nope nop enope

Fun Home: A Summary
  • it all comes back: if you sing the beginning to ur friends without context they yell at you and say "that's not appropriate for school!"
  • welcome to our house on maple avenue: its the hard knock life for us
  • not too bad: kind of unnecessary song in my opinion but
  • come to the fun home: CUTE KIDS PLAYING IN COFFINS
  • helen's etude: bruce no stop
  • party dress: wheRE IS AL FOR SHORT???????
  • changing my major: alison is an excited lesbean
  • maps: hopefully u can draw a circle ur an artist right
  • raincoat of love: CUTE
  • pony girl: at first i fucking hated this song but i like it now oops
  • ring of keys: to quote tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, "SYDNEY MOTHERFUCKING LUCAS"
  • days and days: helen is strong as FUCK
  • telephone wire: "hey wanna hit up the gay bar"
  • edges of the world: NOPE NOP ENOPE NOPE NOPE feat michael cerveris my dad
  • flying away: i am a crying mess please dont talk to me