nope it's a proposal it has to be

Shit I’ve said while playing various video games

“Come hither, you fuck.”

“I’m completely ignoring my duties so I can date this cute boy/girl/_____.”

“Oh look at me I’m adorable, I’m gonna kill a _____!”

“I’m so fucking proud of myself……I’m trash.”

“Awwww look at that! S/he/it loves me! You can tell by how its jaw is unhinged over my face and the fact that it’s drooling on me~!!”

“No. Nope. Nah. No thank you–I SAID NO. No no no no nononnono—”

“S/he’s the best bug/_____ ever, oh oh and also? Fuck you s/he’s mine.”

“It’s too late to propose to me now! Don’t even think about it doing right here there’s a goddamn corpse in this room!”

“Honestly if he were my butler/lord/______ I’d have a very hard time being a proper lady.”

“People die in basements. I am not going down there.”

“He called me a lady. ….No one has ever called me that before.”

“YES! Give me the high quality meat! Yessss throw it at my face.”

“It’s going to kill me I just know it is.”

“At least _____ is nice to me.”

“Back it up there friend—I SAID BACK IT UP THERE BUDDY.”

“He’s the nicest bug/person/_____ here and he didn’t call me little. I’m going to marry him.”

“My reward should be that you touch my fucking face. That’s what I want.”

“He’d better be an old man, I swear to god.”

“I just want to see _____ again, is that so much to ask?”

“We need to get the fuck out of here, I think it eats children.”

“I’m not afraid of you, I have a _____! Oh..oh wait I forgot to bring it shit.”

“Pat me on the head and tell me I did gooooooooodddddddd.”


“I’m too full of sin to die here.”

“I may be small and cute but that doesn’t mean I can’t rip your spinal cord out of your ankle.”

“Please be sensible.”

“I feel like I messed that up but at least I tried.”

“If you even think about touching my garden I’m going to stuff your corpse into the scarecrow outside.”

“The beacon in this hellhole is that fact that you’re waiting for me…and this shotgun. Mostly this shotgun.”

“The treasure at the end of this quest? Me.”

“I’m the smallest one here, that means you have to throw me at the _____.”

“Does that mean I’m pretty?”

“Not today bitch, not today not tooooddaaaayyyyyy~”

“You aren’t worth it, I’m sorry. You’re not worth getting my face impaled repeatedly on death spikes.”

“I haven’t told _____ that I want to touch his/her’s face with my mouth yet I CAN’T DIE.”

“After I hit the ground I’m going to slap you. Even if I die I’m going to slap you.”


“It’s okay. I’ve passed through this room hundreds of times and I never saw a person/monster/______ so it’s saf–AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH OH MY GOD WHY WHY FUCK WHY?!?!”

“YES my favorite is here!!!!”

“The sheer amount of joy I’ll get from rubbing your face in this is going to be enormous.”

“God fucking damn it _____ you’re so lucky that I want your goddamn ______.”

“I’m covered in dirt, bird shit, leaves, blood and the corpse of _____ but at least I’m here.”

“It’s so beautiful…so horrifyingly beautiful I almost forgot that it wants to ram me on that meat hook over there. Almost.”

“I’m balls-deep in cold, hard cash.”

won-to-the-woo  asked:

day6's i'll remember/남겨들게 isn't that sad but if you've watched kimi no na wa someone made a bomb ass amv with this song and it made me bawl (but i'm also a crybaby so i d k) and highlight's 아름답다 (can't remember the english title) also is rly soulful and makes me tear up even without knowing the lyrics ;^;

I LOVE DAY6 MANNNNNN I LOVE THEM oh mannnnn that highlight song wsdewsedsw the gikwang’s scene made me feel extra emo omg idk why??? i think its because he was trying on the ring i thought “oh he was gonna propose to her but she has another man” but NOPE lmao thank you for sharing this song with me~~~

An Anti-Oli/city rant

as per request by my anon, @annabluh, and @so-smoke-em-if-you-got-em. It’s under a read more cause this got so long. Like, you guys 100% dont have to read it, its a mess. 

Anyway, why the Oli/city fans, fandom, and ship suck and is actually really horribly emotionally abusive and not a good ship. 

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