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Reblog if you’re not emotionally ready for Luke to be 19 

tattoo artist!luke’s private sketchbook filled with personal, mostly dark drawings. he drew countless women but they were all faceless, only various bodies etched onto the paper. but as soon as you walked into his tattoo parlor, nervously asking for a piercing, he just had to draw you. you were so pretty and so fresh, your skin blank from what he could see. god, he wanted to decorate every inch of your skin with his art. to turn your beautiful, blank canvas into something meaningful and stunning. he watched as you and calum interacted, talking about whatever piercing it was you wanted, and his hand move on its own accord, smoothly drawing on the white paper. even after you disappeared into the back with calum, he stayed hunched over his desk as he finished the drawing of your face. when calum came over and saw, luke ignored the crude comment he made but perked up when he mentioned how he was pretty sure he convinced you to come back again to let their finest tattoo artist, luke hemmings, sketch you up something nice.