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You know Gaster. Maybe you shouldn’t lose your (probably) illegal experiments within the endless void. That’s just irresponsible.

Today, I fucked up... by almost burning my wife’s vagina

My wife and I wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. So I went on this big chain adult toy website. I ordered what I thought was a small introductory butt plug which came with a complimentary free gift: G-spot tickler vibro or a misc. porno. My gal isn’t into watching porn, so naturally I picked the tickler.

The day we got it, we couldn’t wait to try out the “toys”. The buttplug scared her and got an immediate shut down due to the girth. So we tried the vibrator. The thing was made from the cheapest fucking plastic. It was like they melted one of those plastic easter egg cases you get at a quarter machine and shoved in a battery operated motor. You’d think the plastic and the no name AAA batteries with chinese logos all over them would be red flags. NOPE! I fire that baby up and pop it in my gal. She liked it at first until she was like “it’s getting hot!” I took that as a compliment with my mad skills piloting. She then jumps up and yells “IT’S FUCKING BURNING!” And jumps/chun-li kicks me off the bed.

I reach down and grab the thing and sure enough, the fucking thing felt like it was about to melt. You could see a trace of smoke fluttering from the seams of the vibrator. I panic and scramble to the bathroom and toss diablo’s cheap g spot tickler into the toilet. It continued to buzz for a little bit until it fully submerged with a sizzle.

tl;dr Tried spicing things up in the bedroom. Almost burned wife’s vagina with cheap malfunctioning vibrator.

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Contribution by: @vivalamusaine @sugar-poem

Enjolras once made out with the French flag

Ferre walked in on it

They both agreed not to talk about it

But Ferre will never forget that there was lavender scented candles and soft jazz playing while the flag laid on his bed with silk sheets

But wait there’s more context than just Enj was caught trying to woo his flag

Nope not that simple

Really Enj was trying to woo Grantaire
You see they’re dating

But on the DL

So in the middle of Enjolras trying to woo R into a cuddle session they both heard Combeferre walking by and on instinct R dropped to the floor and rolled under the bed and Enjolras was left to improvise and grabbed the closest thing he could do this whole set up didn’t look suspicious
And that thing was his flag

Now thing is
Combeferre already knew what was going on

It’s hard not to when they’re the most obvious couple alive

And not to mention R’s hoodie was draped over his desk chair and there was a pair of feet sticking out from under the bed