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What do you expect from Harry this year? Do you have any thoughts on how his image is going to be handled and what direction he's going to go in in terms of the style of his music? I think he will release solo music but later in the year after Niall and Liam to avoid being in direct competition. I'm really excited to see who he writes with and what his sound is going to be but I find his current image very confusing and I'm curious if and how that is going to change.

Aaah, anon, you touched what is no doubt my biggest source of interest and excitement of the year, Harry’s new public image. 

I agree with you, I think he’s going to wait a bit longer before releasing his own music, he’s probably going to be the last of the boys to drop his album or whatever it is that he’s specifically working on. I have no revolutionary thoughts on what his sound could be like, nothing we haven’t already discussed in the past. What I’m really here for is to witness how they’re going to shape his 2017 persona.

I’m very fascinated by the possibilities here and there’s so much at stake that the way Harry is going to present himself in the upcoming months is, from a strictly professional point of view (which, as you might have noticed has a tendency to be my first and main concern, lol) what I’m personally more focused on. I’m never going to get tired of repeating that what we’ve seen this year from Harry is not normal, absolutely not what you’d expect from an artist in his position, which is a very delicate moment of transition from popular boybander to young rising star in need to gain visibility AND credibility as an individual with a pretty wide range of interests in the entertainment/music scene. Add to this the huge pressure and expectation we’ve seen around him for the whole year, having him lay this low is the last choice his team would have normally made. For a few weeks here and there or even a couple of months straight (à la Niall), sure, he physically and mentally needed it, but for a whole year? Nope, non, no, nein! That’s why his image comes off as a bit confusing, because it’s moslty been on hold for so long; they’ve been keeping his name up in the press with random Dunkirk articles and boring, rare papwalks, a couple of pointless, casual Kendall mentions and a short lived Another Man buzz. No social media activity at all, not even his weird IG posts or cryptic tweets that would still generate some interest, no public statements, no public engagement in whatever kind of project/activity (run a marathon, run a charity, take painting classes, etc), no announcements, no events attended, no red carpets, no tv/radio/press interviews. Nothing.

Now, though, his hiding days are necessarily coming to an end and there’s no way 2017 is going to look like 2016 for Dunkirk actor (and solo artist) Harry Styles. And as he’ll start stepping up, he’ll obviously have to introduce himself to a new, different, wider audience and that’s when we’ll start having subtantial hints, then evidence, about where he’s decided to go with his future. I think it’s going to be pretty clear and it all comes down to three main possibilities (each of them with various options themselves): clean cut with the past- no overexposure, no continuous intereference with private aspects of his life, no attempt at basing his appeal on sexual/romantic availability-, continuity with the past- making the most out of his personal life through public stunts revolving around his attainableness, mostly ignoring his talent-, a middle ground consisting of ambiguity and compromises, simultaneously able to appeal to both sides of his fandom and general audience.

Considering what we know of Harry and in particular what we’ve seen from him in the last year, option 2 is not what I suppose we’re going to get (even though it’d be handled differently than what he’s lived through with 1dhq). My guess would be option 3, at least to test the waters during his first public solo steps, but I wouldn’t be shocked by a strong, firm approach either. I wouldn’t be shocked by anything, actually, I’m quite open to whatever they decide to throw out there. What I’m pretty confident about is that the next few months are going to be very telling about what we can expect from Harry and his future public perception, even though I feel like what he’s shown us so far is quite indicative (and honestly impressive, at least from a personal point of view) per se.