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The best thing about Wonder Woman is that it’s being released in my country at the same time as the rest of the world. I never complained about this here, but I had to wait an extra !!!!!!5!!!!!!! weeks to see Beyond last year. Every exclamation mark is a year of my life that I lost because of it.

Aaron was the first person to break down Robert’s defenses, to challenge him to be better, to me more, to be himself. Aaron was the first person to show Robert he could care, he could love, without losing himself in the process. Aaron gave Robert a place to exist without judgement, encouraging his good traits, and making Robert want to be less bad. I don’t think Robert ever really thought it was possible to be this accepted, this loved, to feel this at home, to find a place where his flaws aren’t picked apart but someone helps him hold them together. Aaron has given Robert that priceless place of sanctuary, inexorably tied to this one person, and Robert has a relationship with Aaron unlike any he has had with anyone. Robert Sugden has always been broken, but for the first time in his life, that’s ok.


genre: angst 

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,567 words

careful note: explicit language and suggestive content. read at your own discretion 

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opening line: “There is nothing wrong with being wanted, but something’s wrong when you’re wanted by none other than Jung Jaehyun.” 

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Les Misérables & colours (8/?): Marius Pontmercy + rose

Rose as a softer, paler shade of pink is the colour of both giving and the receiving of love and understanding. It is a romantic and thoughtful colour that shows tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity.

I really need krystal ‘sarah manning looks nothing like me lmao love those leda makeup products’ goderitch and alison ‘there’s a giant clone conspiracy on and people are always out to get us but I’d rather host a potluck and throw birthday parties and pretend everything is perfectly normal’ hendrix to meet up and have a denial contest while wearing extreme amounts of pink.


Saiino : holding hands romantically

Shikatema: holding hands romantically

Naruhina : holding hands and a large beautiful wedding

Sasusaku: A letter to naruto saying congratulations and sakura pathetically blushing over THAT?

Im done what was that!! SP I know you hate the ship but COME ON last episode and you STILL have sakura blushing at anything sasuke does? 

I’m seeing people talk about how the perceived inequality in Louis vs Harry’s promo is what’s taking support away from Harry.

The perceived inequality. 

People can’t actually be this obtuse, can they?

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Do you think Krell's attitude toward the clones started before or after he decided to switch allegiances?

From what we’ve gotten from Five’s conversation with Rex, it seems that his behavior has been ongoing for a long while. 

I feel that Krell has never been a warm nor approachable person and may have run a tight ship. Though never cruel and never needlessly pushing his troops towards certain death. At first.

And also early on, he feels the pressure of delivering results – perhaps he has always had that expectation put upon him even when he was raised with the Jedi. It is this attitude that he begins putting on his own troops.

The ones that are not able to adapt and learn quickly get broken and left behind. And General Pong Krell only gets worse after he gets the vision of the Jedi Order falling and nearly falls into despair after realizing everything has been for nothing.