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Glorfindel is so gloriously and effortlessly flawless. He just seems so warm like a ray of golden sunshine. I bet he is one of Mairon's least favorite people because unlike him, Mairon's version of perfection is built on deliberate hard work and a control streak bordering on madness

Mairon’s brand of perfection may be built on deliberate hard work and an obsession with taking the term ‘control freak’ to the next level, but you can bet your ass the foundation of that perfection is his own flawlessness, effortless or otherwise (just ask him–he’ll tell you).  Any alleged flawlessness on Glorfindel’s part is irrelevant and Mairon is definitely not at all jealous of Glorfindels flowing locks nope not at all 

  • Jungkook : I chatted with your Jeju Hyung
  • Taehyung : Je..
  • Jungkook : He said it was a lot of fun
  • Taehyung : Jealous?
  • Jungkook : Hah! Why would I be? You had more fun with him and didn't call even once and declined playing invites. Why would I be jealous nope I'm not jealous at all
  • Taehyung : Right..
  • Jungkook : *turns to Jimin* And also your Taemin Hyung
  • Jimin : *whispers* Jeonlous rising...
the fuckboy scheme | 2 | m

◇ Maybe Jungkook wasn’t as bad as you previously thought. Maybe.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ fuckboi!au + college!au

◇ length: 4.9k

tfs 1

◇ okay i know i said i was working on other things but i just realised I’m almost at 2k followers and i wanted to get this fnished bc a lot of yall apparently like this and honestly i kinda like how this part turned out!!! Also thank almost 2k of you for being sweet and supportive and understanding,,,,,, ily all 💗💗


Two hours pass and Jeon Jungkook is still completely and utterly flabbergasted — and hard, too.

He can’t wrap his head around the fact that you teased him, turned him on and then proceeded to leave him. That - that’s never happened. He’s Jeon Jungkook — any girl in this college would bend over backwards to have him in their beds, and what’s even worse is that Jungkook was the one chasing after you. Shit.

So he stands for maybe more minutes than is socially acceptable, mouth gaping and eyes narrowed in an uncomfortable mixture of confusion and disbelief — and then, he downs between 2 and 10 concoctions from the kitchen that are much too bitter but much too sweet at the same time; he flirts and kisses and flirts and kisses until he’s breathless but he’s still bored, still spiritless.

Thus, Jungkook finds himself locked in one of many bathrooms in Jackson Wang’s house. A shaky breath escapes his lips when the pounding music fades to a muffled cacophony and his inebriated gaze focuses on his image in the crystal mirror in front of him.

He imagines you were there with him; your hair mussed, your lips swollen, chest heaving with every breath. He imagines that he lifts you onto the sink and eats you out like a man starved, he imagines you getting on your knees and swallowing his cock like it’s your favourite treat. And fuck, are those good thoughts.

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MONSTA X reaction to their Idol S/O being shipped with another member of his group

This was a request in my inbox and I’m not sure if you wanted a reaction like this or texts so I just did this one, but if you wanted texts please pop into my inbox again and let me know, I’d be happy to do it again! Anyway, I hope you all like it :))

Shownu: He’s definitely not the jealous type. When he heard the interviewer reading comments about shipping you with Minhyuk, he wouldn’t be jealous, but I think he would feel a little insecure when he thinks about how maybe you should be with someone who’s warmer and more outgoing. But as soon as he talks to you and you remind him that you love him, any insecurity would melt.

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Wonho: The little bunny is obviously insecure, that’s just who he is. But he would never show it. Especially not to the member you were shipped with: Shownu. He would get all caught up in thinking about how Shownu is much stronger than him, more handsome, blah blah. It would bug him until you noticed something was wrong and sat him down for a very verryy long talk about how much you love him.

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Minhyuk: “Jealous? What does that mean? He saw plenty of comments on your Twitter about how good you would look next to Wonho, he wasn’t jealous at all. Nope. Not one bit. It wasn’t like every time you came over to the dorm he would block you from being in the same room as Wonho or anything? He definitely didn’t get mad when he saw that his name in your phone has a heart next to it. Mad? Him? No way.” She typed, hoping the sarcasm would translate over text in this Tumblr post. Long story short, he’s pretty jealous.

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Kihyun: Instant cockiness. The thought circulating online that you would be a great couple with I.M had him laughing, because he had you locked down and there was no way I.M would get his hands on you. You had already been claimed, and he was proud to say it was by him. Not I.M. Or any other idol, for that matter. It was allllllll Kihyun and he would rub that in anyone’s face that he could.

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Hyungwon: This guy really doesn’t know the meaning of jealous, he’s too busy spending time with you and being a dedicated boyfriend to worry about what gossip blogs are saying about you and Kihyun being a cute pair. It really doesn’t bother him in the slightest, in fact, he even chuckles to himself when he sees you and Kihyun interacting. He just thinks the whole thing is funny.

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Jooheon: Sulking for daaaays. He knows that just because you were shipped with Hyungwon, it’s not like you’re going to turn around and leave Jooheon for him. He has more faith in your relationship, of course. But that doesn’t mean he won’t sulk and pout about it. He would probably blame the people online for his sadness, wondering why they didn’t ship you and him together?

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I.M: Oh my god he soooo uses this for attention. When Jooheon shoved the article in his face, laughing about how more people shipped you with him than your own boyfriend, he really couldn’t care less. Until, that is, you came to see him. Then he’s faking upset, “sad” and “worried about you leaving him”. Any act he can pull to get more attention from you and reassuring words about how much you love him.

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So basically @conspacelien gave me some great ideas for a Supernovas Family AU and I didn’t know I needed it until I pictured mama!Killer and daddy!Law being all lovey-dovey with their sons!

but really Kidd is like the aggressive punk son always picking fights people because he can and also please take a moment to look at luffy’s CUTENESS I CANNOT-

“But Radcliffe is SUPPOSED to be racist because he’s the BAD GUY...”

aka when everybody who gets mad about my Pocahontas tag wants to completely forget the worst characters in the film:

That’s what we’re going to talk about today, friends. If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you already know my feelings about this film. However, this is something that I don’t think gets nearly enough attention. I’ll add a cut because this is going to be a long one:

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Lena wasn’t jealous. No, nope, not at all. Luthors didn’t stoop so low as being jealous. People were jealous of Luthors, not the other way around.

…Okay so maybe Lena was a little jealous.

It’s just that Kara and Jess were suddenly such close friends. Not that Lena was opposed to that! Kara was allowed to have friends, Lena didn’t own her. It’s just… Lena was pretty sure that they were more than just friends.

They went out to lunch and dinner together, movies and other things. They had a regularly scheduled thing every Saturday and, well, Lena had more than just a little crush on Kara. And maybe it hurt a little that she lost Kara to her secretary (not that Kara was something to be won and Jess was a great woman).

But Lena was a good sport, she wasn’t going to sabotage Kara’s love life. Maybe she had Jess work over time more than normal, but Lena always made sure that if she knew Jess and Kara had plans, she’d let Jess go. She’d keep her jealousy and envy under wraps for Kara and Jess. Besides, Jess definitely had more free time than a CEO and Kara deserved someone who could actually spend time with her.

“Do you want to watch that movie you’ve been talking about tomorrow night? Power Rangers?” Lena asked when Kara had stopped by for lunch and Jess had been conveniently away.

(No, really. It was for a very important matter. Lena needed her dry cleaning picked up for that night’s gala. Jess had actually volunteered.)

“Oh, I already watched it with Jess last weekend, but I’ll watch it again if you want!” Kara answered cheerily before shoving another potsticker in her mouth.


“Oh, never mind then, it makes sense that you watched it already with your girlfriend,” Lena said none too nicely.

So maybe she really wasn’t keeping her feelings about Kara’s new relationship under wraps very well after all.

Kara sputtered and nearly choked. “G- girlfriend?”

“Jess? My secretary?” Lena plastered a sweet-looking (she hoped) smile on her face. “You two look very happy together.”

“You think Jess and I are dating?”

“…Are you not?” Lena asked hesitantly. Had she been wrong?

“Of course not! We’re just both part of this club for secretaries of high-powered CEOs!”

Oh. Lena felt really dumb.

“Besides, I like someone else and Jess was helping me with it,” Kara continued.

If not Jess, then someone else. Of course Kara liked someone else. Kara was wonderful and happy and bright and -

“Would you maybe like to go on a date with me?” Kara asked, pulling Lena out of her internal downward spiral. She was holding out a book opened to the cover page, one of Lena’s favorites, with a pressed plumeria as a bookmark and the author’s signature right under the title.

Lena just nodded dumbly.

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth in a nutshell
  • Nico: I hate you Jackson
  • Nico: I hate you and your stupid, beautiful face
  • Annabeth: Yes, I am not jealous at all, nope not at all
  • Annabeth: but seriously, if you touch Percy you mortal bitch I will give you a one way ticket to the fields of punishment
  • Rachel: *aggressively throws plastic hairbrushes at Titans*
  • Nico: like gods I hate you (I wish I could kiss you) I mean what no I'm supposed to hate you leave me alone
  • Grover: *in the distance* I CAN FEEL THE WILD
  • Percy: *literally has no idea what the fuck is going on*
  • oh yeah Kronos comes back too

Destiel Trope Collection
Day 30 | Witch/Familiar AU

A Different Kind of Magic | @thebloggerbloggerfun
Rating: Teen & Up
Word Count: 4,775
Tags: Witch!Castiel, Modern Urban Fantasy, Healer Castiel, Magic, Magic Spells, Cursed!Dean
Summary: Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing.-Castiel looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Well, Dean, you’ve been cursed.”
Dean’s eyes widened at the buzzword. “Cursed? What do you mean?”
Castiel looked at him sympathetically as he pulled out a small, square bottle. “You either made a witch very angry or made someone that knows a witch very angry.”

Unbound | @through-shadows-falling
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 85,469
Tags:  Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Familiar Dean, Witch Castiel, Fluff, Angst, Soulmates, Temporary Character Death, Minor Violence, Animal Transformation
Summary: In a world where Witches and Familiars depend on each other to survive, Dean Winchester remains Unbound, and his magic—and life—is dwindling. Dean has accepted his fate, even if his family hasn’t. After all, what can he do about it?
But then a man stumbles into his life who just might be Dean’s Witch, but for some mysterious reason, refuses to Bond. On top of that, there’s trouble brewing on the horizon, and it seems that Dean’s caught right in the thick of it.
Can Dean convince the stranger that they need each other, before it’s too late for the both of them—and their world?

You Found Me | @through-shadows-falling
Rating: Teen & Up
Word Count: 15,762
Tags: Magical Realism AU, Witch Dean, Familiar Castiel, Animal Transformation, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sharing a Bed, Mutual Pining, Soulmates, Profound Bonds
SummaryDean is a Witch without a Familiar because, unlike everyone else, he’s never experienced the Call that brings Witches and Familiars together. But that’s fine, really. He doesn’t mind not being able to use his magic, and he definitely isn’t jealous of other Bonded pairs. Nope, not him. Which makes it all the more incredible when an Unbonded Familiar—a crow named Cas—smashes down on his windshield with a broken wing. Dean’s mother is able to heal Cas’s wing, but they’ve got a bigger problem: Cas’s Grace has been stolen, which prevented him from ever initiating a Call. He believes Dean is his Witch, so they embark on a journey to get his Grace back with the hopes that they can officially Bond as a true Witch/Familiar pair.

Where the Cracks Form | @jupiterjames
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 26,918
Tags:  Witch Castiel, Creature Dean, Familiar Dean, Urban Magic, Mental bonds, soul bonds, Falling In Love, low angst, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex
Summary: Centuries ago, Earth was ruled by magic. Witches and their otherworldly familiars wandered freely, channeling the magic and sending it out, and through, nature. But as everything on Earth, there is an ebb and flow. Over time, magic, and magic users have disappeared to become myths. However, the cycle is returning. Witches are coming back in larger numbers in these modern times to control the energy before it spirals out of control and creates havoc. Castiel Novak, CPA, is a witch. Then again, he doesn’t believe in witches, magic, or the supernatural. Enter Dean Winchester, familiar, who is thrown from his plane of existence to Earth, charged with being Castiel’s familiar. His job, to establish a bond with his human, to help Castiel channel his magic. But first he must convince the disbelieving human to accept his fate before they both die from its disuse.

Endless List of Why I Ship Jane & Kurt

EDITED (20 May 2017) post season 2 finale and we are over 200 reasons! WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS SHIP!

EDITED (10 April 2017) to add all the reasons (five months later) to the original post.

original post: so, I know the jeller morale is down, and the kurt hate is on the rise, and I am not telling people how to feel or what to ship, but I’m gonna start a “why I will always ship Jeller” list, and if you guys feel like it, reblog with your own reason(s). And if you don’t feel the same, just don’t reblog, and especially don’t reblog with hate, ok? This is a happy place. So here goes

1. Because he is her starting point
2. Because they are in this together
3. Because he notices when she gets a haircut
4. Because he will risk his life to protect her
5. Because she will risk her life to protect his family
6. Because he will risk sarin poisoning to save her
7. Because he believes in her
8. Because they both wanted her to be Taylor more than anything
9. Because when something good happens to him she’s the first person he thinks about
10. Because she dreams of them being together
11. Because he’s her bunny
12. Because he doesn’t believe she will betray them
13. Because he trusts her instincts
14. Because she did what she did to protect him
15. Because she wanted a moment that was just them
16. Because he still owes her two drinks
17. Because they will always have game night with Sawyer
18. Because sometimes he just needs to hear her voice and for her to tell him everything will be ok
19. Because she couldn’t take the shot
20. Because he couldn’t take the shot
21. Because they always have each other’s back
22. Because just the mention of an undercover op makes them both smile like idiots
23. Because he gets jealous if she even looks at another guy
24. Because Kurt has never looked at another woman the way he looks at Jane
25. Because she believes in him even when he does not believe in himself
26. Because she never stops
27. Because they’re both stubborn
28. Because they always find a way to touch each other even when it is not even necessary
29. Because she’s his wife
30. Because Kurt always looks at Jane whether things go wrong or right
31. Because she likes the jealous type
32. Because she wouldn’t bare something happening to him
33. Because he would kill the deputy director of the CIA with his bare hands for her
34. Because she doesn’t blame him for hating her
35. Because despite everything he doesn’t hate her
36. Because he’s not just protecting her
37. Because he cannot be objective
38. Because he went to the park
39. Because she wanted more than anything to go to the park
40. Because they’ll always have the locker room
41. Because everyone else sees it
42. Because Rich Dotcom
43. Because even though she lied to him she still loves him
44. Because he still loves her but he’s confused
45. Because his name is on her back
46. Because Smuckles
47. Because heart eyes
48. Because Jane has a drawing of him in her sketchbook
49. Because when she got fired the first thing he thought about was that he could kiss her now
50. Because he doesn’t think she looks ridiculous in that dress
51. Because they danced in the Hamptons
52. Because she wants them to go undercover as a married couple again
53. Because he doesn’t care what anyone says, she is not a killer
54. Because she never meant to fall in love
55. Because she is more than just one mistake (and so is he)
56. Because there’s something between them even if he doesn’t know what it is
57. Because she beat him up the stairs and rubbed it in his face
58. Because she was scared out of her mind when the door shut and she heard the gun shots
59. Because she was never just a case to him
60. Because no matter what she will make sure he will come home to his family
61. Because has absolutely no chill when he’s worried about her
62. Because he will miss her if something happened to her
63. Because they are two thirds of Rich and the Feds
64. Because when they’re not together the chemistry on the team is all off
65. Because she went to see his dying father just to it easier on him
66. Because he took a chance on her
67. Because he always needs her by his side
68. Because the polygraph knew he lied about her
69. Because when everyone thought she was the mole he still fought for her
70. Because he knows Jane
71. Because he’s her someone special
72. Because she can totally kick his ass (and he knows it)
73. Because she has his phone number memorized
74. Because he wouldn’t let her say goodbye when she thought she’d never see him again
75. Because he would never believe that she would betray the team
76. Because all she cares about is his safety
77. Because she gets to tease him about him being stubborn and he lets her
78. Because she gets to tease him about his cooking and he lets her
79. Because he’ll get her back before they shut down Sandstorm for good
80. Because she just needs to say the word and he’ll be there

81. Because they are uniquely capable of understanding each other in a way that nobody else can. -MG
82. Because they’re going to be ok those two. -MG
83. Because they have a bond that is hard to break. -MG
84. Jane and Kurt’s relationship is always gonna be the emotional driving force for the show. -MG
85. Because they have an indelible bond that we’re never going to tamper with. -MG
86. Because Martin Gero ships them!

Rich Dotcom Reasons! (because he’s the captain of our ship and we must respect him)

87. Because they’re so badass
88. Because they keep him focused
89. Because they sold being a married couple to one of the smartest conmen in the world
90. Because, holy derby, they look good
91. Because they had some serious chemistry in the Hamptons
92. Because  every time something goes wrong, or goes right for that matter, Kurt looks at Jane
93. Because when Kurt talks to Jane it looks pretty intense
94. Because life’s too short and they should just tell each other how they feel
95. Because the chemistry is all off when they’re on the outs
96. Because the emotional distance is unbearable
97. Because Kurt is clearly still in love with her but he’s just confused
98. Because Kurt has the brawn and Jane has everything else
99. Because the three of them can take down anybody they wanted
100. Because they’re his favorite couple

101. Because he would never question her loyalties
102. Because he doesn’t care who is around them, he will hug her in the middle of the office
103. Because he will risk his career to keep her brother safe
104. Because she’s grateful he almost killed a man in cold blood for her
105. Because he was not objective and he got the best out of her
106. Because they both believe that having her memory erased was the best thing that happened to her (because it brought them together)
107. Because SUV heart eyes
108. Because he will always worry about her
109. Because she knows when something is bothering him
110. Because he trusts her enough to open up to her and show her his pain
111. Because she was worried he was also moving to Colorado and leaving her
112. Because there’s no point of them feeling alone when they can spend time together
113. Because Pennsylvania beer
114. Because her brother shot him (and they can joke about it)
115. Because she got excited about his year book
116. Because it took her 2 seconds to recognize him as a 15 year old
117. Because he wanted to impress her with his high school basketball glory days
118. Because she knows how to make him smile
119. Because feelings have to be earned
120. Because she would never be expendable to him
121. Because she is super proud of her assistant director of the FBI husband
122. Because he should just grab her before anyone else does (and use her to make billions of dollars?)
123. Because he wishes she was there to see him shoot Rich (and she wishes she was there too)
124. Because if she’s happy, he’s happy (even if it means she has a date with someone else)
125. Because she knows how important Emma and Taylor were to him and is only trying to protect him
126. Because he’s taking time to help her brother regain some memories
127. Because he ignores everyone’s concerns and takes her brother out to the field to help him regain some memories
128. Because he’s worried about the guy she’s dating (worried not jealous, nope, not at all)
129. Because everyone can see that he’s crazy jealous
130. Because her ability to see the good in people is just one of his many many favorite things about her
131. Because he kinda likes her brother
132. Because he saved her brother
133. Because when she comes over, she doesn’t need to knock, she can just let herself in.
134. Because her word is law in the Weller household. If Jane says they don’t need to toast with every shot, then they don’t toast with every shot.
135. Because she can go snooping around the apartment if she feels like it (and he will only give her heart eyes in return)
136. Because she thinks he did a great job with the nursery.
137. Because of all the people in his life, she is the only one who can ask personal questions and she is the only one he talks to about Allie and the baby.
138. Because she is the only one who can help him calm down when he’s pissed off about Shepherd.
139. Because he refuses to work with someone who tried to kill her and just wants to throw them in jail.
140. Because it was different between them - there never was any baggage.
141. Because he couldn’t stand the idea of her being so unsettled.
142. Because he watched Jane struggle with her past to become the amazing woman she is now
143. Because in her absence he looked out for her brother
144. Because he doesn’t care what the psychiatrist says, he will release her brother from his glass cage and let him move in with her.
145. Because he knows exactly what it means to her
146. Because he will do anything to make her smile
147. Because when someone is really right for you, you make room
148. Because they’re like proud parents whenever Roman does well
149. Because there’s no team without him
150. Because they’re relationship isn’t just professional
151. Because they’re on the same page
152. Because even Matthew Weitz knows they’re in love
153. Because normal ain’t so bad (if it means taking a quiet stall together)
154. Because she just wants to make sure he’s fine
155. Because the best thing (and the worst) was her penetrating his walls and getting inside them.
156. Because he is honest and loyal
157. Because she trusts him with her life
158. Because he was never forced to work with her
159. Because it doesn’t matter that Shepherd’s the reason they’re there
160. Because all of this led him to her and her to him
161. Because this is something he would never want to undo
 162. Because he wants to cook his famous Thai curry for her (and her brother)
163. Because she only likes to him to protect him
164. Because when something is off between them, the whole office feels it
165. Because he knows she is not the same person she was before
166. Because he has forgiven the things she has done before
167. Because even when he is hurting as a result of something she did, she remains the one person he can open up to
168. Because she is the only one he tells his deepest secrets to
169. Because he can cry around her
170. Because he never canceled dinner
171. Because he wishes he could just flip a switch and get over the hurt
172. Because she wishes she could go back and change the past
173. And so does he.
174. Because no matter what she will always be the only one he trusts.
175. Because he is sorry he made her lie to Roman.
176. Because they flirt while disarming a bomb.
177. Because “don’t die” is the new “I love you”.
178. Because he refuses to accept that she is responsible for anything that Sandstorm are doing.
179. Because he was willing to take a bullet for her.
180. Because he’d never let her be the one who takes out her brother.
181. Because they are not their families.
182. Because he knows her heart and knows who she is.
183.Because when he says “I am not leaving my people” what he really means is “I am not leaving Jane”.
184. Because hand on knee.
185. And hand on heart.
186. And holding hands just before he leaves.
187. And because he just wants to keep her safe.
188. And because he fluffed her pillow.
189. Because after everything that has happened she is still the only one he trusts.
Because she is worried about him.
191. Because when Director Hirst tells her she is free to go to wherever it is she would like to go, Jane thinks of Kurt.
192. Because running through SIOC and hugging fiercely in front of everyone.
193. Because if there is something he wants to say to her, he shouldn’t put it off.
194. Because they are both allowed to be happy.
195. Because he will drive the ambulance full of nukes away as long as she remains somewhere safe.
196. Because she won’t let him go alone.
197. Because he won’t let her be the one to shoot her own brother.
198. Because he wants her to stay here with him.
199. Because “I love you, Jane, I love you.”
200. Because this is where she wants to be.
201. Because “I love you, too, Kurt”.
202. Because she still has longing in her eyes.
203. Because he traveled to the ends of the world searching for her.
204. Because he cannot believe he finally found her.
205. Because he was scared and she is sorry.
206. Because it needs both of them to work.
207. Because he is still wearing his ring.
208. Because their fates are forever intertwined.
209. Because his first thought after being in a crash is of her.
210. And because her first thought is of him.
211. Because MARRIED!
212. Because Kurt has a “hot wife”*
213. Because Jeller have a sexy married life*
214. Because they love each other desperately

*based on s3 spoilers.

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Courferre AU don't get along at first but then fall begrudgingly in love over a long period of time?


  • courf and ferre as college roommates who start off on the wrong foot because ferre has an 8AM lecture every morning and courf likes to have his friends over late into the night (playing video games ferre is pretending to hate but secretly knows every cheat code to, but that’s entirely beside the point). also, courf leaves his socks everywhere and he never refills the britta and why can’t he ever use headphones? it’s also definitely not helping his case that ferre can’t even confront him without tripping over his every word because he think courf’s eyes are the color of caramel and talking birds from cinderella probably descend to perfectly sculpt courf’s curls each morning. 
  • ferre as courf’s TA who grades assignments way too fucking harshly if you ask courf. their email wars are almost as epic as their face to face stare-downs. courf attends every single office hours session and starts showing up to class just to hash it out with ferre, who is absurdly obsessed with commas. he also may start bringing ferre coffee and cuban pastries from this kiosk he introduces ferre to, but that’s because he’s a good person and also because he really wants that A he deserves (and also maybe because he wants to pull ferre’s face up against his by the end of those horrible skinny ties he’s always wearing)
  • ferre as enj’s new best friend from college who he just won’t shut up about to courf, who has been enj’s ride or die since preschool. and courf is so not jealous that his favorite person in the world has found someone that likes the same history channel documentaries as him. he is so not jealous that enjolras has met someone who keeps recommending him bands courf has never even heard of. and he’s definitely not jealous when enj tells him this ferre character went with him to get his first tattoo. nope, totally not jealous at all. so not jealous that the first time courf and ferre meet, courf corners him and gives him the nicest and definitely not threatening You Hurt My Best Friend and I’ll Hurt Your Face talk ever heard. (it may not be all that intimidating anyways, considering courf only comes up to ferre’s chin and his words come out all mixed up when he catches ferre’s tattoo sleeve and the way his glasses showcase his deep brown eyes and fuck the villains are always the hot ones)
Nightclubs and Vampires

Dean x Reader

Prompt: “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!” requested by Anon.

A/N: Another drabble turned into a one-shot because I was having too much fun writing Jealous!Dean. Want to request a Dean x Reader drabble? You can pick one Here or Here. Just make sure to include in your ask which list you’re picking it from, or just write the prompt itself if that comes easier. 

Word Count: 1150+

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Hi! I recently reread the 'Willowsbend' series by miss_grey and I wanted to read more witch!Castiel, but I've only found a couple decent ones. Any recs?

Here are a few fics that fit the bill! Since a male witch is sometimes called a wizard, we have included a few of these that fit as well. Check out this ask if you want more fics in the wizarding world.

I. Witch!Cas or Witch!Dean

Moving On [M, 22,000 word count] (witch!cas, ghost!dean) 

Castiel is a witch who reads fortunes for a living. Dean, an innocent customer, stops by for a reading. His cards reveal a shocking fortune and the next time he meets Castiel it’s as a ghost.

A Different Kind of Magic [T, 4,800 word count] (witch!cas)

Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing.

Castiel looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Well, Dean, you’ve been cursed.”

Dean’s eyes widened at the buzzword. “Cursed? What do you mean?”
Castiel looked at him sympathetically as he pulled out a small, square bottle. “You either made a witch very angry or made someone that knows a witch very angry.”

Bewitched [T, 4,200 word count]  (witch!cas)

It’s not easy to be in love with a witch. 
(A story about singing parrots, talking furniture and grumpy cats.)

The Devil You Know [M, 17,662 word count] (witch!cas, demon!dean)

Castiel is a powerful necromancer living in the forest. A nightmare prophecy, unbidden, comes to him in a dream: the black magician Fergus Crowley will come for Castiel’s help with a little “project,” one that Castiel has absolutely no interest in. Fearful that Crowley’s visit to his home will turn into a forceful confrontation, Castiel uses his expertise to summon a shade for protection in case things get out of hand. In return for his services, the shade – a man damned forty years ago named Dean Winchester – asks for something in return.
Which man will prove to be the greater evil: Crowley, or Dean?

The 10th Day of Christmas: “I Don’t Want a Lot for Solstice” [NC-17, 23,300 word count] (witch!cas)

The tree catching on fire, Dean would maintain to the end of his days, had clearly been started by the squirrels. Or outlet overload, or outdated breaker boxes; possibly a frayed extension cord, or maybe a malfunctioning string of fairy lights. Not to mention Kevin Tran.It most definitely had not been caused by him and Cas.
In which Dean drives out to Palo Alto to stay with Sam over winter break, and meets Sam’s new co-op housemates, including comparative literature PhD candidate, fundamentalist cult survivor, and practicing witch Castiel Milton—which would all be confusing enough, if Cas weren’t also unfairly gorgeous, especially in cowboy boots.

I Married a Witch [T, 13,400 word count] Bewitched AU (witch!cas)

Bewitched AU. Castiel is a witch, but he’s been doing a good job of pretending not to be—up until he falls in love with Dean and, on their wedding day, realizes that leaving his past behind isn’t going to be as easy as he’d hoped. He’s going to have to tell Dean the truth, even if it means losing him.

These Roses Sing [T, 24,600 word count] (witch!cas, witch!dean)

Dean and Castiel have absolutely no reason to meet. 
Castiel is the stepson of the mayor, the second son of the most important family in the city. Dean, meanwhile, has just started learning about mechanics from his father. They belong to different worlds - but when chance brings Castiel into Dean’s father’s workshop, they meet, with incredible consequences. All it takes is a single flower - a rose - to awaken a power within them that they don’t know how to understand or control: they can cast spells on anyone, absolutely anyone, with the gift of a flower. 
But can they learn how to be brave, how to take the gift that’s within them and use it well - and can they find their way back to each other?

Twenty Thousand Miles To An Oasis [M, 25,200 word count] (witch!cas)

Castiel owns a little magic shop in the city. His life is quiet. His practice is simple. It all seems pretty easy until Dean comes into his life- Dean and his brother Sam, who has a skin condition from Hell.

II. Dean and Cas in a witch/familiar relationship:

You Found Me [T, 15,800 word count] (witch!dean, familiar!cas)

Dean is a Witch without a Familiar because, unlike everyone else, he’s never experienced the Call that brings Witches and Familiars together. But that’s fine, really. He doesn’t mind not being able to use his magic, and he definitely isn’t jealous of other Bonded pairs. Nope, not him. Which makes it all the more incredible when an Unbonded Familiar—a crow named Cas—smashes down on his windshield with a broken wing. Dean’s mother is able to heal Cas’s wing, but they’ve got a bigger problem: Cas’s Grace has been stolen, which prevented him from ever initiating a Call. He believes Dean is his Witch, so they embark on a journey to get his Grace back with the hopes that they can officially Bond as a true Witch/Familiar pair.

Addicted To You [NC-17, 120,500 word count] (witch!dean, incubus!cas)

Dean is a Warlock. A very very drunk Warlock. Oh, and a horny Warlock.
Hey, he knows how to summon a succubus!
He should totally do that. Hell yeah! Guaranteed hot sex!
Except that spellcasting while drunk is a Very Bad Idea. He’s just too drunk to remember that.

Blessed Be [M, 37,321 word count] (witch!dean, familiar!cas)

Dean’s been alone for as long as he could remember, that is until rescuing a small kitten turned out to be more of a problem than he bargained for. Now he has a loud mouth shape shifter who is claiming Dean’s a witch, and that Dean’s now his slave. Dean’s life got a whole lot stranger.

Don’t try to search AO3 for witches because every fic that has team free will battling witches will come up. Instead, try these searches on AO3: witch!castiel, wizard!castiel, familiar!castiel, witch!dean, wizard!dean, familiar!dean.

If any of our followers know of any other witchy fics, please let us know

For those interested: Willowsbend and the Willowsbend Series

Note: our witch/familiar tag is a very recent addition and may not have all relevant fics on it. This post was made before we had a tag and is most up to date with fic recs. 


Untitled Freebatch promoted fic even tho I kinda changed the actual prompt

Hey so here is my fic inspired by a prompt. I didn’t use the EXACT prompt but it did inspire me to write this. I just twisted the scenario a bit. Based this off of one my favorite freebatch moments ever. If you know don’t know what I am talking about seriously someone needs to show you the video on YouTube. It will change your life lol


There were many times in Ben’s life where the thrumming energy of impatience threatened to drive him crazy. When he was a kid it was Christmas Eve; trying to sleep as the knowledge that Santa Claus was due at any moment to drop gifts under your tree made him hyperactive and twitchy. When he was older it was the speeding up of his heart as he waited to catch a glimpse of a crush, or waiting to hear if he’d gotten that role he’d auditioned for. And if he was lucky enough to snag the role (he almost always did) then it was the waiting to go onstage and perform, electric sparks of energy pulsating throughout his body.

Sometimes waiting for something you wanted was just too damn hard, and adding the flash of cameras and the roar of a crowd full of strangers into the mix was not helping.

If anything it was making him even more aggravated, even more impatient for the moment all of that would fade away and he would be left alone with the tiny blonde man his eyes were currently tracking like a tiger stalks its prey.

He was trying not to stare, but it had been much too long since he’d been alone with Martin, much less in the same place, and his skin was itching to reach out and just touch….

But he couldn’t. Not here. Not now. Gigantic Los Angeles red carpet premieres for Peter Jackson trilogies were not the opportune place to snog your secret lover senseless in front of your other costars, international media, and said secret lovers long time girlfriend.

So instead Ben waited, anxiously hovering at the periphery of the madness as the large group of assembled actors were wrangled into position for the awaiting cameras to take a group shot. Standing in the last row with the other taller cast members, he did his best to actually look into the camera and smile instead of simply burning a hole into the back of Martin’s head with his eyes. It was tough but he managed a smile just this side of convincing. Barely.

He had ached to talk to Martin all day, but the flurry of pre premiere activity, and then the absolute madness of the red carpet had swallowed up any chance he had. The few real windows of opportunity Ben had to approach (Save for a brief moment when he passed behind him on the red carpet and cheekily pinched his arse) him were shut down by the the presence of Amanda only a few feet away at all times. The two had always got on cordially, but tonight her cold expression as she watched Martin like a hawk brooked no argument—don’t you dare Ben– it practically screamed.

Of course she knew. The lady wasn’t born yesterday and Ben hadn’t been very good lately at hiding it.

It was so strange, Ben thought, the sort of unspoken and uneasy truce the three of them had going on. Everyone seemed to know the score, yet no one was willing to actually confront it. What would happen if they did? He often found himself fantasizing about doing just that. Getting every uncomfortable, ugly detail out on the table and just….seeing what happened.

Sure there would be yelling and tears and potentially things thrown against walls, but in the end would it lead to a time where he could just be with Martin without having to look over his shoulder? Without having to worry about standing too close, smiling too long, or wondering when Amanda (or anyone else really) was going to be around and everything he was feeling would need to be shuttered from his face.

Would it lead to a day where he could casually stroll up besides the tiny man–his man–and slip his hand into his as if it was the most natural thing in the world?

Ben felt his heart speed up at the thought.

Suddenly the group was breaking apart, the photos over, and Ben watched as Martin made everyone near him laugh (including the infuriatingly good looking Richard for which he wasn’t jealous at all…nope) before he saddled up to Peter and began animatedly chatting and grinning for the cameras that now swarmed them. After exchanging a few pleasantries with Orlando, Ben saw a gap of open space behind Martin for the first time, and his body reacted like the pull of two magnets….he was sliding up behind Martin with no thought to what he was doing. He just needed to be there, to be close to him.

Maybe they could take a picture together. He could wrap his hand around his shoulder….pull him close and….

“Ben! Would you say this is a dream come true? Playing Smaug?”

A voice came out of the din and he looked up into the inquisitive face of a reporter, smudged glasses, her hair curly and frazzled, holding a small recording device in her hand.

Oh he was on the red carpet, wasn’t he? Right.

He chatted amicably with the reporter for a minute or two, but he was so close to Martin now that he found it hard to concentrate on anything she was saying, anticipation taking away all of his higher brain functions and focusing it on one fixed point. Him. Once again Ben found his eyes drifting slowly up the lines of Martin’s body, not obscured any longer by the crowd, and was mentally willing him to just turn around already as the reporter moved on.

His heart lept into his throat when he finally–FINALLY–saw Martin turn….only to keep turning and turning, doing a complete 360, his eyes searching through the crowd in a way that suggested he wasn’t really looking for anybody, but was more trying to avoid looking at someone in particular.

He ended up back where he started, chatting with Peter.

There was no way he hadn’t seen Ben standing there.


Logically Ben knew they had to keep their distance in some ways Logically he knew they couldn’t act like a couple on the red carpet. They couldn’t show their hand, all giggles and smiles and slow comforting stroking of backs and whispers into ears. They had to be discreet of course but… was hard.

Fuck logic. Fuck discretion.

They could at least act like friends. Couldn’t they? What was this cold shoulder bullshit?

He felt his eyebrows shoot upwards and pursed his lips, knowing that anyone who was looking at him right now would see the hurt and irritation clearly written across his face. The rest of the photo call lapsed by in a blur; one moment he was exchanging idle chit chat with Ed Sheeran, the next he was outright glaring daggers as Martin laughed with Evangeline for a surely absurd amount of time. And this time Ben certainly didn’t care one bit if anyone noticed his miserable, painfully jealous expression (and from the corner of his eye he was pretty sure Richard noticed something was going on by the way he looked at him and then quickly edged away).

Didn’t care one bit.

Oh god he was hopeless wasn’t he?

Somewhere off in the distance he heard the shrill voice of a fan screaming his name and all the jitters he’d been feeling all day, all the pure impatience he’d suffered just to get to be with Martin for a few blissful moments, coalesced into something rotten in the pit of his stomach.

He looked up and stared into the mess of bystanders watching the proceedings; fans from all over we’re just beyond the throng of cameras, partially obscured by both the lights and the dark of the evening, and for the first time in his life he would have given it all away–all the celebrity, adoration, money—the work–to just have a moments peace and quiet with the man he loved.

He felt nauseous.


“Hello darling, my don’t you look delicious! I could just eat you up!” A feminine–American–accent caught him off guard as he was staring into the depths of his drink, lost in thought. The post premiere after party was being held in the same hotel that Ben was set up at, and for that he was thankful. After a long day, endless amounts of frivolous small talk (“have your people call my people” essentially) and quite a few gin and tonics now, he was absolutely knackered and ready to pass out upon his luxurious, high thread count sheets and compose a long and thoroughly drunken text to Martin about….everything.

The last thing he wanted to be doing was chatting with Evangeline, who was now eyeing him with a friendly sort of openness–which was starting to fade ever so slightly, as it took him an embarrassingly long amount of time to acknowledge her presence.

“Hello there. Sorry, it’s been quite the day. A bit in my head, I apologize.” Ben stuttered, trying his best for a disarmingly charming Hugh Grant, but coming off more like an awkward school boy.

Evangeline tilted her head, radiating sympathy. “I get it. I’ve never been involved in anything this…crazy before. This is my first really giant film. I’m still pinching myself to be honest.” She giggled, light and sweet.

Since his role in the film was done all on a sound stage using mocap, and he hadn’t spent long grueling months on location working with the rest of the cast, he didn’t know Evangeline well, along with many of the other actors. Even though this had left him feeling a bit of an outsider, they were all lovely and friendly and this was just another example of one of them reaching out to bring Ben just a little bit further into their tight knit group.

“Indeed. I think we all are.”

If he hadn’t been feeling irrational jealously fueled hatred towards her only a few hours earlier, then he probably would have happily talked her ear off. But instead they both stood there, not saying much of anything, Ben swirling his drink as a nervous habit, wondering what the polite amount of time was to spend before he could excuse himself.

Evangeline just waited patiently, her smile knowing. “I think it all came out wonderfully if I do say so myself. The visuals were incredible. Your voice..” She gestured with her hands, overly dramatic and slightly loud in the way he’d come to find many American actors to be. Perhaps her enthusiasm was a bit more put on to make up for his lack of it. “I could feel it rumbling in my freakin bones! How do you even do that? And oh my god Martin was flat out amazing in the Smaug scene too! How crazy that both you guys have gotten to play two of British literatures most iconic characters?!”

At that exact moment–as if on cue–Martin’s laughter could be heard echoing throughout the room and without thinking, Ben’s head snapped in the general direction it came from, his eyes narrowing.

He was under the impression he would be skipping the after party when he caught a glimpse of Martin and Amanda exchanging terse words and certain looks (ones he’d come to know well) when the film was letting out of the theater. Martin had skipped out on things before to pacify her sudden mood swings, and he had assumed this would be no different.

“Yea he was….good…..great…..amazing really…” He trailed off, scanning the room till his eyes found him. There he was, at the bar, surrounded by Richard and Luke and Aidan and Orlando and that clinch of jealousy reared its ugly green head again. Did all of the ridiculously good looking men in this film need to be swarming around him, standing way too close and…

“Ahem.” Evangeline cleared her throat. Out of the corner of his eye Ben saw her take an exaggerated sip of her drink, her eyebrows raising in the universal sign of “so that’s how it is”. He knew that expression well. He’s pretty sure a million cameras caught the same one on his own face mere hours ago.

Shit. For a highly paid actor he sure was rubbish at concealing his emotions.

“So…seeing anyone?” She said conversationally, looking up at him with eyes like a baby deer as she innocently pursed her lips around her straw.

Ben’s eyes made their slow, inevitable journey back to her face and just stared. He felt his mouth open automatically and he knew he’d just answered her without saying a single word.

Bloody hell.

“That’s all right.” Evangeline reached a hand out to run back and forth on his upper arm. “You know it’s alright–right? I mean. Well..” She bit her lip and her eyes flipped back and forth from where Martin was still entertaining his harem of handsome men at the bar, to Ben as he waited there for the earth to open up and swallow him whole. “It sounds a little cliche to say but I’ve always wondered about you two. Well. And not just me either but….uhh….well. Shit I’m not really navigating this smoothly am I?” She grimaced before barking out a laugh.

“Definitely not.” Ben replied, feeling his face grow hot. Great, so everyone was speculating? Did everyone see how much he pined for that angry little man? He felt so foolish. “Look, I….”

“Save it. You don’t owe me any explanations. It’s not my place. If it makes you feel any better, those boys have got nothing on you.” She leaned in and whispered with a wink, before patting him again in a familial sort of way and excusing herself to talk to someone across the room.

“Fucking hell.” He said out loud to himself before pouring the rest of his drink down his throat and slamming it on a table. He was going to get the hell out of here; he was going to stumble back to his room and try to salvage the tiny sliver left of his pride and…

There was a sudden buzzing in his pocket. Ben fished out his phone, struggling for a second to swipe it open, before looking down to read. Immediately his face exploded into a million chin smile. Every bit of irritation he had been feeling, every sliver of anger that remained from being ignored faded away. He would do anything for this man and he knew it down in his core.

From: Martin
Hey you. Don’t think I don’t see you over there chatting up Miss Evangeline. Don’t you go getting any ideas Mr. Big Hollywood Star. Hey..I am sorry I didn’t get to really talk to you earlier. It was a bit crazy wasn’t it? And Amanda and I…well. She saw when you pinched my arse and… Too much to get into now via text. Anyways I was wondering if I could….maybe later…

From: Ben
Room 305 just knock. Don’t be too long :)


The knock at the door was soft but insistent. Ben dropped the towel he’d been using to run through his dripping curls and scrambled to throw a stretched out, faded t-shirt over his still damp torso, the bottom half of him still clad in a towel. It was useless to fumble with bottoms at this point–he wouldn’t be needing them anyways if that was who he hoped it was.

“Hi.” He said breathlessly as he flung open the door; it was after midnight and he’d begun to think maybe Martin wasn’t going to show. It had taken all of his resolve not to text him every five minutes asking where he was.

“Hello there.” Martin smiled back at him, a boyish, lopsided sort of thing that made Ben’s insides squirm in a pleasant way. He wanted to kiss that damn smile off his face and started to lean forward when he was halted by the press of something cold, hard and wet to his torso.

“Stole this from the bar.” Martin said, wiggling a large bottle of champagne against him, it’s condensation trickling into his thin shirt. In his other hand were two empty glasses. “Thought me and you could celebrate. Privately.”

“Sounds perfect.” Ben smiled, his eyelashes doing a fluttery type of thing that he couldn’t quite control whenever Martin did something particularly sweet. Even though he was tired beyond belief, had definitely had his fill of alcohol for the evening, and was jumping out of his skin to tear every article of clothing from Martin’s body, he simply nodded and pressed forward, kissing him softly on the lips. “Absolutely perfect.”

Martin sighed into the brief press of lips before pulling back and heading for the sofa, kicking off his shoes as he went. His suit jacket was gone, as was his tie, and his sleeves were rolled up, collar gaping open, and it took an insane amount of self control for Ben not to grab him and pull him to the bed.

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry. About earlier.” He mumbled partly into his chest as he tilted down at an awkward angle, wrestling with the champagne cork.

“Hmm?” Ben replied, playing innocent as he sunk into the sofa, spreading his legs a bit wider than natural, letting the towel he was wearing spread a bit indecently, and giving his business a bit of breathing room. He was already embarrassingly hard just in anticipation, like a virginal schoolboy. “Sorry for what?”

“You know. The red carpet…the whole….all of it.” Martin sighed, frustrated, as the cork popped and he poured two flutes of bubbly. “I know I was ignoring you. I know you knew I was ignoring you. But there was a whole thing with Amanda and…” He scrubbed a hand over his face, suddenly weary and looking ten years older. “Things had been bad all day and I was trying not to make it worse…but after the film we had quite a row and fuck…she took off.”

“She left?”

“Yep. Packed and everything. Sent me a text she was catching the next flight home and to enjoy myself.” He blanched. “I think we know what she meant by that.”

“I’m so sorry.” Ben interrupted, his heart twisting at the sight of Martin looking so tired and utterly conflicted. His eyes seemed deeper, full of remorse, and a tiny voice whispered in his brain that this was bad–very bad. Fear gripped him that at any moment Martin could just end this all. That he would say it had all been a mistake and up and leave. “This is all my fault. If I wouldn’t have…She was right there and it was so stupid of me to pinch you like that and I wasn’t thinking..”

“No. No, just don’t…no.” Martin shook his head. “This is so much more than just that. If you or I hadn’t done a million things then, sure, this wouldn’t have happened but we can’t change the past can we? And I don’t want to either.” He looked up into Ben’s eyes and offered a tiny smile. “And I guess at the heart of it all that’s the problem.”

Martin reached out and grasped Ben’s hand; his skin was warm and dry and he gave him a squeeze of reassurance. “I want to be with you and I know that’s never going to change. So…we deal with shit like this. That’s all we can do. We deal.”

“I…I want to be with you too.” Ben said, squeezing his hand back.

“I know it’s complicated and I know that we can’t exactly be…or do….what we want when we want to but I need you to know that I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. With you.” Martin sank back into the cushions of the sofa, pulling Ben along till he was snug up against his side, and wrapping his free arm around his shoulder.

“I feel the same too. I love you.”

Ben held his breath for a moment; they had said those three words to each other only once before, but they had both been drunk off their tits and engaged in some creative trailer shagging at the time, and while he was pretty sure Martin wasn’t drunk enough to forget, neither of them had brought it up again. The idea of saying it again, out loud and sober, added a new element to this thing of theirs that made it a lot more complicated. Once you crossed that threshold you couldn’t take it back, but Ben just didn’t care. Tonight had shown him that he couldn’t–and didn’t want to–hide his feelings anymore, at least in private.

The room was painfully quiet for a beat and when he got the courage up to look at Martin again he was blown away. He’d never seen him look so besotted before.

“I love you too. So much.”

Martin leaned forward, cupping the back of Ben’s neck with his free hand and pulling Ben into a kiss. Their lips glided over each other, hot and languid for a few moments before Martin licked into his mouth and their kiss exploded into a tangle of tongues and pent up sexual tension, ending with Ben’s shirt somewhere on the floor and the rest of Martin’s buttons popped as he sat straddling Ben’s lap.

Martin’s hands roamed down Ben’s now bare chest, stopping to rest at the edge of where his hips met his towel.

“How nice of you to provide me with easy access. No zippers, no buttons or clasps….you are too good for me you know that Cumberbatch?” He grinned into another kiss.

Ben sucked on Martin’s neck, gasping a bit as his pelvic region was suddenly hit by a bust of cool air and the towel was flicked away.

“Oh I know I am.” He replied cheekily, pulling back for a second to look at Martin–to take in his red, swollen lips and mussed hair. “So if you pull the same shit for the Berlin premiere your ass is in trouble.” He growled, low and sultry, before wrapping two strong hands under Martin’s bum and hauling him to the bed, throwing him down and immediately covering his body with his own.

“Is that a promise?” Martin waggled his eyebrows and Ben groaned–so cheesy–before swallowing Martin’s answering giggle with his mouth and sliding the zipper down his trousers.


Hope you enjoyed and sorry no sex lol. Didn’t feel in the mood to write it (I think I’m terrible at it anyways) and just wanted to focus on the angst I guess.

You don’t know how much I needed a good freebatch ficlet today. Thank you so much! I like ass-pinching angst lmao

Feels Like Home - Calum Hood One Shot

this is for @5sospank and @alreadymissings roommate!5sos blurb night !!!

summary: you’ve sort of always had a thing for your roommate, calum. never thought he’d feel the same, though. (also the other boys r ur roommates too n its a jolly good time) ((((no its not this is full of angst but im a HOE FOR ANGST it has a happy ending tho i promise))))

word count: 7.8k

warning: some swearing + he eats u out l o l

a/n: i…… dont know what this is who am i ……………..

You can barely remember how it happened. A flyer pinned to a bulletin board, asking –nearly begging– for a roommate that could move in before the semester started. That was during your first year, and you had quickly made the decision that you did not like dormitories. They were too crowded, and you could often smell weed coming from other rooms to yours. Besides, your roommate was awful, and she barely showered.

You had taken a picture of the fluorescent pink flyer with your phone, and dialled the number as soon as you’d gotten out of your class.

The deep voice that picked up on the other end was not what you were expecting, but whatever. Who cares if you lived with a guy? People in college lived co-ed all the time. No big deal.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, I’m calling about the roommate ad?”

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I'm excited over the fact I get to go see my girlfriend tomorrow!

Pyrrha: Ahhh, that’s so exciting!

Nora: Being with one of your favorite people is, like, the best feeling ever.

Jaune: Tell her we say hi, stay safe, make good choices, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do–

Nora: You know that really doesn’t mean anything coming from you, I mean you’re basically a walking bad decision–

Jaune: Okay, fine, don’t do anything Ren wouldn’t do. 

Pyrrha: Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy your time together. 

Ren: That time is precious, no matter the length.

Jaune: And, you know, we’ll try to pretend we’re not all insanely jealous of you for being in a relationship.

Ren: But I’m… not actually jealous?

Pyrrha: … Me neither.

Nora: Nope, not jealous at all, not in the tiniest bit.

Ren: I’m glad we all feel the same way about this.

Nora: … I’ll be right back, I need to go outside and scream.


anonymous asked:

ben being a little jealous when mal gets more attention?

AN: My second Bal fic! Hope you all enjoy!

Public Display of Possession

He shouldn’t be jealous. He knows that. She’s made it abundantly clear that she only has eyes for him, but that doesn’t make it any easier when he sees other guys ogling his girlfriend.

And he knows she can take care of herself. If any guy did or said something that upset her, they’d be on the ground before they knew what had happened. He doesn’t have to protect her from a few boys with wandering eyes…

But still!

Seeing them stare makes him unbearably uncomfortable.

Mal rarely, if ever, wears skirts to school. She generally reserves those for her dates with him. She prefers her skinny jeans and leather jackets for daily use. And those - although gorgeous in their own right - don’t attract much attention from anyone but him. She looks good and everyone knows it, but no one feels the need to stare.

But today it’s 90 degrees and it’s far too hot for heavy jackets and jeans.

So, logically, Mal wore a dress. A short, sleeveless dress that would keep her comfortable in the heat. A short, sleeveless dress that has been drawing quite a bit of attention from the male population of Auradon Prep. And, while Mal doesn’t seem to mind, their appraising looks haven’t gone unnoticed by her.

When Ben meets her at her locker that morning, she must be able to tell that they haven’t gone unnoticed by him, either.

“What’s the matter, Benny Boo?” she teases, “Jealous that a few other guys have finally realized I’m pretty?”

“Maybe a little,” he admits, smiling at the pet name she only uses as a joke.

“Well, don’t be,” he replies, touching his arm, “I’m your girlfriend. They can look all they want, but you’re the only one who gets to touch.”

The gleam in her eyes spells mischief, and he knows it.

“Oh, is that so?” he smirks, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her closer to him. Maybe it’s the bit of beast still in his DNA, but he wants to push her up against her locker and kiss her hard, in front of everyone. He wants to show all these guys who are more fascinated by her hemline than by her glittering eyes, that he’s the only one who gets to kiss her.

But he was raised to be a gentleman. And gentleman don’t forcibly kiss their girlfriends to prove a point to a couple of gawking princes. So, he does the polite thing, and asks permission.

“Can I kiss you?” he asks, much softer and sweeter than his possessive grip would generally imply.

“Are you only asking because you want to prove that you’re the alpha male and get those idiots to stop staring at me?” she counters, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk to match his.

“I also just really like kissing you,” he adds. The ‘also’ does not slip past her notice, but, thankfully, she seems amused rather than annoyed.

“Good answer,” she laughs.

And before he can even lean in, she’s wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down into a hard kiss. It’s quick, but nowhere near gentle. It’s meant to show ownership, but Ben can't quite tell if he’s claiming Mal or if it’s the other way around. He somehow pulls her even closer and holds her even tighter, while she tangles one hand into his messy hair and the other into the fabric of his shirt. Ben doesn’t actually end up pushing Mal up against her locker, despite his earlier urge to do just that, but if a teacher had walked by at that exact moment the couple would have most definitely been given detention for excessive PDA on school grounds.

Instead, their only audience is several boys who have gone from staring at Mal’s legs to gawking at the fact that she’s now making out with her boyfriend in the middle of the hallway. A few seconds later, they pull apart, and Ben’s almost surprised that Mal didn't end up biting him during that little exchange.

“Still jealous?” she asks, all innocence.

“Nope,” he answers, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.

“Good. I’ll see you later, okay?” she replies, smiling. He nods in answer before she turns on her heel - her violet hair fanning out behind her - and walks off to her first class.

A quick glance at the group of boys shows that they’re all still too stunned by what they just witnessed to watch Mal leave, and Ben is content in knowing he has absolutely no reason to be jealous. They can stare all they want, but he’s still the only one who gets to kiss her.