nope! i can't even with this girl

Lena being Extra™
  • *Mon El is getting punched by a Daxamite*
  • Lena: slow and steady wins the where is that gun *looks at feet where the gun is* nOPE I don't see it.
  • *Mon El gets slammed against a wall*
  • Lena: ....I wonder whether Kara would like to see me in this dress. Time for a selfie
  • *Mon El gets punched again*
  • Lena *looking up from her phone*: can't a girl sext in peace

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You know what's sad? I see these KPop idols have no freedom at all. Seeing these fan accounts not just here but in general how you're being rushed and can't have even a minute to talk to them, even on the streets when you see them their staff, managers are just like, "Nope", I know this one girl whose been knowing this idol for years and they can't even hang out or be friends? I guess they why they only date other celebs. Can't even see their families, everything is so strict w these companies

That’s why idols be looking so done most the times? and fans call it “slave contracts”?

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I don't know why some people try so hard to push the soft bottom sub princess namjoon narrative, lol. I just saw a namjin fic like that; the description was something like "seokjin doesn't get the way army views namjoon" and one of the tags was "kudos if you agree". Like yeah I agree that many fans stereotype him too much as some real hard daddy dom but how is making him an extreme opposite of that any more accurate?

THIS !!!!

ppl get mad at me when I say I’m not about sub namjoon bc like im “stereotyping him” or I “don’t understand him” ((ME OF ALL PPL LMAO)) but honestly they’re the ones who have it all confused

1) alert, not everyone is into power play !!

2) namjoon is a dominant personality. does that mean he’s a whole “dom” ?? no. it just means that namjoon naturally takes lead… that’s why… he’s …. leader…

3) the belief that the dom is more masculine is inherently heteronormative. namjoon is 100% a dominant personality… who also has a soft side for everything cute, is incredibly thoughtful and kind, and is super shy and adorable. dominance and hypermasculinity are not as correlated at hets think.

so i straight up cringe when I read “princess namjoon” or “super subby namjoon” or even “baby boy namjoon” bc honestly… unless it’s bc his partner specifically requested it, namjoon is much more likely to take lead. i don’t see him as someone into power play. the hets have taken over gay fanfiction n made it heteronormative by adding in power play um nope


AWA Day 1: Friday Afternoon

I am a Mercy main so of course that meant I took a plethora of photos from all the Mercy cosplayers I could find. ^ ^ And they hardcore rep’d my main girl so well <3 The props were so well made and some even went as far as to put LEDs in them. The Reaper had the coolest scythe and said it was her first prop! Dude, I can barely distress things. She had perfect balance with it, too. It was badass.

Rant #2: Events
  • Trading Events: it'S TO DAMN QUIET
  • Adoption Events: I want a mom and dad and 4 sisters and 11 brothers who can gift me also they have to be level 100 and I want a pet
  • Singles Events: Boy Girl ratio be like 8699583 to 1
  • Fashion Shows: That one bitch who decides to throw toast making everyone refresh and end up on the wrong server. Thank you for that.
  • 'Secs" Events: Nope lol
  • Boy on Boy Events: Boy Girl ratio be like 3347098354970460 to 3
  • I need friends Event: I can't blame people for making these, actually.
  • Wedding Planner Event: What do people even do at these, seriously tho
  • Parties: Probably the only sensible event on the list
  • School Events; whAt the HELL IS GOing ON. wHO 5ukING ThreW THat. HU dA TEACHER THO
  • Aline: I guess I kissed Jace to see if I was actually into guys at all
  • Clary: You know if you're still not sure you should try kissing a girl
  • Clary: Well hey look at that, I'm a girl!
  • Clary: So we should totally kiss right?
  • Clary: And it would have to be a long one definitely
  • Clary: This is me offering as a friend of course, I'm totally not bi. Nope completely straight,yep that's me "Clarissa not into girls at all Fray" that's what they call me
  • Aline: Clary my type is tall dark eyed beauties, and even I don't stare at Izzy's boobs as much as you do
  • Clary: What's your point?
  • Me: (having just read yet another long, circuitous post about the evil that is Mary Watson) NOPE.
  • Sherlock: (on tarmac, HLV) "That's my girl."
  • Watson: (mind palace, TAB) Are you even in a fit state?
  • Holmes: (mind palace, TAB) For Mary, of course. Never doubt that, Watson. Never that.
  • Me: (reading yet another post about how Sherlock really despises Mary & secretly plans to undermine her) NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.
  • EXO : You can Call me Monster.
  • Me : But It's Namjoon's stage name.
  • EXO : come here girls, you call me Monster.
  • ME : Nope.
  • EXO : I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up.
  • ME : .............
  • EXO : I’m engraved in your heart,So even if I die, I’ll live forever.
  • ME : *Gulp*
  • EXO : Enjoy the pain that you’re able to endure,Fall deeper inside.
  • ME : Yes, on your command monster .

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Literally just saw a Rilucas shipper try and justify lucas constantly ignoring/avoiding riley in favor of maya as "he just likes riley so much that he can't stand to be around her since she brother zoned him" ????? I can't fix that

Yeah, well, he was unnecessarily touching, paying attention to, and prioritizing Maya before Texas even happened, sooo…

Like in GM Rileytown, Lucas should’ve been flying out the door to check on Riley the second Maya said she was fine and that he didn’t need to contain her, if not before. If Riley is “his girl” he should’ve been the first one out the door to find out what was wrong and comfort her. But nope. I appreciate that he’s ready to beat someone down on her behalf, but we’ve been told how many times that this is just what he’s like when it comes to protecting his FRIENDS? (Although I’d say it’s definitely stronger here than with Zay, because unlike Zay, Riley is 100% a victim in GM Rileytown. She didn’t cause the situation by having a big mouth.)

Or in Yearbook, when he freaks out WAY harder over “losing” Maya than over Riley’s goth turn. Like he gives Maya this flustered speech about how great she is and how great her life is (although he does fuck up when he tries to account for her home life, poor thing) and literally all Riley gets is, “Is this a New York thing?” and “You’re a complete ray of sunshine.” Riley’s freakout is catalyzed by the whole “best couple” thing and Lucas doesn’t even TRY to reassure her regarding their relationship/his feelings. I mean come on already.

And in Creativity, he’s legit having a heart eyes staredown with Maya right in front of Riley. Like, maybe you can write his initial “I don’t want that for Maya!” off as a friends thing (even though he focuses on her and doesn’t mention his other artistic friends), but you can’t spin that staredown as anything other than an “oh shit!” romantic moment. If that staredown had happened between Riley and Lucas, I’d have begun preparations to jump ships again, tbh (and the Rilucas shippers would still be flailing over it to this day, just like we do).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Girl. I can't even fucking handle this. I just can't. Like I swore I was ready. Westallen is lit. I mean I couldn't even handle her talking to Cait. I was like omg YES. Am I the only one who really paid attention to her face when she was on her way to her date? I MEAN. DEAD. I TELL YOU. I don't even get in the feels like that but honey. I gotta prepare myself for the big confession to Barry. Love your blog by the way. Top notch.

Nope, I DEFINITELY noticed her face and the fact that they focused on HER face and not Barry’s as she was walking away. I was expecting them to focus on Barry. That means that what IRIS was thinking in that moment was more important. A+. 

And thank you so much for the compliment <3

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Wait, WHAT? How came she had plastic surgery while pregnant? GUYS!!! I'm a medical student, that's not even possible! Surgeons won't do a procedure on a woman while she's caring a baby because pregnancy can decrease the immune system increasing the risk of infection and the chemicals would mess with the baby system. No way. That girl was never pregnant. Never, ever. And you can't have a plastic surgery while breastfeeding either. Nope. No Baby, bye.

And we have a winner for #178 on the SOME WOMEN……  list.