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Me: Watching the Lucifer Season 2 finale, unprepared and with no idea what to even expect
Me: Finishes watching and realises this was actually the finale and there won’t be another episode until fall
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Hello! I love your headcanons btw. I wonder do you have any for when Iris gets pregnant? I imagine Barry will move back and forth between being an emotional mess and being super overprotective. Some days poor Iris can't even go grocery shopping without him hovering kind of thing lol. Also would the Twins develop their powers as babies or just be normal babies?

Thank you, darling!  I’m so glad you like them.  The twins are born with their powers, but they don’t manifest properly until their teens.  Until then, they’re just normal babies/kids with the occasional quirk: Flashing while running to Mom or Dad, for instance, or glowing golden eyes in their preteens.  As far as pregnant Iris is concerned:

  • Pregnant Iris is so chill for like a month.  She spends a lot of time with Linda because Barry, Sweet, Insufferable BarryTM is back in Phase 2 of the pregnancy meltdown and she just needs girl time.  Linda is the big sister she never thought she’d wanted/needed.
  • Beginning of the second month is the first time it like, really hits her that she’s going to be having a baby – a baby! – because there’s a little bump, barely noticeable, could’ve just had a big meal subtle, and she breaks down in tears on the couch which actually resets Barry’s brain because he immediately jumps into Comforting Snuggly BarTM mode and god, she couldn’t be happier to be having a baby with him.
  • Then they find out they’re having twins and they both go out for ice cream sundaes at their favorite little parlor and just moon over each other before breaking out laughing (see above).
  • The Name Game begins, and Barry picks out Donatello really early on, like, ridiculously so, and for one sweet oblivious moment Iris thinks it’s actually sweet, it has a nice ring to it, she didn’t think he liked art – and then she sees his ears turning red in shy amusement and it clicks.  She lightly smacks his arm with a newspaper because “we are not naming our baby after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Barry.”
  • (She totally didn’t already have “Dawn” in mind.  Nope.  [Linda asks if it’s parentally advisable to name their kids homophones, when abruptly Iris strikes gold with the nickname “Dar.”])
  • Iris has two levels of cuddle: touch-at-your-own-peril and carry-me.  She tries not to let it affect her mood most days, but by the fifth month Barry is really glad he can read her from the other room because he has definitely snuck out the window to give her space.  Later he walks into the apartment and gets two steps before she just latches onto him and he gets exactly 0 assignments done.
  • Food cravings.  Middle-of-the-night.  She manages to hold out for a solid eight minutes before caving and waking Barry up.  He’s usually happy to comply, with the occasional sleepy groan as he crawls out from under the sheets and Flashes off.  “For you,” he says with varying degrees of coherency as the pregnancy goes on.  By the second trimester he just leaves her snack on the nightstand and flops, face-first and snoring, back onto the sheets.
  • Morning sickness sucks so hard.  Iris is grateful that her day job is chaotic: it’s a great distraction to watch Cisco unbox his newest drones with NASA-“Announcement of Opportunity” winner joy.  She might occasionally worry that one day he’ll actually take out Barry in a cosmic fireball, leaving only a black splat mark where The Flash was, but she trusts them too much to fret much.  Besides, it’s nice to just recline on a chair nearby sipping cappuccinos with Caitlin.
  • Being pregnant with one baby is hard.  Being pregnant with two, Iris is convinced, is divine punishment.  She aches, head to heels, and groans appreciatively if Barry sits beside her and just massages her feet or lets her curl up against his chest for a few minutes – hours, she realizes, waking up with her hand tangled in his shirt, his own head tucked at a bad angle over the side of the couch, and she can’t help but huff softly in amusement.  They’re so ready for this parenthood thing.
  • In the end, they really, really are.
Rick The Sizzler ❤️✨


“Baby let’s go explore Amsterdam!”

“Justin, you have a show in 4 Hours”

“Sooo…We can be back in three please” he pouts.

I rolled my eyes.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his dressing room.

“I can’t go out looking like ‘Justin Bieber’ so I’m going as Rick the sizzler” he walked over to a drawer and pulled out a fake mustache and beard along with a wig.

“And you really think that’ll work?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Ofcourse not” he scoffed

“;you’ll have to wear a disguise too or you’ll give me away”

“You’re being ridiculous” I giggled

“It’ll work you just watch”

“Justin I’m not wearing a wig!” I laughed

“Fine you’ll just be my lovely fake girlfriend the Y/N look-a-like” he sighed

“C'mon loser” I laughed

_________Streets of Amsterdam______

“Excuse me justin…. I’m sorry I just had to come over here I love you so much”

“I’m sorry I don’t know this Justin you speak of” he looked at her confused before walking away.

He really is something special….

As I’m about to follow him the girl stops me.

“Oh My….Holy you’re Y/N so that is Justin!!” She squealed

I laughed and nodded.

“Yupp he’s something special huh?” I smiled

Before she can reply, she’s interrupted by Justin or shall I say Rick.

“I’m sorry young lady but my dearest Becky and I are trying to enjoy our honeymoon” he spoke stroking his beard.

“My name is not Becky”

“Yes it is”

“No it’s not”

“It’s Y/-”

“BLA BLA BLA It’s Becky”

“Now I remember why I ship this so hard” The girl laughed

“C'mon Becky”

“Still not my name”

“Fine Linda”



“Nuh uh”

“Amber ?”

“Are you serious?!”


“Please give me a better name” I whined

“Like what?”


“Not happening”

“Fine Name me Lizz Ania”

“Ha ha very funny”

“Okay fine Becky it is”

I looked over at the girl

“What’s your name gorgeous?”

“I’m Chloë”

“Well Chloë it was very nice meeting you but my impatient boyfrien-”


“Whatever, as I was saying my impatient husband wants to exploreee” I chuckled

“Bye Chloë I hope you find this Justin you were looking for he sound like a very Nice, Handsome, talented, lucky young man” Rick smiled

“C'mon Becky dear”

“I really hate that name”

“But you love me” he leans down and kisses me.

“Ew I hate the feeling of the rat on your face”

“It’s my hair Becky I can’t help it”

I rolled my eyes, grabbed the stash and ripped it off.


“Sorry baby” I giggled

“Kiss it better” he pouted

I leaned and ripped off his beard.

“Fucking Hell Y/N ! Where’s the love ?!” He exclaimed rubbing his jaw

“I love you” I reply giggling

“I love you too…”


“I’m done”

Imagine Amethyst and Lazuli play with their food at the table, constructing a complete soap-opera-esque drama that continues on every night at dinner. Steven tunes in like he’s watching an Emmy-nominated masterpiece:

Amethyst: This is my homegirl, Pizza

Lapis: I’m pizza, right?

Amethyst: *rolls eyes* Not everything is about you, Linda.