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Actual things I thought while reading Killing Stalking
  • Me: Mmm, that stalker is bad news, lmao I don't know man he's kind of creepy. Need to watch out for that guy, hahaha.
  • Me: Sangwoo is a precious cinnamon roll awww
  • Me: Holy shit, I was wrong.
  • Me: Fuck I was wrong.
  • Me: Burn that fucker with fire RIGHT NOW.
  • Me: You know people normally just have skeletons in their closet but you sir, you don't half ass it do you? Nope, you just HAD to one up everybody and have a FUCKING NAKED HOSTAGE IN THE BASEMENT.
  • Me: I can't fucking read this anymore
  • Me: *still fucking reads*
  • Me: No! Don't kiss him!
  • Me: Okay, at least they're not doing anything sexual.
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Me: Yeah he's a stalker you and that's creepy sure but at least he's not a SERIAL KILLER.
  • Me: Well it can't get much worse.
  • Me: A fucking card game are you kidding me?
  • Me: Yoonbum you didn't actually kill him okay? Sangwoo was just beING A HUGE DICK.
  • Me: YES Seungbae!
  • Me: Phew, Seungbae.
  • Me: *suspicious crutches look suspicious*
  • Me: Gee a shopping trip sounds like the perfECT TIME TO ESCAPE.
  • Me: *started binge reading at like 2am* Fuck is that the sun?
  • Me: ...........Fuck I'm hooked.
  • Remus: Okay you need to kiss him like right now
  • Everyone: 3!
  • Remus: Don't be like last year. You accidentally kissed James. That was horrible
  • Everyone: 2!
  • Remus: Oh god I can't do it. Sirius is probably going to kiss some hot chick and I'll kiss my hand or something
  • Everyone: 1!
  • Remus: Nope no kissing Sirius now. I'm going to live alone in a cardboard box.
  • Everyone: Happy New Year!
  • Sirius: [kisses Remus] You dork, you realize you said everything out loud?

“John, please. Aren’t we done yet? It’s been hours and hours.”

“Nope, we’re not done. It’s only been one hour, and we still need to get something for your parents and Mrs. Hudson.”

“Have mercy. I won’t do any experiments for a week if we go home now.”

“Remember what landed you here in the first place, Sherlock.”

“That was one tiny miscalculation, John.”

“Which almost dissolved the kitchen table. Cheer up. I’ll buy you a mince pie if you’re nice.”

“I haven’t got a hand free to eat it, in case you have forgotten.”

“No problem. I’ll feed you.”

“Oh. Well. All right.”

Day 19 of the Seasonal Fucking Cheer 2016 Ficathon. I’ll try and post one drawing for each day, and tag them #sfcficathon. Today’s prompt was: 19. I have always hated the holidays but you love them and I love you, so… damn it.

I think I’ve fallen into a new level of hell… and it has a name… Patrochilles.

I’m so emotional that even the MENTION of Troy, or Achilles, or anything to do with Greece, right now is going to make me burst into fits of screaming tears. Just let me bury myself in pain… I don’t need my heart anymore…

I need some help

I hate to ask this but my family is broke right now and I still have to get gas to go home for the holidays, get food for the rest of the week, and all that fun stuff. If anyone can give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

There’s a donate button on the top left hand corner of my blog (my paypal is if you’re on mobile and can’t see it), I also have Commissions open.

I’m also willing to do like designs for money? Want a fantroll based off an animal/object? Hit me up we can talk about stuff. 
What a gemsona but don’t know where to start? Hit me up we can talk about it.
Want one of these assholes? I have more information and sketches of these guys that I haven’t posted, and if you’re really interested in them, come talk to me! I’ll send you what I can and we can talk about stuff. 

(IDK about prices for these. Maybe $15-20? Depends on how complex you want the designs. Again, we can talk about it, just hit me up.)

I won’t be able to get to anything until after the first Wednesday in December, but I really need a hand right now. 

Please hit me up if you’re interested in any of these things, and if you can’t afford anything, please, please signal boost this. If you like please reblog, thank you. I’m so sorry I have to ask this of you guys. D=

How tired each enneagram is

1w2: they probably are drinking coffee right now

1w9: *sleeping*

2w1: *sleepily* huh…?

2w3: “what do you mean I’m tired?” *eye twitches*

3w2: *internal screaming* *passes out*


4w3: somewhat well rested

4w5: wut is sleep XD

5w4: BUT REALLY WHAT IS SLEEP THO *passes out from exhaustion*

5w6: this sinnamon roll is very tired, please try again later


6w7: ughhhhhhhh sleeepppp

7w6: IM NOT TIRED XD I COULD STAY UP FOREV-….*falls asleep*

7w8: HAHAHA no…gtg night

8w7: I’m not going to sleep you know that right?

8w9: Just enough sleep to get by

9w1: stayed up late doing work…so tired

9w8: I got some sleep I mean not a lot but it was some…

Soooo my game has been messed up since the patch, sims showering with clothes and having their nude outfit show EA clothes. Not even CC clothes, like I had once before. Nope, base game clothes. So I tried deleting my thumbnail cache and doing the batch fix thing, hoping it would work. It didn’t.

Annnnnd now, just as I was saving something else. I saved over my fucking LEGACY save. That’s right. Saved OVER it. I am so pissed right now. Not only is my game being a little bitch, I am a dumbass and wasn’t paying attention and saved over my Legacy Household.

Now I get to do everything over. Although, why bother? My game is still messed up anyway…….

I’m just done.

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95 & Jamie Benn

Originally posted by letsgosteala

You hugged Tyler goodbye and told him and Sharpy to drive safely, Sharp being the completely sober one whilst Tyler was fully wasted.

“Why’d you hug him? You love him?” Jamie asked, eyes wide and sad once you closed the door and turned to him. 

“Honey, no, I was just saying goodbye.” You explained, laughing a bit and putting a hand on his arm. “You’re very drunk right now, okay? Let’s get you to bed.”

“I thought you had a boyfriend,”

“I do,” You giggled. “It’s you.”

“ME?!” Jamie asked, pointing to himself. “I thought I was married.”

“Married?!” You laughed. “To whom?”

“You, silly!” Jamie shook his head. “Duh,”

“Jamie, you’ve never proposed.”



“I need to get on that,”

Dating Minho would include:
  • 2min ftw everyday.
  • seeing him shirtless like boy let me live holy crap you need to stop like right now wtf
  • “Are you sure yoogeun wasn’t your son? I wont be angry, I swear.”
  • SNL Korea skits being your life
  • “Hey babe?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “Choi Min-”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Baby, don’t do this.”
  • “Dibidibidis you name is Minho.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Are you dibidisappointed in me?”
  • watching all of his movies a thousand times when you miss him
  • phone calls for hours where you can just listen to each other talk about the most mundane things and that’s okay
  • “Hey, Minho. What do you call a really good rubber band?”
  • “Fantastic! Elastic!”
  • “How’d you know?”
  • “I told that one to Taemin last night. He hit me but it was worth the pain.”
British perspective on the debate last night

- Holy shit America

- You lefties (democrats) doing alright?

- Brexit aint looking too bad right about now

- Brits are praying that if Dump Trump wins Theresa May (our pm) says fucking Nope to America!

- like Hilary being done with Trump is basically everyone’s reaction in every other country

- why the fuck are you all spelling it deabte

- did Hilary actually say anything?!?!?!

- a lot of people want Bernie back? I mean I’m getting that feel in the tag

- donald trump needs to shut up, everything he says and does is a contradiction

- the fact checking on Donald being wrong is the best

- Justin Trudeau must be preparing for all the people who may leave the usa and go to canada

- is canada laughing as much as britain is we wonder

-tho our laughing slowly turn to angry crying

- Brexit and the tories (current right wing people in charge of the uk) is still p bad tho so we feel your guys pain



The Fandoms...part 20
  • American Idol Fandom: "Well, we've had a good ru-
  • (Screams from outside)
  • American Idol Fandom: "Seriously? This is our LAST EPISODE. EVER. What could possibly be happening now?
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Probably the Sherlock fandom, there's been pictures of Benedict on set for "Doctor Strange"..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "No, we're right here...still waiting...why do we always have to wai-"
  • Supernatural fandom: "Maybe the Walking Dead fandom? I mean, that finale-"
  • Walking Dead fandom: "Nope. Not us. But since you brought us up we need to discuss John Winches-"
  • (Frantic screaming and noise gets louder)
  • Game of Thrones fandom: (crashes through the door, looking ragged and unkept)
  • Other fandoms: (sigh) "Still no word on the fate of Jon?"
  • Game of Thrones fandom: "That's not it...and don't get us started on that...the noise's the Star Wars fandom."
  • Supernatural fandom: "AGAIN? Weren't they going crazy a few days ago??"
  • Game of Thrones fandom: "Yes...but now....the's out..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "For Episode VIII? That's not for another yea-"
  • Game of Thrones fandom: "NO! It's the trailer fo-"

Things you might possibly hear INFP’s say. (Take note mbti chats). 

“A party with people??” Haha nope”

“You disagree with some human rights!? Fucekn fight me. Wanna go right now lets go.”

“Yo, wanna get lost somewhere with me.”

“I need to finish this essay but all I’ve done is stare at the screen for three hours so I might as well do something else.”

“Fuck society.”

*Notices friend is kinda sad* “hey I drew this thing and I wanna give it you, here you go. Also hey I’m kinda bored and I was wondering if you want to hang out later maybe.”

“When can I go home?”

“Okay but what if trees actually have feelings?”

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Hey hey~ I adore your writing, my god. Such skill for the angst. For your most recent reblog, could you do 24, 27, & 29? Much appreciation mamapeño ♡

Thank you, sweetie!! <3

24. What do you want right this second?

My uterus to chill the fuck out and quit cramping?? I get it?? It’s that time?? No need to get hostile w/me?????  Also, hot and spicy cheeze-its!

27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?

NONONONONO!!!!! I’ve said this a thousand times lol but, laughter and humor is my #1 thing for becoming attracted to a person. If you’re not funny and can’t joke it will never work.

29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?

Nope, I don’t.

Tag Game

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag blogs you would like to get to know better. 

Thank you for tagging me @afantasybasedonreality​ :D

Nickname: Tati

Star sign: Scorpio

Time right now: 12:04 pm

Last thing I googled: sonic ova tails, I’m trying to draw Tails in ova style so I needed to look at some references

Fave music artist: Of Monsters & Men

Song stuck in my head: lol I cant stop listening to the Breath of the Wild trailer music so I guess that

Last Movie I watched: Rogue One

What are you wearing right now: Batman shirt and jeans

When did you create your blog: Some time around February last year I believe

What kind of stuff do I post: Video games mainly Nintendo

Do I have any other blogs: yep I also have @hal-laboratory

Do I get asks regularly: Nope but I dont mind. I love getting asks every once in awhile but I dont need them all the time

Why did I choose my URL: I love the Greninja line so I was checking to see if any canon pokemon urls were available and I somehow got shinyfroakie! I believe the url was being saved by someone but it must of timed out and I got super lucky!

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: um Im gonna do my faves from each gen as my team. Caterpie, Umbreon, Sableye, Luxray, Chandelure, Greninja, and if I could have a 7th member it be Dhelmise

Fave color: Yellow

How many blankets do I sleep with: 3 at the moment but its starting to get warm again

Dream Job: I’m pursuing graphic design but I’m not really sure if thats what I want to do anymore so I really dont know what my dream job would be right now 

Alrighty Im gonna tag some cool people now, you guys dont have to if you dont want to: @toadettegirl @tumblunni @unclenicky @friends-yoyo @splatoonin @waterpulselaser and anybody else who wants to

30 Questions Tag~!

I was tagged by @ogatalata thanks! ^^
Rules: Answer the questions and then tag 20 people

1. How tall are you?
Im 162 cm, thats 5.3 feet or something? (I’m really short for the people in my country)

2. What color and style is your hair?
My natural hair color is brown, but right now its from in a ombre from black to light green. And its pretty long I guess, oh and I have a fringe

3. What color are your eyes?
Hazel grey ish

4. Do you wear glasses?
Sometimes, only if I really need them

5. Do you wear braces?

6. What is your fashion style?
I guess you could say alternative? grunge, indie or something but still really comfy

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks?
Just a few freckles when its summer

8. When were you born?
22 June

9. How old are you?
17 woooo

10. Where do you live?
the Netherlands

11. Do you have siblings?
No, only 2 little stephsisters

12. Do you go to school?
I have to T.T

13. What kind of  student are you?
That one kid who gets the joke after 10 minutes, and everybody calls cute.

14. What are your favorite TV shows?
Stranger Things, Teen Wolf, Hemlock Grove, Penny Dreadfull and much more xd

15. Favorite pastime?
Drawing, Tumblr and listening to music

16. What is your dream job?
Having my own art studio and being able to live from the art I sell.

17. Would you like to get married one day? If so where?
I have no idea really

18. Would you like kids one day?
Dont know this one either

19. Girly girl or tomboy?
like 70% girly girl

20. Do you like shopping?

21. What countries have you visited?
England, Germany, Belgium, Norway and France

22. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?
I have a lot of nightmares, but I usually always drown or get lost or lose my cat?

23. Do you have enemies?

24. Do you have a s/o?
I haven’t even had a relationship yet

25.  If not do you want one?
Yes I’d love to, but Im kinda scared too

26. Are you open about your feelings?
To some people

27. What’s your family like?
Really sweet!

28. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?
They would approve everyone (except for people with a bad influence), so I don’t have to worry about that

29. Any pet peeves?
People that think they know everything better, Loud people who only want attention anD PEOPLE WHO CANT EAT PROPERLY

30. Do you believe in astrology?

This was fun :D

I’m tagging:
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“Damon get out I’m studying!” you said looking away from you books and seeing Damon’s piercing blue eyes.

“Really Y/N you’ve been studying all day don’t you want to spend time with me your boyfriend.” Damon said pouting and walking over to you.

“Nope I’m not falling for that face damon. I really need to pass this test.” You said running your fingers through your hair.

“And you will trust me on that” damon said trying to give you a kiss on the cheek but you moved your head. Damon lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

“If I kiss you it will turn into more and I can’t do that right now.” You said sadly to damon and he went back to the door.

“Fine but I’m going to be in the living room shirtless and you won’t be able to do anything about it because you know you have to study of course” damon said smiling.

“Hey! That’s not fair at all” you said now slightly upset.

“Study hard now baby girl” damon said with a smirk on his face and closed the door.

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Adulthood: a Summary ----- I have to budget I have to budget I have to budget -- *side-eyes the Graves Funko* -- Nope! Gotta stay focused! Have to budget have to be mindful -- *realizes I want to touch Rey's hair buns*...Finn DOES need some allies up there next to my two Kylo bobbles... *Baze & Chirrut Funkos* ... No...!! *oh nO THERE'S A REY W/A LIGHTSABER FUNKO MEANING SHE AND FINN CAN DEFEND MY ROOM WHILE IM AWAY!!!!* I must begin budgeting so when they put out Bodhi, I will be ready...

I relate to this on a spiritual level right now because Star Wars + me = 💸 but I have adult things to do and pay for

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rule: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you wanna know better

star sign: Gemini
height: 6′4 give or take Haven’t measured in a while
time rn: 2:34 am
last thing u googled: unreal 4 fishing tuturial
last book u read: I’m reading Metro 2033 rn
favorite music artists: Don’t really have any
last tv show watched: jojo’s bizarre adventure (watching it with a nerd friend)
what are u wearing right now: undies and a singlet
when did u create this blog: december of 2014
what kind of stuff do you post: trash and memes
do u have instagram: No
do u have snapchat: nah
do u get asks regularly: nope
how did u choose your url: needed an url and this popped into my head
gender: male
favorite color: dark purple
average hours of sleep: lmao u wyld
favorite characters: don’t have any
how many blankets do u sleep with: When it’s cold, a bedsheet, duvet and mink blanket; when it’s hot just the bedsheet
dream job: being a video game designer
random fact about yourself: i don’t know im not interesting

I tag @invisincere @i-love-ruby @ndfeanor @meekokyu @aerobrennan @theespookiest @foxyx22 @soldierpallaton

Only do it if you wanna!!!!!

About me tag

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Star sign: Virgo
Height: 5′10
Time right now: 11:42
Last thing googled: king of the hill characters
Favorite music artist(s): J. Cole
Last TV show watched: Lucifer
What am I wearing right now: white tee and some boxers
When did I create my blog: shit idek too long ago
What kind of stuff do I post: idk, you tell me followers
Do I have any other blogs: nope
Do I get asks regularly: nah y'all don’t fwm
Why did I choose my url: needed something people from irl wouldn’t recognize as me but still represented me.
Gender: male
Pokemon team: valor
Favorite color: red
Hours of sleep: I sleep at random times but usually wake up around 11-12
Lucky number: don’t have one.
Favorite characters: Gregory House, Batman, the flash
How many blankets I sleep with: 1
Dream job(s): Psychologist … Or 007

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