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A video analyzing the relationship between Derek and Stiles from Teen Wolf.

(It’s blocked now! Tell Viacom they’re dumb!)

Update so there’s context: I made a video about Stiles and Derek perhaps being in love. I worked on it harder than any other video, it took ten months to make, and I was really proud of it. I uploaded this video, and monetized it, knowing that it was Fair Use. The law says that you can use a piece of media for commentary, criticism, analysis, or for any “transformative work”. And yes, you can even use the piece of media if you’re still getting money. Immediately after uploading it, I got a an automatic content ID infringement notice. No biggie, this happens all the time. So I go through the appeal process, and Viacom says no. That’s fine, that’s happened before. I do the final appeal process, and they say no again. They give me no explanation, they just say “nope, the video isn’t Fair Use”. But it is, it clearly is. My videos are all in this format, and I’ve had no issues getting strikes. And now if I file a counter notice, it becomes a legal process, and I don’t have the time or money.

So, why Viacom? Is it because I pointed out the blatant queerbaiting and issues that I find with Teen Wolf? Is it because you don’t like that I suggested they could possibly LGBTQ+? I don’t know. But it wasn’t because I infringed on your content.

And what I find even more funny, is that the only time I’ve had to defend Fair Use this much was when I had an email battle with a British-Company-Notorious-For-Queerbaiting-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Two companies that were clearly involved in queerbaiting, that I pointed out queerbaiting against, have had issues with my videos. Is it just a greedy company that doesn’t care about fan content or the law? Are they afraid of what I had to say? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. All I can say is that I’m disappointed. Really disappointed.

I feel like if Sam was a Russian doll it would include those who have possessed him. Sam’s the first doll and underneath there’s Meg’s vessel, then another Sam, then Lucifer’s vessel, then Sam, then Gadreel’s vessel, then Sam again.

The Crystal Kingdom Part 4: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

I am Not Ready™ for tomorrow, but here’s more of the Crystal Kingdom in the interim.

  • “Griffin I love you, you’re my brother, but if my skill called ‘history’ does not literally help me with history trivia questions in a category called history then what are we even fucking doing here? This is Calvinball!” — Justin McElroy
  • The inventor of math in the Adventure Zone universe is canonically Doug Math.
  • Mood: Griffin McElroy repeating the phrase “all knowledge that exists in the world” seven times in a row in the hope that my family will understand what the fuck is going on
  • “What’s the largest prime number?” “… it’s up there!”
  • …I forgot about the god damn communion scene with Pan.
    • Pan literally goes “new phone who dis” when Merle first contacts him, which is probably not the most comforting thing to hear from your patron god
    • Merle: “I prostate myself in front of you— ”

      Justin and Travis: “Nope.”

    • To be fair, Pan does do his best to help the boys despite being limited to yes or no answers (spoiler alert: that rule goes out the window real quick) and Merle’s questions kind of being well shit. To put it generously. So good for Pan I guess?
  • First introduction of No3113! Now I’m sad!!!
  • Ernest the Nitpicker is the best because he’s pretty much an outlet for Griffin being just slightly fed up with his family
  • The imagery that Griffin uses to describe the scenes from our world that Magnus sees in the emerald compact in Lucas’s room is incredible and I’m actually going to try to crappily transcribe it because I love it so much. Definitely won’t totally capture the ambience, but I’ll do my best.
    • Two men sitting on a comfortable looking sofa, with a big pit bull splayed out on top of them. They’re looking at a flashing, illuminated box on the other side of the room.
    • An older woman sitting in the driver’s seat of some sort of vehicle, listening to the smoothest jazz, and a line of other vehicles in front of a building with a sign with a big burger on top of it.
    • A young woman who’s curled up in a bay window nook, in a dark house. She’s watching a heavy snowstorm outside, she’s drinking tea, and she’s tinkering with some sort of handheld device with two glowing panels on it.
    • A seedy bar, where a three-piece rock band is playing to a pretty small crowd, but everyone in the crowd is singing along to every word of their songs.
    • An old man who’s asleep, he’s wearing what appear to be earmuffs. He’s in a large metal tubular room with rows of mostly full seats, and there’s a loud whirring noise.
    • A bundled up woman hiking up a steep hill, and behind her you see a brightly lot city skyline that’s towering over this massive harbor full of boats. The buildings are taller than any you’ve ever seen.
    • I’m a sucker for kickass prose. Bite me.
  • Travis suggests that the compact is a very convoluted way for Griffin to justify the existence of elevators in the Adventure Zone universe. Interestingly enough, it later becomes a way for Griffin to justify the introduction of tacos as well.

T-MINUS 1 DAY! These recaps are still tagged as ‘Lauren pounds some TAZ’!

Try not to mix up prostate and prostrate and have a lovely day!

Wanna Bet? [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 1,080

Prompt:  “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

Warnings: Violence. Language. Fluff

a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble… oops

Originally posted by steals-dreams

“Daryl, I think I want to start learning how to use a crossbow. I’m tired of having to use my knife all the time, I’ve been too close to death before because of it.” You approach Daryl. The two of you are on a run together to gather more baby supplies for Judith, since she was only born a couple of weeks ago and she’s already running low on formula.

A few minutes ago, in an attempt to kill a walker that was standing in front of the bottles, it had grabbed your hand before you had the chance to stab it, successfully making you drop your knife. Daryl saved you, thankfully, but all you can think about is how nice it would be to be able to kill walkers without having to actually get near them.

“Learnin’ how ‘ta shoot a bow is hard as shit. It’s gon’ take a while.” Daryl shakes his head, a small smile creeping on to his lips. You two haven’t been together too long, only for a few weeks at most (although you’re not really sure- no one keeps track of time anymore), but you’ve noticed the little things about him, and whenever you take interest in things that he likes is one of them. He knows that he is a loved and valuable member of the group, but you know that he still occasionally struggles with the feeling as if he is unwanted and disliked. So whenever you do things like this, despite it being for a genuine good reason, it always makes him happy.

“You never know, Daryl. I could be a natural.” You shrug your shoulders, grabbing the bottles and formula off the shelf. There are so many different brands and kinds, but since baby Judith can be quite the picky eater at times, you’ve learned that taking everything available is the best option.

“I doubt it. Shootin’ bows don’t come naturally to no one.” Daryl snorts. “Took me years ‘ta get this good.”

“You must have just not been a natural then, huh.” You tease him. “I bet you that I could shoot your bow right now and get a good shot on one of those walkers outside.”

“Whatever.” Daryl shakes his head, finishing filling up his bag. It’s almost over spilling at this point. “I bet ‘ya can’t.”

“Is that a challenge?” You raise your eyebrows at him. “Well, it’s on. Hand me your bow.”

“I’m gonna win this bet, ‘ya know that, right?” Daryl stares at you.

“I’m so confident in my skills that I’m placing a wager on this. If I get a shot on the walker, you have to cook my food for a week. I’m sick and tired of burning my hands on that fire trying to heat up my food.” You tell Daryl. In reality, you’re not confident at all. You know there is a huge chance that you’re going to shoot that bow and miss by a long shot. But, Daryl’s complete and utter non-confidence in you sparked a fire. Your inner competitiveness came out, and here you are, placing a bet over something you know damn well you can’t do.

“That’s easy as hell, couldn’t come up with a harder one?” Daryl lets out an airy laugh. “And if I win, and I know I will, ‘ya have to take my night watch up in the tower tonight.”

“Deal.” You smile. You shake his hand, sealing the bet you just made. You’re so screwed.

Daryl and you walk out of the small grocery store, loading up your bags of baby things into his motorcycle before he hands you his bow. You look at it intimidated before you grab it out of his hands, taking a deep breath.

You look around for a walker, seeing one walking around the side of the building. It hasn’t spotted you two yet, giving you the perfect advantage. You try and attempt to cock the stirrup, but the setting that Daryl has it set on is too weighted, and you can’t pull it back.

“Daryl, this is unfair. I can’t even pull it back.” You pout.

“That’s losing fair and square.” Daryl shrugs. “Can’t pull back the arrow, aint my fault.”

“Daryl,” You glare at him, and he sighs.

“The stakes are goin’ up ‘cause of this…” He grumbles. He takes the bow back from your hands, adjusting the weight so you can pull it back with ease. “Ya gotta sleep in my cell with me for the next week now, too.”

“That’s a punishment?” You raise your eyebrows. “Sounds like a treat to me.”

You lift the crossbow up, closing one eye to get better accuracy to shoot the walker, just as you’ve seen Daryl do in the past. You draw back the stirrup, releasing the trigger once you are satisfied with your aim. Much to your surprise, it actually goes where you were aiming- right in its forehead.

“No fuckin’ way,” Daryl groans out.

“Told you I’d be a natural.” You wink at him and kiss his cheek. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll still sleep in your cell for the week. I would’ve done that anyways- don’t be shy to ask me stuff. But, you’re totally still cooking my food for me.”

“Nah, that was cheatin’.” Daryl grins at you. “Ya had me lessen the weight.”

“Nope, I won fair and square.” You shake your head. “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

“You’re a pain in my ass sometimes, ya know that?” Daryl laughs and brings you into a kiss. His lips move against yours at a slow pace, neither one of you had dared to go any further than small, simple kisses. He was already nervous about getting into a relationship in the first place, so you are not rushing him. The kisses he gives you are perfect.

“Alright, alright, ‘ya professional hunter,” Daryl pulls away. “Go get that arrow outta his head, and we can get outta here. We can start lessons tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” You peck his lips one more time. “Can’t wait for my delicious dinner tonight, babe.”

“Ah, whatever.” Daryl laughs, and you pick up the arrow before setting it back into its rightful place. “You’re lucky I like ‘ya.”

“You’re right.” You grin. “I am lucky.”


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Fluffy cooking scenario with Mingyu please

“I get nervous with you here, are you sure you don’t want to go out for the time I cook us dinner?” Mingyu asked with an awkward smile on his face, piling the ingredients from the fridge to the kitchen counter. “Nope,” you answered cheerfully

“Not fair, you got to make your dish in peace,” Mingyu pouted, referring to the time a few weeks ago when you had invited him to your place and made him dinner for the first time.

You remember running around the kitchen frantically, cooking at least three things at the same time - you really wanted everything to be perfect. Especially since you just started dating and you wanted to impress him. You knew you weren’t the best cook but no one had ever complained but you weren’t sure if you’d be able to live up to his expectations.

And you hadn’t really. Mingyu was clearly suffering to swallow the undercooked side dishes and slightly burnt main dish but he was so sweet and tried to find something good about everything. Although he didn’t need to lie because when you tasted the food yourself, you knew you should’ve just gone with a recipe you were confident with.

“But peace doesn’t always mean it’ll turn out good,” you chuckled at your own self-depreciating joke. Mingyu instead just pouted some more and turned to face you, clearly feeling bad for you. “It could’ve been a lot worse, trust me,” he assured you and patted your head lightly.

“I’ll stay out of your way, chef,” you said and smiled brightly when his warm hands came in touch with your head and from there, slid down to your cheeks to cup them. He snorted slightly when you called him chef, but he quite liked it - it had a nice ring to it.

Satisfied with the sound the eggs made when they hit the pan, Mingyu smiled to himself. He took pride in his cooking skills but he was still scared of trying out a new recipe and especially with you around, his nerves were off the charts.

He didn’t want to mess up on the easy parts, especially now that he had finished the main dishes and most of the side dishes, this being the last one. He reached over to the rest of the ingredients needed for his bell pepper frittata and pressed them against the hot pan.

“How is it going?”

Mingyu nearly froze when you appeared behind him, wrapping your arms around him. You were obviously smaller than him, so you didn’t even have a chance of peeking at his cooking from behind him. He wanted to turn around and shower you with kisses because he found you so cute but he stood his ground with a shy smile.

“Isn’t that just an omelette?” You asked from behind him and eventually let go to get a better look on what he was doing. His work station was clean and he had already prepared the main dish which was cooling on the side - you’d be lying if you said you weren’t impressed.

“No, it’s a frittata Y/N,” Mingyu explained with a laugh and shook his head.

“Whatever you say chef,” you teased him and leaned against the counter next to him, tapping your fingers on the surface.

“When is it going to be finished?” You asked, trying your best to hide your grumbling stomach. “Soon,” Mingyu answered shortly and looked at you quickly and then returning to focus on the food.

“Taste this,” he urged you and gave you a little taste of the 3rd side dish on the counter next to him with a fork he had prepared. One of his hands was below it, careful to catch anything that threatened to drip as you leaned forward to taste the food.

It was sweet on your lips, which was not at all what you would have suspected just by looking at it. Leaning back on the counter, you opted to simply watch him finish preparing the rest of the dish, almost embarrassed by the fact that his food was so good compared to what you had made. Mingyu on the other hand had a smug smile on his face as he flipped the egg dish over on the pan and skilfully wiggled it in the pan.

Every so often he’d bring you a bite of another dish again, asking you to taste it before tasting some himself. Each time it tasted a little bit better than the last.

“Hey, you have something on your lips,” he commented as he brought the fork to you one last time. And before you could open your mouth, he pulled it away and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on your lips. He caught you off guard to say the least - your heart was fluttering when he got back to cooking and you felt your cheeks burning.

“Don’t get too cocky because you’re a good chef,” you nudged him with a shy laugh but had to admit that that was pretty smooth.

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You know the video of Kook cupping Yoongi's face them both smiling at each other? #TeenBabyJeon It made me imagine a scene where Yoon has some info on Kook idk an embarrassing moment or girl business(//wink wonk//) that he can blackmail Kook with and this one time they're all sitting at the table eating dinner and Kook says smthn to tease Yoon but then he's like "u know what this reminds me of..." and Kook is like.. hands on Yoon's cheek's. Teeth clenched. "Hyyuuung"

yoongi knew the day would come when the dirt he have on jungkook would come in handy when a specific sixteen year old was old enough to have feelings that felt like could end his whole existence if everyone knew. by the way, yoongi found out on accident because there’s no way jungkook would admit that shit willingly.

yoongi now had the ability to make jungkook shut up whenever he needed him to.

it was at dinner time where all eight of you are eating together like how it usually would be on at least one of the days out of the week (it became a mandatory thing to be free to have a meal altogether). the familiar banter and conversations make the atmosphere lively along with thoughts and feelings being expressed, after compiled over the course of a couple of days now being shared.

including an insult being thrown to yoongi’s face from the youngest at the table and min yoongi isn’t having any of that.

said person only smirks and puts down his chopsticks, the look in his eyes as dark as his intentions and secrets of only jungkook knows over his hyungs’ dead bodies he’d reveal. yoongi only goes so far to say: “you know what? i suddenly remembered that i do have something i want to say and it’s-”

jungkook has never moved so fast in his life, slamming his utensils down the table and almost breaking the porcelain and yoongi’s face when he lunges over to cup the older’s face. yoongi freezes, along with everyone with eyes on the weird pair as jungkook forces a grin he knows he wouldn’t have if they were alone.


with much difficulty, yoongi squeezes past his squished cheeks, “what…?”

“…i love you,”

yoongi scoffs a laugh and shoves jungkook away, shaking his head with a grin, “that’s what i thought, brat.”

((”something tells me yoongi knows something about jungkook the rest of us don’t,”

“…could it be…”

“y/n, do you know anything?”

jungkook looks at you with fear and you eat quietly, shrugging, “it’s not my secret to tell,”

“damn it! even y/n knows! what the hell, jungkook?!”

“we’re your hyungs too!”

“…i only found out because jungkook’s luck was down the drain that day, okay? i wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for that,”

“but what is it?!”




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I'd really love to see a "Dean and cas are just bros" post try to explain that ending scene lol:P Sam loved his mom just as much as Dean and also loved Cas. But he was able to go on and attend to more immediate matters. Dean couldn't. This is one of the most blatant difference in "bro" and "more than bro" reactions we've gotten. If Dean was just upset over losing his mom and friend, then what was Sam?? Not as upset as Dean? Nope, that's not fair to him. There's clearly something else going on.

Seriously. The difference in the reactions was massive. One guy just lost his friend. The other lost the man he loves…and he probably didn’t realize how much he loved him until the at blade went through him. :(

So my year so far is a success. I don’t care what else happens for the rest of it, the beginning was super successful. 

After Yuri On Ice ended, I realised I had friends who shared their names with the main characters, and as a result decided I needed to convince said friends to watch it despite the fact that neither of them have ever had any interest in anime in general. Uri is now almost at the end of the series but has said almost nothing, Viktor has watched two episodes and won’t shut up. So I decided to share some of what Viktor said because I for one find it hilarious (in order of when I remembered the exchanges)

  • “So Yuuri’s reaction to being told a naked, attractive foreigner who might be his idol, I think, was in the family steam bath naked, was to run to the steam bath to watch him be naked?”
  • Upon first seeing Yuri Plisetsky: “Oh my god, did you see him slink around that corner? That was so graceful! Like a cat! OR AN ASSASSIN!”
  • “Are we in Russia? We’re in Russia.”
    Later: “Is it the norm in…what the hell country are we in?”
  • “Everyone’s just yelling at Yuuri in public places.”
  • “They don’t need much to hide Viktor’s doodle, do they?”
  • “The ballerina teacher scares me. She’s too happy.”
  • About Yurio: “Ball of anger. Skating ball of anger. He’s a Skating Ball of Anger. On ice.”
  • Viktor: “So Yuri’s whole plan was to go to Japan and scream Viktor’s name? He knew he was at the Hatetsu Ninja House. Why didn’t he just go to the Hatetsu ninja house and go from there like ‘Where the fuck is Viktor?”
    Henry (Viktor’s friend): “Maybe he didn’t know where the Hatetsu ninja house is.”
    Viktor: “Then he should grab some random Japanese person and go from there like “Where the fuck is Hatetsu Ice Ninja House?!”
  • To the tune of the Carmen Sandiego theme: “Where in the world is Viktor Nikiforov?”
    And “Where in the world is Yuri Plisetsky’s parents?”
  • “This 15-year-old goes to Japan without telling anyone and the only one who cares is his skating coach.”
  • “Old man skating coach is going to have an aneurysm dealing with these…RUSSIAN PUNKS!” *Inane giggling*
  • “Hahaha, Russian punk…what a dumb nickname.”
  • “Viktor gave Yuuri the sexy music because he wants to bone him. And the 15-year-old got the other music because 15-year-olds doing sexy dancing? Ew, no.”
  • Viktor: “Why is Viktor naked?”
    Henry: “Because he’s in an onsen. You wouldn’t go to a public bath fully clothed.”
    Viktor: “…I might…”
  • Viktor: “Yuri is definitely the hangry type.”
    Me: “I dunno, I think he’s just angry.”
    Viktor: “Or maybe he was really hungry when he kicked that bathroom door.”
  • “Honestly, doesn’t he know how rude it is to interrupt someone when they’re having a bathroom cry?”
  • “Drop-kicking someone in the face is a national greeting in Russia.”
  • Viktor, about the triplets: “Oh god, what the fuck are those?”
    Me (being a hypocrite because I keep calling them gremlins): “Children.”
    Viktor: “…Ew, children. Children, ew.”
  • “Ew, people. Ew, press conference. Ew, Viktor Nikiforov.”
  • In a Batman voice (While physically shaking Henry): “WHERE IS VIKTOR NIKIFOROV? WHERE IS HE?!”
  • About Christophe, during the credits: “I have found best character.”
  • “Why is he eating victory food when he hasn’t victoried?”
  • About Georgi: “Who’s this guy standing like he’s the hottest man alive?”
    “He’s probably the hottest man alive.”

Part 2 (since people requested it)

Audrey Jensen x Reader - Question 3?

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Kissaaang
Word Count: 960
Request: “
Audrey imagine where Audrey constantly takes videos and pictures of you and you let her BC of your crush on her and one time Noah says he’s fixing her camera but he’s recording you confessing your feelings for Audrey and shows her, so the next day she finds you to “show you pictures” but kisses you?” – anon


My animated hand motions and facial expressions sent Audrey into a fit of giggles as I overdramatically re-enacted my favourite scene from The Little Mermaid. Her camera was trained on me as it always was, as I looked deep into the lens, theatrically singing ‘Kiss the Girl’.

At one stage, I hated when she videoed or took pictures of me, yet she would always insist, and I of course caved every time. This happened with most things though, if I’m being completely honest. Just one smile or the occasional bitch face had me practically willing to commit murder for her. Not that she knew any of this of course. Not that I’d ever let her know.

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Supernatural BSM #57 You’re hit with a depression spell and they have to make you laugh to break it

A/N: I mean, this is so ridiculously late

Request: You’re hit with a depression spell and they have to make you laugh to break it

AGE 19: He was waiting for you back at the bunker when you got back from university. You had barely taken a breath before he was spouting seemingly random words in Latin. A jolt of blue light shone from the flat of his palm and hit you right in the head. You were thrown backwards by the sheer force, coming to only when someone shook your shoulders.

You shot up with a scream unfurling in your throat. Dean pressed you back down with his hands on your shoulders. When you’d calmed downs, you suddenly noticed the heavy weight pressing down on your chest, consuming your body and flowing through your veins and pressing tears out of your eyes.

“W-witch,” you forced out through sobs before letting the emptiness pull you under as everything faded to black once again.

When you woke up, Sam and Dean were bend over a large book, pointing at random bits and muttering under their breaths.

“So we just have to make her laugh?” Dean nodded, clearing his throat in unease.

“Yeah,” he said in a squeaky voice, “yeah, we’ve done that before, we can do it again.”

“You don’t sound so sure.” Sam closed the book with a loud smack.

“No,” Dean agreed, “I’ve never seen this spell before. We have no idea how hard it’s gonna be.”

“I’m right here, y’know?” you tried to joke, but the depression spell clinging to every fiber of your being made your tone somewhat flat.

“So you know what’s going on?” Sam asked.

“Depression spell, right? It’s no fun.” Understatement of the century.

“We’re going to make it fun,” Dean insisted, rubbing his hands together with an uncertain smile.

“What’s the game plan, then?” You accepted Sam’s offered hand with a thank you. You tried for a smile, but you found you couldn’t remember how to do it.

“Uhm, well, we could watch a comedy?”

As the credits rolled by, you took the last slurp of your soda and turned to Dean. “Nope.”

“What about the fair?”

And while that seemed like a somewhat good idea as rollercoasters always brought out some emotion in people, it only resulted in you getting horribly lost in a giant mass of people you didn’t know. In a normal situation, this would only freak you out slightly, but this wasn’t normal. This was so fucked up you couldn’t even see past the sudden dread filling you up. You couldn’t help but notice that that was the first thing you’d felt since waking up.

You stumbled around the messy ground of the fair, tripping and crashing into people as you went. When you finally managed to locate your brothers, you clung onto Sam, curling yourself into his arms and gasping wetly into the fabric of his shirt.

Dean played with the ends of your hair until you were ready to come out of hiding.

“I want to go home,” you whined. Your knees buckled as exhaustion crashed into you like a wave, and Dean managed to catch you just moments before you hit the ground. “Tired,” you breathed, almost inaudible as you fell asleep, leaning against Dean’s chest.

“That was the third time I passed out today,” you complained when you woke up.

Sam chuckled under his breath as he handed you a bottle of water. Dean put a hand to your forehead and stepped away, frowning.

“Looks like the spell gave you a bit of a fever too. Suppose the fair wasn’t the best idea.”

You chose to answer that with silence. “What are we gonna do?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Can I just get a cuddle? I’m exhausted. We can figure all this out tomorrow. That a plan?”

Your brothers nodded their assent and wound themselves around you on the couch. They pressed close from both sides, squeezing you in the middle until the hole in your chest almost felt filled.

At some point, Sam switched positions, and one of his fingers poked you in between the ribs. You exhaled quickly in a somewhat resemblance of a laugh, and both your brothers stiffened.

“That’s it!” Dean cried, untangling himself from the Winchester-cuddle-pile with great effort and jumping to his feet. “You’re ticklish!” he yelled almost accusingly while wagging a finger at your face. You grabbed it and yanked, almost sending Dean toppling over. He frowned at you to which you shrugged.

“I am, yes,” you answered belatedly, curling further into Sam’s chest. He draped his arm over your shoulders, shuffling around until your head rested in the crook of his neck.

Dean gestured wildly with his arms, eyes wide as saucers and eyebrow almost disappearing into his hairline. When he received nothing but blank stares in return, his shoulders sagged. “Do you really not get where I’m going with this?”

“We get it, obviously,” Sam defended quickly, sounding somewhat offended.

“But it’s a bit of a reach, innit? Breaking an incredibly strong spell with a few finger pokes?” You waggled your fingers in demonstration.

“It’s worth a shot,” Dean maintained as he dropped to his knees in front of the couch in between your knees. He braided his fingers together before pushing them outwards, rolling his neck while his fingers cracked audibly.

Suddenly, his hands shot forwards, digging into the skin between your ribs. You could feel something bubbling in your chest, and when Sam dug his fingers in just below Dean’s, a raucous cackle ripped out of your throat.

“Yes!” your brothers cried in unison, but they didn’t let up on their assault, and soon enough, you were rolling off the couch and onto the floor.  

When your brothers finally let up and removed their fingers, they collapsed next to you in a heap on the floor.

“Feeling better?” Sam whispered.

You were too overwhelmed to respond, gasping as emotions suddenly flooded your body from head to toe. “It’s a lot,” you wheezed. Dean and Sam crowded around you until you felt like you could breathe again against the onslaughter of feelings giving you a splitting headache.

“I’m good, I’m good.”

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Can you do a luke smut ? Where your tied to the bed and let him do what every he want to do to you ? Please

i can do a luke smut but it might not be a good luke smut. and fuck i’m sorry it took so long and sucks balls….

“hah i win” luke yelled while throwing his cards on the table

“not fair, one more game?”

“nope, i won fair and square.”


“y’know i’m pretty excited about my prize”

“are you” raising an eyebrow at him

“you have no idea what’s coming y/n”

for some weird reason you agreed to play luke in a game of cards. whoever won would get to do whatever they wanted to the loser. you knew if he won, it would end up being something sexual but you took your chances. winning would mean you could make luke clean up the house. in a game like ‘go-fish’ with pure luck, luke won.

luke got up from his sitting position and went into the kitchen. not knowing where you should go, you followed him silently behind. he reached for a couple a rags before noticing your presence behind him.

“i want you on the bed, naked”

without another word, you twirled around and headed to your shared bedroom. you stripped completely and laid on the bed.

you were already starting to get wet at the anticipation of what luke had planned. you shut your eyes and trailed your hand down your body, imagining it was luke’s. your hand reached your pussy and you started rubbing slow circles on your clit.

a low growl came from the doorway, “did i say you could touch yourself?” he made his way over to the bed.


“no what?”

“no sir” he pulled your hand away from your wet core, kissing the back of your hand.

“good girl”

luke took your wrists in his hands and pulled them up to the headboard, “now as my prize…” he took a rag and tied one hand to bed, “i get to do whatever i want to you”, he tied the other hand to the bed, “sound good?”

a deal’s a deal, and luke won, “yes sir”

he crawled on top of you and left open mouth kisses all over your body. he started at your collar bone, making his way along your belly and over your hip bones. his hands grabbed onto your boobs roughly and he squeezed roughly.

you let out a little whimper and luke immediately stopped what he was doing, concern filling his eyes, “you okay y/n?”

you nodded your head, “i’m just really excited”

luke got back to work and pinched both of your nipples, pulling at them lightly. he kissed one and sucked it into his mouth. he dragged his flat tongue over your hard nipple and grazed his teeth over it. your back arched for more contact but he shoved you down with his hands. you wanted so bad to just run your hands through his hair and pull him closer but you were confined.

finished his work on your nipples he placed his hips on yours and put his weight down, pinning you into the soft bed. taking his thumb, he soothed it over your cheek as he kissed you on the lips.

trying to get more friction you ground your hips up, into his bulge

“shh, slow down baby” and he bit into the skin on your neck, leaving a huge hickey.

luke lifted himself up and sat between your legs. he lifted the small of your back up off the bed and placed your legs over his shoulders.

your pussy was directly in his face, “i wanna taste you so bad”

luke dove his tongue directly into your pussy with no hesitation. he pumped his tongue as deep as he could reach into your hole as his nose rubbed against your clit. you moaned his name over and over again and tried pulled free from the restraints. 

“its no use babe, you’re stuck” he mimicked at you. the vibrations from his low voice sent shivers up your spin as they hit your core.

you were a moaning mess and your legs started to shake but luke held them still. to finish you off, he wrapped his plump lips around your throbbing clit and sucked harshly on it until you were screaming his name. “fuck luke i’m cumming”

you clenched hard with your inner muscles and released into his mouth.

luke gently laid you back down on the bed, as you regained composure from the intense climax you just experienced. he untied the rags which kept your hands attached to the headboard,

you stared at him in confusion, “what about you babe?”

“my prize was seeing you writhe and cum under me” he said while winking.

i refuse to read this over because i am so done. luke feels are intense rn.