nope nope nop

Kpop artist is a title you recieve after many tryouts and many debut days with blood, sweat, and tears and the inability to see your family and friends for days, months, even years at a time. Nope,nope, nope, fuck you, you don’t get to call yourself “kpop” it’s a title that is earned. You just commited a sin against humanity.

Fun Home: A Summary
  • it all comes back: if you sing the beginning to ur friends without context they yell at you and say "that's not appropriate for school!"
  • welcome to our house on maple avenue: its the hard knock life for us
  • not too bad: kind of unnecessary song in my opinion but
  • come to the fun home: CUTE KIDS PLAYING IN COFFINS
  • helen's etude: bruce no stop
  • party dress: wheRE IS AL FOR SHORT???????
  • changing my major: alison is an excited lesbean
  • maps: hopefully u can draw a circle ur an artist right
  • raincoat of love: CUTE
  • pony girl: at first i fucking hated this song but i like it now oops
  • ring of keys: to quote tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, "SYDNEY MOTHERFUCKING LUCAS"
  • days and days: helen is strong as FUCK
  • telephone wire: "hey wanna hit up the gay bar"
  • edges of the world: NOPE NOP ENOPE NOPE NOPE feat michael cerveris my dad
  • flying away: i am a crying mess please dont talk to me

Rob visits patients at a LA hospital 16.08.13

I CAN’T BREATHE I JUST MET ROBERT PATTINSON I’M NOT EVEN LYING It was in LA at a hospital. He had like people with him I guess like assistants and staff but otherwise it was just him. He didn’t have any cameras with him which made me love him even more because he didn’t do this for the media. He was visiting the patients there :) He is so sweet. Meeting Robert was literally a dream come true! I was so ridiculously shy but he was kind of shy too! His smile made my heart swell. We shared a few words but we were both shy. I took up most of the time trying not to fan girl. I honestly cried when he left. I didn’t want him to see my cry so I held in it but I mean as soon as he left the tears streamed down my face. I am stuck in this hospital room but the woman told me he met another fan and her heart rate went up. He was scared for her. I don’t know if he went to any other floors but he visited two people in isolation (including me) and went to a patient lounge. But what warmed my heart a lot was the fact that Rob came into the room without looking at me as something contagious. He hugged me!

xxx-drake  asked:

At least marriage and kids where confirmed. Plus some dialogue with Silus showed that he is the biggest sweetheart ever. That should make up for the stupid name.

How do kids work in this game tho??? Is there more kidnapping involved?


“Daddy should be home soon, sweetheart…” Katniss whispered to the 3-year-old Willow, pressing a gentle kiss to her brunette locks then continuing to read out of the children’s book. She knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, though, without seeing her daddy, no matter how hard Katniss tried. He’d be home soon enough from the bakery, but he hadn’t called all day. She hoped he was doing alright. But she trusted him. With her life and with her heart.