nope i am so done

"Addison, you're allowed to have a glass of wine. You're allowed to have MANY glasses of wine."

tfw ur just casually performing ur song then sUDDENLY THERE IT IS THE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY AMAZING OBJECT that is toothpaste and everyone in the squad be like:

so if Lance comes from a large family, that means his family might have done  the whole “if its your food or you don’t want anyone touching it, put your name on it” thing. Like image:

  • A black sharpie and colorful duct tape are nearby the fridge for easy access to write on the box/bag of the product.
  • He probably counts every single piece of candy he has because like hell he would let one of his family members get away with stealing his candy.
  • *see’s someone eating one of his leftovers* “Did you just?!? Nope. I am so done with you, you monster. Don’t talk to me, your apologises are worthless, I can’t get that back!”
    • His mom is proably done™ with this argument between her kids.
  • If there’s not name on it that means its free for all, but if there is a name on it Lance will not touch it
    • If anyone tries touching someone else’s food with a name on it, Lance is like “WTF don’t touch that, they want that, its not yours.” 
  • Lance used this system even at the Garrison, not for everything but if he wanted whatever the food is really bad and not have anyone touch it, he would put his name on it.

happy (laaate) birthday to amazing phoenixdowns​~
you’re so beautiful, inspiring and sweet and it’s so, so nice to know you! I hope that a lot of good things will happen to you and that you’ll never be sad and there will be no problems in your life. I hope you’ll be happy, I’m sure you will, and thank you for staying here. you’re the best~