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quick bartender rant:

i hate when i’m serving people on a first date & someone makes a joke about getting the other one drunk. it happens a LOT. & with dates of all types but most often a man says it about a woman. like, i’m refilling her wine & he is like “KEEP it COMING!” “leave the whole bottle!” “don’t stop [pouring] there!”, or if i’m recommending beer, he interrupts with “get the one that is 18% abv!” etc… like dude, i get that you’re trying to be funny, but you guys just met & what you are actually saying is you want her to lower her defenses. 

i get that it’s a social lubricant that we sometimes lean on to lower our inhibitions, but if you get to the heart of what it means, it’s fucked up. i mean, if you’re friends or already dating, it can be like a haha thing because you already know & trust this person, but it feels really gross when a virtual stranger says it to their date.

if you have to get someone drunk in order to get them to allow you to be physical, red flag. nope. & it obviously blurs the line of consent in a dangerous way.

i never laugh when this scenario happens when i am serving them, & i always keep a closer eye on if their date needs an out. i want to do more than that, like challenge the concept of it, but i haven’t figured out a way to phrase it that doesn’t make him look like an asshole. well, because he IS being an asshole here, but i can’t explicitly say that, representing the company i am working for.

i don’t know. if it was my own bar, i’d be more succinctly challenging.


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You know Gaster. Maybe you shouldn’t lose your (probably) illegal experiments within the endless void. That’s just irresponsible.

Girl Almighty

Based on this request

Niall’s POV 

 Laying back on my couch I hooked up my special ice boot for my knee.  The dull ache and stiffness was a sure sign that a storm was coming.  I was the walking embodiment of the old phrase “I can feel it in my bones”.  Letting out a sigh I aimlessly flipped through the channels, trying to ignore the fact that I was spending yet another Friday night at home - alone.  “Nialler, you’re turnin’ into a boring old man son.” I muttered at myself.

Skimming through my sports channels one more time I felt my phone buzz in the pocket of my joggers.  I dug it out, swiping the call open as soon as I saw her name on the screen.  A flutter erupted in my stomach - a feeling I was trying desperately to tamp down.  She and I were only casual acquaintances, and I had never gotten the impression she wanted anything more.  I thought she was gorgeous and smart and funny, but I wasn’t willing to risk the budding friendship we had over the fact I wanted to see her naked.

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Day Ten
25 Days of Christmas

There was something very satisfying about waking up next to Sunghwa every morning.

You grinned feeling him trail sweet kisses up your shoulder, nipping at your skin before nuzzling your neck. “Mmmm…” you released a happy sigh before running your hands through his hair. “Morning…”

“Morning” he pressed a kiss against your jaw.

The two of you had a very simple relationship. You liked simple. You kind of just fell into it but you had no regrets. He was there when you needed him, and you were there when he needed you. At first it was only sex. Spontaneous, quick, and selfish. And over the last few months it’s developed into something much more. Like after a long day at work he’d come to you and just cuddle against your lap. You’d run your fingers through his hair and everything would be calm.  Or when you couldn’t sleep and he was away you’d give him a call, just to hear his voice.

You were just friends with benefits.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve either messing up the pledge of allegiance (bc there wasn't 'under God' in the '40s) or saying the 48 states instead of 50 bc Alaska and Hawaii WERENT states when he was around and getting either some backlash or amusement from others (either a news station or just the avengers pls)

“Hm.”  Steve frowned over Agent Coulson’s head.

“Yes, Captain?”  Steve pointed to the framed flag hanging on the office wall.

“Does that flag look…off to you?”  Coulson turned to check, but nope.  Flag looked the same as it had ever since he’d gotten it.

“Thirteen stripes, thirteen colonies, fifty stars, fifty states.  Looks right to me, Cap.”

Fifty states?”  Steve looked a little concerned.  “No, no, there’s only fourty eight.”  Coulson frowned in equal confusion.  How could Captain America not know how many states there were?

Then the other shoe dropped.

“Ohhhhh, nobody told you.”

“Told me what?”  Cap sounded incredibly suspicious, but Coulson couldn’t blame him.  They’d kind of been dropping a lot of bombs on the guy lately…so to speak.  He winced at the memory.  Wringing his hands a little, he said,

“Um, well…Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1959.  I…suppose you - er…missed.  That.”  Steve put his head in his hands and sighs.

“Agent Coulson?”

“Yes, Captain Rogers?”

“What the fuck?”

Today, I fucked up... by almost burning my wife’s vagina

My wife and I wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. So I went on this big chain adult toy website. I ordered what I thought was a small introductory butt plug which came with a complimentary free gift: G-spot tickler vibro or a misc. porno. My gal isn’t into watching porn, so naturally I picked the tickler.

The day we got it, we couldn’t wait to try out the “toys”. The buttplug scared her and got an immediate shut down due to the girth. So we tried the vibrator. The thing was made from the cheapest fucking plastic. It was like they melted one of those plastic easter egg cases you get at a quarter machine and shoved in a battery operated motor. You’d think the plastic and the no name AAA batteries with chinese logos all over them would be red flags. NOPE! I fire that baby up and pop it in my gal. She liked it at first until she was like “it’s getting hot!” I took that as a compliment with my mad skills piloting. She then jumps up and yells “IT’S FUCKING BURNING!” And jumps/chun-li kicks me off the bed.

I reach down and grab the thing and sure enough, the fucking thing felt like it was about to melt. You could see a trace of smoke fluttering from the seams of the vibrator. I panic and scramble to the bathroom and toss diablo’s cheap g spot tickler into the toilet. It continued to buzz for a little bit until it fully submerged with a sizzle.

tl;dr Tried spicing things up in the bedroom. Almost burned wife’s vagina with cheap malfunctioning vibrator.

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shibarakudesu replied to your photo “New design, just shaped and drying: medium-sized #israel #flag…”

Is that the ace flag?

Nope,  it’s blue/white/blue - like it says in the many many hashtags, that’s a riff on the Israeli flag. 

I don’t have an ace flag one right now - man, how is that even possible? I need to make one - but I do have an ace/aro design, it is here:

Adults? Really?

I wanted to reblog this because after coming back to from the break and seeing the heartache pain and confusion in both Brandon and Callie. I am even more angry at the adults in their lives! It just didn’t have to be this way.

Over this long break I find my self getting increasingly upset at the adults in Brandon and Callie’s lives. They have no small blame in the whole mess Brallie find themselves in. Now mind you I’m not saying Brandon and Callie aren’t at falt for their actions. But the adults in their lives have completely let them down.

Let’s start with Stef and Lena:

Red flag #1 They knew that Brandon and Callie kissed at their wedding and that at least Brandon had very intense feelings for Callie and what was their response suck it up butter cup she’s going to be your sister. And did they not even talk to Rita or Callie about the situation and see if there was anything they need to address with her before moving right on along. REALLY? REALLY? Ok so instead of putting things on hold and exploring how each one truly feels and if there might be a problem or alternative route or anything let’s bulldoze right ahead with the adoption.

Red Flag #2 While wondering why Callie wanted to live independently Stef and Lena ask the question is she doing this so she can be with Brandon? If they have to ask that question or have those doubts maybe they need to explore that more with Brandon and Callie before moving ahead.

Red flag #3 At Franks funeral Lena saw Brandon guide Callie out of the kitchen and up the stairs with his hand on the small of her back. An action that speaks of intimacy, protection and possession. Then followed them upstairs where they were in Brandon’s room with the door closed. Not one word was said about it. Let’s move right ahead with the adoption shall we.

Red flag #4 Brandon’s speach at the winter dance when he took the fall for the fake Ids so Callie wouldn’t spoke volumes of feelings that have not gone away. Lena even suggest that to Stef they just blow it off for some reason. Stef even said “he’s gotta get over it, now.” Really? Ok? Then when Stef and Mike interrogate B they both know he was saving the money to give to Callie really no other thoughts or questions about that. Ok?

Red flag #5 When Brandon finds out about the AJ kiss his response could only be seen as jealousy. Stef even went to Brandon and told him how she was sorry she wasn’t there for him about Callie and she knows his heart was broken. Perfect time to see how he feels now and what that outburst was really about but no broken heart or not she’s going to be your sister. Yeah so….

Red flag #6 The Mexico trip while two of your children disappear on a road trip it enters your mind that they may have become pregnant. Umm no that’s a thing that should never come up unless there could be a problem you may need to address. I mean really you think it’s possible they’ve been sleeping with each other and when they get back from a trip they ranway alone together to go on and you don’t even have a conversation with them about that. Or think maybe we need to reevaluate the situation if for nothing else then to put your mind at ease. No Really? Ok?

Red flag #7 The social worker looking into the restraining order put on Brandon (because that wasn’t an over reaction and totally stoped them. When a conversation about his actions probably would have worked way better but we’re off topic now.) said their answers weren’t matching up so she had to investigate further. You don’t think to yourself why don’t they match? What could they be covering? What parts don’t they match on? Who’s lying and why? Come on Stef’s a cop she would have investigated the hell out of that. But no questions were asked we’ll just wait and see what the troubled teen girls at GU have to say.

One red flag should have been enough to realize something needs to be addressed. They just keep their heads in the sand if they don’t acknowledge it it’s not happening I guess.

Now on to Rita:

Red Flag #1 She knows through Callies time at GU her confessions during group how she feels about Brandon. She knows what happened when Brandon showed up there. That hug and conection is hard to ingore. Didn’t say anything to Stef and Lena about moving ahead with the adoption.

Red flag #2 Had concerns about how Callie was going to deal with living under the same roof as Brandon but decided it was a healthy choice for Callie to go back there? Yeah ok…

Red flag #3 When Rita found out about the AJ kiss she talked to Callie about it and Callie’s response was “it’s not the same as Brandon that she doesn’t love AJ” notice the use of the word love not only that but present tense used. No further questions or concerns about that? Nope…

Red flag #4 Callie sent a recording to clear Rita but on it there is information about Brandon and Callie and an onging relationship. Let’s not alert anyone to the fact there may be a problem with these two people becoming siblings lets not say something to the family no lets help it just go away lets talk a girl into lying for them and sweep it all under the rug. Really!? It’s your job to look out for the welfare of children you don’t think it could mess someone up to be legally bound as a sibling to someone they’ve been proven to have romantic feelings for? Ok…

The adults in Brandon and Callie’s lives let them down in a big way! They share in some of the blame here. I hope when this all comes out they take responsibility for their parts in this mess.

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Views on Nambla?

I’ve heard of this term before, but never fully knew what it was. And looking on their site the first thing I read is:

NAMBLA’s goal is to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by:

building understanding and support for such relationships

And already my NOPE! flags are coming up.
Are these one of the few pro-contact groups of MAPs? If so, I don’t want to read much more about them. I’ll put child safety above any cleverly worded argument to trick people into thinking it’s okay any day of the week.

Contribution by: @vivalamusaine @sugar-poem

Enjolras once made out with the French flag

Ferre walked in on it

They both agreed not to talk about it

But Ferre will never forget that there was lavender scented candles and soft jazz playing while the flag laid on his bed with silk sheets

But wait there’s more context than just Enj was caught trying to woo his flag

Nope not that simple

Really Enj was trying to woo Grantaire
You see they’re dating

But on the DL

So in the middle of Enjolras trying to woo R into a cuddle session they both heard Combeferre walking by and on instinct R dropped to the floor and rolled under the bed and Enjolras was left to improvise and grabbed the closest thing he could do this whole set up didn’t look suspicious
And that thing was his flag

Now thing is
Combeferre already knew what was going on

It’s hard not to when they’re the most obvious couple alive

And not to mention R’s hoodie was draped over his desk chair and there was a pair of feet sticking out from under the bed

What kind of country proudly displays the flag of a rebel, racist, and oppressive, group that they fought against and defeated in a war?  

America.  You all love the Confederate flag so much.

But like…I really don’t see any Germans still proud of their Nazi flags and symbols because it’s “important to their roots”.  Nope.

The Confederacy was a shit-show.  Be honest with yourself.  And don’t you dare try and argue that the Civil War in the US was “not just about slavery”, because that’s embarrassing for you.

If you’re looking for Southern symbols to display how proud you are of the South, there are so many more you can use.  Why not a state flag?  Why not…gee, I don’t know…a picture of Mark Twain’s face?…  Anything but the freaking symbol of slavery and oppression for billions of Black Americans.

Like…just use a flag that says “I Heart The South” in comic sans.  I don’t care.  Just get that Lynyrd Skynyrd mess out of here. 

sluttyvegeta  asked:

"Heterophobia"? Seriously? You're starting to reblog things that keep invalidating opressed groups feelings. "Oh being angry at a group that benefits from your oppression wont stop your oppression" is basically ehat these messages say. They wouldn't be so angry if we didnt have such an awful system set up to shit all over people who dont fit a certain norm.

You keep showing a huge misunderstanding about what these kinds of posts actually mean and I’m kinda disappointed now. Like when you said that comic criticizing the bad kinds of SJW’s was “discrediting movements” when in reality it was: 

Criticizing way a lot of kids around here go about movements precisely by showing that they shout to the heavens and proclaim themselves to be loving and anti-bullying and all about helping spread awareness think that it’s okay to unleash horrific judgmental bullying-sprees on people who aren’t affected by the things they are, just simply for not being gay, transgender, not fat, and for having light skin, etc.

THAT is what that post I reblogged was about. It’s not saying “you’re not allowed to feel anger towards the groups of people that oppressed you”, it’s saying “running around being deliberately and actively hateful and nasty and bullying towards these people BASED ONLY on their status AS a privileged member (being straight and white for example) is NOT HOW WE MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE.”

They’re not saying don’t be angry. We’re all angry. That’s why we’re fighting so hard. We have every right to be angry! I’m angry!

The point of posts like that is it’s NOT okay to OPPRESS RIGHT BACK. It isn’t. You can’t justify it. If you really think it’s okay to be nasty to people for any reason like that then whoa, huge red flag, nope, not okay. You are justifying the thing you’re trying to end.

And if we’re all fighting so hard to END oppression, end bullying, end hate—how in the hell can you actually justify being actively nasty towards these people with the sole intent of hurting them?

That’s like an immature movie villain: YOU HURT ME SO I’LL HURT YOU RIGHT BACK instead of actually trying to fix the system in place that ALLOWS PEOPLE TO HURT THEM by doing what they can to spread awareness and make a positive change. 

If someone is mean and nasty to me, it doesn’t make it okay for me to be mean and nasty back to them just because I’m angry. Sure, I might feel that deep inside and want to hurt them back but that doesn’t solve anything. Sure, I can be angry. I can stomp my foot, I can be sassy in my response, I can say they’re crapping their diaper, but I would NEVER, EVER BULLY them or be HATEFUL towards them.

That would solve jack fucking shit and would make me—guess what? An asshole.

My anger does not equal active hate and if you have an issue separating those two things then that’s a serious You Problem. It’s a problem a lot of kiddos around here don’t seem to understand! 

So many people have been nasty to me my whole life. I had my head literally held under water by my friends in true bullying fashion. I never did anything nasty back. All I did was tell adults and make them aware of the problem so that it would stop. Me pulling on their hair and forcing their heads underwater as well would be completely unjustifiable. No matter how awful they were to me.

I don’t like to make things public like this but this is a serious issue a lot of Bad SJW’s around here are not understanding, they keep justifying bullying in the name of justice and it makes no goddamn sense.

You cannot bully in the name of justice, you cannot oppress in the name of justice, that solves nothing and people who believe that are the exact reason these movements have a hard time being taken seriously.