed the best goddamn blanket fort that Marinette had ever seen. 

Exhausted, they both snuggled under the fort, still clad in their wedding clothes. 

“I love you so much,” Adrien hugged her tightly, staring with wonder at the woman who had used her wedding night to help him achieve a childhood goal. 

“Oh, I love you too.” 

“I’m sorry that my lack of childhood experiences meant we didn’t get to experience our wedding night correctly.”

Marinette lifted an eyebrow. “There isn’t just one way to have a wedding night, silly.” Then, a thought occurred to her, and she smirked. “But I suppose we have enough time to rectify that.”


Okay so I am finally going to do the mafia request I am honestly so excited for this bc something about this AU is just really fucking nice like wo w so without further ado, to start us off like he always does is the one, the only Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka somebody squish that boy’s cheeks bc they’re so kissable and squishy I love

  • Okay so I’m just gonna paint a quick picture for you
  • I’m thinking like the Japanese Danger mv for his looks bc he looked s o good there (he always does let’s be real this is Jin but Japanese version of Danger was like oh okay)
  • Basically for anyone that hasn’t seen the mv it’s black hair that makes his face look even more wow than usual like just when you think he’s already topped the wow chart it’s like nope surprise I get nicer
  • And like just dressed in all black bc Jin + black = :D
  • Maybe a couple piercings but not too many just a couple in the ears
  • He would have a tattoo on his collarbone that all of the members have (the group name)
  • The members’ tattoos range in language
  • His is in Korean, that typical tattoo font writing it out onto his skin to permanently mark him as a member
  • Okay so here’s the backstory
  • They run the town
  • They keep it safe from other groups, they keep the criminals off the streets etc.
  • But sometimes those bigger companies want a lil extra protection
  • Whether it’s protecting their boss, keeping other companies from rising up and knocking them off their pedestal, keeping certain items safe, they can always call them up
  • But bts doesn’t do that part for free
  • And sometimes those companies get a bit cheap so that’s when they have to assess the situation
  • Each member has a role in the group
  • Jin is one of the speakers
  • He’s the person they send out to get information
  • He’s nice, he’s charming, he’s good looking and he’s smart as fuck
  • He’s basically perfect for this role
  • He goes out and talks to the clients, gets to know them, finds out if the group needs to send in the fighters or if they can be dealt with kindly and calmly
  • If they can then that’s great, fantastic we’ve settled this let’s move on
  • If they can’t Jin sends in the boys and waits in the car bc he’s also the driver fun fact
  • You two have been dating for five years and recently got engaged
  • You have no idea about what he does during the day
  • He tells you he’s just going to school, which he does do later on in the day
  • He goes in ready to give the usual “I need to speak to the CEO for a moment, you can just tell him Jin’s here to see him”
  • But oops he wasn’t expecting you
  • He’d been very careful to choose a day he thought you had off, he’d even asked about your schedule for the week during a pillow talk session
  • You two just kinda stare at each other and you’re really confused and he’s just oh shit
  • He’s a horrible liar too like especially with you
  • It’s honestly so ?? that he even was able to lie about his career bc he’s so open with you
  • He kinda just stutters and tries to think of how to explain himself as you’re just kinda staring at him
  • “Jin ik you’re part of the mafia I’m not an idiot, go see whoever you need to see”
  • “Wait I’m sorry what did you just say”
  • Lol Jin can’t lie to you at all you knew all along
  • It took you a while of living with him to get it though
  • You had seen his tattoo, you had seen him at the company you worked at, you had heard his phone calls
  • You pieced them all together long ago and had just been chilling with the information bc you wanted him to tell you
  • He’s just like I really gotta go see this CEO but when I get back we are talking about this
  • You tell him all about how you figured it out and about how you didn’t care
  • “You’re still you besides I’ve heard about your group, you guys have never hurt anyone innocent, you keep the town safe, you’re still a great guy”
  • He’s honestly so in love right then and there bc you were so accepting of it
  • Mafia!Jin is just v v calm and keeps everyone’s thoughts rational like hey do we really want to threaten this person is that a good idea but overall he’s a very important member to the group and is just very happy you’re okay with it

you never forget the first time an inappropriate blog follows you, especially not when the entire bridge crew is there to witness it

30 Days of Voltage Love ~ Day 4 ~ Who the Seasonelle Boys would choose as Godfather to their little one!

This was actually a very recent request, but given the nature of it, having written something similar recently, it was still fresh on my mind. So I decided to run with it.

So who would the OTBS boys pick as Godfather to their child?

Lots of fluff!

Shusei - Minato. Needless to say, Minato had been a strong supporter of your relationship with Shusei since the beginning. Not only had he encouraged you be together, but he had protected your secret on several occasions.
You weren’t sure your relationship would have remained hidden as long as it did without Minato’s assistance. So after making the discovery that you were pregnant, Minato was the first person that you and Shusei shared the news with.
‘Congratulations buddy!’ Minato grinned, clapping his best friend on the back. ‘So I’m guessing this is going to be the forty third attempt to quit smoking now?’
‘I wish you’d have more faith in me…it’s not been that many times,’ Shusei frowned, making Minato laugh as he gave you a gentle hug.
‘So how are you feeling, huh?’
‘I’m okay, a bit of morning sickness, but otherwise, I seem to be fine,’ you responded, offering him a kind smile as Minato looked between you.
‘Make sure you take care of her Shusei. You know all of Seasonelle will be on your ass if you don’t,’ he grinned.
‘No faith at all…’ Shusei muttered to himself, making you and Minato laugh.
When the subject of godparents had come up a few months into your pregnancy, you mulled over the conversation as you ate some mint chocolate ice cream - one of your few cravings.
‘I’d like to ask Tam to be godmother,’ you remarked thoughtfully. ‘I know she was really excited when she found out.’
‘So it’s just Godfather then,’ Shusei smiled, sitting beside you. ‘I think Tam is a great choice for Godmother.’
‘Then who would you like to be Godfather? Minato?’
‘Yeah. We’ve been friends for so long and he’s always been there for us. It feels like asking anyone else would be…’
‘Wrong?’ you concluded with a smile.
‘Yeah,’ he agreed, kissing your forehead lightly.
‘So when shall we ask him?’
‘Why don’t we wait until our little one is here? Then we can ask him.’
Coming to that agreement, you had gone through the remainder of your pregnancy without any hiccups and worked right up until the day you went into labour, much to Shusei’s concern.
Though the moment the labour pains started, the team had already been prepped by Akiyoshi to ensure that someone was always with you just in case of this very event.
With Shusei at the office, it was fortuitous that he was able to stay by your side on your trip to the hospital.
Following three hours, you had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, who you affectionately named Akiko.
Cradling her in your arms, you had felt tears well in your eyes as you looked up to Shusei who was gazing at his baby daughter with complete admiration.
‘Look at you…’ you smiled tearfully, leaning your forehead against Shusei’s as your eyes met.
By the time Seasonelle came to visit, you were more than ready for visitors and were greeted with warm wishes as the guys fussed over your little girl.
‘She’s definitely adorable,’ Minato remarked, glancing over your shoulder as you looked to Shusei.
‘Actually Minato, we were waiting for the right time to ask, would you be willing to be her Godfather?’
Seeing Minato’s eyes widen as you let out a small laugh, he glanced to you in questioning as you nodded and held Akiko up for him to hold.
‘Would you like a cuddle with your goddaughter?’
‘As if you had to ask,’ Minato beamed, taking the tiny bundle in his arms and looking over her with warmth and kindness in his eyes.
‘Good choice,’ Akiyoshi remarked, folding his arms as Shusei sat beside you, wrapping his arm around your waist.

Tsumugu - Akiyoshi. When you had discovered that you were pregnant, the news had come as a bit of a shock. You were engaged but you hadn’t expected to be starting a family so soon. While you felt apprehensive about telling Tsumugu the news, you could only hope that he would be happy.
Going downstairs, Tsumugu had been comfortable on the sofa, the sound of the usual comedy show you watched ringing out amidst his laughter.
Feeling the warmth in your heart at that sweet, honest sound, you felt as though it was helping to soothe your nerves, if only for a moment.
‘There’s my girl. What took ya so long?’ Tsumugu asked, popping a strawberry in his mouth as you came to sit down beside him.
'Sorry, I…um…’
Seeing the flustered expression on your face, Tsumugu chuckled as he wrapped an arm around you.
'Been a while since I’ve seen ya looking so on edge around me. I don’t bite ya know,’ he remarked, offering you a kind smile that made your heartbeat increase steadily.
'I know, it’s just, I have some news…’ You admitted, seeing Tsumugu’s expression become more serious as he placed the bowl down and took your hands.
'What’s goin’ on? Ya look pale…’
'I’m pregnant…’
Realising the words had come out before you could even think it over, Tsumugu’s eyes widened as his hands tightened around yours.
'Don’t be messin’ with me,’ he began cautiously as if afraid to believe it, though your earnest expression told him everything.
'I know we hadn’t discussed…’
Before you could even begin to apologise, Tsumugu had wrapped you up in the most delicate hug he could muster.
'We’re gonna be a little family?’
'Yeah,’ you responded, feeling tears well in your eyes at his gentle voice.
From then on, Tsumugu had done his utmost to keep you contented and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. You had told the Seasonelle team your news and of your relationship with Tsumugu when you got your first scan photo, much to the delight of the others.
'Congrat’s Tsummy!’ Minato grinned as he clapped Tsumugu on the shoulder.
'Congratulations to both of you,’ Akiyoshi smiled. 'Sounds like a celebration is in order!’
While the pregnancy had been mostly smooth sailing, around the start of your third trimester you had experienced sharp pains in your abdomen when Tsumugu was out of the office on an interview.
Collapsing into your chair as you tried to keep your breathing steady and calm, Akiyoshi had just returned to Seasonelle himself when he saw you and rushed to your side.
'What’s wrong?! Where does it hurt?’ Akiyoshi asked, his voice laced with worry as you told him.
'Come on, I’m taking you to the hospital.’
'I’ll call him on the way, let’s go, now.’
After helping you down to his car, Akiyoshi had taken you to the hospital to be examined, though the doctors determined you were okay.
Tsumugu had practically run into the room when he got to the hospital, looking a cross between his home style and work mode with his hair in complete disarray.
You weren’t sure what you would have done without Akiyoshi’s calm support that day. It had stayed with you throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Both you and Tsumugu had been so grateful, that when your little girl was born, the godfather you chose seemed like the obvious choice.
As the Seasonelle boys visited you both at home, they were taking it in turns holding your little girl while Tsumugu sat with you on the sofa, keeping you warm in his embrace.
'Chief?’ you asked, seeing Akiyoshi look to you with a kind smile.
'You don’t have to call me chief outside of work..’
'We actually wanted to ask you if you would consider being Namine’s godfather,’ you remarked, looking to Tsumugu.
'Yes, after all you’ve done for us,’ Tsumugu added, placing a hand on yours.
'We’d be honoured.’
'No, it is my honour,’ Akiyoshi responded as Namine was handed to him.
'Are you crying Chief?’ Shusei asked in surprise.
'Nope. You’re imagining things,’ Akiyoshi responded, making you all laugh as Tsumugu pulled you in close.

Minato - Shusei. After you had discovered your pregnancy; Minato had been more attentive than ever. Asking you and his brother to help him learn how to cook, he had been set on improving himself so that he could help out as much as possible with your new baby.
Having taken the opportunity to tell Seasonelle your news after your first scan, you had been overwhelmed by the kindness that you received from your friends and co-workers.
‘Are you going to be taking maternity leave before the baby is born?’ Shusei asked kindly as the others looked over your scan photo and debated whether it would be a girl or boy.
‘No, if I can I’d rather work through until the little one is born,’ you responded. ‘I don’t think I could leave Seasonelle any sooner than I had too. I love my job too much.’
While Minato respected your decision as your superior, as your fiancé he was understandably worried at the thought.
‘Well as long as you feel able to work, then you are of course more than welcome. You know we will all watch over you,’ Akiyoshi remarked with a smile as you nodded enthusiastically.
True to their words, throughout your pregnancy, Minato had the help of the other Seasonelle boys with the various difficulties and symptoms you were presented with.
As your baby bump grew, you had been excited to feel your little one kick for the first time while you were in the office. Calling Minato over and seeing him rush to you in a panic, you had surprised him when you took his hand and placed it on your stomach.
‘What are you-’
Feeling the soft sensation against his hand, Minato stopped short as he gently felt his baby kick, looking up to you with warmth in his eyes as you smiled brightly.
Talking over baby names one evening with Minato, you had been looking through names for boys and girls, having decided to keep it a surprise until the baby was born. Though Minato remained convinced it was a boy.
‘I think it’s a girl myself,’ you smiled, rubbing your stomach affectionately as Minato let out a sigh.
‘Okay, names aside, what do you think about Godparents?’
‘Godparents huh? Well, I suppose you’d ask Tam to be Godmother?’
‘I’d like too, unless you had anyone else in mind?’
‘No, I know how much she means to you,’ Minato responded with a warm smile as he kissed your forehead.
‘What about a Godfather?’
‘Shusei would always be my first choice,’ Minato answered, not even needing to give it a second thought.
‘Yeah, he’d make a great Godfather to our little one…’
‘The kid will be overrun with video games…but I think that was gonna happen either way,’ Minato added, making you giggle as you leaned up to kiss him…
Having talked over the rest of your ideas and suggestions for names, you had both decided that you wanted to tell Tam and Shusei the news the following day.
After going to lunch with Tam and Minato, you had thought you wouldn’t likely cry again that day, but when you went back into Seasonelle and called everybody together, Shusei’s reaction went against all your expectations.
‘We’d like you to be our baby’s godfather…’
Seeing Shusei look between you and Minato, you were surprised by his silence as he took in the news.
‘Who else would I possibly ask?’ Minato responded with a wry grin, though you thought you could see tears in Shusei’s eyes as he looked to you and enveloped you in the most delicate hug.
‘Thank you, so much…you don’t know how happy this makes me…’
As the others clapped Shusei on the back with congratulations, you looked over your little family with such fondness. You really couldn’t wait for the littlest member of Seasonelle to make it’s appearance.  

Akiyoshi - ‘How do you feel? Do you need me to get you anything?’
‘How about another pillow to support your back…’
‘Or maybe I should-’
Finally getting your fiancés attention with your raised voice, Akiyoshi looked to you apologetically as he sat down beside you.
‘I’m doing it again, aren’t I?’
‘A little…yeah…I told you, I’m okay.’
Ever since discovering you were pregnant, Akiyoshi had become even more protective of you than normal. While you thought it was endearing, as you moved along your pregnancy, his anxious behaviour was more stressful than helpful.
‘You know I’m fine…’
‘I know, but between sitting at that desk and with your back support on that chair…’
Taking his hands in yours, you offered him a gentle smile as you calmed his concerns.
‘Akiyoshi you have done more for me in the past seven months than I ever expected…you know how much I appreciate it. You’re going to make a wonderful Father…’
Smiling softly at you, Akiyoshi kissed your forehead gently before taking you into his arms. No where felt as comforting as Akiyoshi’s strong arms.
‘So, what do you think about the Godparent ideas?’
‘I think they’re great; though you know Bianchi will be devastated…’
Giggling at the thought of Akiyoshi’s admirer, he let out a deep sigh as he ran a hand through your hair.
'I’m sure he’ll settle for being one of many Uncle’s.’
'Honestly though, I’d have never imagined asking Tsumugu of all people to be godfather to our child…’
'I know. When we first met I was sure he didn’t like me. But I don’t know what we would have done if he hadn’t been there…’
Thinking back to when you were in the early stages of pregnancy, you had been out at an interview with Tsumugu, though you had come over feeling light headed on your way back to the office.
Catching you as you collapsed, Tsumugu had let his usual guard slip as he supported you up and got you to a nearby bench. Calling for an ambulance, Tsumugu had stayed by your side throughout your ordeal until Akiyoshi got to you.
'Stay calm now. Stress isn’t good for the baby or mother,’ he remarked, his voice somehow soothing to you as he held your hand.
'You’re gonna be just fine. You’re the strongest woman I know. Just breathe nice and easy.’
You had squeezed his hand for all it was worth that day. It was as though you were channeling all your fears through him and he supported you throughout.
Since then Tsumugu had come to watch over you like a brother. Comparing you to his sisters and saying that you needed constant care, he often made you laugh as he teased you like a brother would.
Though Akiyoshi felt at ease knowing that he could leave you comfortably with any of the Seasonelle members, he had never forgotten his gratitude to Seasonelle’s newest member for helping you in that moment.
Feeling Akiyoshi’s grip tighten on you, you knew he was thinking about the same things as you leaned up to kiss him.
Hearing the doorbell ring, you realised the guys had arrived as you looked around the room with a smile.
Today was your baby shower and you couldn’t wait to announce that your little bundle would be a girl.
As the guys came in and embraced you warmly, you found yourself with an abundance of gifts from the Seasonelle team in preparation for your new little one.
‘So come on then, tell us who won the bet,’ Minato grinned as they all took their seats.
‘Well,’ you smiled, taking Akiyoshi’s hand as he joined you, ‘it’s going to be a baby girl.’
As Shusei fist pumped at the news, making the rest of you laugh, Chiaki and Minato reluctantly paid up as you were encouraged to open your gifts.
‘Actually first; we had something we wanted to ask Tsumugu…’
Looking up at the mention of his name, you gave him a warm smile as you gripped Akiyoshi’s hand.
‘We’ve given this a lot of thought and we wanted to ask you if you would do us the honour of being our little girl’s godfather.’
Seeing the shock in Tsumugu’s face at the question, his cheeks suddenly went dark as he ran a hand through his hair, averting his gaze from the other guys.
‘Like you even needed to ask…’

Kaoru - After discovering you were pregnant, Kaoru had become even more tender and attentive than before.
With Seasonelle already knowing about your engagement and pregnancy, Kaoru was able to watch over you closely at work, ensuring that you were taking care of yourself.
When he had brought you in a plump cushion to support your back, you had been so surprised and happy that Kaoru had been left visibly pink in the face.
‘I have to take care of you both…’ he muttered sheepishly.
When the subject of a baby shower came up and your plans, the Seasonelle boys had asked who you would name as Godparents.
‘I mean we’re all gonna be Uncle’s anyway,’ Shusei beamed proudly. ‘But surely you must have your Godparents in mind?’
Glancing to Kaoru, you realised that it was something you hadn’t touched upon yet, though you knew who would likely be the most hopeful.
After some discussion with your fiancé, you had decided to ask the respective godparents when the baby was born.
The morning you had gone into labour, you had gone into hospital with Kaoru calling Seasonelle to let them know.
A few hours later, you were being handed a beautiful baby girl, her cheeks rosy as she reached out for you from her pink blankets.
Feeling the tears roll down your face, you felt such a well of love for this tiny little bundle in your arms as Kaoru wrapped his arms around you.
‘She looks as pretty as you…’
Looking up to Kaoru with warmth in your eyes, you kissed him softly as you both shared these precious first moments with your baby daughter.
When you had heard a knock a little while later, you looked up to find the Seasonelle boys in the doorway, offering their greetings in a low voice as they came into the room, having arrived straight from work.
‘Hey, how are you doing?’ Shusei asked with a kind smile.
‘Perfect,’ you admitted, showing them the sleeping bundle in your arms as they all fussed over her.
Seeing him approach you as Kaoru sat beside you, you asked if he would like to hold your little girl.
‘Would you like a cuddle with your baby goddaughter?’
‘Goddaughter? You mean it?’
As his eyes lit up with more gratitude than you could have ever expected, you nodded to him with a warm smile as Kaoru kissed your head softly.
‘Couldn’t be anyone else,’ Kaoru smiled, the news making Chiaki look so proud as he held your little girl with such care.
‘I’m always going to be right here. I’ll do my best to be the best Godfather ever,’ he whispered, the moment that she took his finger in her hand setting off a feeling of warmth in his heart that he had never experienced before.
He would stop at nothing to ensure this precious little thing was always smiling.

Chiaki - Kaoru. It wasn’t even a question after you had gotten pregnant.
Chiaki had always looked up to Kaoru and when you had found out you were expecting your first child, Kaoru was immensely supportive.
Unbeknown to you, Chiaki was incredibly worried about leaving you alone at work during your pregnancy.
He wanted to be there if anything was wrong, but of course, it couldn’t always be that way. So he had asked Kaoru for his help.
It was a comfort to have Kaoru send him a message when Chiaki was out of the office, just to say you were okay. He knew you would think he was overthinking things, but you were so precious to him.
He had to make sure that you were well and safe.
It had come as no surprise to you when Chiaki voiced his opinion on Kaoru being godfather.
‘But I know that you must have ideas too,’ Chiaki added, taking your hands in his when you shook your head.
‘I can’t think of anyone better suited than Kaoru. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know you thought of him,’ you smiled.
Taking you into his arms as though you were the most delicate thing he had ever touched, Chiaki kissed you tenderly, thanking you for granting him with the chance to have a family.
‘I never thought I’d meet anyone that I felt so much love for…let alone someone that would make me want to start a family…’
‘You’re going to make a wonderful dad Chiaki,’ you smiled, seeing the pride in his eyes at your confidence in him.
‘I love you,’ he whispered, kissing you again.
The very first time he held his little girl in his arms, Chiaki had been filled with an indescribable amount of love for the tiny little one in his arms.
Having taken some time off work, you had both been settling into your life as new parents when the Seasonelle boys came to visit.
Finding you curled up on the sofa with your little girl in your arms, the boys had all come bearing gifts and food to celebrate the arrival of your daughter.
‘She’s so precious…’
‘Of course she is,’ Chiaki beamed.
‘Just like her beautiful mother,’ he gushed, kissing you softly on the cheek and making you blush as Kaoru came around to give her an adorable kitty plush that just resembled his Tama.
‘Kaoru it’s so sweet!’
‘It won’t make Chiaki sneeze either,’ he responded, making you giggle as Chiaki set down some drinks for everyone.
‘Now that Chiaki’s back, we actually wanted to ask you something,’ you remarked, sitting up as Chiaki joined you.
‘Would you do us the honour and be our little girls Godfather?’ Chiaki remarked, looking slightly embarrassed as Kaoru offered a rare bright smile.
‘I’d love to…’
‘Called it,’ Minato muttered, taking his winnings from Akiyoshi as Kaoru was given a cuddle with his baby goddaughter.
‘A wonderful choice,’ you breathed quietly as Chiaki wrapped you up in his arms…He felt so proud to have such a wonderful fiancee and baby girl. His own family…You had no idea just how much he would always treasure you both… 

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Continuation of Week of October 10/9/2017

The last batch out of the 29 postcards for the week.

Off to D.C. with you

Hypocrisy of the right. You get healthcare and safety. Millions don’t

This headline is from a Military Times article. We should NOT have to live in a society where we have to learn how to tie a tourniquet

And Trump would be the only one that would get 2 slices of cake

Puerto Rico is still struggling with the lack of critical services and devastated infrastructure. The American citizens need more attention and assistance. It’s disgraceful.

Nope, not at all surprised as the GOP & NRA are all aboard the murder train.

Have you ever wondered why the NRA cozied up to Russia? You took NRA $. What are you complicit to?

Nor you

Nor your faux Catholicism

Why on earth would N.Korea negotiate with us when we won’t honor our commitments?

Treat the men like the women. Sounds good to me. When was the last time a woman committed mass murder #Hypocrites


This should not be her world

But we live in a world in which the GOP, including Darin, prefers receiving $$$ instead of safe guarding citizens

I can’t improve on this sick burn

You large government Republicans need to let me make my own healthcare decisions. I might change my mind if you witness my annual mammogram and pelvic exam. Both are due by the end of the year; clear your calendar