nope i am not obsessed with this song at all

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Thank youuuuu

4) Kissed anyone?
Lol nope

7) Best Friends?
Irl I have 2 groups of friends that i love very much and my internet best friends are @defaultdude @planetaryryro (even though we’ve met irl) @youngtokki ((check them out))

18) Obsession?
I wouldn’t say puns are an obsession but I am trying to find utter most pun'fection in life…

23) Favourite song??
All that I want is You by the Magic Gang (idk if it but it comes to mind)

35) Do you ever wish you could start over?
Yes, definitely, who doesnt?

40) Do you believe in love?

Of course as love is not just the love between people in relationships but love exists between friends, it exists when you hear your favourite song or you’re doing your favourite past time. Even the love of the nightsky or the love of your favourite subject. Love is not always overpowering but its always there, much like gravity. It affects your actions whether you’re thinking about it or not. So without a doubt I believe love exists.